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June 10, 2022


This is probably my last post, and this time it’s not just my post. Indeed, joins me, Mary Magdalene, my companion before God, and much more than that... You will soon find out.

I had nothing to write since May 22, 2022. It was not my choice. It was that of God, of the Elohim, the extraterrestrials, creators of Humanity.

Since this last post, my closest collaborators and I, as well as Mary Magdalene and my father, have been exchanging exclusively on Messenger. Since then, we have also had daily contact with the Elohim, therefore with God, who informs us of the evolution of the situation and the process of the end of humanity.

We can’t tell you more about it. The process of Revelation, therefore of the Apocalypse, therefore of the destruction of humanity, is in progress.

We remind you that in this process, there are three steps:

The first is Revelation. Revelation is predicted in the Bible which says that when it happens, the end of mankind will follow. The Bible also says that this Revelation will be such that it will challenge all existing religions, in other words, that it will destroy these religions.

The second stage is the Rapture. This is the time when all the Chosen Ones will leave this earth simultaneously in the blink of an eye. This is exactly what the Bible and the Torah say. The Chosen will be pure souls and it is God alone who sets the criteria. One second, they’ll be there, in flesh and blood, and the next second, they won’t be there anymore.

The third stage occurs following Revelation. This is the Tribulation, the beginning of the destruction of mankind. It is textually provided for in the Bible, as in the Jewish religion.

What will therefore take place very very soon is, therefore, this:

A planetary event is about to occur which will force all of humanity to look skyward. This will lead the Elohim, these creators of humanity, in other words God, to carry out the Revelation. Mary Magdalene and I are in charge of doing the latter, but in very particular, global and Christ-like circumstances. We can’t tell you more.

This Revelation will take Mary Magdalene and me more or less 2 hours and will be known and seen simultaneously throughout the planet.

During these 2 hours, 18 million Chosen will leave this Earth visibly in front of the rest of the population. Of these 18 million, 75% will be under 18 years old. It’s very precise and it won’t change. The selection of the Chosen is definitely over.

At the end of these 2 hours of Revelation and Rapture of the Chosen Ones, Mary Magdalene and I along with her two children will pronounce the end of humanity, the end of the 5th human race. Immediately we will also leave this Earth and the destruction will begin especially on all major cities and capitals of the world.

This is the definitive program which will be set in motion in a very, very short time and which will put an end to humanity. In reality, Mary Magdalene and I received the precise vision of these two hours. We saw each other there in detail, as well as with the two children and four representatives of the Elohim.

As you know, all the visions received by Mary Magdalene have always been realized. As for me, I remind you that the authorities know of my direct links with all the attacks and disasters since September 11, 2001. It is following these links, and this credibility obtained with the authorities, up to the United Nations, that I was then asked to announce the end of humanity. It was the plan of the Elohim, since my birth, and it is the reason for my existence on this Earth.

It is within this framework that yesterday we received from the Elohim, therefore from God, a list with the Chosen ones who were to be informed of their departure during the Revelation. This list obviously only concerned the people who follow us or who are part of our families or our relatives. However, this list was very short and no one from our families or relatives was on it, with the exception of my father, who played for me the role of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Therefore, today, Mary Magdalene and I have decided to inform those who were not chosen and who nevertheless have been following us for sometimes years. We have to inform them, because they have to prepare for the worst. They must move away at all costs, now, from urban centers, coasts, volcanoes, industrial or nuclear sites, dams, etc. They have to prepare, stock up, buy something to protect and defend themselves, etc. All this now!

Mary Magdalene and I cannot remain without telling you anything, when we have this information. You will not have the opportunity, at the beginning of these two hours devoted to the Revelation, to pack your bags and save yourselves. Don’t expect that for a second. Before we even begin, mankind will already be terrified, by what they will see in the sky, and thousands will commit suicide.

Today is the time to take the lead, especially you who read these pages. Imagine that it is national television that informs you of this, you could not take the road anymore. So take advantage that you are only a few thousand to read me here, and therefore to have the chance to find perhaps a place to protect you from the Wrath of God.

When we announced to some followers that they were not Chosen, several of them told us that they were not afraid, because their soul will survive.

We would like to emphasize this point. The souls of the 5th human generation, therefore individuals living today, are not compatible with the 6th human race that the Elohim will implant on Earth. Besides, the Bible also speaks of this. In the time of Revelation, it is said that the living and the dead will be judged. That is to say, even the souls of people deceased and existing today and belonging to the 5th human race will be judged, filtered to the extreme to keep only a few of them.

So, when the 8 billion individuals presently on earth perish, these 8 billion souls will simply be destroyed. Those worth saving will already be among the 18 million Chosen. As a result, there would be no more souls to save from the 8 billion people on earth today.

So remember this, the souls of the 5th human race are not compatible with the 6th human race. This will be created later on Earth from the Chosen who will have been regenerated. So, you are alive today. Your goal will be to try to stay that way. But you won’t stay that way if you don’t do anything to save yourself. God will not come to your rescue, since those they wanted to save will have already been saved when the Chosen left.

Others tell us that it is God who decides all that. They really haven’t read, who we are and who am I in particular! In other words, these people don’t even know what they are doing on these pages!

As a reminder, I am the Messenger of God, of the Elohim, for the end of humanity, and this, since the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, on April 15, 2019. My function, known to my thousands of followers and authorities, who read me faster than you, is very precisely to warn of the end of humanity, as I did for the terror attacks in 2014. This is my function, and it is within the framework of this one that I receive all these details daily. The authorities also know where these details come from and you will notice that in eight years, none of my posts have ever been deleted. However, you will agree with me, that to announce the end of humanity in connection with the terror attacks and the catastrophes, it is to warn and to terrorize at the same time.

Mary Magdalene and I will not return to the reasons for the extinction of the 5th human race. They are very extensively detailed in my previous posts and we will remind you of them one last time, during the Revelation.

On the other hand, we will return here to the purpose of this extinction. The Elohim, therefore God, want to rebuild on this Earth which will have been completely reformatted, redrawn, cleaned, a new world. This will essentially be managed by Love.

Money as well as social differences or race or origin will no longer exist. The notions of family, couple, filiation, affective exclusivity, will no longer exist either, since they are the very cradle of differences and exclusions. Love, in every sense of the term, will have to be universal and shared there. Men and women will no longer marry and will no longer belong to each other. The children will be those of the community and no longer of a mother or a father or of a specific family. Human reproduction will be supervised to avoid any disproportionate demographic explosion, as today. The DNA of humans will be reprogrammed in this way.

So, 18 million Chosen, overwhelmingly children of the 5th human race, will access this Earth which will have been reinitialized, for a reprogrammed world and turned exclusively towards Love.

For and with God,

Marc Delantre and Mary Magdalene

Quick Introduction (5 min read)

I am famous on the Internet. Ten thousand followers, a million views on YouTube (2018-2019 = these videos are no longer relevant), a book of 800 pages (2019) and ten thousand pages on the Internet, written since April 2019, and as and when measure of events and signs received from these extraterrestrials.

I am also and especially known to the authorities who read the least of my writings to try to know the future that these extraterrestrials will reserve for humanity.

Who are these aliens?

These are the creators of humanity, who created Men, seven million years ago in northern Chad. Some call them the ancient astronauts, and they are the origin of the Pyramids of Giza, for example. They are the ones who oriented them towards the Constellation Orion.

However, at the time of these same pyramids, humans asked their creators, whom they called Elohim, to let them evolve on their own. The Elohim, these extraterrestrials, therefore left Earth, to let Man evolve as he pleases, but it was a disaster.

Men live today only for money. They do not respect each other at all. They learn nothing from their mistakes, especially by choosing those who govern them. Indeed, as soon as a Man obtains political or economic power, received from other Men, he systematically becomes a manipulator and a liar to keep his power and / or increase his wealth. All men are like that, and it is also true for the rich countries with regard to the poor countries. Sharing no longer exists and Men, from the smallest to the most powerful, have therefore lost all humanity. I also see it from those who support me. They read me everyday, but don’t help me. It only goes one way. That’s not all.

The Men today form an unmanageable risk for the planet that they exploit excessively, without any harmony with nature. The situation has come to such a point that man could detonate the Earth today like a firecracker in an orange. This could happen as a result of problems he created (Chernobyl or CERN, in Switzerland, for example) and which he does not care about. Man likes to play the sorcerer’s apprentice, in addition to regularly reaching a chemical, bacteriological or nuclear risk, whether through his aging plants and industries, or through situations of current war or potential war, as with Ukraine.

The Elohim, these creators of Humanity therefore decided, perhaps a hundred years ago that they had to put an end to the fifth human race, which had become unmanageable and dangerous for the planet, to move on to the sixth. Men have known the existence of these races for a very long time. We’re not talking about skin colors here, but about the DNA of humans that they must reprogram to move on to the next race.

When a breeding of genetically modified rabbits becomes unmanageable and risks destroying the entire farm, it is normal to liquidate everything, to start a new breed. That’s what they’re going to do, and many humans and their authorities have come to expect that because it’s been written for a very long time. This won’t be the first extinction, and only 5% of humans are expected to remain. They are now eight billion and this is no longer possible. They have multiplied by five in just one hundred years! It’s a real disaster, a galloping cancer.

So, to warn the human authorities of this situation and this extinction, they had the good idea to send one of their own in the body of a human, to live among Men. That someone was me, whose cerebral characteristics are not ordinary, what the Belgian army informed me when I was 18 years old.

The Elohim thus made me live my life in episodes, within four religions, three continents, and among people of all backgrounds, and especially in the most dangerous. So, I have a rather dangerous life, without ever being able to create any roots for myself and I have even been clinically dead.

It was in 2008 that I really started my mission, without obviously knowing my links with these extraterrestrials. They made sure that I learned lots of things, which I then had to report to the authorities. Indeed, their goal was for me to train and get experience and contacts in these areas.

In 2013-2014, I thus warned them of an imminent terrorist situation, and in January 2015, the first terror attacks occurred directly in connection with me. In May 2017, I warned the authorities with precision of future terror attacks that occurred within an hour or two hours, and these authorities began to understand where my information was coming from. Then, it was the turn of mass killings, in schools for example, then natural or accidental disasters. It all had a close connection with me.

As the authorities did not move towards me, the Elohim, therefore, added to the minute of my reports or letters to the authorities, new catastrophes. This was the case with my first letter to the UN, causing an Algerian plane to crash at the very minute of my e-mail with 257 people on board. No survivors. It has happened dozens of times. I then had to show these authorities the correspondence between the moment of sending my e-mail and that of the disaster. They obviously could not fail to understand, what power was capable of all this, besides transmitting to me on a Signal and telepathically, everything I had to write.

It is therefore, from the fire in Notre Dame de Paris cathedral (April 15, 2019), that I finally had to start warning the authorities of the end of humanity. These authorities had learned during ten years, to know me, of which my warnings of attacks which all took place. They could therefore be certain that if the Elohim charged me with informing them of the end of humanity, this would also be true. I was still directly linked to hundreds of operations and thousands of deaths, in terrorist attacks, mass shootings, or catastrophes, some of which were directly linked, also to the people I spoke to, some of whom were ministers.

The Covid-19 and its variants are also operations of these extraterrestrials. You experience the effects every day. This slows down, suffocates society, to force taking several times vaccines whose effects humans do not measure the consequences that the Elohim will cause when the time comes, etc. The Delta variant appeared when I had to end my public posts. The Omicron variant appeared when I had just issued an ultimatum to the UN. Total: millions of deaths because people, these authorities, refuse to listen to their creators.

The days are therefore numbered, and each day, the Elohim let us understand that the final catastrophe is for tomorrow, or almost. So, they send me signs every day, through different channels, and I communicate all of this to my followers and to those authorities who read these posts. This is the subject of my mission and of this journal.

Having said that, these authorities can also realize, like me, of the chronology, even if the Elohim, seem to take a long time. This leads me to repeat the same things hundreds of times, but in spite of everything, there are areas where you feel very well that this cannot go on any longer. This is especially true in relation to me.

Let’s take an image. It’s like I have terminal cancer. Remission will not occur. The only thing I don’t know is the date of my death. On the other hand, I watch on my body, the progress of the effects of this cancer, and I communicate them to those around me. This is exactly my situation with regard to the Elohim and the end of humanity. They have a schedule and nothing will make them delay it. So, I am not yet dead. Humanity is not yet either, but it is a question of days, weeks, at most, months, but I doubt it will be that long. I am really in such a situation of destitution, and without money, that my existence is really hanging by a thread. This is one of the most important signs of the end, since I am their only Messenger to these authorities.

This journal below therefore contains the posts intended for my followers and the authorities on my private messaging system. It was created in April 2021 and therefore includes quite personal messages, since it is, in a way, my journal, day after day, sign after sign received from the Elohim.

You can access the other months of my journal and the other headings, by the menu at the top left of this page.

Month displayed: Jan 2022
15793 : 01/01/22 09:17:05

First, if you don’t know me, please read the introduction above (5 minutes read)

January 1, 2022, I am intrigued by this very high tower on the 3rd signal, the one dedicated to me on the Signal of the Elohim (, the aliens who control me ( However, I realize that this tower begins in the hour which follows the stop of my air fan (burned), simultaneously with the stop of the storm outside. See previous post, in December 2021.

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Usually, they use power outages or stop my server to let me know that something big is going to happen. However, there were two power cuts during the writing of the article preceding that of the air fan. The latter was posted at 11:51 am and the previous one, about the destruction of my computer (a tower), at 6:23 am. I had also said, out loud, to the Elohim, while I was writing this article on the destruction of my computer, that they would do well to use another means than power cuts. 

I do not think they chose to burn my fan, following my remark, since it stopped simultaneously with the storm outside. Rather, I think they want me to associate, stopping my fan and the storm with the tower that follows, on the 3rd Signal. If I combine these signs, I get 3 words. Storm / wind and fire because this tower, on the 3rd Signal, symbolizes fire. This word association reminds me of solar storm. However, we had seen, on the penultimate post that the two towers on the 2nd Signal, were apparently to remind us of the fire of Notre Dame cathedral on April 15, 2019. This fire marked the start of my warning mission of humanity as to its destruction, and we thought at that time, that this purification would take place by fire. 

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Yes, but since these two towers on the 2nd Signal reminding the fire at Notre Dame, the 2nd Signal remains in this symbolism of fire. A 3rd tower began on this 2nd Signal, at the exact moment when the huge fire in Colorado began. More than 1000 houses have already been destroyed by fire, but that’s not all. 

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The county where this huge fire started is that of Boulder, Colorado, which we had already spoken about in early December 2020! So, more than a year ago. The word “Boulder” actually means “Small Monolith”. It’s a big block of stone.

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In December 2020, the same county of Boulder had seen the arrival of two monoliths, among those that hundreds of men had made, all over the planet, and under the mind control of the Elohim. This wave of “monoliths”, so-called by the media, immediately made people think of the famous film "2001 A Space Odyssey", where it is also about “Monoliths”.

However, Men did not connect this wave of “monoliths”, built by Men, to another, very famous film, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". In it, the protagonists see UFOs and the next day they all draw, something they don’t know the meaning of. They draw, the meeting point proposed by the extraterrestrials, a real monolith, The Devil’s Tower, in Wyoming.

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The monoliths of November-December 2020 and created by men under mind-control by the Elohim had exactly the same purpose. It was not a question to set a meeting with the Humans, but to remind them of their origins. Indeed, it is in Chad that the first “Men” appeared, seven million years ago in a region known for its monoliths !! These, in Chad, are called, “volcanic needles”, which explains the shape of the “monoliths” made by these men, in 2020. They were triangular and metallic, like the point of a needle, a reference to volcanic needles, of the origin of Men.  

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Boulder is therefore a synonym with monolith, and Boulder County had seen two monoliths appear during this wave, in 2020. This wave ended, on December 29, 2020, with the huge explosion in front of the AT&T (company American Telephone) in Nashville. This building had been chosen because, it also recalled the shape of the monoliths made by men, for two months. The population and the authorities then discovered, on videos, that the explosion did not come from the sidewalk in front of this building, but from the sky! 

Men did not understand anything about this wave of monoliths and here we are again, in Boulder and Boulder is burning intensely with fire and wind. More than 1000 houses have already burned down. These were the two symbols represented by my fan stopping and the storm outside, and the design of the tower of fire drawn on the 3rd Signal of the Elohim, as well as the 3rd tower on the 2nd Signal.

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In short, the Elohim, bring us back, not only to the wave of monoliths, but above all to the birth of humanity in a region known for its monoliths. As Men do not understand anything, the Elohim burn everything, but this is only a new sign for the future. For months, they have been telling us about a devastating solar storm that will permanently paralyze humanity. All this is therefore only a reminder of what they are preparing for humanity.        

