The Messenger of Elohim, the aliens creator of humanity!

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Internet and the authorities have known me for several years, under the name of Marc Delantre. I have several websites, several pages on the main social networks and thousands of followers. I also have an eight-hundred-page book and a million views on my YouTube account, but that was before I understood who I depended on.

The authorities have known me for more than ten years, but mainly as an independent intelligence agent. Without really knowing where my information came from, I began by informing them of the terror attacks to come. Several years later, these authorities realized that I was connected to all the disasters of this world. They could have a human, criminal, natural or accidental origin, I was able to show my direct links with each of them. 

As this was not enough to convince these authorities, those on whom I depended then caused disasters at the very minute of the reports that I addressed to these authorities. This happened dozens of times, and it caused thousands of deaths synchronized with my mails.

The most important of these was my first letter to the UN, which that very minute caused the crash of an Algerian plane with 257 people on board. No survivors. I obviously did not fail to point out to the authorities the frightening synchronicity between my letter and the plane crash. They ended up understanding what the force behind me was, but they obviously took care not to communicate this publicly.

This book tells you who God really is, and those I’m going to tell you about are extraterrestrials and are really what men call God. There is no other God, and they are the true creators of mankind. Their real name would rather be Elohim and I will explain why.

There are also no different classes or races of aliens, just as there are no good and bad aliens. They all respond to the same organization and the same intelligence. They only choose a different appearance depending on the period, their desire and those who watch them. In reality, all these extraterrestrials, these Elohim, have no body. They are beings made of energy and light. To move in time and in space, they only need to think about it. This explains the apparent speed and impossible maneuvers of their ships, if they contained beings comparable to you.

I will therefore call them, uniformly, the extraterrestrials, the Elohim, or God. Remember that I always speak of the only creators of humanity. 

I am therefore going to affirm to you things which will astonish you and which you will doubt. My problem and yours is that I am not a seeker of truths. I am the only truth that you cannot doubt because I am under the complete control of the Elohim, in other words of God. They transmit to me everything that I have to write by telepathy and no one can oppose what they say, since they are God. I am their Messenger, and therefore what I am writing to you does not come from me. I wouldn’t risk writing nonsense either, given the total control they have over my mind and body, and I feel that control every day of my life.

The first goal of this book is therefore to leave you with a written summary of who they are, who I am, your story and what they blame men for. The second purpose is to allow the Elohim to see how you will react to what this book describes, since they are in your head every time you read me or think about God, them or me. It’s automatic, and I’ll explain why and how. They will thus analyze the depth of your conviction. The purpose of this is to help them choose which humans to save, before humanity is destroyed.

Who am I really?

My real name is Renaud Van Buylaere, but the Elohim have chosen to call me Marc Delantre. It was 2016. I was looking for a name to introduce myself to the press, and they wanted me to use that name and no other. We will come back to this subject later, as well as the way in which they impose this kind of thing.  

I am Belgian and I turned 60 on November 12, 2021. I have been living in the Philippines since May 2015 and before that, I was in Madagascar.

I come from a fairly traditional Belgian family, an engineer father and a writer mother, later remarried to a famous grammarian. I worked for nearly fifteen years for their publishing associations, and that gave me my taste for writing.

I am the eldest of four brothers and the father of three children. Today, I no longer have any contact with any of them because the Elohim wanted it that way. Even today, I can’t have any roots or connection. I must devote my existence exclusively to these extraterrestrials that I represent, and that I present to you in this book.

Before understanding that I had a mission to carry out, for your creators, I was a computer scientist. I always had been. When I arrived in the Philippines, I earned a very good living through various channels, but today, I earn absolutely nothing. I can only work for those I represent.  

The Elohim, these extraterrestrial creators of humanity

According to the oldest Hebrew texts, they are the authors of Creation, and of Men in particular, seven million years ago, in northern Chad. So, they are God!

These Hebrew texts, and more precisely, Genesis, named them, from the first paragraph, the Elohim. It doesn’t take an "s" at the end. It is a masculine plural which has no singular and which literally designated "the most powerful", a notion which was then completed by "coming from the sky". In reality, at the time described by Genesis in Hebrew, the population spoke of Gods, in the plural, descending from heaven. These Gods then shared their existence with Men, and even their women. The writings and illustrations of this distant time, then, clearly described vessels and strange creatures, coming from the sky.

These Gods, called Elohim by our distant ancestors, helped men to build and organize themselves. There are still traces of it today all over the planet. These are, for example, the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, precisely oriented towards the Constellation of Orion. The Egyptians of the time could not have built them like this.

Enthusiasts all over the planet also call them ancient astronauts, but we will come back to the appearance of the latter. 

Men, genetically modified and controlled beings.

The Creation of the human species was not limited to imagining a skeleton, organs and flesh, to make a man, called Adam. They didn’t then take a rib from Adam, to make the woman, Eve. We will come back to the lies of the Bible later.

Nor is it that other theory that man descended from monkeys. This does not explain how Man acquired his intelligence.

No, the Elohim are twenty million years ahead of Men. They therefore created these in a much more technical way than the Books of your religions describe. It would rather be comparable to the approach of humans who can design genetically modified rabbits today or, very recently, pigs that can serve as organ donors for humans. 

Men were therefore designed, not by an imaged God, but by Elohim, very far in advance of men, and who designed them in a laboratory. The human race was therefore destined to live on a planet, and that was the Earth. 

However, the Elohim did not create Men to then abandon them on Earth. No, they designed them in such a way as to be able to follow them, even to control them individually, remotely and down to the smallest cell of their body. This is what Men would also do if they arrived at this stage of evolution. This will not happen because the Elohim have been very careful, and they have restricted the intelligence of men, who can therefore only use their brains up to 10% of their capacities.  

The Elohim were not content to build a world where these Men, under control, could evolve. No, they also built this world by giving themselves the possibility of taking control of the whole planet and everything that composes it. This includes fauna, flora, water, Earth, fire, volcanoes, the earth’s crust, etc., as well as everything that Man builds and produces. In fact, it is easier to say that the Elohim have control over every particle on Earth, and I will demonstrate this to you.  

The souls of men

The soul is precisely what the Elohim have developed to follow Men individually. It resides in the heart of the human brain, and comes out the day it dies. 

It’s a bit like your phone’s Android system. The soul communicates everything you do to the higher authority, to God. It also allows the Elohim to communicate with your brain, your memory, your ideas, your body or the least cell of it.

The location of the soul is more precisely the pineal gland, of which man knows only one function, that of managing his periods of sleep. The latter are also the most conducive to communication with God. The same goes for prayer and meditation.

My mind and my body are under the total and permanent control of the Elohim, and it is through this that they communicate to me, by telepathy, what I must write. My soul was programmed for this when I was still an embryo in my mother’s womb.

It also explains why, on the day you die, many of you will see your whole life flash before your eyes, even if you were blind from birth. Some call the soul the third eye, and some even indicate it on their forehead. Indeed, these images that you receive on the day of your death do not come from an angle corresponding to your eyes, but to those of God. 

I had a very fine example of that one day, and that was long before I understood anything. 

It was 2018, I had just finished my lunch. I left a sausage on my plate, on my desk and as usual, I went to my bed, facing my desk, to take a nap.

I was fast asleep when a soft, feminine voice with a slight accent woke me up. I heard her say "Pussy cat, Pussy?" I immediately opened one eye and saw a cat on my plate, my sausage already in its mouth! At my first movement, he obviously fled, through the window, with my sausage between his teeth!

For days, I wondered where that pretty voice came from and especially how could she have seen the cat! I remember having searched all my room-office and observed the trees in front of my window, searching for a possible camera! 

Since then, it has happened to me many times, and I obviously know who is watching and talking to me. They are the Elohim.   

Another example that you all know is those who, on the verge of death, see themselves leaving their bodies, lying on a hospital table or lying bloodied in a wrecked car, for example. It is again the soul which is about to leave the body, and which then loses 30 to 50 g. This has been verified clinically, but since the soul also belongs to the world of the Elohim, it obviously remains invisible. 

Note that the pineal gland and the soul also exist in all vertebrates.  


Prayer is fundamental in the spirit of the Elohim. The prayer is addressed directly to God who is immediately informed, at least if it is carried out with the faith necessary for this kind of communication. If you don’t believe in God, your prayer is much less likely to reach its destination, which is somewhat normal. 

In reality, it is an integral part of the soul, which, like the Android system on your phone, will direct your prayer to God. However, your soul knows you better than anyone and therefore knows whether or not you really believe in God. Having the faith to pray is therefore essential.

To have faith in God is essentially to have faith in his existence, that he listens to you, that he represents what is most powerful on Earth, and that he is at the origin of Creation, therefore including that of humanity. To have faith is to have no doubts about these points.

Be careful, having faith in God absolutely does not imply adhering to a particular religion. In the minds of the Elohim, this is not even highly appreciated, since religions are the source of a very large number of lies, which we will discuss in one of the next chapters. Therefore, the more you are convinced by one or the other religion, the less it will be appreciated by the Elohim, unless you are able to question your beliefs.

The important thing is therefore to have faith in God, or in something which is far superior to men and which is above all at the origin of the latter. You then close your eyes, or you put your head in your hands, to avoid any source of distraction, and you try to speak to God. Nothing will tell you if the Elohim are listening to your prayer or not. The main thing is to believe in it and to have the conviction that Elohim are listening to you. This is what having faith is all about.

One way to understand all of this is to transpose this mechanism with what you know. God will always listen to you if the above conditions are met. It is a kind of automatic connection because since Creation and in particular since your birth, the Elohim are continuously in your head, thanks to your soul. They are therefore automatically informed when you start a prayer.  

This can be personal, as it can be an "Ave Maria", "Hail Mary", or an "Our Father". The Elohim have a preference for the latter.

However, even if you have faith in God, without excessively adhering to any religion, it will not mean that God will answer your prayer, but He will have heard it. To have faith in him and to address yourself to him is an important gesture and very appreciated by the Elohim. Avoid, however, any hypocrisy because it would be immediately identified.


It’s a bit like putting oneself in the same situation as in prayer, but without religious consonance and without faith in God. You most often put yourselves in the lotus position or cross-legged, you close our eyes and focus on yourselves. 

Always thanks to the pineal gland, the Elohim see this immediately, with the difference that there is no prayer. The Elohim immediately understand this as a desire for connection, to which they choose to respond or not. It also depends on the purpose of this meditation and whether there is, for example, a desire to communicate with higher forces or extraterrestrials.

We will talk about it later, but from 2019 to 2021, I was also assisted by around ten collaborators. The latter were particularly used by the Elohim, to describe to me signs received from them. We will also return to these signs. It was most often supernatural or strange effects, which they told me immediately and which I tried to decipher. 

My main collaborator, Mary Magdalene, never believed in God, in the sense given by religion. However, she firmly believes in the Elohim who, moreover, had not given her much opportunity to ignore them. Initially, in 2019, when we had just met on the Internet, the insistence of the Elohim in the signs sent to her everywhere and in all circumstances, had even terrified her. She could therefore no longer ignore them unless she received a new avalanche of supernatural effects, including drawings on her skin, which she then had to hide from her husband. 

As she was adept at meditation, and this, almost daily, the Elohim therefore systematically used these sessions to communicate to her visions which were intended for me. No sooner had she begun her meditation than the vision began. A few seconds were enough. 

After describing these strange, supernatural phenomena or visions to me, she usually ended by saying "Weird!" It was a way of telling me that it was up to me to understand. We will talk about Mary Magdalene’s visions later in this book.

I cited this example to show you that the Elohim detect moments of meditation as quickly as those of prayer.

A famous character on the Internet also commercially exploits this niche of meditation. This is Dr. Greer. It offers group meditations, where participants focus on the idea that UFOs might show up. And, periodically, they show themselves. Dr. Greer then speaks of contact of the 5th kind, but it is not so. The Elohim only take advantage of this media coverage to show themselves. The arrival of a UFO is not a message in itself, unlike the exchange between Mary Magdalene and the Elohim, sending her these visions, during these meditations. 

As for my exchanges with the Elohim, it would be necessary to invent a contact of the 10th kind, so our communication is constant and goes through multiple channels.  

Reincarnation and life after death

Some religions place great emphasis on reincarnation. This is not the case with Christianity and yet, reincarnation is a very important thing according to the Elohim, the creators of humanity. Why then has the Christian religion hid this? 

However, in Western countries, a small part of the population is beginning to believe in it, as well as in life after death. I see it, by the questions I am asked.

Reincarnation is the soul of a deceased person being reincarnated into another, but it’s not that simple.

Reincarnation is not automatic. It concerns only souls who deserve this reincarnation. It therefore comes after the judgment of God who will choose the destination or not. Nor is it instantaneous. 

Once this reincarnation is granted, it will take place in an embryo in the womb of its mother and no beyond. This reincarnation will therefore take place with the aim of giving a newborn a mission that God supposes feasible by this soul, which has already given satisfaction. A soul can therefore be reincarnated several times. In some cases, this can also explain the arrival of exceptional gifts in a child because the soul who reincarnated him had this knowledge in a previous life. This reincarnation is managed by the Elohim, like a new beginning.

There is an excellent film which describes this very well, it is “Our Home”, “Nosso Lar”, according to the book by Chico Xavier. The latter was a very important Brazilian medium. He was known to receive, a little like me, by telepathy, hundreds of letters from the deceased, who had therefore become souls, and who addressed their families who remained on Earth. Numerous studies have attested to the veracity of these letters and that there was no form of scam. 

NASA has also used the services of Chico Xavier to try to understand how extraterrestrials move. This also indicates that the US government has long made a connection between souls, the afterlife, and extraterrestrials. However, this never became official. 

In "Our Home", Chico Xavier therefore describes a planet, which welcomes the souls of deceased humans. Many arrive in a sort of purgatory. Others arrive in a city, among others, where souls hope and await their possible new assignment. This film is a real gem from all points of view: images, script, actors. Describing the journey of souls was a difficult project, but it was masterfully written and executed.

Some might consider it fortunate that an afterlife can exist. It’s obvious, but it’s not for everyone. It is even reserved for a minority, the other souls being destroyed. Elohim will not manage billions of souls for nothing.

