September 11, 2019 Presentation of my book

Here is the English version of the presentation of my book, and sorry for my accent !

I just published a book The Gladio Code on Amazon, 800 pages. Gladio, is the army of GOD, the former Knight Templars, and they are NOT TERRESTRIAL. They answer to SATAN who works for GOD.
I belong to Gladio, since I'm officially, their Messenger. Please read my book.
I confirm that MIND CONTROL is not terrestrial, and they use our pineal gland to control our mind and our bodies. They can switch any individual in a killer in a split second, and they are behind all terror attacks and massive shootings since January 2015, in the world. For now, they work for our gov's, and prepare the next.
But Gladio, the army of GOD, is behind many other things, such like the DEW attacks, the direct energy weapons, and the climatic attacks since Man doesn't have these weapons at all.
So, in practice, they are behind, the awakening of volcanoes, multiple earthquakes, tornadoes, huge hail and so one. They received from GOD the order to reduce the earth population by 50% within 5 years and it will begin now.
GOD are the ET's. We are on their planet. God is good, 2000 years ago, they teach us religions, values and so on, but we did all wrong, and our religions lied, for example about the descendant of God. Jesus had 2 kids with Mary Magdalene. The religion hid that, and God wants to say the truth but also, to reduce the earth population, because this earth can no longer afford our civilization explosion. They must reduce our population.
It is why, they began different operations, including about the TI's and killings by mind control, and false natural disasters, to show us that this depopulation is on the way.


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