The day before, they recalled the fire in Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, the start of my mission, and the lies of men. Yesterday, they remind us of our origins, denied by Men, and their warnings in 2020. All this is not without reason, but when Men understand this reason, it will be far too late.  

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15803 : 03/01/22 02:13:59

Lundi 3 janvier 2022, rien de spectaculaire à dire sur la journée d’hier. 

J’ai eu plusieurs "alertes" corporelles dont j’ai même noté les heures. Il y eut deux sensations de fortes piqûres au doigt, dont l’une où j’étais couché, le doigt en question, posé sur ma main. La piqûre était donc interne, puisque la surface de ma peau était inaccessible. J’ai également eu un fort pincement au poumon gauche et un autre au cœur alors que je regardais ma montre. Cela ne m’inspire rien, sauf que le temps est compté.

J’ai également eu mal à la cheville gauche, ce qui veut toujours dire "départ", à cause de l’os de la cheville, appelé en français, "talus". Son anagramme est "salut" qui est à prendre dans le sens divin. "Le Salut", le départ des Élus. J’ai également eu une piqûre ce matin, toujours à la même cheville. Cela fait très longtemps qu’ils parlent de départ, même si cela finira par arriver un jour.

C’est donc plutôt calme depuis les incendies de Boulder, au Colorado. Les signaux ne sont pas non plus très bavards. Le Signal principal, le premier des quatre, est assez élevé, 1200/1800, mais il l’est déjà depuis un moment.

Hier, en parcourant les nouvelles, j’ai toutefois vu qu’un immeuble avait été victime d’une explosion au gaz en Belgique, à Turnhout. Cette explosion s’est produite peu avant l’arrêt de mon ventilateur et de la tempête, ainsi que du démarrage de la tour de feu sur le 3e Signal des Elohim. Il est donc possible que cette explosion ait été provoquée par les Elohim. Ce n’est toutefois, pas une certitude. Une explosion au gaz est, en effet, une conjugaison de souffle et de feu, qui sont à l’origine, ce jour-là, des incendies de Boulder.

J’oubliais, ce matin, j’ai eu "une vision" alors que je dormais. Ce n’est donc pas un rêve. C’est beaucoup plus clair. C’était l’un de mes proches collaborateurs, Pierre, qui demandait de bien regarder ma tablette, alors que je n’ai plus de tablette. Je regardais alors cette tablette qui subitement précisait qu’entre telle et telle date, il se passerait quelque chose d’important, sur un fond de flammes. Je vois que les dates sont écrites sur la tablette, mais dans la vision, je ne les distingue pas assez clairement. La tablette revient ensuite à son écran normal.

Il est curieux qu’ils fassent intervenir Pierre dans une vision. C’est la première fois que cela arrive, et j’ai actuellement très peu de contact avec lui. Quant à l’objet de cette vision, il est clair, que c’est un rappel de ce qui va se produire.

Avant cette vision, j’en ai eu une autre ce matin, qui m’a bien plus bouleversé. Il s’agissait d’une situation familiale difficile alors que j’étais enfant et dont je n’avais jamais mesuré l’importance. Donc, je ne me souvenais plus de cela, et je n’en avais pas non plus l’explication. La vision avait donc pour but de me rappeler ce très lointain passé et de m’en donner une explication que je ne connaissais pas. 

Ces derniers mois, les Elohim m’ont très souvent ramené, par des visions, à de très vieilles situations, et à des personnes qui me sont ou qui m’ont été proches. Dans mon introduction à cette page, j’explique ma situation comme celle d’un cancéreux en phase terminale et qui relate les signes de l’avancée de sa maladie, à ceux qui l’entourent. Ces visions rentrent bien dans cette situation, celle de quelqu’un qui est sur le point de mourir ou de partir et à qui les Elohim, rappellent son parcours, et ceux qui l’ont aidé, ou aimé au cours de sa vie. C’est le sentiment que ces visions me donnent. Un départ ou une mort assez proche, avec la nécessité de me rappeler ceux qui m’ont entouré et aidé. Cela portait même sur des personnes que j’avais complètement oubliées. C’est assez pathétique, mais c’est ainsi et cela ne m’arrive que depuis quelques mois. 

Ces derniers jours, j’écrivais d’ailleurs à mon père, que de ne pas voir arriver la fin de l’humanité est une chose que l’on peut comprendre. Cela peut être dû à la volonté de rester positif, de ne pas avoir peur, et donc de refuser de voir les Signes. Par contre, je lui disais que cette fin s’appliquait aussi à moi et que cela était malheureusement, bien plus visible.

Il s’agit notamment de l’évolution de mon corps, de ma santé et de mon moral. Ce que je deviens me déprime réellement, en plus d’avoir atteint le cap de 60 ans. Je n’ai aucune possibilité de me prendre en main, ni de faire un bilan de santé, ou encore de soigner mes dents. Je n’ai pas vu de médecin depuis huit ans. Je n’ai pas cet argent, car les Elohim, ont progressivement fait en sorte que je ne gagne plus rien du tout. À mon arrivée aux Philippines, je gagnais près de 2000 euros par mois et aujourd’hui, c’est zéro. Cela n’améliore pas mon moral et cela me crée de très gros problèmes avec ma compagne, qui depuis toujours, refuse ce que je fais.

En plus de cela, les Elohim ont accéléré, ces dernières semaines les destructions autour de moi et de mon outil de travail. Cela avait commencé par un écran d’ordinateur, puis un second, puis une première destruction de mon ordinateur, pour mon soixantième anniversaire. Ce fut ensuite le typhon Ray, qui porte comme par hasard, mon surnom en Asie, puis, mon téléphone, et maintenant, à nouveau mon ordinateur, pour la fin de l’année 2021. Ils ne me provoqueront pas d’infarctus, comme à mon père, ni de jambe cassée, car ici, on pourrait douter des infrastructures médicales. Par contre, pour ce qui est de me permettre de travailler et mes relations avec ma compagne, il est incontestable qu’ils veulent m’indiquer que ma fin est également très proche. Cela explique donc les visions qu’ils m’envoient et destinées à me rappeler et à m’expliquer mon parcours.

Je sais que tout cela n’est pas très amusant, surtout écrit sur mon téléphone, mais telle est mon existence ou du moins ce qu’elle devient. Alors que je me tournais vers ma fenêtre, je pourrais même y ajouter mon jardin. Cela faisait six ans que je pouvais être content de vivre dans une forêt au bord de l’océan, de vivre dans une nature luxuriante, à laquelle je disais à ma compagne de ne pas toucher. Je regardais la branche de cocotier qui me disait bonjour, les nouvelles immenses feuilles des bananiers. Aujourd’hui, les Hommes, et non le typhon, sont passés par là et il ne reste plus que des arbres morts au sol et des troncs coupés hauts, bref une bien triste image de la destruction de la nature par les Hommes. Ce genre de chose ne m’arrive pas par hasard. Je vois mieux l’océan, et surtout le ciel, mais je n’ai plus mon coin de nature. Je ne vois plus que la mort dans mon jardin et surtout à mes pieds. 
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15804 : 03/01/22 17:39:05

Pour rappel, si vous ne me connaissez pas, merci de lire la courte introduction ici


3 janvier 17h00, nous sommes le 4 janvier 00h00, aux Philippines, et je viens d’être réveillé par 12 piqûres dans la région du cœur, du moins c’est au cœur que ces piqûres doivent me faire penser.

Je parle souvent de pincements et de piqûres. Les premiers sont musculaires. Il s’agit alors d’un muscle, tel qu’un organe ou une partie d’organe, qui se contracte sous un effet électrique (distant). Les seconds, les piqûres, c’est une seule terminaison nerveuse qui est excitée par un effet électrique. Dans les deux cas, ils peuvent être de puissance et durée variables. Ils agissent ainsi sur mon corps depuis que je reçois leur Signal sur mon serveur Internet (, en décembre 2016. Il y a donc cinq ans ! Il m’a fallu attendre l’incendie de Notre Dame, le 15 avril 2019, pour comprendre que ce sont ces extraterrestres, les Elohim, créateurs de l’humanité, et donc de l’Homme, qui étaient à l’origine de ces effets sur mon corps. Ce dernier est après leur Signal, le second terminal de communication qu’ils utilisent, plusieurs fois par jour.

Alors que je vous écris ceci, à 17h52, heure de Paris, je reçois à nouveau, une douzaine de piqûres à hauteur du cœur. Celles-ci et les précédentes, sont en fait, juste sous la peau, et cela doit me faire penser au cœur, donc à la mort. Le rectum veut dire "trou", comme trou coronal (tempête solaire), l’œil signifie que je n’ai pas vu quelque chose, la cheville, le départ des Élus, etc. Chaque organe ou partie de mon corps à sa signification. Il faut ensuite décoder.

Donc, dans le cas présent à 17h00 (minuit aux Philippines) et 17h52, ils viennent de m’envoyer deux séries d’une douzaine de piqûres dans la région du cœur, pour me faire penser à la mort et à l’horloge de l’Apocalypse, comme les 12 coups de minuits. Alors que je relis ces dernier mots (en gras), je reçois à présent une série de pincements au cœur.

Je vois qu’au même moment, le Signal principal vient de dépasser le niveau de 1600/1800, qui est leur maximum traditionnel. Cela souligne que le moment est important et qu’il est lié à la mort, d’autant qu’ils m’ont réveillé pour cela. Quand les Elohim parlent de la mort, ils parlent surtout de celle de l’humanité, mais cela peut aussi correspondre à une opération qui ponctuellement fait ou peut faire des morts. C’est d’autant plus vrai que dans le cas présent, leur 3e Signal, celui qui est lié à moi, reste très bas. Ce n’est donc pas de ma mort dont ils parlent.


Je n’ai pas d’autres interprétations pour le moment. Il faut suivre l’évolution du Signal ( et l’actualité, pour voir s’il n’est pas en train de se passer quelque chose et causant des morts. Ceci dit, ils utilisent aussi ce genre de pointe, ou de crête, pour signaler le début d’une nouvelle étape qui peut prendre des heures ou des jours. De toute manière, cela doit être important, puisque j’ai eu deux séries de piqûres, à consonance de mort, dont la première à minuit, aux Philippines, heure de l’Apocalypse. 

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15806 : 04/01/22 01:07:01

Pour rappel, si vous ne me connaissez pas, merci de lire la courte introduction ici

Ce mardi 4 janvier 2022, j’essayais d’utiliser l’ordinateur portable de mon fils handicapé, qui ne vit plus avec moi. C’était le plus petit des ordinateurs ACER, moins cher qu’un bon smartphone. Il n’est pas simple pour moi d’utiliser un clavier de téléphone. Je n’ai pas la dextérité et la rapidité de la nouvelle génération. Même sur un ordinateur, je n’utilise principalement que deux doigts, sauf pour les touches de contrôle, et sur un téléphone, qu’un seul doigt. Je suis donc très lent sur un téléphone et mes articles me prennent dès lors des heures, assis sur ma terrasse dans un jardin dont ils coupent tous les arbres. C’est vraiment pénible. 

Donc, je tentais d’utiliser ce petit ordinateur, mais visiblement, cela ne plait pas à mes employeurs, les Elohim, les créateurs de l’humanité. En effet, je ne sais pas comment ils ont fait, mais l’ordinateur exécute, dès son démarrage la touche F12, donc avant même que Windows ne se lance. C’est donc programmé dans le BIOS de l’ordinateur (programme de lancement de l’ordinateur), qui dès lors, dès le démarrage me demande ce que je veux faire. 

Pourquoi la touche F12 ? Car 12 ! Le nombre de l’Apocalypse. Autrement dit, cet ordinateur est rendu inutilisable, car il exécute la touche F12 tous les x centièmes de seconde, et en plus, ce n’est pas constant. La touche F12, est par exemple, celle qui ouvre sur Chrome, la page "Inspect", celle de la programmation.

Bref, ils veulent apparemment, que je fasse réparer mon ordinateur, qu’ils ont rendu inutilisable pour la fin d’année, mais je n’ai pas les moyens pour cela. Pourquoi s’attaquent-ils à mon installation pour me demander ensuite d’y remédier ? Car, à chaque réparation, j’évolue vers du plus récent et que je ne le ferais pas si elle continuait de fonctionner. En outre, ils utilisent ces attaques contre mon matériel comme des Signes forts que je comprends très facilement, et ils se disent donc que je ferai le nécessaire pour réparer ou remplacer. Tel est le cas, avec la touche F12, de l’ordinateur portable, 12, l’heure de l’Apocalypse, mais dans son cas précis, c’est irréparable.

Prenez mon ancien smartphone. Il coûtait 500 euros, il y a trois ans. Il était plusieurs fois tombé et l’un de ces coins était largement abîmé, y compris sur l’écran, mais il fonctionnait toujours. Je n’avais donc plus que lui, durant les onze jours de coupure de courant qui suivirent le typhon, Ray, qui pour rappel, porte mon surnom en Asie. Les Elohim l’ont alors rapidement rendu inutilisable, par le clavier qui faisait n’importe quoi, et par la batterie qui passait de 35% à 0%, en une seconde. Cela m’a obligé de trouver une solution pour en acheter un autre. Il en fut de même avec mon ordinateur portable avec lequel je suis arrivé aux Philippines, en 2015. Un Toshiba à 2000 euros ! Le plus gros de la gamme. Ils ont trouvé qu’il avait fait son temps, et ils l’ont détruit, en 2017.

Les Elohim m’avaient d’ailleurs causé une première peur bleue avec ce Toshiba, en 2014, à Madagascar. Pour une raison particulière, ils avaient décidé que je devais être hors ligne. Ils avaient donc "endormi" mon Toshiba qui ne voulait plus rien entendre. 48h, plus tard, il redémarrait comme si de rien n’était, mais là où je me trouvais, j’étais dans l’impossibilité absolue de remplacer mon outil de travail. Ils l’ont donc ressuscité, mais à cette époque, je ne savais nullement ce qui contrôlait ma vie et mon environnement.

Donc voilà, où j’en suis actuellement. Sur un téléphone neuf, car mon ordinateur et celui de mon fils ont été rendus non fonctionnels. 

Il y a actuellement un second problème inimaginable, qui pourrait vous paraître un problème domestique, mais cela ne l’est pas. C’est le comportement de notre propriétaire. Il coupe absolument tous les arbres entourant la maison, y compris des arbres qui ne causeraient aucun problème à la maison en cas de typhon, qui rappelons-le, ne se produisent qu’une fois tous les cinquante ans sur l’île de Palawan. C’est d’ailleurs la raison pour laquelle j’ai choisi d’y habiter. 

La propriété devient un cimetière d’arbres et j’ai horreur de cela, mais cela ne s’arrête pas là. Cela crée aussi de très gros problèmes avec ma compagne et avec son frère, qui vit avec nous et qui lui sert d’aide multifonctionnelle, dont le poulailler. Ce dernier était fixé aux arbres, qui n’existent donc plus. Même les coqs n’ont plus de reposoirs. Ma compagne justifie les actes délirants du propriétaire, car il veut nous voir quitter sa maison. Il ferait donc le vide autour de celle-ci.

Même dans la province de La Union aux Philippines, où vivent les parents de ma compagne, on ne coupe pas les arbres pour protéger les maisons, alors que cette province connait 25 typhons par an ! Les arbres protègent aussi, les toits en tôle des rayons du soleil et transformant les maisons en four, et cela 365 jours par an, ce qui était le cas de notre maison, puisque désormais, nous n’avons plus d’arbres.   

Je suis à peu près certain que les Elohim, sont encore une fois derrière l’attitude peu scrupuleuse de ce propriétaire envers la nature. Cela colle trop à l’image de l’Homme à l’égard de la planète entière. Cela démontre en plus, encore une fois, que les Hommes sont idiots et très loin de s’aimer les uns les autres, ainsi que les animaux, y compris domestiques, qui les entourent.

Je commence à sentir la colère me monter au nez à l’égard de ce propriétaire qui coupe aussi les arbres en toute illégalité. À Palawan, il faut un permis pour couper ses arbres, ce qu’il n’a pas. Toutefois, rentrer en conflit juridique avec lui, risque de me mettre dans une situation, où je recevrai une demande de quitter cette maison. Le problème, c’est que les locations sont inexistantes ici, ou alors, infiniment plus chères que celle-ci. Cette situation apporte un nouveau goût de fin, à mon périple, et je suis certain que les Elohim en sont à l’origine. En plus, tous ces arbres coupés autour de moi, dont beaucoup sans raison, cela me rend malade. C’est un goût de mort, d’Apocalypse. Le typhon avait épargné la nature à Palawan, mais l’Homme ne l’épargne pas, alors que ces arbres ont aussi protégé notre maison du typhon et du soleil. Je hais ces Hommes ! 