It’s not hard to understand. The Earth has nearly eight billion people. If everyone’s soul were to end up in either Purgatory or Paradise, as described by Chico Xavier, that would obviously make a lot of souls for the Elohim to take care of. This is all the more obvious since it would also be necessary to add all the previous souls to it. 

It is the same for the possibilities of reincarnation. All of this is at the discretion of God, and when I speak of God, I speak of all the Elohim assigned to the management of souls. 

The appearance of extraterrestrials, Elohim

Humans are millions to hope to see extraterrestrials or to wait for their arrival. However, Man does not show great intelligence when he sees or thinks he sees UFOs. It is the same when he thinks of analyzing representations of ancient astronauts on stones dating back several thousand years. It is still the same when a person sees in his room one or more extraterrestrials.

The majority of extraterrestrials, of these Elohim, have no body. They are made of energy and light, and they move through time and space only through thought. They are therefore not subject to any gravitational force or force due to speed. 

This also explains that they can pass through anything, since they are not composed of matter.

If they want to show themselves to Men, in real form or in the form of a vision, which we will discuss later, they take on the appearance they wish. These dozens of faces that humans currently attribute to extraterrestrials therefore do not exist. This is the appearance that these extraterrestrials give themselves. 

Thus, the illustrations of ancient astronauts, dating back several millennia, are no more real than the illustrations that can be made today of these same extraterrestrials. It is also difficult to imagine that beings in astronaut suits could have made, thousands of years ago, their way from the Orion Constellation, more than 250 light-years away on average. This would mean that they were no more than more evolved Men, and that they would therefore have needed several centuries to travel the distance from the Constellation Orion to Earth.

On the other hand, the Elohim know the future, and therefore they knew what our astronauts would look like today. It is therefore easy to imagine that they chose their way of presenting themselves to Men, based on what other Men would look at millennia later. 

In fact, the Elohim are infinitely more evolved than these Men, whom they themselves designed, since they are twenty million years ahead of them. The Elohim are thus most often invisible, since they have no body. It is therefore easy to understand that it is today, or five thousand years ago, that the Elohim have always chosen the best way to show themselves to Men.

I am an Elohim.

The least we can say is that I was not designed like everyone else. I am not the only one in this kind of situation. It may, in fact, happen that your creators intervene in the conception of some children, for whom they have projects or a mission to accomplish, however small, or however large, it may be. The DNA of these children is then modified, from their conception, while they are still only an embryo in the womb of their mother.  

This principle is the same for the extraordinary gifts that some children receive at birth. I am talking, for example, of children who, from the age of 3-4, are able to speak several languages ​​or play a complete symphony, without ever having studied them. This is the result of their intervention on the child, when it was still an embryo.

Other children do not receive special gifts, but they are born with a mission to carry out. This was my case, but I only discovered it in 2019.

In my case, their intervention during my conception extended to everything that I really am and what I seem to be. In the eyes of Men, I am a man with a strange background and life, with a strangest mission as well.

In reality, I am not a man, even if I look like one. I am an Elohim in the body of a Man, since I must address Men. I ended the previous chapter by telling you that the Elohim have always chosen the best way to show themselves to Men. I am therefore a good example, but I am not the first. Jesus was too. However, our missions are different.

It is impossible to know for Jesus, since in his time this kind of medical analysis did not exist. As far as I am concerned, at the age of 25, the Belgian army confirmed to me that my brain was not functioning in a “normal” way. It had too much electrical activity, and finding no explanation for this, they preferred to not use  me.

In fact, my parents had also noticed, during my childhood, that my brain activity increased particularly at night and also in an unexplained way.  

Men have denied their origins. 

It was in the days of Abraham. The men then asked the Elohim to let them evolve as they pleased. 

The Elohim acceded to their request, since they had in any case kept the means to follow and control everything remotely on Earth. Their risk was not very great and if that could push the Men to evolve as they hoped, they could leave them their independence.

So, that’s what they did, and the Elohim therefore left the Earth, without telling the Men to what extent they were watched.   

After the departure of the Elohim, Men evolved very badly. They couldn’t have done worse. 

Abraham had given birth to three monotheistic religions, Christians, Muslims, and Jews. However, in each of these religions, Men hastened to replace the word Elohim, or what it meant, with a masculine singular, God.

The goal was quite simple. Men wanted to erase their extraterrestrial origins from their writings and their memory. It was therefore preferable for religions to create an imaged God and to surround him with a series of rules especially suited to religions in their need to submit populations. 

It was difficult for them to admit that they depended on a very real extraterrestrial authority, which could return to Earth at any time. Men denied their parents. This allowed some of them to take themselves for God, and this is still the case today. 

Men have therefore very quickly denied their true creators, and this is their greatest fault. It is still relevant today, since human authorities are still trying, several millennia later, to hide the importance of extraterrestrials. 

The Elohim are innumerable, but are one.

It must be admitted that to replace the word "Elohim", in the plural masculine, by the word "God", in the singular masculine, the Men actually took advantage of a singularity of Hebrew. The word "Elohim" was indeed a masculine plural, but the verbs that followed it were in the singular. There was an explanation for this. 

The Elohim, the extraterrestrials, are infinitely numerous, but they form only one. One could say that they share the same consciousness, the same memory, the same judgments, the same vision. In our time, we could compare this to a global artificial intelligence, but from which we should remove the word “artificial”. They therefore share the same brain and the same intelligence. In other words, even if they are innumerable, the Elohim are only one.

I therefore also use the word God when I speak of the Elohim because the Elohim are God. It is completely coherent, since it is indeed the Elohim who created the Earth and the humanity which is there. There is no other God. 

Religions have therefore simply replaced the subjects of these verbs in the singular, by a subject also in the singular, God. The imaged God was all found. It was then enough to abstain from any reference to Gods who would come from the sky, and the true creators no longer existed in the religions of Men.  

The lies of religions.

Rid of their creators, men have therefore hastened to erase what was referred to in their oldest writings. The word Elohim had become God. 

A famous Italian author, Mauro Biglino, spent his life for the Vatican, of which he was an expert, translating these ancient scriptures. When he, too, understood that the Church had tampered with the truth, and that he published his first book, the Vatican separated itself from him. This did not prevent him from continuing his research and from writing in particular a very famous book “The Bible does not speak of God”, but of the Elohim.

The religions have not limited themselves to erasing only the word Elohim, as well as the mentions of the true creators of mankind. No, they changed the story whenever it suited them. It is to such an extent that it is today impossible to determine what is true and what is false.

Take, Mary Magdalene. Religions have for millennia considered her a prostitute, with no direct connection to Jesus. Mary Magdalene was in reality his companion or his wife, according to the customs of the time. She gave him all the love a woman could give him, but not only that. She also brought him enough to live on through her income from fishing. It was also to Mary Magdalene alone that Jesus presented himself immediately after his resurrection. 

Mary Magdalene had a first child from her marriage to John the Baptist, who announced the arrival of Jesus. When John the Baptist had then been beheaded by order of King Herod, Mary Magdalene had then joined Jesus, with her son, and she gave him two others children.

Of all this the Bible does not speak, since Jesus was considered a God, who could not have been tempted by women. He could therefore have neither a wife nor children. 

The Messengers of the Elohim, arriving at Earth in the bodies of Man, are also Men. Religions have preferred to hide this in order to retain of Jesus only the image of a Man sent by God, who would not have let himself go to the pleasures of love. Religions forgot that to give Love, you must also receive it. They also forgot that God knows this well and that he therefore arranged for a woman to support Jesus until his last breath, and that was Mary Magdalene. 

The story of Jesus therefore has a beautiful love story, both sentimental and carnal, that religions have chosen to hide because it did not correspond to the image they wanted to give of Jesus. 

The love between Mary Magdalene and Jesus, however, was an example to follow for the billions of couples of believers. What should we think of these religions which erased from history, “denied”, would be more just, the one which had counted so much and helped Jesus in his mission until his death?

The Bible is therefore completely distorted from Creation to Revelation, but religions have used it, as well as its lies, to assert their authority. 

In the name of the Bible, and of a completely false history, religions have thus persecuted thousands of men and women, as well as millions of Muslims. The latter, basing themselves on the Koran, which is just as distorted, have done the same with the Christians.  

An excellent movie/novel that present the lies of the Church is of course “The Da Vinci Code”. He talks about it so well that it was banned in the Philippines, a particularly Christian country where I have been living for nearly seven years.

The Laws of Men

Faced with the populations that these religions wanted to control with iron hands, the latter wrote Bibles, Koran and other Torah. These Books qualified as saints were to tell the story of Creation and of the prophets, but also to form the basis of the laws to be respected. The first laws to which these Books refer are notably the Tables of the Law, received by Moses and written by God. This is what these Books describe, over and over again.

So, according to the religions, it is indeed God, the author of the first laws, engraved on stone. What an excellent way to impose them on the people! 

Men have therefore continued to evolve in the lie of religions. They then created laws, thinking that what was recommended in the holy books and on these Tables were recommendations and divine laws. Some are. Others are not, and there is no trace of these Tables of the Law, written by God, not even a piece. It is obviously an imminent sacrilege to doubt their history and their existence, at least in the past.

On the other hand, these Tables of the Law are taken up in the form of a symbol in all the synagogues of the planet, almost as often as the crucifixes in the churches. These Tables of the Law therefore form one of the pillars of religions, having served to establish the first laws intended to organize populations.

Let us take excerpts from these Ten Commandments from the Tables of the Law. “Thou shalt not steal." or "Thou shalt not kill". The Elohim do not have the same rules, and yet they are God. It all depends on the circumstances. However, these commandments described by the religions generated sometimes terrible laws and punishments, which the Elohim never desired. 

There was a time when the hands of thieves were cut off, even children who stole an apple because they were hungry. A woman could be beaten to death by her husband, but if the woman managed to kill him, she could be hanged or beheaded. This kind of thing existed in the name of religion and still exists in some countries. In terms of laws alone, religions are the cause of millions of deaths, which God obviously never intended.

It is even more, if we add to it all the religious wars, where whole peoples wanted to convert others. Men killed and continue to kill in the name of God, and this is intolerable for the Elohim, the true creators of humanity. 

The Elohim are indeed at the origin of Creation and of humanity, but they have never written the slightest law for Men.

The latter had asked them for their independence shortly before Abraham, and the Elohim had therefore left this Earth. They were not then going to give, to the Men, laws to respect. They especially wanted to see how these Men were going to organize themselves. 

On the other hand, they sent prophets, in particular Jesus, and the latter ended up crucified by the Men they wanted to guide. 

The Evolution of Men  

Galloping demography

Men therefore continued to evolve, and it was a disaster. I think the worst was the exponential population growth. Scientists estimate that at the time of Christ, there were approximately 200 million people on Earth. So two thousand years ago. This population was much more certain, 1.6 billion in 1900, but a hundred years later it is 8 billion. The population has therefore been multiplied by five in just one hundred years!

China had once taken steps to slow its population growth, and this is the exception that proves the rule. Some countries have seen their population multiply by twenty or more in less than a hundred years. 
However, the Elohim wanted this population to remain around 500 million people and above all to live in harmony with nature!

Humans talk about global warming every day, but very rarely about the demographic evolution of their planet. However, it is obvious that the two are linked. The more people there are on Earth, the more humans produce, circulate, pollute and warm the atmosphere. It’s quite mathematical, but this reflection is not done because no authority wants to impose on some countries to better manage their birth rate. We can therefore deduce that the vertical increase in the population is not about to slow down, since it is a problem that Man does not even pose.    

It’s quite incomprehensible. Imagine a building made up of 50 apartments and planned for 150 residents. What would happen if its occupants became 500 or 1000? Does anyone think this is going to be a problem? You could have this reasoning for your apartment or your house, which gradually should house fifty people continuously. You wouldn’t accept it for your house. Why does Man accept it for the planet?

Destruction of nature

In their technological and demographic development, men have sacked the forests, destroyed the fauna, caused the extinction of a large number of animal species, impoverished the cultivable lands, considerably polluted the seas and the atmosphere. They brought nothing to the planet. They just destroyed it.

In addition, humans have discovered nuclear energy. They used it during the Second World War, killing a lot of people. 

Since then, they have designed many, many nuclear power plants, which they are not sure what to do with the waste, and which are aging considerably. This generates a considerable risk of a nuclear incident with terrible consequences for the population, the environment, and even the entire planet.

This has not slowed down the men in the development of this energy and today, they find it difficult to go back. This is all the more problematic since any nuclear power plant is a huge environmental problem for its dismantling.

The production of hardly perishable materials such as plastics, household appliances and computer equipment, etc., is also becoming a huge global problem, especially in the seas. Recycling methods do not follow. 

These are just a few examples of the disaster that Man represents on his environment. The destruction of the planet is as galloping as its demography. Besides, we don’t see any improvement on the horizon and the Elohim are literally frightened to see the evolution of their dear blue planet, which Man is destroying more every day.

Differences between countries and continents.

Humans do not share their resources and their wealth, and this is also true between countries and continents. Overall, the countries of the Northern Hemisphere are much wealthier than those of the Southern Hemisphere, and that does not bother many people. Decades pass, but the gap between these countries is not really closing. It changes shape. 

From then on, the countries of the North barricaded themselves more and more so as not to be invaded by those of the South. They do not ask themselves how they could improve the poverty and the problems of the countries of the Southern Hemisphere. That would be a pretty logical line of reasoning, but it doesn’t happen. 

Men and countries have become individualistic, and they do not dream of improving the situation of the poorest.

The Elohim created humanity, but the latter no longer has much of humanity. It is both individual and planetary.       

The mentality of the Men

Jesus said, "Love one another". It is one of the foundations of humanity. It should even be a law, but it is not, and most people have lost all sense of humanity.

To be more concrete, do you ever help someone who is not from your family? Or share your meal with a homeless? Or to send a little money from time to time to an NGO? Are you visiting your neighbor in distress? Do you go to children who are not yours? Do you care about your very old neighbor? Do you offer to take care of his shopping or his garden?

