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June 10, 2022


This is probably my last post, and this time it’s not just my post. Indeed, joins me, Mary Magdalene, my companion before God, and much more than that... You will soon find out.

I had nothing to write since May 22, 2022. It was not my choice. It was that of God, of the Elohim, the extraterrestrials, creators of Humanity.

Since this last post, my closest collaborators and I, as well as Mary Magdalene and my father, have been exchanging exclusively on Messenger. Since then, we have also had daily contact with the Elohim, therefore with God, who informs us of the evolution of the situation and the process of the end of humanity.

We can’t tell you more about it. The process of Revelation, therefore of the Apocalypse, therefore of the destruction of humanity, is in progress.

We remind you that in this process, there are three steps:

The first is Revelation. Revelation is predicted in the Bible which says that when it happens, the end of mankind will follow. The Bible also says that this Revelation will be such that it will challenge all existing religions, in other words, that it will destroy these religions.

The second stage is the Rapture. This is the time when all the Chosen Ones will leave this earth simultaneously in the blink of an eye. This is exactly what the Bible and the Torah say. The Chosen will be pure souls and it is God alone who sets the criteria. One second, they’ll be there, in flesh and blood, and the next second, they won’t be there anymore.

The third stage occurs following Revelation. This is the Tribulation, the beginning of the destruction of mankind. It is textually provided for in the Bible, as in the Jewish religion.

What will therefore take place very very soon is, therefore, this:

A planetary event is about to occur which will force all of humanity to look skyward. This will lead the Elohim, these creators of humanity, in other words God, to carry out the Revelation. Mary Magdalene and I are in charge of doing the latter, but in very particular, global and Christ-like circumstances. We can’t tell you more.

This Revelation will take Mary Magdalene and me more or less 2 hours and will be known and seen simultaneously throughout the planet.

During these 2 hours, 18 million Chosen will leave this Earth visibly in front of the rest of the population. Of these 18 million, 75% will be under 18 years old. It’s very precise and it won’t change. The selection of the Chosen is definitely over.

At the end of these 2 hours of Revelation and Rapture of the Chosen Ones, Mary Magdalene and I along with her two children will pronounce the end of humanity, the end of the 5th human race. Immediately we will also leave this Earth and the destruction will begin especially on all major cities and capitals of the world.

This is the definitive program which will be set in motion in a very, very short time and which will put an end to humanity. In reality, Mary Magdalene and I received the precise vision of these two hours. We saw each other there in detail, as well as with the two children and four representatives of the Elohim.

As you know, all the visions received by Mary Magdalene have always been realized. As for me, I remind you that the authorities know of my direct links with all the attacks and disasters since September 11, 2001. It is following these links, and this credibility obtained with the authorities, up to the United Nations, that I was then asked to announce the end of humanity. It was the plan of the Elohim, since my birth, and it is the reason for my existence on this Earth.

It is within this framework that yesterday we received from the Elohim, therefore from God, a list with the Chosen ones who were to be informed of their departure during the Revelation. This list obviously only concerned the people who follow us or who are part of our families or our relatives. However, this list was very short and no one from our families or relatives was on it, with the exception of my father, who played for me the role of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Therefore, today, Mary Magdalene and I have decided to inform those who were not chosen and who nevertheless have been following us for sometimes years. We have to inform them, because they have to prepare for the worst. They must move away at all costs, now, from urban centers, coasts, volcanoes, industrial or nuclear sites, dams, etc. They have to prepare, stock up, buy something to protect and defend themselves, etc. All this now!

Mary Magdalene and I cannot remain without telling you anything, when we have this information. You will not have the opportunity, at the beginning of these two hours devoted to the Revelation, to pack your bags and save yourselves. Don’t expect that for a second. Before we even begin, mankind will already be terrified, by what they will see in the sky, and thousands will commit suicide.

Today is the time to take the lead, especially you who read these pages. Imagine that it is national television that informs you of this, you could not take the road anymore. So take advantage that you are only a few thousand to read me here, and therefore to have the chance to find perhaps a place to protect you from the Wrath of God.

When we announced to some followers that they were not Chosen, several of them told us that they were not afraid, because their soul will survive.

We would like to emphasize this point. The souls of the 5th human generation, therefore individuals living today, are not compatible with the 6th human race that the Elohim will implant on Earth. Besides, the Bible also speaks of this. In the time of Revelation, it is said that the living and the dead will be judged. That is to say, even the souls of people deceased and existing today and belonging to the 5th human race will be judged, filtered to the extreme to keep only a few of them.