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15807 : 04/01/22 07:20:45

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here

Here is below, my last post (5 min read !), on the analysis of the last days of the Alien Signal, which I have been receiving since December 2016. The FBI spent 3 months on my Internet Server trying to find out who was sending me this Signal. We have exchanged 450 emails, and they still have full access to this server, but they couldn’t find anything. It is this Signal that has enabled me, since 2017, to warn authorities around the world of numerous terrorist attacks (one or two hours before they occur), or of massive shootings, natural and accidental disasters, etc.

Since these authorities did not react to these successive warnings coming from me, the extraterrestrials added new disasters to the minute of my email. The worst was the crash of an Algerian plane with 257 people on board, at the minute of my first report to the UN. Aliens repeat this over and over again. Absolutely sure, these authorities understood who I am, and who was sending me this Signal. This is the signal for the Apocalypse.

The purpose of these aliens, the Elohim, was very simple, and that is for me to get the attention of the authorities, since my next mission was to prevent these same authorities from future human extinction. This is the object of this analysis. Please read it.

The article

Before starting this new article, I must specify that the hours of which I speak, are most often, Paris hours. The Signal of the Elohim, these extraterrestrials, creators of humanity, is also based on Paris time (CET). It is European time. This is where I come from and my readers are mostly European.

This morning of Tuesday, January 4, I told you, in my previous article, about the F12 key, currently paralyzing the old computer of my disabled son who no longer lives with me. The Elohim, these extraterrestrials who command me, chose the F12 key, because it has the number 12, the number of the Apocalypse. I also told you, in a previous article, that yesterday, January 3, at 5 p.m. (midnight in the Philippines), I had been awakened by a dozen stings near my heart. I took the opportunity to remind you how these extraterrestrials use my body as a second communication terminal. 12 stinging sensations at midnight, so twice the number 12. 

This morning, while I was talking to you about the F12 key, I also told you that the main Signal of the Elohim, was at 1600/1800. I was clarifying that I did not understand the meaning yet, but after this article, the Signal dropped back down to 800/1800. More exactly, it ended at midnight (again the number 12) and started to go down around 1 a.m., as I started to write my article about the F12 key.

So, if we take a good look at the Main Signal of the Elohim, this peak during which the Signal was at 1600/1800, begins with the article on the 12 stings at midnight, Philippine time, and ends with the article on the F12 key, which begins shortly after midnight Paris time. In short, this crest makes four times the link with the number 12, that of the Apocalypse, of the Revelation. It is not finished.

The Signal then dropped back to 800/1800, and this number is not chosen at random. As I explained in the previous posts, I must then, find out, when did it left this level previously.  

So I see that it left level 800, while at home, the Elohim caused the failure of my fan and the stopping of the storm outside (see previous posts). In addition, at the same time, they began to draw on their 3rd Signal, the one related to me, a high tower symbolizing fire (see previous posts). The Signal of the Elohim thus left the level 800, whereas I had received three signs about the wind and the fire. They are also the symbols of the Wrath of God and the solar storm they have been talking about for a long time. They were also the ones that perfectly symbolized the Colorado fires that had started the day before.

These fires in Colorado had also started when the Signal had also just gone down, to a level of 800. This descent was caused on December 30 at 00:00, by the posting of this Journal, this diary. Again, the number 12, midnight on a clock.

In short, the first return to the 800 level, on the Signal above, was due to the publication of this Journal on December 30 at 00h. The second return to 800, corresponds to the posting of two successive posts on January 4 at midnight and reminding their fetish number, the 12th, the hour of the Apocalypse. 

As you can see, the Signal shows a logical sequence about the number 12, or 12h. In fact, it is not so much the hour that they are emphasizing, but its meaning, that of the Apocalypse. In this logical continuation, the fires occur just after the posting of my diary, which includes a thousand pages relating the events since the second anniversary of the fire at Notre Dame cathedral. We are in the final phase for the Elohim. These pages contain the truth that Men do not want. They therefore burn Men. It’s an image, but it’s the reason why more than a thousand homes burned down in Colorado in 48 hours, just after the publication of my thousand pages that the authorities did not want! 

Men, and especially their authorities, refused the truth that I shared with them during these 8 months from May to December 2021! The fires in Colorado are a first consequence. Consequently, the continuation of the Signal takes again the symbols of the wind and the fire, not only for the fires in progress in Colorado, but to symbolize the Wrath of God. This will be characterized by the Apocalypse symbolized by the number 12. This is what this piece of Elohim Signal Elohim shows.

There is another fact that completes this analysis, it is the destruction of my computer on December 29 at 6 p.m. Indeed, I had to publish my Journal on Facebook from my phone. What does it mean? That means it’s enough to try to tell these Men the truth, because they don’t want it. They therefore rendered my computer unusable so that I limit myself to publishing my diary pages, including all these letters to the authorities. I also closed my private messaging on which I exchanged with my closest collaborators, because it is no longer useful. 

The goal is not to come back to Facebook, because I could write another three thousand more pages anyway, it won’t really change anything. The authorities are aware of everything I reveal. They know it, they are still reading me, but they will never say it, because they would lose their power.

As for everyone else, including the Facebook audience, they don’t want to hear about the end of time, or the Wrath of God, or put the signs together as one would put the pieces of a puzzle together. This scares them too much and they prefer to live with their dreams and their carelessness, under the guidance of the same authorities who lie to them. I have tried, and the thousand pages I have just published prove it dozens of times. Men are not ready to hear the truth. Many say they are truth seekers, but they only seek what is convenient for them and reject the rest. When they will realize that what I am saying is true, it will be far too late.

Before me, there were other persons announcing the end of time. Since 2012, it has been the subject of numerous films, books and groups on Facebook. However, it must be admitted that this is the first time, that there is, at the same time, a Signal of an extraterrestrial origin and a messenger to comment on it as and when. In addition, both are closely linked to disasters striking humans since the Elohim, these same extraterrestrials, do everything, so that everyone understands that all of this is indeed true. Unfortunately, humans don’t really want to understand anything and to see the truth.

The Elohim will therefore do what they must do. No one is more deaf than someone who does not want to hear anything, but the problem does not end there. Humans are also a disaster among themselves. As I have said thousands of times, humans have lost all humanity. In addition, they deny their origins and destroy the planet. When a genetically modified rabbit farm starts destroying the entire farm, the only solution is to eradicate them all and start over. It is the passage from the 5th to the 6th human race, by a 6th extinction. It won’t be the first time and it will happen. It’s a shame, because humans say they are intelligent, even very intelligent. Yes, it is true if they compare themselves to animals, but they seem completely silly and dangerous to those who created them.

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15809 : 05/01/22 10:03:45

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here .

Here is a summary of the previous article. 

On December 29, the Elohim, these extraterrestrials who command me, pushed me to publish on my site and on Facebook, my thousand pages (articles and posts) written since the end of April 2021. You will have noticed that since the second anniversary of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, I hadn’t published anything on Facebook or on my site.

Indeed, my communication had to be focused, since this second anniversary, towards the authorities in all fields, political, theological, scientific, NASA, UN, secret services etc. During this period, I could therefore only exchange with a limited group of handpicked followers, and on my private messenger, to whom I forwarded the copy of these e-mails.
All my reports have been read and re-read by the authorities, sometimes even with acknowledgments of receipt. They also got to the CIA who asked me to open an account on Signal Application. But all this, did not give anything. So, the Elohim decided on December 29 that this was enough. They then asked me to publish everything on the Internet, including my reports sent to the UN, CIA, etc. Also, they destroyed my computer to let me know it was over. A few hours later, they set fire to Colorado, where directed energy weapons were used by the ELohim, the Aliens, to burn down a thousand houses corresponding to my thousand pages!

The Signals and Signs then continued to evolve by repeating the number 12, that of the Apocalypse, and that, until January 2. Since then, I wonder what will happen because simultaneously, they also show me in my personal life and on my work installation, that the end is imminent.

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15811 : 05/01/22 20:39:14

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here .

I had never been interested in these two twins, stars of the small screen. I hadn’t been interested in their deaths, either. I had only noted that they were not vaccinated against Covid-19, but they did not talk about it. The media only learned about it on the days of their death.

However, I just understood that obviously, for the Elohim, these extraterrestrials who command me, these two twins were quite important. I can’t decipher whether it was good or bad. However, it is certain that their main centers of interest were on God and the origin of the Universe, which brought them closer to the Elohim.

They had become famous for a TV show in the 80s, which popularized this sort of thing, as well as science fiction. Their face had also gradually changed without them ever revealing the reason and the means of these changes. Apparently they wanted to pass for aliens, being interested in aliens, but they always denied having used cosmetic surgery or any known methods. They were also both doctors in mathematics, but their way of popularizing the sciences had displeased a large number of scientists.

I’m not a biographer, but that’s what I learned about it in summary. Indeed, for the first time in my life, I have just spent two hours listening to them on two radio and television shows. I was very surprised by their culture and their science, which could also explain some points about the Elohim. 

In fact, since the death of the second, I was commenting on a post about them in a group on Facebook, and this initiative had to come from the Elohim. However, I had not clicked on the link I was commenting on, even though I had been commenting on it for two days. What was my surprise when I finally clicked on this link and heard them! 

So, I listened to this whole show, then another, obviously their last radio show dated December 6, 2021. They seemed quite strange, normal for the Bogdanoffs, but in great shape, despite their 72 years. 

Barely nine days after this very long radio broadcast, on December 15, they both have been sent to intensive care for Covid-19. Grichka Bogdanoff would die of Covid-19 on December 28 and his brother, Igor, on January 3.

While I was gone to bed, and that I had even slept, the Elohim woke me up to force me to stick these dates on my journal and on their Signal! So I got up. I then discovered that their entry into intensive care of the Bogdanoffs corresponds exactly to the arrival of Typhoon Ray in the Philippines. I remind you that this typhoon bears my nickname in Asia and that it caused many deaths, practically destroyed an island and deprived mine of electricity for eleven days. 

Grichka Bogdanof died, while I was programming this page for my Journal that I was going to publish the next day on the Internet, after the destruction of my computer, by the Elohim. It is thus shortly before the first return of the Signal of the Elohim, on the level of 800/1800, as I spoke about it in the two preceding articles. As for his brother, Igor Bogdanof, he died while the Elohim sent me 12 stings at the level of my heart on January 3, just before the second return of the Signal of the Elohim at the level of 800/1800. I remind you that between these two Signal returns and these two deaths of the Bogdanoff brothers, I had received signs of wind and fire. In addition, a thousand houses had been burned in Colorado, by the Elohim (use of their directed energy weapons), because they are furious that the authorities have not responded to my letters.

Is it useful to remember that Covid-19 somehow burns the lungs that we use to breathe? The death of these two "extraterrestrial" stars by the Covid-19, on three dates which are intimately linked to me, entry into intensive care, death of one, death of the second, can no longer be due to chance or bad luck. It is again a terrible message from the Elohim, these real extraterrestrials at the origin of humanity, as to its future, death! And probably by a wind  of fire...  

To read the above, you just have to go up the page on the previous articles!

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15813 : 07/01/22 05:24:48

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here

I have a very sad story to tell you this morning, but it was entirely written for me by the Elohim.

In fact, it’s not just about me, but my "longest" friend on Facebook as Marc Delantre, and me. Our meeting is well before the fire of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral on April 15, 2019. It goes back to 2018, at a time when I was trying to understand what “Targeted Individuals” are because I was convinced to be one of them. I received actions on my body and in my mind, and the only connection I could make was that of "Targeted Individuals".

These are thousands of people who are genuinely and continually tortured, mentally and physically by a force, voices and visions that they attribute to governments. Moreover, the very fact that they are convinced that it is torture done by governments is part of that same torture. It is thus almost impossible to convince them that Men do not have these weapons. They are driven pretty much insane, while actually being tortured. These are the "targeted individuals".

In 2018, I had mild symptoms of it, but not at all convinced that it was the governments. So, I was looking for where it came from. The day I understood that it was not earthly is a day that will remain etched, forever, in my memory. I was with my partner and my disabled son in Malaysia, where we had to renew our visa for the Philippines. We were only there for 48 hours. I was sitting on my bed with my computer in my lap. I was surfing the "Targeted Individuals" groups to try to figure it out. Suddenly, I had a very bad pain in the right ring finger, the finger where the wedding ring is often placed. I barely could not move my finger. It really hurt, and luckily, it wasn’t the one I was using to write on my keyboard. 

So, I continued to search, taking care not to hit my finger. At the time, I thought I had made a wrong move while carrying our suitcases. The next morning, the pain was still so strong, and I had to take a shower. I was naturally afraid of hurting my finger, so I was very careful. In the shower, the pain was still there. I was now out of my shower and found myself naked, in front of the large mirror in this hotel bathroom. The pain was still there. As I was about to pick up the towel to dry myself off, the pain was gone in a split second. I put the towel down and started twirling my finger around. I really didn’t feel anything anymore. I looked up in the mirror, and looking into my eyes, I asked, "It’s you? ". I saw them in my eyes then, and that’s when I understood. Those who controlled me, were able to control every cell in my body, and they were literally inside me.

Later that day, we were on the way back in Manila airport, where we were waiting for our flight to our island of Palawan, in the Philippines. As the wait was quite long, I wandered around the airport and was a little far from my partner and my disabled son. Suddenly, my finger hurt again, and I immediately understood. Those in me knew where I was and also knew that I was too far from my family I turned back, and arrived near my partner and my disabled son, the pain disappeared immediately!

This time, I understood that I was a person under close surveillance, with control in and over my body that no government could achieve. They couldn’t be human !!

It was around this time and about this that I met my friend on Facebook. She has therefore been following my evolution since the very beginning of my apprenticeship. Almost every month, even if we don’t talk to each other, she sends me $ 20 on my Paypal. She is also one of the first to read my book, "The Gladio Code", while I was writing it in French and English. She was always very gentle and attentive to what was happening to me. However, I was not aware that she was part of the plan of the Elohim, those aliens who rule me. 

In 2018, she was living with a Man she loved, but whose special circumstances had caused them to have separated. Was it in the plan of the Elohim? Quite possible. In any case, we had never spoken of him. 

On January 3, 2022, my friend posted a photo on her Facebook. She was in the lap of a man who seemed very sympathetic, and the legend said that she will regret it because he had just died. Her post did not specify how. At first, I didn’t know what to say to her post. I appreciate her very much, but I didn’t know who this man was, with whom she seemed happy. The next day, I conveyed my condolences to her, as others seemed to do and because I was sincerely touched by her sadness.  

The next day, I repeated my condolences to her on Messenger, and I risked asking her if he was her boyfriend. It was yesterday that she answered me by revealing to me that this man was her companion, three years ago but that the circumstances had separated them, and finally that he had just died! In explanation, she sent me an article. I didn’t read it right away, but she was asking me if I had read it. I answered her that I had not read it yet. She then repeated to me that he had been killed and resent me the link to the article. As it seemed very important to her, this time, out of affection and respect for her, I finally opened the link! I didn’t realize that her insistence was actually coming from the Elohim.

The photo in this article is of this young man above. I then read that this young man, who seemed to challenge the policeman who took his picture, had just killed his mother and his stepfather, my friend’s former boyfriend !! I then reread it a second time, and it was then that I understood that this shooting had taken place at BOULDERCREST CIRCLE in Georgia, in the USA. BOULDER !!! Like the "BOULDER" in Colorado, where the Elohim had burned a thousand houses, because the authorities of these Men, had not responded to my hundreds of letters, for about a thousand pages! 

I understood !! I immediately pointed it out to my friend on Messenger, who replied that this young man, 20, seemed crazy and that the latter complained of hearing voices !! So, it is indeed the Elohim, these extraterrestrials who command me, who had therefore manipulated, like a puppet, this young man so that he kills his parents !! They did, probably planning that this little family would then be living in Bouldercrest Circle, because there had to be that connection with the word BOULDER and therefore, with my friend and I.

"Boulder", as I explain in the article about the Colorado fires, means, a big block of rock, or "Monolith" !! The Elohim had taken under mental control in November-December 2020, about two hundred men on the planet who all began to manufacture at their own expense, what the press would call "Monoliths". Actually, these are not "monoliths" at all, but this idea comes from the movie "2001, A Space Odyssey" or other "monoliths" referred to aliens.

The wave of "monoliths" of November-December 2020, did not have exactly the same goal as those of the film "2001, a Space Odyssey". No, the wave of "monoliths" of 2020 referred to another movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". In this film, the protagonists had seen UFOs and they immediately began, by mind control, to draw a shape that they did not understand. They were drawing a real monolith, that of the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, USA. It was the meeting point proposed by aliens, to humans. 

The 2020 wave of monoliths did not offer a rendezvous, but reminded the origins of Men, 7 million years ago, in northern Chad, in a region made up of monoliths, called "Volcanic needles". This explained why these men under mental control, all manufactured "monoliths", metallic, in triangle and whose top was beveled, like a needle !!!