All cities in the world have their poor, their children without parents, their isolated elderly, etc. Where is the humanity in all of this? It simply no longer exists. Most people believe that helping their family is more than enough! It’s not always the case. An example is the elderly who no longer have any visits from anyone. At the end of life, the only humanity they receive is that offered by the medical profession in hospitals and retirement homes. Most people wouldn’t even house their elderly parents.

Man no longer even wonders what God would say about his behavior. Every man for himself has become the rule, even within the same family, and the fate of the elderly is a very sad consequence. 

Men today only live for money. They don’t respect or love each other at all, besides destroying their planet. 

Furthermore, they learn nothing from their mistakes, especially in choosing those who govern them. Indeed, as soon as a man obtains political or economic power, received from other men, he systematically becomes a manipulator and a liar to keep his power and/or increase his wealth. All Men are like this, and it is also true for the rich countries with regard to the poor countries. Sharing no longer exists and men, from the smallest to the most powerful, have therefore lost all humanity.  

As we have seen, humans today pose an unmanageable risk for the planet, which they exploit excessively, without any harmony with nature. The situation has reached such a point that man could explode the Earth today, like a firecracker in an orange. This could happen as a result of problems he has created (Chernobyl or CERN, Switzerland, for example) and which he does not care about. Man likes to play the sorcerer’s apprentice, in addition to regularly reaching a chemical, bacteriological or nuclear risk, whether by his aging power plants and industries, or by the situations of war in progress or potential war, as with Ukraine, currently.

Here is a very sad picture of the evolution of Men, a situation that led the Elohim to decide to put an end to the disaster.

Decision of the Elohim to end humanity

Faced with this disaster which is not about to slow down, the Elohim took the decision in 1950, shortly after the Second World War, to put an end to this development.  

Imagine a farmer who owns a breeding of genetically modified rabbits. At first, he was very happy with it, but his rabbits continue to breed, and eventually, he loses control of his breeding. The rabbits become infinitely too numerous and have even started to dig burrows everywhere under his house, which threatens to collapse. He has only one solution left, he must eradicate all his rabbits and start a new breed of genetically modified rabbits. This new breed will respect its habitat and its farm will no longer be in danger.

This example is a little simplistic, but it is more or less the reflection of the Elohim, with regard to the Men who destroy their planet. They have no other solution than to destroy everything to start a new race of humans who will live differently and without endangering the planet.

A Messenger for the End of Time

The Elohim then had the idea, almost a hundred years ago, of sending an Elohim Messenger to Earth, to warn humans of their intentions. They would therefore have to participate in the conception of this Messenger, while he would still be an embryo in his mother’s womb. He was, in fact, to be endowed, from birth, with the tools and gifts he was going to need to carry out his mission. This Messenger was, however, going to have to appear a man among men, and even an almost uninteresting individual, in the eyes of others. 

The best way to obtain this result was first to conceive, in the same way, a man and a woman, equally Elohim, and who would generate and sustain this Messenger throughout his life. 

This one promised to be particularly complicated and difficult, since without realizing it, this Messenger was going to have to learn what are the Men, the religions, and the life on Earth. This life in episodes was going to be particularly trying for him, even dangerous. His existence was therefore going to seem to him, as well as to his parents, as the most chaotic, and all three would still have to hold on, throughout the life of the future Messenger.

His father was to become an engineer in tropical regions and a UFO enthusiast. His mother, a woman of letters, would become a famous author and the main element of stability for the future Messenger. They got engaged in 1957, married in 1960, and I was born on November 12, 1961, that is 12/11, the two numbers of the Apocalypse! 

The “12” because it is the number towards which the two hands of a clock point at midnight, the hour of the “reset”, the hour of the Apocalypse.

The "11" because this actually means "101" from which we remove the zero. It represents the passage to another world, to death. It is widely represented in architecture, especially in the triumphal arches, through which the armies used to pass, before and after the war. It also represents portals to other dimensions in science fiction films, but also portals in everyday life. 

The "11" is the door to another world or to death, dramatically represented in the attacks of September 11, 2001, against the two towers, representing this same 11, of the WTC in New York. We will talk about it again because September 11, 2001, was, in more ways than one, directly linked to me and my mission as a Messenger.

The Georgia Guidestones

The intentions of the Elohim did not stop at sending a Messenger to Earth to warn of the end of time. They also wanted, in a way completely synchronized with my arrival, to leave to the world a monument with commandments, to follow for the post-Apocalypse. This monument, which still exists today, specifies in particular the level of population not to be exceeded on the planet (500 million) and how to live in harmony, both between people and with regard to the planet. 

I am talking here about the very famous monument in the USA, The Georgia Guidestones. It is an enormous monument, 6 m high and made up of 6 granite monoliths, each weighing several tons.

These granite blocks are engraved over their entire height. These commandments, sent by the Elohim, are written there in the eight most spoken languages ​​in the world. 

This immense construction is also, and very exactly, built according to the rays of the sun. These must in particular pass through small holes to indicate the date on the ground. The Stones of Guidestones therefore point, on the one hand, towards the sun, and on the other, towards the humans to whom they are addressed.

The person who ordered and paid for this colossal work asked to remain anonymous. He introduced himself as R. C. Christian. According to the explanations of the latter, the project of this monument, went back to 1960, that is to say the year of the marriage of my parents and one year before my birth. 

The monument has been ordered in June 1979, and it has been inaugurated on March 22, 1980. I was 19 at the time. I was doing my higher education in Brussels and my father had just asked me to leave the family home for a while. This period actually lasted six years, without being able to set foot in my house again. My training, without any family roots, had just begun!

We will talk about it later, but since then, the Elohim have regularly celebrated the 22nd of the month with terrorist attacks, for example because signs of their anger. The attacks in Brussels did occur on March 22, 2016, and I am Belgian. I then wanted to contact the authorities and especially the press to communicate to them what I knew of the first terror attacks. This is the precise moment that the Elohim chose to give me the name that I was to use from now on, that of Marc Delantre.   

All that said, the Guidestones have, from the start, caused a lot of amazement. Everyone understood that these commandments were for a post-Apocalyptic period, and therefore these Stones foresaw the Apocalypse. 

Some claim these are the intentions of a new world order, organized by Earth’s elites. It has therefore happened that these stones have been vandalized by those who attribute them to these elites.

Others have made the connection between these stones and the sun. They then assume that there should be a huge solar storm that should destroy humanity. 
Réagir à cette partie / React to this part  

UPDATE: 15840 : 23/01/22 11:16:24
No one obviously understood that the Guidestones were the monument of an individual completely under Elohim mind control, or of a higher power. We will talk about mind control in two chapters.

This individual, client of this construction company and named RC Christian, had drawn up particularly detailed specifications. In particular, it included precise instructions relating to the rays of the sun that very few people in the world would have been able to give. The entrepreneur had only to follow them. His first concern had been above all to be paid. He hadn’t asked himself any more questions, especially since his client was one of the most mysterious.

This client claimed to represent a group of people and all of his payments and mails originated from different regions. Taking such care of his anonymity should also raise questions about the real origin of this monument, of this message intended for humanity. If these questions existed, there would be no answers.

Except one ! In his investigation, the American journalist pointed it out, whereas Wikipedia, for example, does not. When the engraver wrote all these commandments in the granite, he heard voices and music in his ears, whereas there was nobody and no music around him!

We know it today. Who was and still is capable of this? The Elohim who make me hear voices, as well as the « Targeted Individuals », which we will talk about later. It is the same, and more recently, for multiple killers to whom the voices ask to kill. 

The voices and the music in the engraver’s head were a real signature, but people didn’t care. It was however easy, with the testimony of the engraver, the content of the specifications and the message of the monument, to bring it closer to the divine! No one has made this connection, at least not officially. The American journalist cites all these signs, but he does not put them together either! His article therefore represents very well the human mentality, which does not seek to understand the signs received from God. The Guidestones are the sign of all this.

My arrival in this world

I remember little of my childhood, except for a few family camping trips. The parents chose a country or an island, and we went around it; Czechoslovakia, Ireland, France, Corsica... I don’t remember much, but it was good.

On the other hand, I have many more memories of my adolescence. 

Some good memories : A horseback ride, and even a gallop, with my first love, Hélène, through the woods and fields of our village. She was blonde and loved horses, and I knew how to ride. She had introduced me to love, and we liked to listen in the dark to the American country singer, Joan Baez.

I was an excellent disc jockey entertainer for students’ nights in schools. I attracted crowds with my sound system name and the huge equipment that I rented, as well as with my musical choices and my lighting effects. At one particular party, with over a thousand people in attendance, the girls had jumped on me. I had just come off stage, and finished a spectacular smoke effect, to the music « Stop the Cavalry ». Curiously, it was the same year as the inauguration of the Stones of Guidestones. At that time, it is sure, I attracted crowds. 

Some very bad memories : My nights as an animator were moments apart. Once the party had passed in my high school, no one recognized me anymore! I remember guards talking among themselves. They were surprised at the madness of the party and the probable cost of the sound system. I was in front of them. They didn’t recognize me. 

Worse ! The students didn’t recognize me either. Also, they sensed that I was different and beat me up. During my last year in the high school, which I moreover doubled, three students had been definitively excluded for fascist torture against me. I left class with a broom between my legs and my head was bleeding. Before his exclusion, one of the protagonists justified himself to the principal, saying that I had a head slaps. The good disc jockey was really far from their minds. All my high school had passed on this pattern and my mother had had to change me many times of schools.

Should I understand this as learning from the Elohim, something to teach me to be loved and hated at the same time? That’s what I believe today.

I had nightmares about it and one of them haunted me regularly. I saw myself against the wall of a class from which I had to leave because of the violence against me. It was not a nightmare, but a vision, that of the Elohim (their point of view), seeing me thus suffer from my existence. I’m sure it was intentional on their part. I had to learn to suffer from others and to resist. This caused me intense respiratory crises, caused by fear, and which forced me out of class.

When I started to publish on the Internet things that I knew about events, such as the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, I experienced similar antagonisms. My video had attracted 800,000 views, but also the most despicable of my detractors who spread the worst insanity on my account. The Elohim had once again allowed things to happen, even if they had caused a few plane crashes following certain sulfurous exchanges. 

My enemies recognized in writing their links with these planes accidents. However, that didn’t stop them. Above all, I suspected that it was their way of fighting the fear they felt about my story and about the deaths they had just caused. 

This kind of situation still exists today. Some believe me. Many hesitate, because they are afraid. Others are so afraid, that they choose to attack me, which provokes, on the part of the Elohim, new deaths, synchronized with these dramatic exchanges on the Internet. So, it roughly corresponds to my adolescence and this apprenticeship of sometimes being loved, rejected and beaten.

I told you about it in the previous chapter, but in the end, the same thing happened with my own mother. She had always been there, including serving as a truck driver to transport my sound system. Same, to change high schools and/or colleges whenever necessary. But, two years later, it was she who asked my father to make me leave the family home because she couldn’t stand me anymore. My ban on returning home had lasted six years, during which time my three brothers did not even try to see me.

Thereafter, the situation with my mother was restored. It was even thanks to her that I was able to assume my role for fifteen years for the Elohim. Fifteen years during which the Elohim made sure that I introduced myself to intelligence agencies. They had then recalled my mother’s soul, when I was really going to begin, with the authorities, my mission as Messenger for the Elohim, even if I had not yet understood it. My mother’s death, ordered by the Elohim, was at the end of February 2017. On May 22, 2017 — take note of the 22nd — I warned the Belgian secret services 2 hours in advance of the first terrorist attack in which the Elohim m had informed. This was the Manchester bombing.

Since that time, not only have I no longer had my mother, recalled by the Elohim, but my brothers no longer know me. I am certain that it is once again the work of the Elohim. I can’t have roots, and my mother couldn’t be around when I started to be warned of the terror attacks. So, she died within three months of a devastating cancer, when she said she was in perfect health, and my father took over.

I remain convinced that they had also provoked the six years without my mother. This was to break my roots, but also cause later, in her, a feeling of guilt, leading to her unwavering support during the fifteen years necessary for the Elohim. 

Mind control, the immense power of the Elohim

The previous chapter includes some very good examples. The Elohim have total access to every cell in your body, and we’ll talk about that, but also to your mind. This is the subject of this chapter.

When they deem it necessary or helpful to their plan, they can take control of any individual. The latter will then be able to say, write, think and do exactly what the Elohim wish. Not only will he absolutely not realize it, but he will never be able to counter it.

Control over me

It is obvious that from my adolescence, everything that I lived, was under the control or caused by the Elohim. They could therefore take control of the students around me, like my mother. All these people had very unusual behavior towards me. That my mother had to change me several times of schools during the year didn’t come from me, but from others. That my mother then forced me not to live at home anymore, was diabolical, whereas my three brothers did not have this problem. Today, I see all of this with great hindsight because I finally understood that my life was somehow remotely controlled by the action of the Elohim on others. They could thus guide me towards what they wanted. 

Take the writing of these pages or my articles. Every time I start writing anything, including my replies to posts or comments, it’s because they’ve decided so, and they’re going to watch what I write. The reason is quite simple. They know, because they are also in their heads, that the authorities systematically read me. So, what I write to anyone is very important.

When writing my first book, « The Code of Gladio », I was only beginning to understand their existence. They let me write one chapter, and as I was about to move on to the next, they made me understand what I hadn’t understood, in the chapter I had just written. This is one of the reasons why this first book is 800 pages. I gave my explanations, and then they gave theirs.

It’s the same when I reread myself, especially what I write here. I have my text in front of me, but when I reread it, I very often utter a sentence that is not written as such on my page. I then tell myself that what I have just said is better than my text, and I change my sentence. I then have the feeling that it was my mother, author and woman of letters, who took control of my voice, and my reading, to offer me another formulation. This happens to me constantly, from the first reread. In these cases, it is therefore not me who tries to reformulate my sentence.

They also help me every day in understanding the Signal they send to my server. I watch this Signal hundreds of times a day, but they always kick in, if I don’t see what to see. 