So, when the 8 billion individuals presently on earth perish, these 8 billion souls will simply be destroyed. Those worth saving will already be among the 18 million Chosen. As a result, there would be no more souls to save from the 8 billion people on earth today.

So remember this, the souls of the 5th human race are not compatible with the 6th human race. This will be created later on Earth from the Chosen who will have been regenerated. So, you are alive today. Your goal will be to try to stay that way. But you won’t stay that way if you don’t do anything to save yourself. God will not come to your rescue, since those they wanted to save will have already been saved when the Chosen left.

Others tell us that it is God who decides all that. They really haven’t read, who we are and who am I in particular! In other words, these people don’t even know what they are doing on these pages!

As a reminder, I am the Messenger of God, of the Elohim, for the end of humanity, and this, since the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, on April 15, 2019. My function, known to my thousands of followers and authorities, who read me faster than you, is very precisely to warn of the end of humanity, as I did for the terror attacks in 2014. This is my function, and it is within the framework of this one that I receive all these details daily. The authorities also know where these details come from and you will notice that in eight years, none of my posts have ever been deleted. However, you will agree with me, that to announce the end of humanity in connection with the terror attacks and the catastrophes, it is to warn and to terrorize at the same time.

Mary Magdalene and I will not return to the reasons for the extinction of the 5th human race. They are very extensively detailed in my previous posts and we will remind you of them one last time, during the Revelation.

On the other hand, we will return here to the purpose of this extinction. The Elohim, therefore God, want to rebuild on this Earth which will have been completely reformatted, redrawn, cleaned, a new world. This will essentially be managed by Love.

Money as well as social differences or race or origin will no longer exist. The notions of family, couple, filiation, affective exclusivity, will no longer exist either, since they are the very cradle of differences and exclusions. Love, in every sense of the term, will have to be universal and shared there. Men and women will no longer marry and will no longer belong to each other. The children will be those of the community and no longer of a mother or a father or of a specific family. Human reproduction will be supervised to avoid any disproportionate demographic explosion, as today. The DNA of humans will be reprogrammed in this way.

So, 18 million Chosen, overwhelmingly children of the 5th human race, will access this Earth which will have been reinitialized, for a reprogrammed world and turned exclusively towards Love.

For and with God,

Marc Delantre and Mary Magdalene

Quick Introduction (5 min read)

I am famous on the Internet. Ten thousand followers, a million views on YouTube (2018-2019 = these videos are no longer relevant), a book of 800 pages (2019) and ten thousand pages on the Internet, written since April 2019, and as and when measure of events and signs received from these extraterrestrials.

I am also and especially known to the authorities who read the least of my writings to try to know the future that these extraterrestrials will reserve for humanity.

Who are these aliens?

These are the creators of humanity, who created Men, seven million years ago in northern Chad. Some call them the ancient astronauts, and they are the origin of the Pyramids of Giza, for example. They are the ones who oriented them towards the Constellation Orion.

However, at the time of these same pyramids, humans asked their creators, whom they called Elohim, to let them evolve on their own. The Elohim, these extraterrestrials, therefore left Earth, to let Man evolve as he pleases, but it was a disaster.

Men live today only for money. They do not respect each other at all. They learn nothing from their mistakes, especially by choosing those who govern them. Indeed, as soon as a Man obtains political or economic power, received from other Men, he systematically becomes a manipulator and a liar to keep his power and / or increase his wealth. All men are like that, and it is also true for the rich countries with regard to the poor countries. Sharing no longer exists and Men, from the smallest to the most powerful, have therefore lost all humanity. I also see it from those who support me. They read me everyday, but don’t help me. It only goes one way. That’s not all.

The Men today form an unmanageable risk for the planet that they exploit excessively, without any harmony with nature. The situation has come to such a point that man could detonate the Earth today like a firecracker in an orange. This could happen as a result of problems he created (Chernobyl or CERN, in Switzerland, for example) and which he does not care about. Man likes to play the sorcerer’s apprentice, in addition to regularly reaching a chemical, bacteriological or nuclear risk, whether through his aging plants and industries, or through situations of current war or potential war, as with Ukraine.