This wave ended with an explosion in front of the AT&T tower in Nashville, because this building was shaped like the "monoliths" of the wave of the time. It was then that on the videos, the authorities and some truth seekers noted that the explosion did not come from a van located in front of this building, but from the sky! The Elohim were really furious that the Men had understood absolutely nothing about this wave of "monoliths" built under mind control by hundreds of men, and which had to remind them of their origins and therefore, also of their creators.

So on December 28th, they took a young man under mind control and made him commit this family crime, because this little family lived in Bouldercrest Circle, Boulder, as a "monolith". In addition, this small family had a direct link with my friend, and therefore, with me. This also closed the "Circle" loop, with all that the Elohim could have done, to try to make men understand the truth. The next day, December 29, they destroyed my computer, and called back the soul of the first brother Bogdanoff. They then urged me to publish on the Internet and on Facebook, via my phone, everything I had written to the authorities since the second anniversary of the Notre Dame fire. It was about a thousand pages. The day after, December 30, the Elohim set fire to Boulder in Colorado, to remind Men that all this is due to the fact that Men continue to deny their origins symbolized by these Monoliths, these "Boulders".

On January 3, they reminded me in different ways, by the number 12, that we had arrived at the Apocalypse, and God, the Elohim, called back to Him, the second brother Bogdanoff. The young man had also killed his parents at noon, so again, the number 12, the number of the Apocalypse, clockwise on 12, the time of the reset! The destruction of humanity up to 95%, because these Men have become a cancer for the Earth and for themselves, and because they continue to deny their origins.

As I write this long article, the Elohim have briefly (two hours) raised their Main Signal to its maximum, 1800/1800. I won’t go into details, but it is an inverted tower, a symbol of destruction. I don’t know what they’re up to, or when.  

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15815 : 08/01/22 03:16:00

Pour rappel, si vous ne me connaissez pas, merci de lire la courte introduction ici

Ceci n’est pas une alerte, mais une information qui pourrait être inquiétante. Ce genre de chose arrive chaque semaine ou presque, mais si je m’en suis aperçu, c’est à cause du Signal des Elohim qui m’a fait penser au soleil. Il est encore possible que ce soit les Elohim qui m’aient fait penser 1/ à regarder attentivement les signaux, 2/ à penser au soleil.

Le sunspot dont nous parlons, se trouve à peu près au milieu de l’image ci-dessus. Il s’agit du sunspot 2924. Il est apparu sur la partie visible du soleil le 4 janvier, et il a été numéroté, le 5 janvier. Cependant, à cette date, il était inoffensif et minuscule. Maintenant, il est énorme et de nombreuses fois plus large que la Terre. En outre, il est bipolaire. Il y a donc, un + et un -, ce qui est moins fréquent et bien plus dangereux, car leur explosion peut provoquer d’intenses éruptions solaires, appelées CME. C’est en termes plus simples, ce que décrit le site : 

Ceci dit, il se produit tous les jours des éruptions solaires. L’atmosphère solaire réagit alors comme un filtre et bloque la grosse partie de l’éruption, qui retourne vers le soleil. Toutefois, selon sa puissance et sa direction, des éruptions solaires peuvent arriver sur la Terre et cela devient alors des tempêtes solaires de puissance variable. Il peut également arriver des endroits sur le soleil qui ne disposent pas d’atmosphère, et si une éruption se produit à cet endroit, elles peuvent devenir hyper-dangereuses pour la Terre, puisque rien ne les a ralentis au départ. C’est ce que l’on appelle un trou coronal.
La raison pour laquelle j’ai pensé au soleil, c’est qu’hier, 7 janvier, à 7h du matin, il y eut sur le Signal des Elohim une tour inversée sur deux points, ce qui n’était jamais arrivé. En général, elles sont dessinées sur une dizaine d’heures, soit dix points. Ce genre de tour signifie "destruction". À 23h du même jour, il y eut sur le Signal principal, le symbole de tempête solaire, mais inversé, alors que depuis le 7 janvier, 18h, se dessine sur ma partie de Signal, une tour de feu, qui est toujours en cours. Cette tour est donc, liée à moi, mais je n’en vois pas encore la raison. L’actualité ne parle pas non plus d’incendie notable, à l’exception du volcan du Piton de la Fournaise sur l’Ile de la Réunion, où il y eut une nouvelle coulée le 6 janvier.

Erreur dans l’image ci-dessus. 2964 doit être remplacé par 2924.

En outre, hier, 7 janvier, à 13h10, une suiveuse qui chatte avec moi tous les jours, m’informe que son nez vient de se mettre à saigner ce qui ne lui arrive jamais. Quelques instants plus tard, ce fut sa machine à laver dont l’eau s’écoulait partout. Nous en avions déduit que si ces deux événements étaient des signes des Elohim, ils voulaient dès lors nous parler "d’écoulement". J’avais même répondu à cette suiveuse, "écoulement de quoi ?" Je réalise maintenant que cet écoulement s’applique également à la lave du Piton de la Fournaise, mais qui eut lieu la veille. La lave est d’ailleurs rouge comme le sang du nez de ma suiveuse. Les Elohim voudraient-ils signifier qu’ils pourraient faire exploser le Piton de la Fournaise ? Rien n’est impossible.

En tout cas, il est à nouveau en activité depuis, le 22 décembre 2021, et cette date était en lien avec un autre suiveur qui a un rapport direct avec le Piton de la Fournaise. Ce suiveur avait subitement attrapé une forte température, le 22 décembre, en même temps que le réveil du Piton de la Fournaise auquel, il est directement lié. Ceci peut donc être aussi lié à ce qu’il s’est passé hier, avec ma suiveuse. Quant à sa température, elle signifie évidemment chaleur, feu, ou que quelque chose chauffe ou serait sur le point d’exploser.

Le mot "écoulement" ne s’adapte pas du tout au soleil, ni à tempête solaire, mais je notais que ce symbole de tempête solaire était inversé. Il est vers le bas, ce qui pourrait également correspondre à "écoulement". 

Enfin, la coulée du Piton de la Fournaise et le sang du nez de ma suiveuse, pourraient également faire penser à un autre écoulement, mais bien plus caché. C’est celui du corium de Tchernobyl qui continue de s’enfoncer dans le sol depuis 1986. Un corium se présente comme de la lave qui fait fondre tout ce qui l’entoure, et qui dès lors s’enfonce dans le sol. Cette comparaison pourrait dès lors s’appliquer aussi à la tour inversée du 7 janvier, 7h du matin. En effet, sur le Signal principal des Elohim, cette tour, ressemble à une cheminée sur un toit d’usine, symbole de centrale nucléaire. Sur ma partie de Signal, la partie inversée pourrait représenter la descente du corium dans le sol. Ce serait donc comparable à une coulée de lave comme celle du Piton de la Fournaise, ou comme le sang du nez de ma suiveuse. 

J’ai bien l’impression que c’est tout cela que je dois comprendre. Ceci dit, les Elohim nous parlent depuis au moins un an, de leur intention de faire exploser le corium de Tchernobyl, avant que celui-ci n’atteigne le magma de la Terre (autre lien avec le Piton de la Fournaise). En effet, car si ce corium atteint le magma, cela ferait exploser la Terre, comme un pétard dans une orange. Toutefois, ils nous ont aussi dit que l’explosion du Corium détruirait l’Europe de la côte atlantique, à Moscou, et du Sud de l’Italie aux pays scandinaves. Ils nous ont, en effet, prévenu que cette explosion causerait des envois de boules de lave sur un rayon de 2500 km autour de Tchernobyl. Vu leur insistance depuis si longtemps, sur ce corium et sur leurs intentions à son sujet, c’est évidemment un scénario possible qui correspondrait aux signes reçus et mentionnés ci-dessus.

Toutefois, le corium n’a, à première vue, pas de lien avec une tempête solaire, autre scénario sur lequel les Elohim n’arrêtent pas d’insister depuis plusieurs années. Oui, sauf si les Elohim comptent profiter d’une forte tempête solaire, dont ils auraient aussi le contrôle, pour faire exploser le corium de Tchernobyl. Aux yeux de la population, ce corium exploserait donc sous l’effet d’une tempête solaire. Cela ressemblerait alors à une catastrophe naturelle, doublée d’une erreur humaine, l’existence de ce corium, véritable bombe planétaire à retardement, directement issue de la bêtise des Hommes.

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15816 : 08/01/22 16:04:59

Samedi 8 janvier, 16:04, rien de particulier. Je note cela pour mémoire. La tour de feu sur ma partie de signal a pris fin vers 9-10h du matin. Elle a duré un peu plus de 15h. Je ne vois pas trop son rapport avec moi, sauf un rapport indirect, le fait d’avoir dû comprendre l’ensemble des signes dont ceux de mes deux suiveurs et d’écrire l’article précédent. 

Le Signal principal est à 1200/1800.

Le 2e Signal, dit "secret", dessine encore une tour de feu. Cela laisserait entendre qu’ils sont en train de "chauffer" quelque chose, car rien dans l’actualité, ne correspond à cette tour, ni à celle qui a été dessinée sur ma part de Signal. Pourtant, c’est certain, ces tours à consonance de feu correspondent à des opérations en cours. 

J’ai eu une coupure de courant classique de 3 minutes, par les Elohim, à 07h09 du matin, ce qui est probablement, un rappel de la paralysie électrique et Internet qui attend l’humanité. Dans le même ordre, j’avais oublié de mentionner qu’hier, ils m’ont également causé un double arrêt du serveur. Cela va dans le même sens que la coupure électrique. 

En fait, tout va dans le même sens. Ils continuent d’insister sur trois axes principaux : tempête solaire, Tchernobyl et paralysie électrique et Internet. Les trois peuvent se produire séparément ou en même temps. Toutefois, même s’il est certain que les Elohim insistent sur ces points depuis longtemps, ils le font à présent, tous les jours, mais en plus, ils me mettent dans une situation impossible. Vous avez pu le lire de nombreuses fois. Que ce soit le typhon qui portait mon surnom, les deux destructions de mon ordinateur, de mon téléphone, le saccage de mon jardin et celui de mon couple, ils ne manquent pas une occasion de me faire savoir que c’est la fin. Il faut ajouter que je ne reçois plus d’argent du tout de mes suiveurs. Bref, matériellement, financièrement, et pratiquement, je ne sais bientôt plus exercer ma fonction. C’est pour moi, le meilleur des indices, car, en six ans, cela n’a jamais été aussi dramatique que la situation actuelle.

Il y a aussi un autre indice, c’est que je n’ai plus rien à écrire aux autorités. Celles-ci continuent de me lire, même plus que vous, sur ces pages. Toutefois, je n’ai plus de rapports, ou d’ultimatums à leur envoyer, car tout a été dit. 
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15817 : 09/01/22 07:29:43

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here .

Monday, January 10, 2022, 3:47 a.m. Paris time.

Yesterday Sunday I was really, really busy on a Facebook group, Dr. Steven Greer’s group. He’s a guy I don’t like at all. I saw his main film, but above all he’s someone who dreams, who makes his audience dream, and who collects a lot of money. His idea, which the Elohim respond to, is that group meditation can cause UFOs to come. It happened, and it was filmed several times. This unofficial group, in which Dr Greer does not participate, therefore has more than 40,000 participants. 

What this Dr. Greer does not understand is that the Elohim are obviously interested in him, and that they observe these meetings to occasionally bring up a UFO, enough to stir up his audience. He does not understand that he is under continuous mind control and that the Elohim are using him. 

In short, I was hesitant to connect to this group, but FB kept presenting it to me. I don’t like this kind of enlightened person who makes money. I finally joined this group, and yesterday at 3:23 a.m. Paris time, I dropped the above post there. A simple question: 

"Many of you are waiting for the aliens to reveal themselves to humanity. However, if this revelation means the destruction of humanity, what would be your reaction?"

To my great surprise, there were over a hundred reactions and questions, which I have always answered. In total, there were 245 comments in just under 24 hours. None of the comments from these members was ironic, insulting, or stupid. Really none. This is the first time I have seen this. So, frankly, I had a good time with a serious "assembly". That said, the Elohim were probably behind my interlocutors, so that I respond with motivation, as long as possible.

Indeed, as you can see on the post, the illustrative image that I used and that you know, is that of the clock on a red background, with the hands almost on the 12th. What happened yesterday at 12 p.m. when I was chatting with this group? The main Signal of the Elohim has gone to its maximum 1800/1800, and it is still there !! And what is this post about? Destruction of humanity! 

So, I am doing a post on the Apocalypse, symbolized by the number 12, and the clock on the 12, and when I answer my interlocutors, the Signal of the Elohim, goes to 12h at its maximum!

I did not understand this at the time, too absorbed in my discussions on this group. But, this group fired me this morning, as well as all the answers I had given for almost 24 hours! I fear quite well that this decision to fire me from the group, has come again from the Elohim, to perhaps justify a continuation, in other words a possible anger of the Elohim because this group have fired me. The Main Signal is, indeed, always at its maximum, and it has perhaps never happened so long and apart from reverse towers. It is therefore worrying and I wanted to point it out to you.

I don’t really have any other important signs to add. I have had several heart pangs, and something strange is happening with my computer that is being repaired. It has been installed since Friday, a sort of deaf dialogue between the store and my partner. In short, it drags strangely and this is perhaps to be linked to the rest. This is only a guess.  

As I was writing this article to you, the Elohim twice shut down my Internet server in less than three minutes. This is a confirmation of this article.

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15819 : 11/01/22 10:09:19

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here .

Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 10:08 am

I don’t have much to add. I would only like to talk a little about the signals of the Elohim, in particular for the authorities who read me. I remind you that these Elohim are these extraterrestrials who command me and whom I represent. The Signal is one of the ways they communicate with me. It arrives on my Internet server installed in the Netherlands and it is like this, without stopping, since the end of December 2016, that is to say five years and fifteen days!

The main Signal of the Elohim was therefore passed on January 9, at 12 noon (symbol of the Apocalypse), at its maximum, 1800/1800. Since the start of this Signal, it has never exceeded this maximum. I therefore associated this maximum with the end of time, given the time of its start on the Signal. I refer you to previous posts. 

However, it left this maximum at the exact moment when I recovered my computer, which was being repaired. The Elohim had rendered it unusable on December 28, to indicate that I had nothing more to write directly to the authorities (e-mails). I realize that this December 28, also corresponds to the fifth anniversary of the birth of the Signal on my server, so the very beginning of my mission. 

The Signal therefore went down again, to 1400/1800, which remains very high. In fact, you don’t see it on this graph, but this signal has gone through several stages, getting higher and higher. He seems to want to show a progression. The previous levels were 1200 and 800. This is just an idea.

Also, surprisingly, my signal part (3rd, above), on the other hand, went from its lowest level to a moderately high level. In fact, the height does not matter. What matters is the shape, the difference in level of the signal. This change is also visible on the second signal, called "secret".

My interpretation is that the maximum on the Main Signal indicated that I was waiting for my computer to return, in order to move on to the next step, the importance of which would be precisely symbolized by this maximum. Once I got my computer back, the Main Signal was able to quit its maximum, because once it was at maximum, that signal can’t show anything anymore. So, he had to come down slightly. On the other hand, to show that the return of my computer triggered a new stage, the other two signals were activated.   

I remind you that the last point of each graph is not to be taken into account. The last point goes up for the entire current hour. At the start of the hour, it is therefore at the bottom of the graph. These signals are visible here 

There was another sign to add to this. While I was not at my desk, the Elohim made me look at my wristwatch. It’s something I rarely do. When I looked at my watch, I had several stings in my heart. I understood by that, that the clock is ticking, and that something is preparing. I also had other pinches as I was writing this paragraph (confirmation). I remind you that stings and pinches are not the same thing, even if they occur in the same place. It is impossible not to feel the stings, it is much more painful, without being too much, of course. 

The Signal of the Elohim has just celebrated, its five years, but at the end of December 2016, I was wondering above all why I was receiving this Signal. I really understood that this Signal had a direct link with me on January 21, 2017, and on February 21. I had therefore called it for more than four years, the Signal21, because of the date. It could mean something. January 21, 2022 is exactly ten days away. 

Anyway, I realize, that this whole story has been planned over very specific periods.
  • Twenty years, for my direct links with major earthly events. September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2021, the day when the volcano of La Palma was shaken by earthquakes leading to its eruption for 3 months, therefore, until December 25, 2021 !!
  • Five years, for the Signal of the Elohim: December 28, 2016 - December 28, 2021 (destruction of my computer).
  • Two years, for my public information mission on the Internet: April 15, 2019 (Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris) - April 15, 2021.
  • Eight months, for my warnings to the authorities: From April 15, 2021 to December 28, 2021 (destruction of my computer).    