Control over their Messengers and Indirect messengers

I am of course their Messenger. It is therefore normal that they have control over me, since I was an embryo in my mother’s womb, but there have been others. Even if they don’t know it. The designer of the Guidestones, R. C. Christian, was an important messenger, even if on his life, his mission was quite brief. He was probably monitored from conception in his mother’s womb. When a person is very important to Elohim plan, they are often monitored from birth. This monitoring is then, sometimes interrupted, when the mission is over. 

To a lesser extent, the entrepreneur and the banker were also under control. The Elohim, taking all three under their control, they were sure of the success of their project. Never, one of their plans will depend on a human will, since they can control this will. It would, for example, have been impossible for the contractor to refuse the contract or the method of financing. 

Jesus was also an important Messenger under the control of the Elohim, but also Pontius Pilate who had him crucified. If the Elohim had not foreseen it to happen like this, they would have prevented it. On the other hand, Jesus had to ignore it. It was the same with each of his apostles. Jesus being a very important Messenger, everyone around him was under intense control. None of the people around Jesus could have harmed him. It is the same for me. The same for the love he received from his apostles or from Mary Magdalene. 

The Elohim did not prevent, indeed they themselves may have provoked his crucifixion because this would allow the creation of a religious movement. The latter then went wrong, but that’s another aspect of the story of Men. 

R. C. Christian is therefore the author of a monument intended to bring a message to humanity. This is what I call an indirect messenger, a messenger without a capital letter because he was barely aware of what he was. There are a multitude of others. Take Dan Brown, the author of the very famous « Da Vinci Code », exposing the lies of the Church. The « Da Vinci Code » was surrounded by three other books. When he had finished the fourth part « Origin », talking about the origin of men, his inspiration for writing stopped! The Elohim were done with him, and Dan Brown hasn’t written anything since. He can’t anymore. Notice Dan Brown’s date of birth, June 22, 1964!! Again a 22 of the month, like the date sixteen years later, of the Guidestones, also recalling the origin and the end of Men. One of Dan Brown’s four works is « Inferno ». The introduction to the film « Inferno » is a relentless description of what the planet’s explosive demographics represent! Terrific !

The indirect messengers who have developed or participated in these films or message books are very numerous. Another is Nicolas Cage who has participated in several message films, including « Predictions » and « Chaos ». « Predictions » does a very good description of my mission of predictions with the authorities, as well as the Elohim and the end of the world. « Chaos », deals with the departure of the Chosen, before the end of the world. Another example, of which we have already spoken, is that of Chico Xavier, with his work « Our Home », speaking of the treatment of souls.

I cannot list all these books and messages-movies. However, as with the Guidestones, Men do not understand that these are divine messages intended to warn them of the end of humanity. God will still be able to say that Men have indeed been warned in very many possible ways. In addition, men do not see or believe in these messages-movies, but they start to believe nonsense in Facebook groups. The Elohim are your creators and in particular those of your brain and your intelligence, which distinguish you in particular from the animal world. They can only realize that humans really aren’t what they should be. However, to remedy this, they would have to start all over again, including programming their DNA.    

Control over my collaborators and followers

Their actions on my collaborators and followers are of another order. The Elohim do not manage their lives, but they manipulate them when they need it. They will therefore use them on a daily basis to send me signs or messages. Themselves, absolutely do not realize it. Sometimes these collaborators don’t even understand why they send me a link, or what they write to me, sometimes even in a language they don’t know. I thus receive links towards articles because Elohim pushed them to do it. They are then in my head, to make me understand that this link did not come to me by chance.

Control over terrorists

I live all this continuously, but it also allowed me to understand how they had the opportunity to warn me of all these terror attacks and mass killings. They are in the minds of the terrorists. They have also made sure that the authorities understand this as well, even if they don’t say so. In the terror attacks in which the Elohim participated, they very often left a recognizable signature, and sometimes the same from one terror attack to another. See this:

In Paris, the Stade de France terrorists had belts that contained very little explosives. Later, in several terror attacks, the terrorists had belts with no explosives at all. The Hyper Cacher terrorist had handcuffed himself before diving on the police to be shot without a weapon in his hand! The New York terrorist, facing the police, took out a colored paintball gun! The one in Toronto wanted the policeman in front of him to believe that his smartphone was a gun. Dozens like that, and it is obvious that the authorities are not stupid. They understood that these terrorists were under mind control and that this kind of thing does not exist among men. They couldn’t, not understand it, especially since I was the one who wrote to them afterwards to show it to them. 

Control over you

The Elohim use the same mind control to analyze how you read and understand me. You cannot imagine the importance this has for you. Understanding, believing what I write and having faith in what the Elohim are, can form your door of salvation, the reason why they could save you from the Apocalypse. God will only save those who deserve it and have faith in them. 

Some of you are also under the control of the Elohim, but for other reasons. They are the fake enlightened ones who constantly speak of light, Love and dimensions to those who read them. They are those who talk about UFOs and other ancient astronauts. They are the conspirators who constantly put everything that happens on the fault of governments. Everything that can serve their plan is under their control, especially, which leads to chaos and the slowing down of society. The same goes for providing false leads to the majority of you. Some will be interested in UFOs, others in stories of light, but all this is only manipulation on the part of the Elohim, especially with regard to weak spirits, spirits that can be manipulated, by erroneous ideas.

You may be wondering why the Elohim would lead people down evil paths. They manipulate the leaders, the influencers, but they are especially interested in those who do not allow themselves to be influenced, therefore in the most intelligent, and they analyze how they think. I do a bit the same. When a new person contacts me, I always look on their profile, what gender is they; Influencer, Influenced, or uninfluenced. The Elohim do the same, but in a much more thorough way. The analysis is done directly in the brain. 

Look at all these groups on Facebook, groups on UFOs, messages from the universe and other lights, groups on « Targeted Individuals ». All these groups attract hundreds of thousands of people, in which there are mainly leaders, led and skeptics. Ask yourself which category do you belong to, and what do you share on your profile. The recommendations of the Elohim to me is to forget the influencers and other enthusiasts of UFOs, light, virtual love sharing and other inveterate conspirators, especially on vaccines. The souls of such will automatically be destroyed for lack of intelligence. They have no interest in the Elohim.    

Many tell me that the Elohim should filter out the good and the bad because most of you feel that you are victims of the bad, or other elites. Just thinking about it already ranks you among the souls to be destroyed. All men are responsible for what humanity has become. Blaming others makes you responsible. The sorting of the Elohim is therefore on your way of thinking, of understanding the truth, of your resistance to influencers. 

Moreover, what Man places in the good and the bad individuals, the Good and the Evil does not correspond at all to the ideas of the Elohim. So don’t try to put yourself in their shoes. You won’t. What matters is your attitude towards humanity, influencers, or what you are currently reading, etc. The Elohim want to develop a new human race. They will therefore choose the most intelligent and not the best, in the human sense of the term, and their analysis is done through your mind.  

It is again this mental control, which explains the operation of the prayer and the meditation, as explained previously. On the other hand, they do not intervene in the existence of humans, if that does not concern their plans. However, they will carefully analyze what you have done with your existence to define what they will do with your soul when you die.   

In reality, Man has always known this. He knows that God sees everything, including what Man thinks or does in secret. Man knows that, but he no longer believes in it. Today, he should realize the true meaning of these phrases, but it’s also too late.

It is really essential that Man understands that he is fully monitored and that the Elohim can take control of him if necessary for their plans. Every individual must come to understand that God really exists and that the Elohim access his brain continuously and much more easily than the authorities could monitor his phone. You hide nothing from God. 

Another chapter will deal with the extent of these controls, in particular in the spirit and on the body of the Men.   

Very dangerous professional beginnings!

My first company
At the end of my graduate studies, my professional beginnings were just as dramatic as the beginnings and the rest of my existence. We were at the end of the 80s and IT was a growing market. So, I immediately turned to this one, which I was passionate about. I had thus proposed to my mother who had come back to me after six years of exclusion, to help me start my professional life. My mother then instructed the accountant of the publishing house that published her novels to analyze a project that I had submitted to her. It involved taking over a computer store near where I lived with my first wife. 

The accountant had been rave about me, especially seeing there, the way to make money, on the possible constitution of a company. It was already off to a bad start. My mother then agreed to help me take over this store, for which we had set up a public limited company. Business was good, and I had started producing clones, in other words, computers assembled on demand. Orders came from all over, but mostly from professionals. I had to hire a dozen employees, and we were a lot producing. 

One of my customers was Russian, and he wanted to import my computers to Russia, via Berlin, where « the Wall » had just come down. I remember going with him to Berlin, where the computers were to be sent. I didn’t realize that my links with these Russians and their embassy could attract the attention of the authorities. This was all the more true as I received some computer components of which I could not be sure of the origin. I could thus participate in trafficking or espionage, without even realizing it, since my computers were intended for Russians and for Russia. Besides, I had never wondered why this Russian, coming from the embassy, ​​had ended up come into my little shop. 

That said, I was probably too young and inexperienced at that time, when the profit margin on assembling computers could be counted on the fingers of one hand. This had ended up worrying my three brothers, who had persuaded my mother to withdraw from my business. 

It was then that one of my brothers had, one day, presented himself to me, in my company, to give me an ultimatum. Or, I handed over the management of my company to another of my brothers. Either, they were going to do everything to bring down my company. I obviously refused, and so they did, enlisting my mother and a very expensive lawyer against me. My recent relationship with my mother had only lasted two years. Sounds like the script for a TV series? Exactly, it didn’t end, and it was just the beginning. 

Once again, it is necessary to look at this as a whole, which, therefore, obliges me not to forget anything. It is by analyzing all this with hindsight that we understand that this sequence of events is almost impossible. It was all the more so since it was one of my brothers who had come to give me this ultimatum. It was also my mother, famous and known as being the most humane, who attacked me again, after abandoning me for six years. It was so amazing, it’s pretty easy to deduce that all of this didn’t happen by itself.
Clinically dead
It was therefore one of the most difficult periods of my life. I had to both support my society and defend myself against my three brothers and my mother. I was running around with my wife, and we were on the verge of exhaustion. One evening, we had been invited, in Brussels, to one of our suppliers with our commercial director. This had made me drink and I immediately collapsed. Everyone thought I had fallen asleep, but when they wanted to wake me up, I stopped responding. My sales manager, a former policeman, immediately took me to the emergencies, but the doctors told him that I was already dead. They did, however, manage to bring me back to life and the next morning I found myself alone in this hospital bed, with tubes and wires all over the place. The doctors then told me the reason for my presence within their walls and I tried to call someone to come get me. My troubles weren’t going to stop there.
Baptism by fire
I understood then that my wife, tired of our difficult life, had forged far too close ties with the same sales manager who had made me drink. Having become lovers, he couldn’t bear that she could go out with a third man, and in anger, he fired shotguns at the lampposts in our street. Begging him to calm down, he finally left, and I was able to go to bed. 

After my sales manager left, I went back to bed. Moments later, I heard a knock on the front door of my house. Thinking it was my wife, I went to open the door in underpants. What was my surprise when, opening the door, I discovered three agents of the raid pointing their submachine guns in my direction and ordering me to lie on the ground. I could make out at least a dozen others in the garden. I had obviously to lay down, still in my underpants, on this very cold ground, a submachine gun pointed at my head. They had searched my little house for the crazed shooter and I had finally been able to explain to them what had happened. They had left and I remembered that evening that I had just had my baptism of fire. 
False denunciation
It wasn’t over. Some time later, the local gendarmerie came to our house again because they had received a false drug report against us. The gendarme had come alone because we knew him very well. He wanted to make sure for himself that this denunciation was false. Completely overwhelmed by previous events, my wife and I no longer reacted. He asked us to see ourselves naked, to check that we were not injecting ourselves near our genitals, in accordance with what the letter of denunciation indicated. It was a huge ordeal for my wife. It was not far from a rape.

A few weeks later, we had to submit our annual accounts to the tax authorities. It was then that our accounting server was destroyed. It was the last event we could endure. We then decided to close the company. 
We had debts. Our lawyer had told us to protect our house because the bailiffs could take everything. However, nothing had happened, absolutely nothing. No mail, no call, no bailiff. As if our society had never existed, or as if the judge did not want to ask us anything, or as if they had received the order not to question us. It was impossible to say, and usually that too does not happen and cannot be explained. Do not prosecute an indebted company manager, who files for bankruptcy, without submitting any accounts. It is strictly impossible! My wife and I were psychologically dead, and we divorced. We had no children.

Strangely, in 2017, an ex-employee of my store contacted me again. He wanted to talk to me about the memories he had of my company, including precisely this accounting server, who had passed away in the middle of a tax report. He remembered this one as well as this period, with details that I myself had forgotten. In addition, its strange arrival in 2017 in my contacts, had also been accompanied by big problems on my Internet server. This coincidence and this new computer problem when it came, thirty years later, formed a new improbable coincidence. 

At that time, I saw no connection. Above all, I thought I was cursed, as anyone would think, a victim of chain disasters. Except that in my situation, there were always links between these events. I could string them together like dominoes and watch where they would take me. I could, but I saw absolutely nothing, as humanity does not see the dominoes and the signs that lead to its destruction. 

Anyway, the company had therefore been closed and my wife and I had decided to divorce. We were in 1991, and a new episode could then begin. 
In the heart of the mafia
In the middle of a divorce and my business being closed, I had therefore found myself without a job. I had signed up with temp agencies, with computer science as a specialization. I had quickly found a new mission. This was accompanied by a new coincidence. I had just met a new girl, a Sicilian with two little girls and this woman was working as a temporary worker in the same place as me. After this first coincidence, it was the sequel that was going to be terrible.

In 1991, there was a disappearance that has continued, since 1989, to make headlines across the country. It was the journalist Stéphane Steinier. He was investigating illegal works in construction. These were companies that use undeclared labor on their sites or subcontractors taking this risk for them. This news item fascinated me even before I closed my company, but in 1991, I was going to experience an impossible coincidence, with my new job as a temporary worker. 

Coincidentally, I was carrying out my mission in one of the largest construction companies in the country. Even stronger, I was more precisely in the neighboring office of its general manager. As for my companion, she was a member of one of the largest illegal work traders’ families in the country, working for this same company! 