The Elohim, these creators of Humanity therefore decided, perhaps a hundred years ago that they had to put an end to the fifth human race, which had become unmanageable and dangerous for the planet, to move on to the sixth. Men have known the existence of these races for a very long time. We’re not talking about skin colors here, but about the DNA of humans that they must reprogram to move on to the next race.

When a breeding of genetically modified rabbits becomes unmanageable and risks destroying the entire farm, it is normal to liquidate everything, to start a new breed. That’s what they’re going to do, and many humans and their authorities have come to expect that because it’s been written for a very long time. This won’t be the first extinction, and only 5% of humans are expected to remain. They are now eight billion and this is no longer possible. They have multiplied by five in just one hundred years! It’s a real disaster, a galloping cancer.

So, to warn the human authorities of this situation and this extinction, they had the good idea to send one of their own in the body of a human, to live among Men. That someone was me, whose cerebral characteristics are not ordinary, what the Belgian army informed me when I was 18 years old.

The Elohim thus made me live my life in episodes, within four religions, three continents, and among people of all backgrounds, and especially in the most dangerous. So, I have a rather dangerous life, without ever being able to create any roots for myself and I have even been clinically dead.

It was in 2008 that I really started my mission, without obviously knowing my links with these extraterrestrials. They made sure that I learned lots of things, which I then had to report to the authorities. Indeed, their goal was for me to train and get experience and contacts in these areas.

In 2013-2014, I thus warned them of an imminent terrorist situation, and in January 2015, the first terror attacks occurred directly in connection with me. In May 2017, I warned the authorities with precision of future terror attacks that occurred within an hour or two hours, and these authorities began to understand where my information was coming from. Then, it was the turn of mass killings, in schools for example, then natural or accidental disasters. It all had a close connection with me.

As the authorities did not move towards me, the Elohim, therefore, added to the minute of my reports or letters to the authorities, new catastrophes. This was the case with my first letter to the UN, causing an Algerian plane to crash at the very minute of my e-mail with 257 people on board. No survivors. It has happened dozens of times. I then had to show these authorities the correspondence between the moment of sending my e-mail and that of the disaster. They obviously could not fail to understand, what power was capable of all this, besides transmitting to me on a Signal and telepathically, everything I had to write.

It is therefore, from the fire in Notre Dame de Paris cathedral (April 15, 2019), that I finally had to start warning the authorities of the end of humanity. These authorities had learned during ten years, to know me, of which my warnings of attacks which all took place. They could therefore be certain that if the Elohim charged me with informing them of the end of humanity, this would also be true. I was still directly linked to hundreds of operations and thousands of deaths, in terrorist attacks, mass shootings, or catastrophes, some of which were directly linked, also to the people I spoke to, some of whom were ministers.

The Covid-19 and its variants are also operations of these extraterrestrials. You experience the effects every day. This slows down, suffocates society, to force taking several times vaccines whose effects humans do not measure the consequences that the Elohim will cause when the time comes, etc. The Delta variant appeared when I had to end my public posts. The Omicron variant appeared when I had just issued an ultimatum to the UN. Total: millions of deaths because people, these authorities, refuse to listen to their creators.

The days are therefore numbered, and each day, the Elohim let us understand that the final catastrophe is for tomorrow, or almost. So, they send me signs every day, through different channels, and I communicate all of this to my followers and to those authorities who read these posts. This is the subject of my mission and of this journal.

Having said that, these authorities can also realize, like me, of the chronology, even if the Elohim, seem to take a long time. This leads me to repeat the same things hundreds of times, but in spite of everything, there are areas where you feel very well that this cannot go on any longer. This is especially true in relation to me.

Let’s take an image. It’s like I have terminal cancer. Remission will not occur. The only thing I don’t know is the date of my death. On the other hand, I watch on my body, the progress of the effects of this cancer, and I communicate them to those around me. This is exactly my situation with regard to the Elohim and the end of humanity. They have a schedule and nothing will make them delay it. So, I am not yet dead. Humanity is not yet either, but it is a question of days, weeks, at most, months, but I doubt it will be that long. I am really in such a situation of destitution, and without money, that my existence is really hanging by a thread. This is one of the most important signs of the end, since I am their only Messenger to these authorities.

This journal below therefore contains the posts intended for my followers and the authorities on my private messaging system. It was created in April 2021 and therefore includes quite personal messages, since it is, in a way, my journal, day after day, sign after sign received from the Elohim.

You can access the other months of my journal and the other headings, by the menu at the top left of this page.