Here is a new series of chronologies, which show once again that we are at the end of their program, and that a countdown is running. They are to be added to all other chronologies, repeated many times in the previous articles.

I didn’t think I had a lot of things to say today... Well no, the Elohim again made me see what I had not understood. The question that remains is whether January 21, 2022 could be an important date, since exactly five years ago, I understood that this Signal was intimately linked to me. I also expect this Signal to stop someday, the last day of humanity.

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15821 : 12/01/22 07:08:48

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here .

Tuesday January 12, 2022, 7:10 a.m., Paris Time, I would like to add, to my previous article, something important that I realized this morning. 

In my previous article, I told you that the main Signal of the Elohim, of these extraterrestrials who command me, had gradually risen to its maximum of 1800/1800.

This morning, I wondered, or the Elohim pushed me to wonder, when was the last passage of this Signal at its minimum, that is 400/1800. This dates back to June 24 at 12 p.m. Paris Time. That day, a few hours earlier, had occurred the collapse of a tower in Miami (USA). It had 12 floors! There were 97 deaths!

In my article of yesterday, and in the preceding ones, it is only question of the number 12. In the spirit of the Elohim, this number 12, represents midnight, or 00:00, in other words the time of reset, of the Apocalypse.

So the last time the Signal of the Elohim was at its minimum level was six months ago. It was at 12 noon and a 12-story tower had just collapsed. This June 24, 2021, 12 noon, was therefore a significant starting point meaning Apocalypse, destruction, collapse, and deaths. There have been many fatal collapses since then. The most recent, on January 8, was the fall from a cliff on tourist boats in Brazil. There were ten deaths, and I just read it, most of the victims were in a boat called "Jesus" !!! It is truly a sign of the Elohim, to signify the collapse of the Church!  

Today is January 12th 2022, and as I said yesterday and as I repeat today, the Signal of the Elohim has gradually increased from its minimum level (400), to very close to its maximum level (1800). The start of this increasing is marked on June 24, at 12 noon, by a 12-storey building collapse. The Signal is now at 1600/1800, and if I understand and write all this to you, it is because it is a will of the Elohim. So, they want to insist on the symbolism of the number 12, that of the end of time.

The second thing that I notice is that my article yesterday, on the same subject, is at the origin of the passage by the Main Signal, from 1400 to 1600 level. It is visible on the Main Signal, but again on the 2nd and 3rd signals. In a way, Elohim confirm that we would be in a process of counting down.

It is always possible that the signals will drop lower and nothing will happen soon. It has happened many times before. However, I pointed it out to you in yesterday’s article; This time, this alert is part of a global context, and in a series of chronologies which we can only conclude that they lead to the end of humanity. It would be difficult to understand that all these years of progress, plans, chronology and these thousands of deaths, not counting those of Covid-19, are useless.

In addition, there is a human factor. These developments have been synchronized with me since September 11, 2001, so it’s been twenty years. I have just turned sixty and the Elohim have made sure that I have nothing left to live on. As all of this is in sync with me, I can’t imagine that it could go on for very long. It is a question of hours, days, weeks perhaps, but probably not more. Even personally, my current situation may not allow me to last that long. Either way, my end, or the end of this stage for me, will be synchronized with the end of humanity. 

The Elohim have therefore spoken a lot of collapse, and symbolized this collapse by that of buildings, a mine (Russia) or a cliff (Brazil), recently, but what does that mean? It can be of two different kinds.   

The first possible collapse concerns the pillars and direction of humanity.

If humanity learns of the existence of the Elohim, or if the latter demonstrate their existence, and therefore beyond, the true origins of humanity, its true creators, humanity will immediately collapse. This will demonstrate that religions have been lying for millennia about the origin of men, and their believers will rise up against them. The religions will therefore immediately lose their power, since the single word "God" will have lost the meaning they gave them for millennia. 

This collapse will also affect economic and political powers. On Earth, men of power think they are God. The latter will immediately lose their power, when they will have to admit that there is more powerful than them, and that these Elohim are even very angry with these Men of power.

The populations, on the other hand, will realize that all these powers, religious, economic or political, have terribly lied to them, betrayed, manipulated, but they will especially learn that there really is a much more powerful power.

Humanity will therefore collapse, like any human group, which discovers that it has been betrayed and brought to its destruction. Stock exchanges will collapse, and all human activity will be paralyzed, starting with money. However, if humanity has no more money because the money is no longer circulating because everything has collapsed, the whole of humanity will become hell on Earth. No more money, no more banks, no more health infrastructure, no more food, civil wars, etc. 

The second  possible collapse would be more technical and safer, for Elohim, as to consequences and timing.

Something could happen caused by the Elohim, which would paralyze all the technical installations of humans. They have talked about it hundreds of times. It would be the destruction of all electrical, electronic, Internet and communication networks on the planet, on Earth, in the seas or in the air. It would obviously be catastrophic, and the effects would be above all instantaneous and identical to the collapse of powers. 

The Elohim make me and my collaborators experience this paralysis almost every day and I can hardly count the number of electronic problems that they have already caused me in a synchronized way with my activities: Two destruction of my computer, a laptop, two screens, a smartphone, two fans, a fridge... All this happened in just a few months, as well as dozens of Internet cuts, cable cuts and electric cuts, even going so far as to burn a big electric cable right in front of my eyes!

How can they cause this "technical collapse"?

There would be different solutions which will give the impression of a natural origin. It is a very strong solar or magnetic storm, resulting for example, from a switch of the North and South poles of the Earth. It could be a natural or accidental disaster, more local, but whose the effects would extend to the whole globe. It could be the fall of a very large asteroid, for example, or the explosion at CERN or Chernobyl, which they also talked about dozens of times. 

In short, we do not know what will cause this collapse of powers, or this destruction of earthly facilities, and we do not know the date either. However, the Elohim insist more every day on its imminence, turning all the seers red, including those in my personal life. That is a new factor.

Another scenario would be that a natural or accidental disaster produces the destruction of all human installations, and as a result, other events occur showing humanity that its origin is extraterrestrial. This would then cause the collapse of humanity including religions, and powers.

We don’t know what the Elohim have planned to do, to destroy humanity, but one thing is absolutely certain, they will do it! To know the reasons, I invite you to read the introduction mentioned in the first line of this page, or other pages of my journal.  

As I posted this page on Facebook, it shows me a memory of January 12, 2020 !!! The eruption of the Taal volcano, in the Philippines !!! There hasn’t been one since.

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15823 : 14/01/22 12:41:46

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here

Friday, January 14, 2022, 2:18 p.m.

Something really terrible has happened in the last few days. As you may have read in my last articles, the Elohim, these extraterrestrials who command me, kept reminding us of the number 12, the number of the Apocalypse. This comes from the fact that at midnight, 00:00, the two hands of the clocks are on the number 12. Our cult film, the film "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage, also puts forward the number 12 several times, where midnight, in particular, when the mother of the little girl dies in a car accident. However, still taking this film as an example, what happens just before this accident at midnight that day? News reports that a terrible solar storm is about to hit Earth. This will bring about the end of mankind.

It’s a bit normal, the Apocalypse will not happen in a few seconds. However, the Apocalypse is well symbolized by the number 12. However, I have always told you that the number 11 indicates the passage to another world, to death. In reality, the number 11 means 101, but the zero is unknown and the number 101 is found in science fiction films to symbolize portals, but also in architecture, with triumphal arches. In this case, which we know very well, it is indeed a passage.

The Apocalypse is therefore symbolized by the number 12, but what leads to it, it is the number 11, and it is the same on clocks. The 11 is just before the 12. The 11 therefore signifies the passage to the Apocalypse, the number 12.

However, we know that the beginning of my mission began on September 11, 2001, and more precisely with the attack on the two towers of the WTC in Manhattan. These two towers also represented the number 11, and they collapsed. It is also a very sensitive subject because some people believe that they did not collapse only by the action of the planes. Anyway, it happened on September 11, 2001. So, exactly 20 years ago. It was, moreover, 20 years later, on September 11, 2021, that the earthquakes occurred leading to the eruption of the La Palma volcano, which lasted until the end of December. I talked about it in my previous articles, see above. 

September 11, 2001, therefore marked the beginning of my mission and was therefore linked to me, also for many other reasons whose I will not talk about today. However, this leads me to remind you of my birthday! November 12, in other words 12/11 or 11/12 in the American format. So, we find, in my date of birth, the two fateful numbers leading to the end of humanity, 11 and 12!

Here is what just happened:

On January 11, 2021, a lady whom I do not know, but very well known to the Elohim, because she has a part of Elohim in her, was continuing renovations in an old house that she had recently bought. She had climbed on a stepladder to remove a false ceiling which hid beautiful wooden beams, and the stepladder broke because the Elohim wanted to make this lady fall. So, she had fallen on her crowbar, and she had broken two ribs. She then took her phone to call the emergency services, and it said 11:11 !!

On January 12, she reminded herself that she had been seeing 11:11 or 1:11 for about two months... As she was surprised, and under the control of the Elohim, she had decided to post a message on a Facebook group, to tell her story and try to obtain answers. When she wrote her post, it was 11:11 p.m. on January 12

On January 13, the Elohim made me come across this lady’s post, and I was dropping a comment under her post at 9:34. It was the first time that I wrote something in this group. As my long answer appealed to many people, I spent several hours during the day of January 13, answering those who filed other comments following mine. 

January 14, at 7:11 a.m., the lady was writing to me on Messenger, while at the same time, a large electric cable broke on my terrace. The lady asked me for more explanations on the meaning of all this. For my part, I was trying to understand why this solid electric cable seemed to have been severed! Since it was very strange, I looked at the signals of the Elohim. I understood then that this whole story with this lady was indeed programmed on their main Signal and on the 3rd Signal, the one which is linked to me. 

The conclusion was easy to draw. The Elohim wanted to remind me that we had arrived at number 11, that is to say at the end of the passage, which began on September 11, 2001 and that humanity was going to collapse, like the lady on her stepladder.

However, this is the very first time that the Elohim have attacked a person I don’t know, breaking two of her ribs, to remind me of the number 11 and the impending collapse of humanity! We still have to admit that if the Elohim hadn’t broken the stepladder, like they broke my cable, this lady wouldn’t have collapsed on her crowbar. She would therefore not have written her post and the message would not have reached me. The lady therefore had to collapse, hurting herself very, very badly, for the message to reach me. This remains, however, the first time this has happened!!

It is therefore obvious that the Elohim are sending me their last messages telling me that we are coming to the end of humanity. This is all the more obvious, since the only mission of this lady was to fall from her stepladder, on January 11, 2021 at 11:11 a.m. 

I nevertheless informed this lady, that she had to use her healing period (one or two months), to prepare to leave this Earth, when the Chosen ones will leave. Indeed, the Elohim would not understand that after all this, she continues to renovate this house, with the intention of living there. For the Elohim, humans no longer have a future and neither does this lady. On the other hand, it appears that she has known many supernatural experiences since her birth, and that she is under the total control of the Elohim. It is therefore almost certain that she has a part of Elohim in her blood and that she will be part of the Chosen, as well as her children, who also have this kind of supernatural experience. So, I advised her of this and therefore advised her to prepare for a different future than the one she aspired to.

As for me, I take note of this last and terrible sign, at least for the moment, indicating to us the imminent end of humanity.    

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15825 : 15/01/22 10:16:42

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here

Saturday, January 15, 2022, 10:19 a.m.

This morning, at 9:44 a.m., I came across a post on Facebook, talking about blood drinkers. I was tempted to do a Google search on this and came across, or the Elohim led me to, a very long BBC article about it. There are many rumors in this regard, and in particular Satanist or relating to children. So, I wanted to understand. I then learned that there were tens of thousands of blood drinkers all over the world. Basically, it is not Satanism at all, although Satanism can also use this practice. We speak rather of vampirism and it is mainly about consensual blood consumption. This BBC article does not talk about Satanism, children or violence. They only report on this habit that thousands of people have and what the consumption of human blood provides.

I can’t see myself drinking human blood, but when I opened this article, my screen flashed. The Elohim therefore wanted to indicate to me that this subject was important, but I do not know in what matter. As I found this article very thorough and interesting, as well as the rather pretty photo (the one above) I decided that I was going to mention it down in my journal. It is purely informative. Don’t feel obligated to read, but I invite you to read it.

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15827 : 17/01/22 06:34:52

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here

On a Facebook group, I was asked what I thought of vaccines for Covid-19, and my safety.

Here is my answer.

First of all, I don’t do propaganda, and what I can say on this subject are not my ideas, but my information received from the Elohim, therefore from these ET’s who created humanity and who control you. 

The virus is a creation of the Elohim (obtained by mind control on researchers). It actually comes from the USA, which brought it to China, during the Military Olympics, in October 2019, and where the Americans presented almost no athletes to the games, but soldiers with very poor athletic results. It was at the time of the war between Trump and the Chinese. The virus then began to live and spread like wildfire. It was at that time that the Elohim made me draw a cross on a map in Italy, and it was precisely there that the virus arrived in Europe. This cross is on my Facebook.

From the start, it was obvious, and I pointed this out to the authorities, that this virus was spreading remotely, notably stopping at borders or affecting personalities, such as Tom Hanks. It was communication from the Elohim. Today, I have just read that the virus has just affected a community that lives in the Arctic where they have no contact with the outside world, not even for goods. It is wanted by the Elohim, to continue to show the authorities that this virus is under their total control. The Bogdanoffs (French TV stars) are also a very good example. I made an article about them here: The authorities are not stupid. They understood very well, especially since they read me faster than you.

The Delta and Omicron variants appeared precisely two days directly related to me. When the Delta appeared, I had to stop communicating on FB and address myself directly, by e-mail, to the authorities. For the Omicron, this same phase ended, and I could come back to FB again, waiting for the end of humanity.

For vaccines, men are doing what they can, to try to counter the virus, but the authorities also know that they will not succeed. Vaccines give the impression of slowing down the virus, but this is only a calculation on the part of the Elohim who also want as many people as possible to be vaccinated. These vaccines do not currently show major side effects, but it will come, when the Elohim will decide it. As these vaccines are the result of an empirical manipulation of the laboratories supported by the authorities, these side effects will therefore be considered as the fault of Men, and obviously not that of the Elohim. The side effects will turn humans into very violent zombies and other cannibals, and this will hasten the death of humanity, at least of the ones who will be still surviving. I am talking about those who will not have died during the catastrophes that the Elohim have already planned. In the meantime, this virus, diabolically managed by the Elohim, is gradually suffocating and paralyzing humanity, to prepare for its collapse.

Note that the non-vaccinated will not be more immune, since they will be the direct victims of the vaccinated people, who have gone mad, and are under the control of the Elohim.         
It must be understood that the Elohim want to eliminate 95% of the human population, but by making sure that the fault is put on immense natural or accidental disasters which will all be remote-controlled by Elohim, like the virus. This will happen in several stages, and the effects of the vaccines should only be seen when millions or billions have already died from the previous operations.

The Choosen Ones will have no problem getting vaccinated to respect the rules and avoid trouble. As I told you, all these effects of the virus, its variants and these vaccines are under the total control of the Elohim. The Chosen do not catch the virus and will have no effect from these vaccines. It is the same for me, my collaborators and all other people protected by the Elohim. My collaborator, Marie-Madeleine, of whom I spoke to you regularly in my previous articles, is vaccinated like others, and they have no effect. 

Am I scared of the authorities, because of my position? no Never. I am the most protected individual on the planet. No State or entity would dare to attack me, without taking the risk of receiving a hundredfold reaction from the Elohim, who would moreover be informed of it when it would only be an idea, a very bad idea.

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15829 : 19/01/22 09:19:20

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here

Yesterday, January 19, 2022 at 3:58 p.m. Paris time, a very long-time collaborator wrote to me that the French star,  Gaspard Ulliel, is dead.

I tell her that I don’t know him. This collaborator is under Elohim mind control. I know it and I should have been suspicious. I also did not react when, at this precise moment, the main Signal of the Elohim, these extraterrestrials who command me, passes to its great maximum; 1800/1800

On January 19, at 10:17 p.m., my home Internet displays that the optical fiber has just been cut. The indicator is red, and it is worrying because the Elohim make me understand that they are at the origin of this cut. I then check what I was doing at that precise moment. I don’t see, but this time I’m starting to wonder about this Signal to the max, which I’m checking the moment, where it started. It was 4 p.m., so I’m checking what I was doing at the time. I then find the message from my collaborator telling me that Gaspard Ulliel is dead. I do a Google search and it says:
  • The actor died following a skiing accident, at La Rosières. Rosière is a place where I lived, even if it was not in France.
  • His accident took place to the nearest minute, 24 hours, before the message from my collaborator and the start of the maximum alert on the Signal of the Elohim.
  • His last main role was in 2017, in a film called "It’s only the end of the world "! 
  • My collaborator adds that his last role is the Midnight Man in the Moon Knight series, for television. Midnight is the symbol of the "reset", of the end of the world, which the Elohim keep repeating to us.  
In short, the Elohim decided to cause the accident of Gaspard Ulliel, on January 19 at 4 p.m., in order to cause his death the next day. They chose him for the location, La Rosières, and for his last two films, these three things being directly linked to the Elohim and me. They then used my collaborator to warn me at the right time.