At that time, I didn’t even wonder if it was all coincidence. Nor had I wondered about the events that had taken place around my company. I was passionate about the disappearance of Stéphane Steinier. I had met a girl who belonged to one of the largest illegal work traders’ family. I worked in the same place as her, in the office next door to the general manager of one of the largest construction companies. It’s the kind of coincidence that really has no chance of happening without an outside will.

If the police or an intelligence agency had wanted to have an unsuspecting individual infiltrate the illegal work trade, they would not have gone about it any other way. Either way, it was just getting started, and instinctively, I listened and memorized everything I learned. 

Indeed, my new companion explained to me in detail how her family worked as illegal work traders in metro stations in particular, for the company where I was precisely carrying out my temporary assignment. She had obviously participated in it herself. It was so unbelievable that I had informed the lawyer who managed my bankruptcy, and he had been furious that I dared to talk to him about it on the phone. 

I didn’t want to put myself in danger and I didn’t want to talk to my companion about the disappearance of Stéphane Steinier. Anyway, I didn’t have to ask any questions. The answer would come by itself.

One evening, my partner had asked me to accompany her to a spaghetti dinner with her brothers. It was the first time I accepted. It was a very particular situation. We were six or seven around the table. They talked about all their dealings like I was part of their family. I knew some of them, since they also had a garage where they had taken care of my car. 

At dinner, they had started talking about the journalist, Stéphane Steinier. They were laughing and one of them was saying « Where he is, in the concrete, no one will find him », and he ended his sentence with another laugh. I looked at my plate and showed no reaction. I was eating, but I had heard everything. Of course, I hadn’t answered that the whole country was looking for him. The dinner had continued. I pretended nothing. 

The meal being over, I sat down on the sofa. I couldn’t wait to get out of this hideout, but it wasn’t all over. As I was comfortably seated, one of the brothers opened a cupboard on my left. He took out weapons and grenades, which he placed in front of me, on the table. Naturally, he asked me if I could find customers for this kind of merchandise. He wasn’t kidding at all. He was trying to involve me in their affairs. I was a virgin of any crime, and I didn’t even dare to take one of these weapons in my hands. I had simply replied: « I don’t think so, but I’ll see. » I was lying. I wanted to leave as soon as possible, but I couldn’t. I had to make them feel like one of them. 

My answer seemed to satisfy him. He then offered to transport or sell drugs. My partner seemed to approve. I had the feeling that I was in a scene from the movie « The Godfather ». I was immersed in the mafia, in the heart of Brussels, and I couldn’t answer. I couldn’t find the words, and I was afraid of disappointing them. Luckily, I didn’t need to answer. They had just received a phone call. Their correspondent asked them if they could steal a white Mercedes on the same evening. Dinner was over. They had to find this car. On the way home, I told my girlfriend that I never wanted to have this kind of family reunions again. 

In a single evening, I could solve the riddle of a famous murder, but which was then still considered a disappearance. I could have an important mafia network dismantled within the capital itself. Finally, these Sicilians were the henchmen assigned to the supervision of undeclared work for one of the largest construction companies in Belgium, in which I worked. 

Like any good citizen, I wanted to immediately inform the authorities of everything I had just learned, but there were risks. The idea then occurred to me to call a friend, a senior policeman, but that had not impressed him at all. The next day, he called me back to tell me that a cupboard would be insufficient to contain all the crimes of these mafiosi. On the other hand, the police had found nothing in their hideout. Strange! Was I to understand that I had only carried out, without knowing it, a mission that had been assigned to me? It was impossible to say, and it wasn’t over.

A few months later, I was driving with the same Sicilian girlfriend and the radio had started talking about Stéphane Steinier and an alleged culprit, Carmelo Bongiorno. My companion then reacted to the comment emanating from the radio by saying that this Bougiorno was not the real culprit. She then asked me if there was a bonus for telling the truth. I answered her in the negative. However, as soon as I was alone, I called the senior policeman again, to tell him what had just happened. This time his reaction hadn’t been the same. He immediately replied that he had recorded everything and that he was waiting for me at the police station. Fearing for my life, I then called my mother, who immediately calmed the police officer down, and we didn’t talk about it again.

What you have just read here is the strict truth. You must realize that these combinations of circumstances are impossible without outside intervention. The most extraordinary thing is that after the episodes of my society and those of the Sicilians, I was still alive, but it wasn’t over yet.

My work and this possible undercover mission within this construction company had come to an end. However, it didn’t take long for me to find a job. One of my former IT suppliers from my ex-company, Gérard, hired me as a programmer. 

A few months later, the Sicilian and I were expecting the birth of a baby boy. However, this happy event had made her very violent towards me. She told me that she had used me and that I would never be his father. These words had been accompanied by a bottle of beer in the face. I had lost a tooth and almost my soul. I was humbled as I cared for her two little girls like a father. I considered them my daughters, but I couldn’t be the father of my own son. 

After he was born, his violence got even worse, and my colleagues noticed that I was getting worse and worse. I then asked to be transferred as quickly as possible to their French subsidiary, and it was immediately accepted. I was really determined to change my life. It was 1994, and I was 33, the age of Christ when he died.   

Réagir à cette partie / React to this part  

UPDATE: 15842 : 25/01/22 14:10:44

Control of the body, the second power of the Elohim 

In the two preceding chapters, you realized the unlimited possibilities of the Elohim, in matters of mind control. I gave you many examples, and it also explains how they could influence or manipulate the people around me, and therefore my existence. 

I also demonstrated to you that the Elohim had manipulated other people, such as RC Christian, the creator of the Guidestones, in order to send as many messages as possible to humans. Unfortunately, they prefer not to understand them. 

The control of the Elohim does not stop at the minds of humans, and I am also aware that the more I describe the Elohim, the more you might fear them. I understand you because you discover through this book, a world in which you live and that you were very far from imagining. Realizing that humans are no more than a nest of ants that disturbs the owner of the premises, that must be quite scary. This is all the more true since you now understand that certain ants can be manipulated and that all are under the supervision of God, which you had forgotten. 

Besides, you have had, until now, a very bad idea of ​​God. Everything is almost false, and you begin, by reading me, to understand why God is surrounded by so many lies on the part of humans. You should now begin to understand that God really exists, that he is very angry with humans, because of the mistakes of men, and that the ant nest will therefore not take long to disappear.

It’s not very amusing, but, despite all that, I must continue to describe the situation to you, this strict truth which will not reassure you anymore. On the other hand, and as you must have noticed at the beginning of this book, everything I am describing to you corresponds to reality. You will understand that I am only describing not only probable facts, but most often facts that you had seen, but not understood. 

Let us now turn to a category of people who are a continuous demonstration of the controlling power of the Elohim.  

Targeted individuals 

The Elohim can also take control of every part of the human body, down to the smallest cell. Targeted individuals are a very good example. They are tens of thousands, and they have appeared in recent years. They constantly complain of being physically and morally tortured 24 hours a day, and I confirm it.

These are burns on the skin, redness that comes and goes, drawings on the skin, electric current in the genitals, scratches, etc. They are also victims of voices that speak to them (as evidenced by certain terrorists or mass killers). They see themselves raping a woman or feeling raped with the effects and traces on and in the body, when nothing has happened. These tens of thousands of victims, whom I absolutely do not dispute, affirm loud and clear that it is the authorities who are doing this to them. However, it is strictly impossible. Man does not have these technologies. 

They then shout that patents exist, but they look no further. They do not understand, for example, that a patent only serves to protect an idea and there is no need to prove that this idea works. This is human intelligence.

The signs on me

In 2018, I didn’t feel like Targeted Individuals at all since I didn’t suffer from anything. However, at the same time, I felt very close to them since I too felt something invisible, but was it the same thing?

I had also been able to observe that my nights and my naps had often had certain consequences. I could have visions while sleeping, and when I woke up, I found answers to questions I was asking myself. It had even happened to me that when I was writing a text, words or sentences presented themselves to my mind as if they did not come from me. 

It was so true that sometimes I felt like I was writing so fast and without looking at my fingers that I thought I was acting like a robot. It reminded me of this man in Seattle who flew a plane and in 2018 had done stunts for almost an hour without having ever flown in his life. He was chatting with the men in the control tower. He complained about his existence when in reality he was very happy, and he was flying a 46-seater twin engine when he had never flown an airplane. I sometimes had the feeling of being in the same situation with my keyboard. I could see my hands, but it wasn’t me who was controlling them.

For some time, I also had stinging sensations and very weak tinnitus in my ear. They were barely audible, and my fan drowned out the noise most of the time. So, it didn’t bother me at all. Sometimes, and for no apparent reason, while I was writing on my computer, this tinnitus would get louder for a minute and I felt like I was in communication with this invisible thing.

Moreover, I had also noticed that after a short moment of sleep, I sometimes decided to send a new report to the authorities, whereas I had not intended to do so before sleeping. So, I decided to get closer to these Targeted Individuals, since in a much lighter way, I had the same symptoms. I felt myself becoming a puppet without understanding its origin.

The day I understood. 

It was in 2018. I was then, in Malaysia when the strangest thing happened. I was doing research on my computer about Targeted Individuals, and in a fraction of a second, I had a lot of pain in the second knuckle of my right ring finger, the finger where you usually put an alliance. The severe pain was limited to the joint closest to the nail. It was as if a nerve had been strangely and suddenly blocked. 

I had been for hours on a bed trying to pass the time. Nothing could justify this pain limited to such a small joint, and it had never happened to me.
So, I typed on my keyboard avoiding using this finger, and I was careful not to hit it in my movements. But as I wrote and researched about Targeted Individuals, I began to look at my finger with some suspicion. Was this an example of the pain a Targeted Individual could have?

So, I continued my research with my finger up. When it had been time to go to bed, I had exercised the same caution. The next morning, the pain was still there. I even thought it was going to be a problem for our luggage.

At shower time, my finger still hurt, so I soaped myself carefully. Once the shower was over, I had taken a towel and was about to dry myself carefully in front of the large mirror of this hotel bathroom. The towel could have hurt a lot on my finger.

As I was about to start wiping myself off in front of the mirror, the pain was gone as quickly as it had appeared. I continued to wipe myself while forcing even on this finger. Finally, I had dropped that towel and was looking at myself in the mirror, manipulating my finger with my other hand. The pain was completely gone. I cast a questioning look at this mirror: Is that you? I didn’t need the answer. I saw them in my eyes.

It was the demonstration from that invisible thing. I had been scared for a long time and talked about it with my partner. As always, she did not reply. She didn’t believe me, but it was good that she knew everything.

At the Manila Airport, we had several hours to wait. As I was bored, I chose to walk around this very long airport. While I was very far from my partner and my son, my finger suddenly hurt me very badly.

I immediately understood the reason, and I slowly turned back to my small family. The evil disappeared again in such a sudden way as I returned to my partner and my son. This entity, which was in me, made me understand that I was watched very closely.

This time, I was convinced, this invisible thing saw what I saw and probably heard what I heard.

That was how suddenly I understood how I was constantly monitored. I just had to figure out how. I also understood that these Targeted Individuals weren’t really joking. This invisible entity was capable of torturing them and obviously driving some of them to crime, including all terrorists. If they could control my fingers on my keyboard, or the hands of that man flying that airplane in Seattle, they could also make a Muslim turn into a human bomb, or a mother kill her children and then kill herself. 

So, I was starting to see things more clearly, but technically, I still didn’t understand, in 2018, how this was possible. 

I also understood that I was not a Targeted Individual like the thousands of others. However, they used the same technology with me to inform me and teach me everything I needed to know to be able to explain all these crimes made on command. I could only understand this mind control and these remote tortures if I myself had experienced them very slightly. I was going to know others in different areas, but strictly never to hurt me. However, I had to live them a little to understand them and to be able to describe them. 

Today, in 2022, I experience their control of the body continuously. It even became, for a long time, their second means of communication with me. They create small pains or sensations in me, several times a day in specific places and whose meaning I know. Like this morning, they got me out of bed with two strong stings in the toes and a sting next to the eye because I had something to see. Last night, while I was surfing on my Facebook feed, they invited me, with a sting under the foot, to go back to a post where I should have stopped, etc. It is absolutely continuous. It has become a language when they are, I remind you, more than 250 light years from me.

Today, in 2022, all of humanity has been experiencing for two years a terrible control of the body and its smallest cells, it is the Covid-19, but we will talk about it later.

September 11, 2001 and the numbers 11 & 12

My first steps as an intelligence agent

The previous chapters, therefore, showed you how the Elohim had influenced my existence in such a way as to form me for many things. They had, therefore, to do this, used from the beginning, and without my understanding it, the control they have over humans, both over me and over those around me. This led me to live on three continents, to have to know four religions, and to meet people from all walks of life, without having the possibility of establishing my roots. I couldn’t keep anything for very long, no job, no company, no wife, no children. I went from disaster to disaster, and each one ended an episode.

On the other hand, the Elohim wanted to achieve their objective of making me known by the intelligence agencies. This process did not start in 2018, when I had just understood the mind and body control by the Elohim. It had started exactly ten years before, when I had not yet understood anything at all except that I only attracted catastrophes.

So, in 2008, from catastrophe to catastrophe, and under their control, the Elohim led me to take a vacation in Thailand, from where I was never going to return. I had been enlisted by French organized crime in Thailand and I had to carry out, for the French mafia, the update of a tax evasion application in France. The latter was used by three hundred discotheques, among the largest in France and had already been in operation for more than ten years. I had informed the French authorities of thissituation, andd they had asked me to continue my mission as an undercover agent. 

September 11, 2001, and state terrorism

It was my first role of real infiltration and function for the authority, in spite of my first little experience with the Sicilians in the 90s. It was so wanted by the Elohim who wanted to gradually transform me into an intelligence agent. They wanted to open doors for me and for me to make contacts within the intelligence agencies, since later, I was going to have to announce to them the end of time, the end of humanity. For me to be listened to, it was necessary not only to have contacts, but also to have demonstrated that what I predicted was really going to happen. This is the path I was gradually taking.  

My passage through French organized crime, on behalf of the French authorities, was, therefore, the first step. However, this caused, the same year, my entry into the world of terrorism! It was not just any terrorism, but state terrorism, in other words, that organized by states to manipulate their populations.