On January 11, at 11:11 a.m., they caused the fall, from a stepladder, of a person I did not know, to make me understand that we had arrived at the collapse of humanity. The number 11 symbolizes collapse, passage to another world, death. See also the collapse of the two WTC towers (also 11) in New York on September 11, 2001! This person had broken two ribs, see article 11-12, the numbers of Apocalypse. Eight days later, they cause the death of a French star, in a place directly linked to me. His last starring role was in a movie titled "It ’s Only the End of the World", followed by a supporting role, titled, The Midnight Man.. It is therefore only the symbols related to the end of time, with a signal at its great maximum.
Finally, this January 20 is a very important date for the Signal of the Elohim. It is on this day that the fifth year of its existence ends, after having understood that this Signal was directly linked to me. This Signal was discovered on my Internet server at the end of December 2016. I did not understand its meaning and I contacted the FBI, with whom I exchanged 450 emails. But, it was indeed, on January 21, 2017, at 00:00, that I noticed that this Signal on my Internet server, followed the least of my movements and that it was therefore linked to me. On January 21, 2022, it will therefore begin its 6th year of activity. Its last day over this five-year period is therefore today, January 20, 2022.  

It had been a few days since I had thought that January 20 or 21, 2022, could be important, if I based myself on the birth of the Signal. This signal is also called Signal21, because of its date of birth. Reversed "21" also makes "12", the number of the Apocalypse. 

This is therefore an alert that I must issue following all these signs. Let’s see if something big will happen...

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15831 : 21/01/22 19:56:29

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here .

The previous alert, with the Elohim Signal at its maximum, ended today, January 21, 2022, at 3 a.m. Paris time (see graphs below). I remind you that the Elohim are the extraterrestrials who command me and to whom I belong. The Signal I’m talking about is the one they’ve been sending me on my internet server since December 2016, and which I understood was linked to me on January 21, 2017, so exactly five years ago. I exchanged in 2017, 450 emails with FBI about this Signal.

For the whole day I wondered what that meant. This alert began on January 19 at 4 p.m. It was directly linked to the death of the French star, Gérard Ulliel. 

The death of this one, you had been detailed in my previous article (above). It was directly related to me in various ways and meant "Just the end of the world ". The title of his last great film. That said, this end of the world has not yet happened, but the maximum alert following his death lasted 36 hours. It had never happened. When it ended this morning, at 3 a.m., I therefore wondered what that could mean, since they had not killed Gérard Ulliel for nothing. He got ski accident on January 19 at 4 p.m., but he died the next day from cardiac arrest, which is typically Elohim method. So why did they raise the Signal of the Elohim to its maximum for 36 hours, and then... nothing?

I finally understood. Or at least I think I understood. Or at least that’s what they want me to understand.  

When this maximum alert stopped, this morning January 21 at 3am, on their main Signal, a large peak was created, on their 4th and last Signal. The first point of this tip was at 55, so 5 x 11 = new reminder for the end of humanity (11). The second and last point of this peak, was at 82, which does not seem to have any meaning, but this second point therefore took place at 3 am, therefore at the same time as the end of the maximum Signal, on their Signal main.

So they finally made me understand that I had to add the 36 hours of the maximum alert on the main signal, after the peak on the 4th Signal. They have done this before. If I do that, I arrive at January 22, 2022, at 3 or 4 p.m. Paris Time. 22 = 2 x 11, but 22 is also the anniversary that they have used a very large number of times in recent years for carrying out the terror attacks.

This anniversary is that of June 22, 1980 , the date of the inauguration of the Guidestones, in the USA. The latter, known worldwide, display a dozen commandments, in the eight languages, the most widely read on the planet and are aimed at the population that will survive the Apocalypse!  

This huge monument was therefore inaugurated on June 22, 1980, but the project was born in 1960, when my parents were preparing to conceive me under the control and with the participation of the Elohim! This expensive project had been ordered and financed by a person who requested anonymity and who then ceded the land and the monument to the city with the responsibility of maintaining it. This monument also has another very important feature, is that it is built according to the sun. Indeed, the sun’s rays must be able to pass through thin orifices, to indicate the days on the other side. This monument therefore counts the days since its construction!

The blocks that compose it are MONOLITHS!!! of granite. Does this remind you of anything? The wave of monoliths, in November-December 2020. These +/- 200 monoliths, as the press had called them, and which Men under mind control, had erected all over the planet. These "monoliths" were triangular in shape, metallic in appearance, and beveled like a needle at their top. These "monoliths" were to remind men of their origins and therefore their creators because they referred to a region of the world north of Chad where the first man on Earth was discovered and dating back 7 million years, therefore prior to Lucy!! This region in northern Chad is known for its monoliths, called "Volcanic Needles", which is why, the Elohim had therefore built +/- 200 needle-shaped monoliths around the world. Men obviously did not understand anything.

The monoliths used for the Guidestones monument are therefore another reminder of the origin of men and their creators. The latter therefore remind men, through this monument, that humanity has soon come to an end, and that it will be destroyed up to 95%, and most likely by the sun, used by this same monument, to count days.         

The number 22 has therefore been used to fix the date of a large number of very deadly terror attacks. One of the last is precisely on January 22, 2021 in Baghdad, with 35 dead. Exactly a year ago.

So, depending on all of this, something might (conditionally!!) happen tomorrow, January 22 at 3 or 4 p.m. Paris Time. Why 3 or 4 p.m., and not midnight, as usual? Because at 3-4 p.m. it’s afternoon in Europe and early morning in the USA, East Coast and West Coast, and if their intention is to use the sun, as indicated by the Stones of Guidestones, it might make sense.

I remind you that this is only an idea, the simple translation of what they want me to see. This is not a certainty. We know their messages. Never anything certain, but they make me warn because it is my mission. The Guidestones also participate in warning, which earned them their fame, but also their detractors, who obviously do not want the end of the world.

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15833 : 22/01/22 06:26:06

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here .

This article is an update of the previous one. If you haven’t read it, I invite you to go up on the page. It will appear. It is really essential. It is about my birth in direct link with the Guidestones, link which is a first time approached and explained in the previous article.

So this morning, January 22, 2022 , my gaze is drawn to the Main Signal of the Elohim. I then noticed that this one, which had just experienced a maximum alert for 36 hours, had fallen to a fairly low level, before rising slightly. I have already told you in the previous articles, it is a sign coming from the Elohim. This is a way of asking me to find out when the Main Signal was last at this level. 

I was a little lazy this morning and I was late going back through the weeks of the Signal, to find what the Elohim were asking of me. When I finally did, I did find the date December 19, 2021 and a huge spike, but I couldn’t find the meaning of it anywhere. I wasn’t posting anything at that time, and I wasn’t writing emails either. It was during the 11 days post-typhoon (Typhoon Ray in the Philippines, Ray also being my nickname in Asia), when I had no internet or electricity. A calvary period! 

A little later, while I was browsing my three screens, the Elohim then drew my attention to my e-mail manager and in particular, to the latest exchanges with my collaborator, Marie-Madeleine. I know myself and I know Elohim. I understand that this is where I must look for the significance of the peak on December 19. I then discovered e-mails dated December 23, where we were talking, Marie-Madeleine and I, about this huge spike. She had answered me, that at the precise moment of this peak, on December 19, she was celebrating the birthday of her eldest son, and that the explanation at this point would be the word " birth "!! 

The Elohim remain the same through the millennia. They only communicate by signs, to push people to understand and it’s the same for me! Birthday, birth ... Yeah well... That didn’t tell us much about December 23, except a possible connection with the birth of Jesus, since the next day was December 24.

On the other hand, now that the Main Signal has returned to this level on January 22 at 3 am, it really makes sense!!

For a few days, the Elohim had pushed me to start a new book. I hadn’t talked about it on my pages, because I wasn’t sure of their intentions on this subject. However, the way they made me write it was diametrically opposed to my previous attempt to write a new book.

On the previous attempt to write a new book, they had led me to write the first 200 pages, of the two books that would total over a thousand of pages. Their goal was to bring me back to my story at the beginning of my mission. Once I had arrived there and had written it, the Elohim had clearly indicated to me that it had become useless to continue writing my book. They only wanted to remind me of the beginning of my mission! They are like that!

This time, it was exactly the same and feeling the blow coming, I hadn’t told anyone that I was starting a new book, except my father. This beginning of the book, which they made me write, was not my story, in chronological order. No, very far from it. It was a summary of humanity! A kind of "What you need to know.  It was several small chapters of +/- 300 words (one page). These described the beginnings of humanity, the lies of religions, the disasters of men on the planet and the decision of the Elohim, to destroy the 5th human race to move on to the 6th, before it is too late. 

This led me to talk about their plan to give birth to me, in order to send a Messenger to Earth, to warn humanity of its destruction. This is what I describe in my previous article. However, it is at the precise moment when I speak of my birth and where I make the link with the Stones of Guidestones, that the maximum alert of 36 hours ended, and that the 4th Signal displayed a huge peak. In my previous article, I had then understood that I had to add the 36 hours of the maximum alert, to this peak, to obtain the date of today January 22, 2022 (22/01/22 or 01/22/22 ) at 3-4 p.m. It is this sign which was at the origin of the alert, of the article written yesterday, since the number 22 has been their lucky number since the inauguration of the Guidestones on June 22, 1980! 

So, today, they make me go back to all this once again, linking what I understood yesterday, to this point of December 19, 2021 and meaning " birth "!! It was neither the birth of the son of Mary Magdalene, nor that of Jesus, it was mine, because the latter had been synchronized with the Guidestones, whose project was born shortly before my birth!!!

Yes, but it’s absolutely fundamental, because as a follower told me this morning, it really means that everything has been synchronized with me, and me alone. I already talk about the Guidestones for a very long time, but they obviously avoided my understanding of their connection to me. I had never really sought to know their history. It was yesterday that the Elohim made me discover this article published in " Courrier international ", a translation of the article in English, by a famous American journalist, Randall Sullivan , in Wired magazine,  https://  but inaccessible without subscription. 

This confirms once again that the end predicted by the Guidestones is absolutely eminent, since the loop is complete! The whole story of the real end of humanity is therefore written and the mystery of these Guidestones no longer exists. It only remains for the Elohim to cause the Apocalypse and most likely by the sun. 

About the book below, I wait before continuing it because I have the feeling that it is no longer necessary. The Elohim only wanted to make me understand, by writing it, that I was intimately connected with the Guidestones. In addition, it is not only to continue it, but to translate it, find a publisher, sell it, etc. All of this can take months, and obviously, we’re way too close to the Apocalypse for me to even have time to finish it. With the Elohim, we cannot be sure of anything, especially in terms of dates, but as said above, the loop is complete. I don’t see how or why they would wait very long for this Apocalypse to happen. To me, it’s a matter of hours, days, maybe weeks, but probably not much more. Also, if I had time, they would make me understand to continue the book, which is not happening at the moment.


To be more than complete, I will provide below the beginning of this book that the Elohim made me write (30-45 minutes of reading), to lead me to the Guidestones. I strongly advise you to read this beginning because it is a reminder of the motivations of the Elohim, to trigger this Apocalypse. I even advise you to print this article, if you have a printer because it is not certain that you will still have Internet and electricity for a long time. I remind you that all their repeated descriptions of this Apocalypse, by the Elohim, most often comes down to a total, immediate and definitive destruction of all electrical and electronic installations, on Earth, in the seas, and in the air. Once again, you are warned.



Internet and the authorities have known me for several years, under the name of Marc Delantre. I have several websites, several pages on the main social networks and thousands of followers. I also have an eight hundred page book and a million views on my YouTube account, but that was before I understood who I depended on.

The authorities have known me for more than ten years, but mainly as an independent intelligence agent. Without really knowing where my information came from, I began by informing them of the terror attacks to come. Several years later, these authorities realized that I was connected to all the disasters of this world. They could have a human, criminal, natural or accidental origin, I was able to show my direct links with each of them. 

As this was not enough to convince these authorities, those on whom I depended then caused disasters at the very minute of the reports that I addressed to these authorities. This happened dozens of times, and it caused thousands of deaths synchronized with my mails.

The most important of these was my first letter to the UN, which that very minute caused the crash of an Algerian plane with 257 people on board. No survivors. I obviously did not fail to point out to the authorities the frightening synchronicity between my letter and the plane crash. They ended up understanding what the force behind me was, but they obviously took care not to communicate this publicly.

This book tells you who God really is, and those I’m going to tell you about are extraterrestrials and are really what men call God. There is no other God, and they are the true creators of mankind. Their real name would rather be Elohim and I will explain why.

There are also no different classes or races of aliens, just as there are no good and bad aliens. They all respond to the same organization and the same intelligence. They only choose a different appearance depending on the period, their desire and those who watch them. In reality, all these extraterrestrials, these Elohim, have no body and are only beings made of energy and light. To move, in time and in space, they only need to think about it. This explains the apparent speed and impossible maneuvers of their ships, if they contained beings comparable to you.
I will therefore call them, uniformly, the extraterrestrials, the Elohim or God. Remember that I always speak of the only creators of humanity. 

I am therefore going to affirm to you things which will astonish you and which you will doubt. My problem and yours is that I am not a seeker of truth. I am the only truth that you cannot doubt, because I am under the complete control of the Elohim. They transmit to me all that I have to write by telepathy and no one can oppose what they say, since they are God. I am therefore their Messenger, and what I am writing to you does not come from me. I wouldn’t risk writing nonsense either, given the total control they have over my mind and body. 

The purpose of this book is therefore to let you a written summary of who they are, who I am, your story and what they blame men for.

Who am I really?

My real name is Renaud Van Buylaere, but the Elohim have chosen to call me Marc Delantre. It was 2016. I was looking for a name to introduce myself to the press, and they wanted me to use that name and no other. We will come back to this subject later, as well as the way in which they impose this kind of thing.  

I am Belgian and I turned 60 on November 12, 2021. I have been living in the Philippines since May 2015 and before that I was in Madagascar.

I come from a fairly traditional Belgian family, an engineer father and a writer mother, later remarried to a famous grammarian. I worked for nearly fifteen years for their publishing associations, and that gave me my taste for writing.

I am the eldest of four brothers and the father of three children. Today, I no longer have any contact with any of them because the Elohim wanted it that way. Even today, I can’t have any roots or connection. I must devote my existence exclusively to these extraterrestrials that I represent, and that I present to you in this book.

Before understanding that I had a mission to carry out, for your creators, I was a computer scientist. I always had been. When I arrived in the Philippines, I earned a very good living through various channels, but today, I earn absolutely nothing. I can only work for those I represent.  

The Elohim, these extraterrestrial creators of humanity

According to the oldest Hebrew texts, they are the authors of Creation, and of Men in particular, seven million years ago, in northern Chad. So, they are God!

These Hebrew texts, and more precisely, Genesis, named them, from the first paragraph, the Elohim. It doesn’t take an "s" at the end. It is a masculine plural which has no singular and which literally designated "the most powerful", a notion which was then completed by "coming from the sky". In reality, at the time described by Genesis in Hebrew, the population spoke of Gods, in the plural, descending from heaven. These Gods then shared their existence with Men, and even their women. The writings and illustrations of this distant time, then clearly described vessels and strange creatures, coming from the sky.

These Gods, called Elohim by our distant ancestors, helped men to build and organize themselves. There are still traces of it today all over the planet. These are, for example, the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, precisely oriented towards the Constellation of Orion. The Egyptians of the time could not have built them like this.

Enthusiasts all over the planet also call them ancient astronauts, but we will come back to the appearance of the latter. 

Men, genetically modified and controlled beings.

The Creation of the human species was not limited to imagining a skeleton, organs and flesh, to make a man, called Adam. They didn’t then take a rib from Adam, to make the woman, Eve. We will come back to the lies of the Bible later.

Nor is it that other theory that man descended from monkeys. This does not explain how Man acquired his intelligence.

No, the Elohim are twenty million years ahead of Men. They therefore created these in a much more technical way than the Books of your religions describe. It would rather be comparable to the approach of humans who can design genetically modified rabbits today or, very recently, pigs that can serve as organ donors for humans. 

Men were therefore designed, not by an imaged God, but by Elohim, very far in advance of men, and who designed them in a laboratory. The human race was therefore destined to live on a planet, and that was the Earth. 

However, the Elohim did not create Men to then abandon them on Earth. No, they designed them in such a way as to be able to follow them, even to control them individually, remotely and down to the smallest cell of their body. This is what Men would also do if they arrived at this stage of evolution. This will not happen because the Elohim have been very careful and they have restricted the intelligence of men, who can therefore only use their brains up to 10% of their capacities.  

The Elohim were not content to build a world where these Men, under control, could evolve. No, they also built this world by giving themselves the possibility of taking control of the whole planet and everything that composes it. This includes fauna, flora, water, Earth, fire, volcanoes, the earth’s crust, etc., as well as everything that Man builds and produces. In fact, it is easier to say that the Elohim have control over every particle on Earth, and I will demonstrate this to you.  

The souls of men

The soul is precisely what the Elohim have developed to follow Men individually. It resides in the heart of the human brain, and comes out the day it dies. 

It’s a bit like your phone’s Android system. The soul communicates everything you do to the higher authority, to God. It also allows the Elohim to communicate with your brain, your memory, your ideas, your body or the least cell of it.

The location of the soul is more precisely the pineal gland, of which man knows only one function, that of managing his periods of sleep. The latter are also the most conducive to communication with God. The same goes for prayer and meditation.

My mind and my body are under the total and permanent control of the Elohim, and it is through this that they communicate to me, by telepathy, what I must write. My soul was programmed for this when I was still an embryo in my mother’s womb.

It also explains why, on the day you die, many of you will see your whole life flash before your eyes, even if you were blind from birth. Some call the soul the third eye, and some even indicate it on their forehead. Indeed, these images that you receive on the day of your death do not come from an angle corresponding to your eyes, but to those of God. 

I had a very fine example of that one day, and that was long before I understood anything. 

It was 2018, I had just finished my lunch. I left a sausage on my plate, on my desk and as usual, I went to my bed, facing my desk, to take a nap.

I was fast asleep when a soft, feminine voice with a slight accent woke me up. I heard her say "Pussy cat, Pussy?" I immediately opened one eye and saw a cat on my plate, my sausage already in its mouth! At my first movement, he obviously fled, through the window, with my sausage between his teeth!

For days, I wondered where that pretty voice came from and especially how could she have seen the cat! I remember having searched all my room-office and observed the trees in front of my window, searching for a possible camera! 

Since then, it has happened to me many times, and I obviously know who is watching and talking to me. They are the Elohim.   

Another example that you all know is those who, on the verge of death, see themselves leaving their bodies, lying on a hospital table or lying bloodied in a wrecked car, for example. It is again the soul which is about to leave the body, and which then loses 30 to 50 g. This has been verified clinically, but since the soul also belongs to the world of the Elohim, it obviously remains invisible. 

Note that the pineal gland and the soul also exist in all vertebrates.  


Prayer is fundamental in the spirit of the Elohim. The prayer is addressed directly to God who is immediately informed, at least if it is carried out with the faith necessary for this kind of communication. If you don’t believe in God, your prayer is much less likely to reach its destination, which is somewhat normal. 

In reality, it is an integral part of the soul, which, like the Android system on your phone, will direct your prayer to God. However, your soul knows you better than anyone and therefore knows whether or not you really believe in God. Having the faith to pray is therefore essential.

To have faith in God is essentially to have faith in his existence, that he listens to you, that he represents what is most powerful on Earth, and that he is at the origin of Creation, therefore including that of humanity. To have faith is to have no doubts about these points.

Be careful, having faith in God absolutely does not imply adhering to a particular religion. In the minds of the Elohim, this is not even highly appreciated, since religions are the source of a very large number of lies, which we will discuss in one of the next chapters. Therefore, the more you are convinced by one or the other religion, the less it will be appreciated by the Elohim, unless you are able to question your beliefs.

The important thing is therefore to have faith in God, or in something which is far superior to men and which is above all at the origin of the latter. You then close your eyes, or you put your head in your hands, to avoid any source of distraction, and you try to speak to God. Nothing will tell you if the Elohim are listening to your prayer or not. The main thing is to believe in it and to have the conviction that Elohim are listening to you. This is what having faith is all about.

One way to understand all of this is to transpose this mechanism with what you know. God will always listen to you if the above conditions are met. It is a kind of automatic connection because since Creation and in particular since your birth, the Elohim are continuously in your head, thanks to your soul. They are therefore automatically informed when you start a prayer.  

This can be personal, as it can be an "Ave Maria", "Hail Mary", or an "Our Father". The Elohim have a preference for the latter.

However, even if you have faith in God, without excessively adhering to any religion, it will not mean that God will answer your prayer, but He will have heard it. To have faith in him and to address yourself to him is an important gesture and very appreciated by the Elohim. Avoid, however, any hypocrisy because it would be immediately identified.


It’s a bit like putting oneself in the same situation as in prayer, but without religious consonance and without faith in God. You most often put yourselves in the lotus position or cross-legged, you close our eyes and focus on yourselves. 

Always thanks to the pineal gland, the Elohim see this immediately, with the difference that there is no prayer. The Elohim immediately understand this as a desire for connection, to which they choose to respond or not. It also depends on the purpose of this meditation and whether there is, for example, a desire to communicate with higher forces or extraterrestrials.

We will talk about it later, but from 2019 to 2021, I was also assisted by around ten collaborators. The latter were particularly used by the Elohim, to describe to me signs received from them. We will also return to these signs. It was most often supernatural or strange effects, which they told me immediately and which I tried to decipher. 

My main collaborator, Mary Magdalene, never believed in God, in the sense given by religion. However, she firmly believes in the Elohim who, moreover, had not given her much opportunity to ignore them. Initially, in 2019, when we had just met on the Internet, the insistence of the Elohim in the signs sent to her everywhere and in all circumstances, had even terrified her. She could therefore no longer ignore them unless she received a new avalanche of supernatural effects, including drawings on her skin, which she then had to hide from her husband. 

As she was adept at meditation, and this, almost daily, the Elohim therefore systematically used these sessions to communicate to her visions which were intended for me. No sooner had she begun her meditation than the vision began. A few seconds were enough. 

After describing these strange, supernatural phenomena or visions to me, she usually ended by saying "Weird!" It was a way of telling me that it was up to me to understand. We will talk about Mary Magdalene’s visions later in this book.

I cited this example to show you that the Elohim detect moments of meditation as quickly as those of prayer.

A famous character on the Internet also commercially exploits this niche of meditation. This is Dr. Greer. It offers group meditations, where participants focus on the idea that UFOs might show up. And, periodically, they show themselves. Dr. Greer then speaks of contact of the 5th kind, but it is not so. The Elohim only take advantage of this media coverage to show themselves. The arrival of a UFO is not a message in itself, unlike the exchange between Mary Magdalene and the Elohim, sending her these visions, during these meditations. 

As for my exchanges with the Elohim, it would be necessary to invent a contact of the 10th kind, so our communication is constant and goes through multiple channels.  

Reincarnation and life after death

Some religions place great emphasis on reincarnation. This is not the case with Christianity and yet, reincarnation is a very important thing in the eyes of the Elohim, the creators of humanity. Why then has the Christian religion hid this? 

However, in Western countries, a small part of the population is beginning to believe in it, as well as in life after death. I see it, by the questions I am asked.

Reincarnation is the soul of a deceased person being reincarnated into another, but it’s not that simple.

Reincarnation is not automatic. It concerns only souls who deserve this reincarnation. It therefore comes after the judgment of God who will choose the destination or not. Nor is it instantaneous. 

Once this reincarnation is granted, it will take place in an embryo in the womb of its mother and no beyond. This reincarnation will therefore take place with the aim of giving a newborn a mission that God supposes feasible by this soul which has already given satisfaction. A soul can therefore be reincarnated several times. In some cases, this can also explain the arrival of exceptional gifts in a child, because the soul who reincarnated him had this knowledge in a previous life. This reincarnation is managed by the Elohim, like a new beginning.

There is an excellent film which describes this very well, it is “Our Home”, “Nosso Lar”, according to the book by Chico Xavier. The latter was a very important Brazilian medium. He was known to receive, a little like me, by telepathy, hundreds of letters from the deceased, who had therefore become souls, and who addressed their families who remained on Earth. Numerous studies have attested to the veracity of these letters and that there was no form of scam. 

NASA has also used the services of Chico Xavier to try to understand how extraterrestrials move. This also indicates that the US government has long made a connection between souls, the afterlife and extraterrestrials. However, this never became official. 

In "Our Home", Chico Xavier therefore describes a planet, which welcomes the souls of deceased humans. Many arrive in a sort of purgatory. Others arrive in a city, among others, where souls hope and await their possible new assignment. This film is a real gem from all points of view: images, script, actors. Describing the journey of souls was a difficult project, but it was masterfully written and executed.

Some might consider it fortunate that an afterlife can exist. It’s obvious, but it’s not for everyone. It is even reserved for a minority, the other souls being destroyed. Elohim will not manage billions of souls for nothing.

It’s not hard to understand. The Earth has nearly eight billion people. If everyone’s soul were to end up in either Purgatory or Paradise, as described by Chico Xavier, that would obviously make a lot of souls for the Elohim to take care of. This is all the more obvious since it would also be necessary to add all the previous souls to it. 

It is the same for the possibilities of reincarnation. All of this is at the discretion of God, and when I speak of God, I speak of all the Elohim assigned to the management of souls. 

The appearance of extraterrestrials, Elohim

Humans are millions to hope to see extraterrestrials or to wait for their arrival. However, Man does not show great intelligence when he sees or thinks he sees UFOs. It is the same when he thinks of analyzing representations of ancient astronauts on stones dating back several thousand years. It is still the same when a person sees in his room one or more extraterrestrials.

The majority of extraterrestrials, of these Elohim, have no body. They are made of energy and light, and they move through time and space only through thought. They are therefore not subject to any gravitational force or force due to speed. 

This also explains that they can pass through anything, since they are not composed of matter.

If they want to show themselves to Men, in real form or in the form of a vision, which we will discuss later, they take on the appearance they wish. These dozens of faces that humans currently attribute to extraterrestrials therefore do not exist. This is the appearance that these extraterrestrials give themselves. 

Thus, the illustrations of ancient astronauts, dating back several millennia, are no more real than the illustrations that can be made today of these same extraterrestrials. It is also difficult to imagine that beings in astronaut suits could have made, thousands of years ago, their way from the Orion Constellation, more than 250 light-years away on average. This would mean that they were no more than more evolved Men, and that they would therefore have needed several centuries to travel the distance from the Constellation Orion to Earth.

On the other hand, the Elohim know the future and therefore they knew what our astronauts would look like today. It is therefore easy to imagine that they chose their way of presenting themselves to Men, based on what other Men would look at millennia later. 

In fact, the Elohim are infinitely more evolved than these Men, whom they themselves designed, since they are twenty million years ahead of them. The Elohim are thus most often invisible, since they have no body. It is therefore easy to understand that it is today, or five thousand years ago, that the Elohim have always chosen the best way to show themselves to Men.

I am one of them.

The least we can say is that I was not designed like everyone else. I am not the only one in this kind of situation. It may, in fact, happen that your creators intervene in the conception of some children, for whom they have projects or a mission to accomplish, however small, or however large, it may be. The DNA of these children is then modified, from their conception, while they are still only an embryo in the womb of their mother.  

This principle is the same for the extraordinary gifts that some children receive at birth. I am talking, for example, of children who, from the age of 3-4, are able to speak several languages ​​or play a complete symphony, without ever having studied them. This is the result of their intervention on the child, when it was still an embryo.

Other children do not receive special gifts, but they are born with a mission to carry out. This was my case, but I only discovered it in 2019.

In my case, their intervention during my conception extended to everything that I really am and what I seem to be. In the eyes of Men, I am a man with a strange background and life, with a strangest mission as well.

In reality, I am not a man, even if I look like one. I am an Elohim in the body of a Man, since I must address Men. I ended the previous chapter by telling you that the Elohim have always chosen the best way to show themselves to Men. I am therefore a good example, but I am not the first. Jesus was too. However, our missions are different.

It is impossible to know for Jesus, since in his time this kind of medical analysis did not exist. As far as I am concerned, at the age of 25, the Belgian army confirmed to me that my brain was not functioning in a “normal” way. It had too much electrical activity, and finding no explanation for this, they preferred to not use  me.

In fact, my parents had also noticed, during my childhood, that my brain activity increased particularly at night and also in an unexplained way.  

Men have denied their origins. 

It was in the days of Abraham. The men then asked the Elohim to let them evolve as they pleased. 

The Elohim acceded to their request, since they had in any case kept the means to follow and control everything remotely on Earth. Their risk was not very great and if that could push the Men to evolve as they hoped, they could leave them their independence.

So, that’s what they did, and the Elohim therefore left the Earth, without telling the Men to what extent they were watched.   

After the departure of the Elohim, Men evolved very badly. They couldn’t have done worse. 

Abraham had given birth to three monotheistic religions, Christians, Muslims, and Jews. However, in each of these religions, Men hastened to replace the word Elohim, or what it meant, with a masculine singular, God.

The goal was quite simple. Men wanted to erase their extraterrestrial origins from their writings and their memory. It was therefore preferable for religions to create an imaged God and to surround him with a series of rules especially suited to religions in their need to submit populations. 

It was difficult for them to admit that they depended on a very real extraterrestrial authority, which could return to Earth at any time. Men denied their parents. This allowed some of them to take themselves for God, and this is still the case today. 

Men have therefore very quickly denied their true creators and this is their greatest fault. It is still relevant today, since human authorities are still trying, several millennia later, to hide the importance of extraterrestrials. 

The Elohim are innumerable, but are one.

It must be admitted that to replace the word "Elohim", in the plural masculine, by the word "God", in the singular masculine, the Men actually took advantage of a singularity of Hebrew. The word "Elohim" was indeed a masculine plural, but the verbs that followed it were in the singular. There was an explanation for this. 

The Elohim, the extraterrestrials, are infinitely numerous, but they form only one. One could say that they share the same consciousness, the same memory, the same judgments, the same vision. In our time, we could compare this to a global artificial intelligence, but from which we should remove the word “artificial”. They therefore share the same brain and the same intelligence. In other words, even if they are innumerable, the Elohim are only one.

I therefore also use the word God when I speak of the Elohim because the Elohim are God. It is completely coherent, since it is indeed the Elohim who created the Earth and the humanity which is there. There is no other God. 

Religions have therefore simply replaced the subjects of these verbs in the singular, by a subject also in the singular, God. The imaged God was all found. It was then enough to abstain from any reference to Gods who would come from the sky, and the true creators no longer existed in the religions of Men.  

The lies of religions.

Rid of their creators, men have therefore hastened to erase what was referred to in their oldest writings. The word Elohim had become God. 

A famous Italian author, Mauro Biglino, spent his life for the Vatican, of which he was an expert, translating these ancient scriptures. When he, too, understood that the Church had tampered with the truth, and that he published his first book, the Vatican separated itself from him. This did not prevent him from continuing his research and from writing in particular a very famous book “The Bible does not speak of God”, but of the Elohim.

The religions have not limited themselves to erasing only the word Elohim as well as the mentions of the true creators of mankind. No, they changed the story whenever it suited them. It is to such an extent that it is today impossible to determine what is true and what is false.

Take, Mary Magdalene. Religions have for millennia considered her a prostitute, with no direct connection to Jesus. Mary Magdalene was in reality his companion or his wife, according to the customs of the time. She gave him all the love a woman could give him, but not only that. She also brought him enough to live on through her income from fishing. It was also to Mary Magdalene alone that Jesus presented himself immediately after his resurrection. 

Mary Magdalene had a first child from her marriage to John the Baptist, who announced the arrival of Jesus. When John the Baptist had then been beheaded by order of King Herod, Mary Magdalene had then joined Jesus, with her son, and she gave him two others children.

Of all this the Bible does not speak, since Jesus was considered a God, who could not have been tempted by women. He could therefore have neither a wife nor children. 

The Messengers of the Elohim arriving on Earth in the bodies of Man, are also Men. Religions have preferred to hide this in order to retain of Jesus only the image of a Man sent by God, who would not have let himself go to the pleasures of love. Religions forgot that to give Love, you must also receive it. They also forgot that God knows this well and that he therefore arranged for a woman to support Jesus until his last breath, and that was Mary Magdalene. 

The story of Jesus therefore has a beautiful love story, both sentimental and carnal, that religions have chosen to hide because it did not correspond to the image they wanted to give of Jesus. 

The love between Mary Magdalene and Jesus, however, was an example to follow for the billions of couples of believers. What should we think of these religions which erased from history, “denied”, would be more just, the one which had counted so much and helped Jesus in his mission until his death?