It was indeed in 2008, and as part of my infiltration of French organized crime, that a very senior Belgian police officer confided to me in front of his family his pride in the attacks of September 11, 2001! This situation led to another the following year, in 2009. This time, it was no longer the French authorities who were interested in me, but the Israeli secret services, the Mossad! Elohim organized things from up there, really well, as they had always done.

The Mossad had therefore decided to exfiltrate me, in 2010, from French organized crime. It was an exfiltration worthy of the best spy movies. In particular, they had bought an old bank, without a shooting angle, to serve as my secure home, but all this was not without reason. They confirmed to me, in 2011, that these terrorists whom I had met and belonging to the Belgian police, were very largely involved in the attacks of September 11, 2001, in particular by the assassination of Commander Massoud, a few days earlier, and for which the killers, Tunisians, had Belgian passports. It was through the Mossad that I understood my very close ties to the attacks of September 11, 2001.  

It was not only my proximity to the Belgian police officers, see the chapter on the Sicilians, but also the synchronicity desired by the Elohim. Indeed, The Elohim had synchronized the attacks of September 11, 2001 with my existence. Just before these, I was living in Morocco where I had married a Moroccan woman. We were then expecting twins who were born on August 2, 2001. We returned to Belgium on August 11, with our twins and exactly one month later, the attacks against the twin towers of the WTC in New York took place. Twin girls for twin towers. It was also on September 11, 2008, that I began to infiltrate organized crime in France. Since then, the Elohim have regularly reminded me of September 11, 2001,

The numbers 11 & 12

I recall the symbolism of the number 11. In reality, it represents the number 101 whose zero is unknown. It is the passage, towards death, towards another world. The visual represented by the number 101, is used in particular in science fiction films, to represent portals to another dimension. It is also very present in architecture, with the triumphal arches, under which the armies passed. In Paris, the Avenue de la Grande Armée leads to the Arc de Triomphe.

In the head of the Elohim, the 11 means, like September 11, 2001, the destruction, the collapse of humanity. This is the reason for choosing the twin towers for the September 11 terror attacks. This is also the reason why the Elohim made me have twin daughters, and that they made sure that my wife and I returned on August 11th. It was all the more necessary since Belgian police officers, whom I knew very well, were among the masterminds of these terror attacks.

The number 11 is also the number preceding the 12 on a clock, the number of the Apocalypse, the number of the reset of the clock of humanity of which there will be almost nothing left, 00:00. Before arriving at the number 12, we are therefore obliged to go through the number 11, that of destruction.

On January 11, 2022, the Elohim had sent a very strong sign, to remind us of the importance of the number 11. This is the story of a lady I did not know. For the past few days, she had been clearing old beams from the ceiling of a house she had just bought. She was on her stepladder, and it broke. She had collapsed on her crowbar, and she had broken two ribs. She then took her phone, and it showed 11:11! She remembered, then, that it had been some time since she had seen this mirror hour, or that of 01:11. This coincidence had led her to publish a post on Facebook to which I replied. Our first exchange had also started at 11:11.

I was so sorry for that lady, but that was the typical way of the Elohim, to send strong signals to me. Her collapse from this stepladder that the Elohim had broken, was the perfect representation of the collapse of humanity. Moreover, this sign sent by the Elohim had cost her two ribs and one or two months of immobilization, which is in line with the notion of {paralysis} of humanity. Mary-Magdalene, my main collaborator, had also had a vision on December 23, 2021, where she saw herself in a hospital bed, with all the members in plaster. I had also explained to her that this meant the paralysis of humanity. The fall of the lady on January 11, 2022, at 11:11 a.m., completely matched this symbolism.  

The number 12, or 00:00, is well represented in movies, with its apocalyptic significance. This is, for example, the case in the film {Knowing} with Nicolas Cage, or in the end of the world film, {2012}. As for the Elohim, they remind us almost daily of these two numbers. 

Fifty years to transform myself into a Messenger!

Take a good look at my evolution under the control of the Elohim. A very special childhood and adolescence, with family relations interrupted for six years. Something to break my roots. Professional beginnings, very dangerous including in connection with the Sicilian mafia, to finally manage to make me fulfill a mission ofan undercover agentt within the French organized crime.  

In 2008, senior Belgian police officers confided in me their pride for the attacks of September 11, 2001, while I assumed my mission for the French services, within organized crime. In 2009, the Mossad, the Israeli secret services, exfiltrated me from this situation, to protect me in an old bank. In 2011, they described to me in detail my links with September 11, 2001, as well as with certain masterminds of these attacks, and I had recorded all this conversation.

In 2012, I attended a Sunday lunch every Sunday where, there is also a man belonging to the Belgian secret services. The latter, understanding very well the situation in which I was, had immediately put me in contact with the Belgian secret services, who in turn asked me to help them understand this situation.

I remind you that the plan of the Elohim was to get me into the intelligence agencies because I was going to have to announce to them attacks and other disasters and finally the destruction of humanity. They had therefore ensured that I had in my hands something to interest these agencies. It also meant that all those who had made me progress in this way, had been under mind control by the Elohim, as it had been since my birth. It was organized crime, the French authorities, terrorist police officers, Mossad agents, or the Belgian Sunday agent... All of them had taken part in putting me on this path. 

The most blatant being even those Belgian police officers who confided in me their pride for the attacks of September 11, 2001. What professional would have made such a confidence, without having been under mind control, by the Elohim? I was neither a policeman nor a terrorist. On the other hand, I was indeed an undercover agent for the French authorities, but these terrorist police officers considered me above all as a future mobster, which could probably be a source of confidence.

This is how the Elohim had gradually brought me into the Intel world. I am convinced today that the entire life of the Belgian secret service agent, present at these Sunday lunches, had also been under the control of the Elohim. He was to allow me one day to go through him to access the secret services. The Elohim never leave anything to chance. They must therefore have planned everything, including the life of this agent. 

I realize presently that if the Elohim had foreseen this, they had therefore also foreseen the remarriage of my mother with the father of this Sunday agent. It also means that my parents’ divorce had always been planned by the Elohim and that it was not a classic couple drama. This one was scheduled, and there was nothing my parents could have done to save their marriage. 

My mother was a woman of letters and she was to join her new husband, a high personality in French grammar and whose son was a secret service agent. The grammarian being a widower for a few years, this also meant that his story, like that of his deceased wife and son, had been programmed in relation to me!   

It is clear that all of this had been scripted from start to finish, to lead me where the Elohim wanted to take me! I have to be frank with you. All that I have just written here, I did not know it, before having written it here and now. I had never made those links. I had never understood it that way, and yet it is the only scenario that explains the first fifty years of my life. It was the plan of the Elohim to make me their Messenger to the authorities, but this plan had also required the management of many other people!

The Elohim introduce me to state terrorism

In 2012, I had therefore obtained several appointments within the walls of the Belgian secret services, but it had not been easy. Yes, I had several testimonies from Mossad agents, recorded on MP3, and they all pointed to these Belgian police versed in terrorism. However, these terrorist policemen understood that I had recordings about them. All this evolution had therefore put me in serious danger, especially since I knew absolutely nothing of the existence of the Elohim and, even less, that they managed my life and that they protected me. 

So, I had huge problems including many intrusions into my home, in my absence. I even had witnesses, but I could hardly go to the police, since the terrorist policemen would have been the first informed. The main Mossad agent who made the first revelations to me had already died in strange circumstances. So, I felt my danger growing day by day, especially since some of my friends came to see me regularly to keep me informed of what these policemen were thinking and doing.

These people, who had the possibility of being well-informed, affirmed to me in particular that the Mossad agent had been killed and that the police continued their misdeeds in particular in the traffic of false passports, intended for the terrorists. These friends had my complete confidence, and it seems obvious today that they were under the mind control of the Elohim. Nobody would have run the risk of coming to confide in me about these policemen, when I could record them, and they could be killed. On the other hand, the Elohim would not have made them lie, given the risk that they took. So, these friends were telling me the truth and my situation only got worse, since I represented a growing risk for these police officers.

I obviously recorded as many things as possible and informed the Belgian secret services as I went along. So, I had fully put on my intelligence agent’s clothes, without having either the official function or the protection! As with my infiltration of organized crime in France, I had absolutely no idea of ​​the danger. Of course, since I was under the mind control of the Elohim which ensured that I was no longer afraid of anything, or almost.

Among the problems I encountered, there were therefore these intrusions, especially in the middle of the night when I was walking my dog, but also spinning, and surveillance that I unmasked. There were also multiple attacks and other computer problems, including the hacking of my credit card, to rent out an apartment similar to mine. Each time, I spent hours trying to understand how these policemen had done it, and most often very quickly and professionally.

Other computer issues included my internet modem that kept dropping out, but mostly resetting itself. It had to be reconfigured each time, and this kind of thing could not happen, except by gigantic means, the source of which I had difficulty in guessing. 

Some of it might be the Elohim, but that didn’t matter. What mattered, however, was the research I did to understand what was going on. What was my surprise when my Internet provider informed me that their servers and my modem had recorded very strong disturbances during computer attacks and intrusions into my home. It took me several days to figure out the reason, and it probably came from the Elohim.

The cable leading to my home had a defect probably created by the Elohim, to make it permeable to external frequencies. This cable had therefore become a sort of external radar, recording the frequencies that passed nearby. This cable had therefore enabled our installations to record the passage of frequencies which were compatible with it. In the area where I lived, the only frequencies compatible with my Internet cable were those of the army or the police forces!! This cable, probably modified by the Elohim, had therefore made it possible to record the proof that police forces were entering my home to protect their terrorist plans!!

When I discovered this, with the help of the internet provider, they received a phone call from the police ordering them to remove this cable. The supplier immediately called me to inform me of this request and to explain to me that they had also understood the origin of the problem very well. They therefore proposed to remain at my disposal as witnesses and to keep the cable and the recordings of the frequencies as exhibits!

These police officers had demonstrated for months, such professionalism and such rapidity of intervention, that they were obviously not isolated terrorist police officers, but a terrorist organization using the police forces in particular. So, it was state terrorism, that is to say terrorist operations organized by states or something superior to the state, like NATO for example. The purpose of these operations is to manipulate populations by placing the responsibility for these operations on others. It’s not new, but at that time I didn’t understand it. I only had proof that it was indeed police officers who were defending terrorist operations. With these new elements, the Belgian secret services immediately helped me file a new complaint for terrorism against the police! We were at the end of 2013. 

Obviously, all of this had been organized and facilitated by the Elohim. They wanted to introduce me to intelligence agencies and authorities. However, they also wanted to let them know that I now knew that they were organizing terrorist operations. Personally, I did not yet measure the importance of what I had discovered, but the Elohim and the authorities knew it.  

The Elohim abhor lies and manipulation. Religions already do just that, but here, the Elohim approached, with me, a completely different register that I will have to master later. It was the lies of the states. Among these, there was state terrorism, and therefore deaths by the hundreds, in order to manipulate their population. God, the Elohim couldn’t accept that, but neither could they unmask themselves. Their idea was therefore to send to these authorities a Messenger who would make them tremble. Personally, I was not aware of the true origin of the information that reached me, but the authorities would gradually understand it. For my part, I was more and more convinced that I should now leave Belgium as soon as possible. 

Réagir à cette partie / React to this part  

UPDATE: 15846 : 30/01/22 04:20:51

Preparing for God’s Judgment

The years 2012 and 2013 were terrible for me. It was obvious that I felt these intrusions into my home, these spinning, this surveillance and other computer attacks, as a way of pushing me to leave Belgium. Those I attacked had two solutions, either eliminate me or force me to leave the country. If I were to leave, it would be more difficult to prosecute them. Justice could take advantage of my absence to interrupt its investigations, in particular the judge with whom I had lodged my complaint.  

I didn’t know it, but the Elohim had the same interest because the situation was becoming very dangerous for me. I had done what they wanted. I had made contacts in the Belgian secret services. I had told them everything I knew about police officers involved in terrorism, as well as about the Mossad, the Israeli Secret Service, which had been monitoring them for years. This confirmed my assertions. I had also filed a complaint for acts of terrorism against the police. In theory, the sequel could be done without me.

In reality, the Elohim did not want justice to be done. Above all, they wanted to highlight that despite this very heavy case, Belgian justice would do nothing, the reason being that it was state terrorism. Justice was therefore not going to prosecute the police officers involved in these operations. The Elohim therefore wanted to implicate me in a denunciation which they knew would have no follow-up.

They wanted to hold these States accountable later, to not have prosecuted these police, but also to have caused hundreds of deaths for which they falsely attributed responsibility to terrorist groups. We must not forget that the Elohim are God and that it may seem important to them to be able, when the time is right, to put these States before their responsibilities.

The Elohim could have brought about justice. It was quite simple for them, but their plans for me would then have come to an end if these policemen were arrested. This is also what the Mossad agents kept repeating to me, under mind control. They claimed they had an ongoing investigation and that I should wait to pursue.

In reality, the police had to be able to continue their operations so that the Elohim could later judge these Men themselves, in a much broader way. The Elohim did not want to limit themselves to judging state terrorism, but everything they reproach to men in a global way. It will then be all of humanity that will be judged and destroyed. It was the very reason for my existence, the preparation for the Judgment of God!

The Children of God

It was therefore clear that I had to leave Belgium because this first stage was over. It also became very dangerous for me, especially as my presence continued to put pressure on these policemen. So, the Elohim had another plan to make me leave Belgium.

Since my birth, I had a very complicated life, cut into episodes, and made of disasters, pains and twists. However, my whole existence had been programmed even before I arrived in this world. I am a Child of God and much more than that.

Do not think that everyone on this Earth is a Child of God! This only concerns those for whom God intervened in their birth (DNA / Spirit) and who have a role to play in God’s plans. These are most often plans intended for Humanity, which is my case, but not only. God also has smaller plans that may even go unnoticed by others. Be that as it may, the Children of God are rare, and they most often have a divine mission that they will discover or understand, or not, during their lifetime. 

In general, God does not care how humans evolve. After all, it was they who asked for their independence and then forgot who God really was. The Elohim therefore intervene only rarely, in the evolution of Men, in their problems, their wars and even less, in their personal or family worries. God has other things to do. The Elohim therefore act only sparingly, according to God’s plans, the situations, the prayers they receive, and whether or not the individual is a Child of God.  

In my existence, the Elohim could leave nothing to chance, nor run the risk that their plan would be disturbed by external facts or other people. I underlined it in the chapter « Fifty years to transform myself into a Messenger! ». This means that everyone who contributed significantly to my existence was themselves a part of this plan. This person could therefore be a Child of God, therefore, having been conceived by God, as well as having a life managed by God, in order to be able to respond to this plan, when the time came.

It was obvious, as we have seen, that this was, for example, the case for this Intel agent who took part in the family lunch every Sunday. My parents were also Children of God since their mission was to bring me where I am. Other personages have thus largely intervened in my existence.

I think in particular of a person, head of an IT company, who, on several occasions in my life, came to pull me out of the quagmire in which I found myself. I saw him cry one day when he learned that the mother of my twins had just left me. It is also about him that I spoke in the chapter « The Elohim make me discover state terrorism » because he was one of those who informed me about these police officers. He therefore put his life in danger to come and inform me.

Other personages who have marked humanity considerably are most likely also Children of God. This was obviously the case with Jesus, but also with his Mother, Mary, his wife Mary Magdalene and his apostles, for example. This was also the case with John the Baptist who had warned of the arrival of Jesus. It is not necessary to go back so far to identify Children of God, having considerably influenced humanity. Gandhi was also a Child of God. 

That said, I wouldn’t venture too far to say who was or was not a Child of God. Let’s just say that I can distinguish those around me who are part of the Children of God.

In my role as Messenger of God, I would like to cite two people as examples.

I called the first « the Scholar ». He was a thoroughly convinced Muslim. He had come to me, to describe to me, under the total control of the Elohim, my current and future function. He gave unimaginable details. I learned a lot from him and the Elohim know what I learned.

However, it was a very, very difficult time for me. The Elohim wanted me to devote myself exclusively to my mission. They had therefore made sure that I gradually lost all my contracts as a freelancer, and therefore also all my income. I complained about this to the Scholar, since obviously the Elohim had little to do with my sudden poverty.

The Scholar was then a surface technician, mobile and living with his father. He went with his work van, cleaning toilets in subway stations. He was therefore not rich at all. This did not prevent him from supporting me financially, sometimes up to his entire salary, but always choosing a round number, starting with « 7 », the number of God! I have great gratitude towards him. A great man, much younger than me, and who was sent to me by God to teach me and support me. A fighter for God and for God.

The second was more classic. She was a grandmother, passionate about sewing and suffering from all ailments. God was really making her life very hard, but she still found the strength to serve as my assistant. She was looking for any information I needed. I called her my librarian. At the start of Covid-19, she started sewing masks which she distributed for free on the Internet and to friends, in addition to helping me considerably in my work. God then wanted to show her his gratitude. She was then with her grandchildren and two days in a row, her sewing machine had started sewing masks on its own! It was not the first time that she had witnessed, since she had known me, paranormal phenomena. It is even quite regular, even daily, with all my collaborators. 

At another time, the Elohim had asked us to prepare travel bags for the departure of the Chosen. My librarian had complained that she didn’t have any, nor did she have the money to buy any. A few days later, the Elohim guided her in her home, to two new travel bags that she had never had. Sometimes, God shows that he is really there and my closest collaborators experience it on a daily basis.

That said, we have an advantage over previous situations. My collaborators and I know on whom we depend and who is behind these paranormal phenomena. It continues to happen to us every day. 

If I speak here of the Children of God, it is because my departure from Belgium was made possible thanks to four of them. I was then working from my tiny studio in Brabant Wallon, Belgium on different things. I worked in particular for my mother’s editions, but also, on a voluntary basis, maintaining a classifieds website. This site had crossed the limits of legality several times, for lack of having a moderator.

The Elohim then arranged for contact to take place between its owners and me. After asking me to moderate it for free, they offered to buy their site. However, what they asked for was as expensive as the price of a big house. So, I brought in my friend, the IT business manager, and it was he who helped me with the negotiation.

From dinner to dinner, in the company of my friend, the main owner « business angel » by profession, had ended up offering it to me for free, and that we shared the profits. Difficult in business, he was above all a great man. He spent his life and his money supporting small businesses, in Belgium and in Africa. This is what is called a « business angel ». So, he ended up giving me his website when he wanted to sell it to me for the price of a house. However, there was one condition, I had to manage his website, from Madagascar! Immediately, we feel the imprint of the Elohim who wanted me to leave Belgium. The solution miraculously fell from the sky, by a business angel facilitated by my eternal friend.

My mother, another Child of God, who had until then refused any departure with my handicapped son, took the opposite decision this time. She immediately took care of the papers for my son, and the full financing of our move.

Finally, the fourth kind soul was a 27-year-old Madagascan girl who immediately took everything in hand. She was also the first person I had come across when searching through advertisements on the Internet. It was still the mark of God. We only had a few days ahead of us, but that was enough for her, with God’s help, to organize everything for our arrival. She had found and rented the house, which was also a feat in this place, since there was none, and had equipped it according to the instructions given. This young woman expected nothing from me, but she was going to live with me and my handicapped son, and was going to take care of absolutely all of our needs for a year. She also prevented us from leaving the house, which is a constant precaution of the Elohim, and always current. 

When we left a year later, for the Philippines, the Malagasy had also taken care of everything, without a shadow of sadness, even with a smile, like a mission carried out successfully! One of my relatives then wrote to me, most likely under the mind control of the Elohim, « Don’t forget to thank her because what she has done is extraordinary ». I perceived, in this advice, a message coming from beyond. The following year, she found a way to leave for Europe. It had always been her dream, which she could not achieve with me. God had answered it because he knows how to recognize those who help his Messenger! 

God’s help is also strongly felt in this chapter. Yes, Children of God had been prepared to fulfill their mission, but all had also been helped in the realization of it. They were mountains that suddenly moved by the power of God to make things possible. He even made it so that I could see it. To offer me a website for free, whereas it had been offered to me at the price of a house, it was on the order of the impossible. It was the same for moving in a big week. Finally, it was extraordinary to find, on the spot, a disinterested young woman who was going to take everything in hand.

Reading aloud what this Malagasy had done, I felt, more than once, my throat knot, forcing me to catch my breath. I know that it is still the Elohim, who act on my body to confirm to me what I write there. Obviously, she was a Child of God.

God’s Pawns

The denomination « Children of God » is an appellation coming from the Elohim. Next to these, there are the Pawns of God. 

These are the people that the Elohim have been following for a long time and that they control when the time comes, for a given operation. This takeover can be short or long. The pawns are very numerous and include many categories. 

They are, for example, biologists who, inspired by the Elohim, design a deadly virus, but who have it stolen by other pawns. It’s the madman who suddenly pushes a young woman under the subway. It’s the casino gambler who moves into a hotel in Las Vegas, and who, from his window, kills more than 50 people, before killing himself next. It is the mother who kills her three children and then commits suicide. It’s the father who buys a weapon on sale, and it’s his son who takes it the next day, to shoot students in his school. It’s the madman who, armed with a kitchen knife, will start stabbing people in the street.

How many times have you heard that the criminal heard voices and was pronounced insane? Yet, how do humans seem to react to these similarities? They don’t report it. Each criminal is an isolated case, whereas they are often very comparable, such as the individuals who start pushing people under the subways! Nobody seems to ask why so many similar cases? These examples from the metro are significant. The protagonist and his victim do not know each other, but on a whim, he threw this person under the subway!  

These are the Elohim at the base of these behaviors. They provoke them to certain authorities who understand their origin, but who are careful not to share them with the population. It was the same for this French cannibal, who had recently escaped before attacking a new victim. All of this are signs and pressures sent to certain authorities, but which obviously do not mention them. These actions are executed by pawns of God, in other words, by people who very punctually will be taken under mind and bodily control, by the Elohim.

Of course, they are responsible for what they did. Men as a whole, such as the press, are however also responsible for not having highlighted such blatant similarities in these crimes. The average man is as much responsible for his lack of intelligence. He does not see the signs sent by God. Finally, there are those authorities who see and understand the message, but who keep it confidential. If all these Men felt a little more responsible for their community, for the world in which they live, this kind of thing would not happen. Men do not react because they only think of themselves. When they see the person thrown under the subway on the news, they won’t even compare this drama to the previous ones. 

Also, as we will see in the following chapters, even without these criminals being part of terrorist groups, I will often receive the signal of their actions the very second they commit them. It is obviously a signature received from the Elohim, and which I have often communicated to the authorities. 

However, God’s pawns are not necessarily just criminals. In the example above, the father who buys a firearm on sale is not committing any crime under US law, but he did participate in some way in the crimes committed by his son. In this example, very recent, justice has also decided to prosecute the parents and this is a first. However, the Elohim probably controlled the justice of this city to set an example.  

There is the statesman who decides to invade a country, or to fire live ammunition at demonstrators. Politicians who, under the pretext of openness, put the world in impossible situations. There are those who demand maximum health precautions from their population, but who do not apply them to themselves. All of this leads to widespread chaos and the discrediting of those in power. This suits the Elohim, who are about to judge the stupidity of Men.

There are the authors of novels, or films, intended to convey messages that humans do not understand. We had already spoken of Dan Brown, the author of the « Da Vinci Code » and whose inspiration stopped, after his 4ᵉ book, when his mission ended.  

There are influencers on the Internet, who convinced of what they say, yet only tell nonsense. These are really very numerous. This includes conspirators, preachers, Targeted Individuals, enthusiasts of UFOs, light and other dimensions, etc. Thousands of convinced, seekers of truth, but who only want to hear their own. I no longer count the number of Facebook groups where I got kicked out because Men don’t understand, despite my educational efforts.

You will tell me why God would lead influencers to talk nonsense, or to make baseless conspiratorial speeches. The Elohim are preparing to reset humanity, thus destroying it at 95%. There remains the 5% that the Elohim wish to save before the world becomes too dangerous. This 5% must in particular serve as a basis for the redesign of a more intelligent humanity. They will therefore choose humans, the most intelligent, those who do not allow themselves to be influenced by these influencers and the multitude that follows them.

In some large groups on Facebook, some address others by saying « My beloved ones », « I love you! », « The light has won! » etc. No, but frankly. It is obvious that these people are starting to lose their minds. Of course, they are convinced of what they say but once they leave their virtual Universe, they completely forget what the Love of their neighbor represents! They should, however, demonstrate it on the Internet, in particular by videos, where they help their neighbors. This obviously does not happen.

They will not share their meal or simple sandwich with a poor person. They won’t go ask their old neighbor if he doesn’t need some shopping at the store. They won’t get out of their car to help an old lady cross the street. They won’t send a few dollars to someone who used the button on Facebook to ask for help. These people, who shout Love on the Internet, are Pawns of God because shouting Love in this way without being able to give it is a real insult to Love. It’s a bit like telling others to give or ask if they need it, but then refuse the outstretched hand. This is unbearable to me. It is wind, and these people must expect the wind of God’s wrath in return. I spoke about it a little higher, but these falsely generous people in Love, also prepare the wrath and judgment of God because Humanity must relearn Love! 

7, for God’s plan!

My son and I arrived in May 2014 in Nosy Be, an island in Madagascar. I had had too little time to choose my destination, and I had chosen very badly. Perhaps also, that the Elohim had chosen for me. The photos were attractive, but this island had lost all its tourist activity since tourists had been burned alive on the beach. The small hotels were almost abandoned. As for the big hotels, they were inaccessible to us and terribly expensive. 

The main town of Nosy Be, was aptly named; “Hell ville”, the city of the devil. My son and I hardly ever go out. Besides, there wasn’t much to do. No cinema, no mall, no water park, and more rats than foreigners. It’s the only place I’ve seen a rat walking around on bread sticks in a bakery. The beach was very long, but unattractive, and the water was too dark for my taste. Moreover, it was each time a small expedition to get there. Regarding health, definitely, it was better not to hurt yourself or fall seriously ill. 

So, my son and I mostly stayed home, but it wasn’t much better. The very expensive internet was pitiful. As for electricity, the inhabitants regularly stole fuel from the small power station, and we were left without electricity. 

So, I went back to work, thinking I had left the problems due to the current terrorist case in Belgium. I was wrong! Obviously, I had not arrived in Nosy Be by chance.

When the Business Angel visited Nosy Be in early June 2014, he asked me to meet a former Belgian lawyer who had just moved to the same island as us. The latter had immediately ordered an Internet site, for which he immediately paid me a deposit. He couldn’t establish what he wanted on his website, but paying for it didn’t bother him. He had already made his second payment, while he still gave me no instructions to make it. I had even thought that the lawyer’s goal was above all to finance me, using his website as a pretext. That said, I had to take care of many other things, including my mother’s editions and the Business Angel’s classifieds website. However, the latter’s website was starting to suffer from strange internet attacks, which concerned me greatly. One of these internet attacks, on July 17, 2014, originated from the exact spot where flight MH17 had just crashed, killing 295 people. It was in Ukraine, a conflict zone, on the edge of the Russian border. The plane had been shot down by a Russian missile, but from Ukraine. 

The main Mossad agent who organized our exfiltration and who died in strange circumstances was an Israeli air security official. I remember that I had then interpreted this Internet attack from the site of the MH17 crash, as a « hello » from him, but what happened the next day was going to be even more astonishing. 

I was once again with the Belgian lawyer, recently arrived at Nosy Be and whom the Business Angel had asked me to meet. He had already paid me for his entire website, but we were nowhere in designing it yet. He didn’t know what he wanted at all. That said, since he was a lawyer, I intended that day to talk to him about my terrorist case. One of the most incomprehensible moments in my history had then occurred, even integrating into it a possible intervention of the Elohim. I had barely started my sentence when he finished it by revealing to me that he knew my history with the Mossad! 