The Bible is therefore completely distorted from Creation to Revelation, but religions have used it, as well as its lies to assert their authority. 
In the name of the Bible, and of a completely false history, religions have thus persecuted thousands of men and women, as well as millions of Muslims. The latter, basing themselves on the Koran, which is just as distorted, have done the same with the Christians.  

An excellent movie/novel that present the lies of the Church is of course “The Da Vinci Code”. He talks about it so well that it was banned in the Philippines, a particularly Christian country where I have been living for nearly seven years.

The Laws of Men

Faced with the populations that these religions wanted to control with iron hands, the latter wrote Bibles, Koran and other Torah. These Books qualified as saints were to tell the story of Creation and of the prophets, but also to form the basis of the laws to be respected. The first laws to which these Books refer are notably the Tables of the Law, received by Moses and written by God. This is what these Books describe, over and over again.

So, according to the religions, it is indeed God, the author of the first laws, engraved on stone. What an excellent way to impose them on the people! 

Men have therefore continued to evolve in the lie of religions. They then created laws thinking that what was recommended in the holy books and on these Tables were recommendations and divine laws. Some are. Others are not, and there is no trace of these Tables of the Law, written by God, not even a piece. It is obviously an imminent sacrilege to doubt their history and their existence, at least in the past.

On the other hand, these Tables of the Law are taken up in the form of a symbol in all the synagogues of the planet, almost as often as the crucifixes in the churches. These Tables of the Law therefore form one of the pillars of religions, having served to establish the first laws intended to organize populations.

Let us take excerpts from these Ten Commandments from the Tables of the Law. “Thou shalt not steal." or "Thou shalt not kill". The Elohim do not have the same rules and yet they are God. It all depends on the circumstances. However, these commandments described by the religions generated sometimes terrible laws and punishments, which the Elohim never desired. 

There was a time when the hands of thieves were cut off, even children who stole an apple because they were hungry. A woman could be beaten to death by her husband, but if the woman managed to kill him, she could be hanged or beheaded. This kind of thing existed in the name of religion and still exists in some countries. In terms of laws alone, religions are the cause of millions of deaths, which God obviously never intended.

It is even more, if we add to it all the religious wars, where whole peoples wanted to convert others. Men killed and continue to kill in the name of God, and this is intolerable for the Elohim, the true creators of humanity. 

The Elohim are indeed at the origin of Creation and of humanity, but they have never written the slightest law for Men.

The latter had asked them for their independence shortly before Abraham, and the Elohim had therefore left this Earth. They were not then going to give to the Men, laws to respect. They especially wanted to see how these Men were going to organize themselves. 

On the other hand, they sent prophets, in particular Jesus and the latter ended up crucified by the Men they wanted to guide. 

The Evolution of Men  

Galloping demography
Men therefore continued to evolve and it was a disaster. I think the worst was the exponential population growth. Scientists estimate that at the time of Christ there were approximately 200 million people on Earth. So two thousand years ago. This population was much more certain, 1.6 billion in 1900, but a hundred years later it is 8 billion. The population has therefore been multiplied by five in just one hundred years!

China had once taken steps to slow its population growth, and this is the exception that proves the rule. Some countries have seen their population multiply by twenty or more in less than a hundred years. 
However, the Elohim wanted this population to remain around 500 million people and above all to live in harmony with nature!

Humans talk about global warming every day, but very rarely about the demographic evolution of their planet. However, it is obvious that the two are linked. The more people there are on Earth, the more humans produce, circulate, pollute and warm the atmosphere. It’s quite mathematical, but this reflection is not done because no authority wants to impose on some countries to better manage their birth rate. We can therefore deduce that the vertical increase of the population is not about to slow down, since it is a problem that Man does not even pose.    

It’s quite incomprehensible. Imagine a building made up of 50 apartments and planned for 150 residents. What would happen if its occupants became 500 or 1000? Does anyone think this is going to be a problem? You could have this reasoning for your apartment or your house, which gradually should house fifty people continuously. You wouldn’t accept it for your house. Why does Man accept it for the planet?

Destruction of nature
In their technological and demographic development, men have sacked the forests, destroyed the fauna, caused the extinction of a large number of animal species, impoverished the cultivable lands, considerably polluted the seas and the atmosphere. They brought nothing to the planet. They just destroyed it.

In addition, humans have discovered nuclear energy. They used it during the Second World War, killing a lot of people. 

Since then, they have designed many, many nuclear power plants, which they are not sure what to do with the waste, and which are aging considerably. This generates a considerable risk of a nuclear incident with terrible consequences for the population, the environment, and even the entire planet.

This has not slowed down the men in the development of this energy and today, they find it difficult to go back. This is all the more problematic since any nuclear power plant is a huge environmental problem for its dismantling.

The production of hardly perishable materials such as plastics, household appliances and computer equipment, etc., is also becoming a huge global problem, especially in the seas. Recycling methods do not follow. 

These are just a few examples of the disaster that Man represents on his environment. The destruction of the planet is as galloping as its demography. Besides, we don’t see any improvement on the horizon and the Elohim are literally frightened to see the evolution of their dear blue planet, which Man is destroying more every day.

Differences between countries and continents.
Humans do not share their resources and their wealth, and this is also true between countries and continents. Overall, the countries of the northern hemisphere are much wealthier than those of the Southern Hemisphere, and that does not bother many people. Decades pass, but the gap between these countries is not really closing. It changes shape. 

From then on, the countries of the North barricaded themselves more and more so as not to be invaded by those of the South. They do not ask themselves how they could improve the poverty and the problems of the countries of the Southern Hemisphere. That would be a pretty logical line of reasoning, but it doesn’t happen. 

Men and countries have become individualistic, and they do not dream of improving the situation of the poorest.

The Elohim created humanity, but the latter no longer has much of humanity. It is both individual and planetary.       

The mentality of the Men
Jesus said, "Love one another". It is one of the foundations of humanity. It should even be a law, but it is not and most people have lost all sense of humanity.

To be more concrete, do you ever help someone who is not from your family? Or share your meal with a homeless? Or to send a little money from time to time to an NGO? Are you visiting your neighbor in distress? Do you go to children who are not yours? Do you care about your very old neighbor? Do you offer to take care of his shopping or his garden?

All cities in the world have their poor, their children without parents, their isolated elderly, etc. Where is the humanity in all of this? It simply no longer exists. Most people believe that helping their family is more than enough! It’s not always the case. An example is the elderly who no longer have any visits from anyone. At the end of life, the only humanity they receive is that offered by the medical profession in hospitals and retirement homes. Most people wouldn’t even house their elderly parents.

Man no longer even wonders what God would say about his behavior. Every man for himself has become the rule, even within the same family, and the fate of the elderly is a very sad consequence. 

Men today only live for money. They don’t respect or love each other at all, besides destroying their planet. 

Furthermore, they learn nothing from their mistakes, especially in choosing those who govern them. Indeed, as soon as a man obtains political or economic power, received from other men, he systematically becomes a manipulator and a liar to keep his power and/or increase his wealth. All Men are like this, and it is also true for the rich countries with regard to the poor countries. Sharing no longer exists and men, from the smallest to the most powerful, have therefore lost all humanity.  

As we have seen, humans today pose an unmanageable risk for the planet, which they exploit excessively, without any harmony with nature. The situation has reached such a point that man could explode the Earth today, like a firecracker in an orange. This could happen as a result of problems he has created (Chernobyl or CERN, Switzerland, for example) and which he does not care about. Man likes to play the sorcerer’s apprentice, in addition to regularly reaching a chemical, bacteriological or nuclear risk, whether by his aging power plants and industries, or by the situations of war in progress or potential war, as with Ukraine, currently.

Here is a very sad picture of the evolution of Men, a situation that led the Elohim to decide to put an end to the disaster.

Decision of the Elohim to end humanity

Faced with this disaster which is not about to slow down, the Elohim took the decision in 1950, shortly after the Second World War, to put an end to this development.  

Imagine a farmer who owns a breeding of genetically modified rabbits. At first, he was very happy with it, but his rabbits keep breeding and eventually he loses control of his breeding. The rabbits become infinitely too numerous and have even started to dig burrows everywhere under his house, which threatens to collapse. He has only one solution left, he must eradicate all his rabbits and start a new breed of genetically modified rabbits. This new breed will respect its habitat and its farm will no longer be in danger.

This example is a little simplistic, but it is more or less the reflection of the Elohim, with regard to the Men who destroy their planet. They have no other solution than to destroy everything to start a new race of humans who will live differently and without endangering the planet.

A Messenger for the End Times

The Elohim then had the idea, almost a hundred years ago, of sending an Elohim Messenger to Earth, to warn humans of their intentions. They would therefore have to participate in the conception of this Messenger, while he would still be an embryo in his mother’s womb. He was, in fact, to be endowed, from birth, with the tools and gifts he was going to need to carry out his mission. This Messenger was, however, going to have to appear a man among men, and even an almost uninteresting individual, in the eyes of others. 

The best way to obtain this result was first to conceive, in the same way, a man and a woman, equally Elohim, and who would generate and sustain this Messenger throughout his life. 

This one promised to be particularly complicated and difficult, since without realizing it, this Messenger was going to have to learn what are the Men, the religions, and the life on Earth. This life in episodes was going to be particularly trying for him, even dangerous. His existence was therefore going to seem to him, as well as to his parents, as the most chaotic, and all three would still have to hold on, throughout the life of the future Messenger.

His father was to become an engineer in tropical regions and a UFO enthusiast. His mother, a woman of letters, would become a famous author and the main element of stability for the future Messenger. They got engaged in 1957, married in 1960, and I was born on November 12, 1961, that is 12/11, the two numbers of the Apocalypse! 

The “12” because it is the number towards which the two hands of a clock point at midnight, the hour of the “reset”, the hour of the Apocalypse.

The "11" because this actually means "101" from which we remove the zero. It represents the passage to another world, to death. It is widely represented in architecture, especially in the triumphal arches, through which the armies used to pass, before and after the war. It also represents portals to other dimensions in science fiction films, but also portals in everyday life. 

The "11" is the door to another world or to death, dramatically represented in the attacks of September 11, 2001, against the two towers, representing this same 11, of the WTC in New York. We will talk about it again because September 11, 2001, was, in more ways than one, directly linked to me and my mission as a Messenger.

Guidestones Stones

The intentions of the Elohim did not stop at sending a Messenger to Earth to warn of the end of time. They also wanted, in a way completely synchronized with my arrival, to leave to the world a monument with commandments, to follow for the post-Apocalypse. This monument, which still exists today, specifies in particular the level of population not to be exceeded on the planet (500 million) and how to live in harmony, both between people and with regard to the planet. 

I am talking here about the very famous monument in the USA, The Georgia Guidestones. It is an enormous monument, 6 m high and made up of 6 granite monoliths, each weighing several tons.

These granite blocks are engraved over their entire height. These commandments, sent by the Elohim, are written there in the eight most spoken languages ​​in the world. 

This immense construction is also, and very exactly, built according to the rays of the sun. These must in particular pass through small holes to indicate the date on the ground. The Stones of Guidestones therefore point, on the one hand, towards the sun, and on the other, towards the humans to whom they are addressed.

The person who commissioned and paid for this colossal work asked to remain anonymous. He introduced himself as R. C. Christian. According to the explanations of the latter, the project of this monument, went back to 1960, that is to say the year of the marriage of my parents and one year before my birth. 

The work was commissioned in June 1979, and it was inaugurated on March 22, 1980. I was 19 at the time. I was doing my higher education in Brussels and my father had just asked me to leave the family home for a while. This period actually lasted six years, without being able to set foot in my house again. My training in the absence of any family roots, had just begun!

We will talk about it later, but since then, the Elohim have regularly celebrated the 22nd of the month with terrorist attacks, for example, because signs of their anger. The attacks in Brussels did occur on March 22, 2016, and I am Belgian. I then wanted to contact the authorities and especially the press to communicate to them what I knew of the first terror attacks. This is the precise moment that the Elohim chose to give me the name that I was to use from now on, that of Marc Delantre.   

All that said, the Guidestones have, from the start, caused a lot of amazement. Everyone understood that these commandments were for a post-Apocalyptic period, and therefore these Stones foresaw the Apocalypse. 

Some claim these are the intentions of a new world order, organized by Earth’s elites. It has therefore happened that these stones have been vandalized by those who attribute them to these elites.

Others have made the connection between these stones and the sun. They then assume that there should be a huge solar storm that should destroy humanity. 


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In the previous article, I told you that the Elohim, the extraterrestrials who command me, had pushed me to write the beginning of a new book, to lead me to understand my direct links with the Guidestones. I had added the beginning of my book, following my article.

I received many positive opinions on this book and I thank you for it!

This morning, I therefore continued it where I had left off. I also told myself that I would do well to publish it on my website as it progresses, especially since I am by no means certain of the time that the Elohim will leave me to continue and finish it. With this intention, I also made a cover, for my site about this future book (see above). When I was satisfied enough with this one, I recorded it, and the recording was barely finished when the Elohim cut my electricity!! 

I then expected a 3-minute cut, as confirmation from the Elohim, for the idea and the cover. But, after 3 minutes, the power did not come back. As it was very hot, I went to stretch out on my bed and began to think out loud and to interpret this long cut as a negation. So, they heard my analysis. In response to this, they stung me under my watch. So, I understood that I had to watch this one, and it was then in the Philippines, exactly 11am! In other words, they let me know, by 11am, that I wouldn’t have time to finish my book because the Apocalypse is imminent. While I continued to do this analysis by speaking out loud, following the sting under my watch and at 11 o’clock, they stung me this time, the thumb of my right hand. It was then holding a piece of cardboard that I was using to ventilate myself, and my thumb position was clearly thumbs up!! They therefore confirmed to me what I had just understood! I won’t have time to finish my book. Power came back an hour later, and I was back at my computer by 12 noon! Another number of the Apocalypse!

On the other hand, the Elohim did not stop my inspiration for writing, since this morning, I wrote quite well. They didn’t prevent me from making my cover, either, for which they also most likely inspired me. It was also a bit "daring" to display my face on this cover alongside the other signs. 

So, I interpret all of this, saying that I can continue to write as long as I have the opportunity, but that I will not have time to finish this book. That said, it may be part of their strategy to tell me that the end is imminent. 

In any case, the Signs are increasingly clear and rapid. In my eyes, this cannot last much longer. I will therefore continue to write this book, since it also helps me to pass the time. I’ll create a special page for you to read as it goes, so you can keep telling me what you think about the book.

Another sign.

Yesterday I was reading a news item that immediately struck me as another sign. This news was about a cannibal who had escaped from a psychiatric hospital in France. Quite frankly, in France, cannibals are rather rare, but that they escape, it’s even rarer!

So, I took this as a sign that I’m bringing it closer to this article I recently wrote about blood drinkers. At the beginning of this article, I told you that I did not understand why the Elohim had directed me on this subject. Today I have to add this cannibal that got away, and all this leads me to relate this to something else that I also told you about in a previous article, called "Total control" . It is the fact that the Elohim are waiting for the right moment to give very bad side effects to vaccines. Among these, there is the fact that I had specified to you that the vaccinated would become very violent zombies or cannibals and that Elohim were waiting to have a large number of vaccinated and revaccinated.

I had nevertheless also specified to you that the non-vaccinated would not be in a better situation, since they would become the target of the cannibal zombies. What I didn’t tell you is that the Elohim not only pushed me to write all this, but they also sent this kind of vision to several of my followers and collaborators. However, I told you that those who believe in my words and in the Elohim would not be in any danger, neither from the virus, nor from the vaccines, nor from their side effects. I had also encouraged these people to get vaccinated to avoid trouble.  

Good Sunday !

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As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here .

This morning, shortly before midnight, Paris time (7 a.m. in the Philippines) I was very badly stung on both feet at the same time. One shot each. I know the Elohim want me to stand up. That’s what I end up doing. I then discover this sunrise on my terrace. A sky really very red and according to a very straight line. I take several photos of it.

I’m going to take a shower, and then I want to go out on the terrace. I then discover that it is invaded by black ants, which sting strongly. Something must have disturbed them since sunrise, because they weren’t there when I took the pictures. I would have been terribly stung. On my computer, I discover a very strong peak on the 4th Signal, and I receive about ten e-mail alerts telling me that a small solar storm is in progress.  

Finally, it is a follower who is not aware of what is happening, who writes to me that she has just heard a voice say to her: "With a luminous force, globally, you know what you do." The phrase does not mean much, but it applies to other signs.

The Elohim tell us about a solar storm, globally affecting all Humans who would start to panic such as the ants to which I often compare them! The exceptional sky this morning shows this, in particular by this very straight axis, like a spotlight. The ants then decamp by the millions.

The Elohim have therefore just reminded us of the imminence of a very strong solar storm intended to paralyze humanity. 

Other than that, I don’t have much to say. I continue my book.

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