How was it possible that this lawyer knew about my history with the Mossad, when even the Business Angel did not know about it, or at least not from me? This shocked me considerably and sent shivers down my spine. He then continued his momentum, telling me that his wife’s uncle could probably help me with my terrorist case. I then learned that this uncle was one of the most important prosecutors in Belgium, at the very origin of my exfiltration by the Mossad, four years earlier!! I learned all this from this lawyer, friend of the Business Angel, to whom I had not said anything. 

Even today, in 2022, I cannot explain this situation. Who had really decided to send me to Madagascar? The Business Angel, the Mossad, the Prosecutor, the terrorist police, or all four together, perhaps offering, in passing, a sum of money to the Business Angel to use its website as an excuse to send me to the other side of the world? I still don’t know how to answer this question, but they all had an interest in making me leave Belgium as quickly as possible. 

In 2014, I did not yet know of the existence of the Elohim, and I was even very far from knowing it, since I was only going to understand it five years later. However, when writing this book, on January 30, 2022, I can add to this incomprehensible story two other facts that have their full meaning today.

The revelations of the Belgian lawyer had occurred the day after the crash of the MH17, which had been accompanied at home by a computer attack. This one came from the place of the crash, and it immediately made me think of the Mossad agent, theoretically deceased, but to whom the lawyer’s revelations also related. In 2022, I know that a plane crash obviously coordinated by the Elohim, means « collapse/death » of humanity and this crash took place precisely at the place where a major war is about to be launched today, at the end of January 2022. That’s not all.

These revelations and the crash of the MH17 had therefore occurred on July 17 and 18, 2014. The crash of the MH17, on 17/7!! What did I write a few chapters earlier about the Scholar? That he always chose to make transfers of round numbers and always starting with the number « 7 », the number of God! This crash had, moreover, been »signed« on my Internet server by a computer attack, strangely coming from the place of the crash. That’s not all. 

Fifteen days earlier, the terrorist group Daesh was also formed. All the attacks of the latter, were also going to be signed on my Internet server, by a Signal, which we will talk about later, but which basically consists of a continuous attack, of the type sent from the site of the crash of the MH17! 

In other words, on July 17, 2014, the Elohim shared with me a set of signs describing all that was going to happen over the next seven years, leading to the collapse of humanity, such as the crash of MH17, a Boeing 777, 7/17, « 7 » for God’s Plan! The aircraft had made its first flight on 7/17/97. He was therefore exactly 17 years old! My son and I arrived in Nosy-Be on May 7. We had been there for 71 days. No one was obviously surprised by the set of ten « 7 » characterizing this plane crash, especially since this kind of coincidence, in particular that of the crash on the day of its 17th birthday, could obviously only be the fruit of the will of God, the number « 7 »!!

Again, what I have just understood and written here, I had never understood. The Elohim have just pointed this out to me because everything presaged by the crash of MH17 on July 17, 2014 is now over. I am indeed linked to thousands of deaths, all announced or confirmed on a Signal arriving at my Internet server, and humanity has arrived at the dawn of its collapse. The fact that the Elohim choose to reveal this to me today is further confirmation that the crash of MH17 was indeed imagined as a huge harbinger of God’s plan.

To link this chapter to the two previous ones, those who sent this missile to MH17, as well as the lawyer who shared a secret without being asked, were obviously pawns of God, therefore, under total control of the Elohim. Note that we must also add the pilot of the Boeing 777, who, contrary to the directives, and on the outward journey, had taken a different route. This placed the plane just above the conflict zone, and it was God’s will. All these coincidences should have alerted men, but they do not believe in the powers of God and even less in the signs he sends.

Third weapon of the Elohim: technological attacks.

At the time of the crash, I had not understood anything about it, since I did not yet know of the existence of the Elohim. On the other hand, I was sure that I had been framed to send me to Madagascar. However, I did not know who the authors were. I had never seen the lawyer again, whose only mission, apparently, was to fund me and reveal something to me that I really hadn’t expected. So, I resumed my other activities.

First attack

On September 12, 2014, I was faced with a practical problem with the Business Angel’s site that I was in charge of from Madagascar. This situation could be resolved by returning to Belgium. Added to this were the health problems encountered by my disabled son, for whom a return was also becoming desirable. Since my income depended in particular on the Business Angel’s site, I had to ask for his agreement to take care of it from Belgium. His answer was a categorical refusal. 

This negative answer was essential because it related in particular to the health of a handicapped person, whom he did not care of. There was no technical imperative for me to be abroad to take care of this website. Was there therefore, behind this refusal, the same reason as that of my departure for Madagascar? Was this question the source of the attacks that followed? It was impossible to say.

September 16, 2014, was a day like any other. I was at home finishing a job for my mother for her publishing company. I had just sent her, for a publication, the new corrected files, a copy to his printer. I was not aware of it then, but the files had arrived at the printer, but not at hers. I got up from my chair and was about to walk around my desk. Mechanically, I pushed the sleep button on my computer and continued to walk away, while listening with one ear if the computer was going to sleep properly. I had then heard it go out in a very unusual way. It was too short, like a power cut. So, I went back to my computer, and it wouldn’t turn on again. 

I immediately asked a Malagasy colleague to find me a repairman. It was not going to be easy, especially in Nosy Be. This computer was much more than my only working tool. It was a two thousand five hundred euro jewel, a Toshiba. The seller in Belgium had used the expression « a beast of war » to qualify this computer. It really wasn’t a trivial computer, but the most expensive and powerful computer on the market at the time. In addition, « a war », it was in that, that I had set foot, and that I was especially used.

I was starting to have heart palpitations because repairing my beast of war in Madagascar was going to be a challenge. The Malagasy collaborator had called a friend, who took hours to arrive. In Madagascar, it was like that, there was no hurry for anything. When it had finally arrived, I had decided to stay at my desk at my patient’s bedside, and I took out my clockwork screwdrivers. 

Without a manual and without having ever seen a computer of this kind, this technician, out of nowhere, dismantled my computer completely, screw by screw, like a mechanic would do with a moped. I was terrified that he wouldn’t know how to put it back together, and I tried to sort the screws according to their origin and their size. I told myself that if he lost a single one, it was going to be catastrophic. He continued. Once he had completely taken it apart, they started talking to each other like wizards. When they had finished, my collaborator informed me that they had to take my beast of war completely disassembled to a workshop for mopeds. They wanted to use an air compressor to remove the dust. 

Back home, he reassembled the computer as he had taken it apart, without hesitation. I couldn’t. The computer would not restart. They had started again several times, without changing or repairing anything. We didn’t have any spares anyway. The blockage seemed to be in the fans. If these did not want to start running, the computer could not restart. After two days of disassembly and reassembly, the fans finally turned and the computer restarted. 

Second attack

On September 18, 2014, my beast of war had regained consciousness. From then on, I was checking different things that I was working on before this event happened. Besides, I still had no explanation for what had happened, and I was even very far from imagining it. I then noticed that the website of my mother’s publishing house had completely disappeared from the Internet.
I had immediately contacted the host of the site in Belgium, the Belgian national host. The latter began by asserting that this website and this client had never existed with them. I then explained to them that this website had been with them for more than ten years. This Belgian telecom giant was not far from operating like a public administration, in other words with leaden feet. So, I made copies of the pages of the « » site (official and international Internet organization that collects data on Internet sites), to show them that this site did exist within their company 48 hours earlier. 

My interlocutor lost himself in various explanations, but provided none that could satisfy me. Finally, he admitted, without understanding how it had been possible, that everything had been erased, including the customer account! He had no valid explanation for this complete deletion. The « official » explanation would be that one and only one invoice would have been unpaid. 

My mother always paid her bills immediately. In addition, it was obvious that the smallest operator, the smallest company was precisely not going to erase the Internet site of a customer and even less his account, if this one had an unpaid invoice. This kind of thing does not exist and the possibility that it actually happened was also zero. The important thing was that he could get everything working again from a backup. From manipulation to manipulation, it had taken a month. 

Third attack

On September 24, 2014, the same problem as before occurred. My computer had abruptly shut down. This time, at the same time, my tablet beeped. I had heard this beep, but I was obviously too preoccupied with my computer. 

Realizing that I had heard a beep, I then asked my Malagasy partner to give me my tablet. The beep was from an email from Google which, the same second my computer crashed, told me that one of my Gmail accounts had just been hacked. So, I managed these two problems, again simultaneously. 

My computer had finally restarted. I then saw that the speed of the fan inside my computer varied like the tachometer of a car. Since the previous incident, I had installed a speedometer of my fans, and this crazy fan had my full attention.

I then asked out loud to my partner, seated next to me, to look at what I was pointing to on my screen; the indicator of my ventilator. As soon as these words were spoken, it returned to his normal position. Frightening ! 

At the same time, it told me that these three computer failures had been executed remotely so as to correspond to my activity. They also came to show us that they were listening to us. We could therefore also assume that they had access to my computer’s microphone, as well as to the integrated camera. This time, I understood that I was being attacked with quite exceptional means. The latter were even very dangerous, especially if the target was more strategic than an idiot like me in the depths of Africa. 

Recovering from my emotions, I then checked my emails on this Gmail account. Luckily, it was an old account that didn’t matter too much. 

Fourth attack

On September 27, 2014, our little Malagasy island, Nosy Be, could no longer access all the Google family websites including Gmail, YouTube, etc. The outage lasted several hours. When we had recovered our access, I noted with horror that all my e-mails, coming from my server hosts, had disappeared. All email accounts had been hacked while we could not access those accounts. 

It required incredible skills, which were even impossible to describe. I immediately got to work to protect all my accesses and servers, but it was probably already too late. The outage had lasted long enough for them to create gateways to my servers that they could use later. 

On September 29, 2014, the commissioner in charge of my terrorist file in Belgium contacted me. He asked me when he could meet me in Belgium! Through Skype, I informed my mother that I had just received a letter from a policeman. My first feeling was to think that finally, my file was starting to give something. 

My mother replied that she didn’t want to worry me, but that she, too, had met a policeman on the road, the day of her usual appointment at her hairdresser’s. I asked her for more details and I realized that it was September 16, 2014, three hours before my computer was blocked!


In 2014, I was mostly scared. I have always been a computer scientist, but these attacks were far beyond my skills. They were unimaginable and my first instinct, not knowing the Elohim yet, was to think that these hackers had enormous skills that could be devastating for humanity. 

As I finished writing this sentence above, on January 31, 2022, it was my dog ​​who turned off my computer. The power cable was removed, and my dog ​​was facing the connector. I don’t even know how he did it, or if he actually did anything. He never attacks my cables, and he couldn’t get the cable in his paws either, but it was the dog that I had to think of, according to the Elohim. They apparently wanted to remind me that they can also take control of animals, and we will have the opportunity to talk about it later.

Regarding the technological attacks in Madagascar, I did not think that these attacks exceeded human capacities, since I was not able to imagine that it could be possible. I had no knowledge of the existence of the Elohim. The latter took care to flirt with the red line of human possibilities, and they also controlled my way of understanding events.

On the other hand, I had been terribly attacked by computers in Belgium, but there too, I had misinterpreted the origin. I had also considered that my Internet cable, in Belgium, had turned into a radar, following a very rare physical problem. I had obviously not considered that this could be the result of an action of the Elohim, on this cable, as has just happened with my computer.

In Madagascar, I therefore had the same astonishment at the completely exceptional, and therefore very unlikely, character of the attacks to which I was subjected. These had three objectives. First, it was to show me their absolutely limitless technological attack capabilities, even if I didn’t understand them. I will understand them later. Secondly, it was therefore to make me believe that these attacks were reprisals for my request to return to Belgium, but also at the start of the investigation of which I had just learned. Finally, third, it was to scare me in case I really wanted to go back to Belgium. 

The commissioner had probably been just another pawn of God in this story. The Elohim had urged him to show himself well on the very day of the first attack. As the Elohim had complete control over my way of understanding the events, all they had to do was make me interpret them in the way that suited them best, and thus push me to the next step. Appalled, I was immediately going to write to the judge in charge of my case to tell him about these attacks. So, I was also going to tell him that obviously he and this commissioner, were being watched very closely, which must have given him an additional reason not to move.  

In the news

In recent years, the Elohim have repeatedly caused implausible breakdowns, such as the blocking of emergency numbers in France and other countries. The managers of these numbers, as well as the authorities, were in the same state of mind as me in Madagascar. These breakdowns were in theory impossible, but they had indeed taken place. 

Some authorities have understood the origin of these impossible attacks, but they obviously cannot inform the populations or the managers of these networks. These emergency number failures were also a new sign in the direction of the future paralysis of humanity. This situation represented very well what will happen when, at the beginning of the Apocalypse, no one will be able to call the emergency services.

By the end of the above paragraph, I had gone to take a short nap. The Elohim took the opportunity to send me a vision, which often happens. I was driving a car and the brakes weren’t responding. It’s another reminder of what they can do. Their possibility of {technological control} does not stop at electronics, but also on all mechanisms.

Regarding mechanism, there was a catastrophe that went around the planet; the fall of a cable car cabin in Switzerland, causing many deaths. It was May 23, 2021 and there were 14 deaths. This catastrophe was related to me, and it had been signed on the Signal of the Elohim, on my Internet server. It also meant {collapse of humanity}, like the crash of MH17, but it was also about something else. The cabin containing families and couples. The Elohim wanted to point out that in the new world, these family and sentimental ties (cables) will no longer be allowed because couples and family are the first source of exclusion of others. The Elohim consider that everyone has the right to Love and to the same chances of obtaining it and facing life as well. We will talk about it again.

More recently, the Elohim had interrupted the operation of two NASA satellites. I was then part of a forum on the Internet which was surprised that the satellites no longer produced anything. The Elohim had just blocked the arrival on Earth of a solar storm which they themselves had caused and whose effects this entire forum was awaiting. It never arrived. This sequence of events was intended to demonstrate to the authorities the ability of the Elohim to take control of absolutely everything, including the Sun, but also the satellites produced by Men.

The events and signs in this direction occur daily and not all of them are known to the populations, who would not understand them anyway. On the other hand, some authorities seek these events, and they also read me every day. However, they do not inform the populations because they would be terribly afraid. God, the Elohim, are quite opposed to their silence, and so this stirs up their anger.

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