Month displayed: Feb 2022
15849 : 04/02/22 02:20:29

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here

This morning of February 4, 2022, the Elohim, these extraterrestrials on which I depend, have just made me understand something very important. The first part of my book ends with the crash of MH17 at the Ukrainian border. In my book, I specify that this crash occurred 15 days after the birth of the terrorist group ISIS, led by Al Bagdadi. By writing my book, the Elohim made me understand what the MH17 crash really means.

The MH17, was a Boeing 777, which therefore crashed on 7/17 2014. Its first flight took place on 7/17 1997. It was therefore exactly 17 years old!!

The Elohim then make me understand that all these 7 represent the plan of God because 7 is the number of God. This plan of God must lead to the collapse of humanity, which is symbolized by the crash of MH17.
In May 2019, a woman from Lithuania, completely under Elohim mind control, wants me to write a letter to Al Baghdadi to stop his terrorist operations. Our exchange is so electric, that it immediately creates the plane crash at Moscow airport on May 5, 2019, 41 dead. It was also this woman who, on April 24, 2019, translated the result of the anagram that I had just received. This result gave, in ancient Greek, ATHEO THEODA, "With God" (the Elohim) and "Against God" (The religions), which represents my mission. I had received this anagram, at the precise moment when the French actor, Jean-Pierre Marielle, main actor of the first scene of the film "The Da Vinci Code" whose object is the lies of religions, died. This woman is therefore also at the origin of the plane crash in Moscow (= collapse of humanity). We ended up blocking each other.

Al Baghdadi was killed on October 26, 2019, by an American raid, and at the exact minute this raid happened, the Elohim were writing his name on their Signal!! In other words, once again, the Elohim confirmed my links with terrorism and ISIS in particular. As my book reminds you, I am also intimately linked to September 11, 2001. "11" actually means 101, the passage to death, to another world. The towers themselves of the New York WTC represented the number 11, as well as their collapse, again provoked by planes !

This January 22, 2022, this woman from Lithuania is coming back to me, still under the mental control of the Elohim. There is no particular reason for her return, except that 22 is twice 11, and has been the fetish number of the Elohim since the inauguration of the Guidestones on March 22, 1980. These Stones of Guidestones, announce the Apocalypse, which is well documented in my book and present in eight languages ​​the directives that the 5% of humanity who will survive this Apocalypse, will have to follow. On March 22, 2016, the anniversary of this inauguration, the terror attacks in Brussels took place, by ISIS, and I am Belgian! It is not by chance, of course !!

Al Bagdadi’s successor was just killed on February 2, 2022 at 10 p.m. GMT. This therefore gives 2/2/22 22h GMT, or 22-22-22, the anniversary number of the Elohim!!!

So, this series of events, had started with the series of 7, from the MH17 crash, on the Ukrainian border, and at the time of the birth of ISIS, leading to the collapse of humanity. The conflict on the Ukrainian border had then started a few months earlier. The Lithuanian woman contacted me again on January 22, 2022, and 11 days later (number 11, that of the collapse), on 2/2/2022 at 22:00 GMT, the leader of ISIS is killed, while the Russians are about to invade Ukraine!!

I feel like the Elohim made me start a new book just for the purpose of making me understand the significance of the crash of MH17 and the importance of 11 and 22. It is February 2, 2022 , that I made the video based on this book. This one has 27 parts, the last of which is the MH17!! The first complete video file for broadcast was completed on February 2 at 10 p.m. Paris time, or 9 p.m. GMT. Exactly, one hour later, Al Bagdadi’s successor was killed by an American raid!! I posted my video on YouTube and Facebook 3 hours later.

It is therefore possible that the loop started by MH17, Ukraine and ISIS, in July 2014, has just ended. It is therefore also possible that we should perhaps expect an invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and that this could lead to the collapse of humanity. But, it is also possible that the Elohim used these events as an agenda, a chronology, but that it is not this one that will end humanity, but something synchronized and that we do not yet know.

In any case, I am convinced that these weeks spent on this new book and this video, have had the sole purpose of making me understand MH17, the current last chapter of this video. 7, for God’s plan!!

I remind you that this beginning of the book ending with the MH17, can be found here, and that the video of this book (for the moment in French only) can be found here

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15851 : 06/02/22 11:33:03

As a reminder, if you don’t know me, please read the short introduction here

Little Rayan, a five-year-old boy, had therefore fallen on Tuesday, February 1, to the bottom of a 32 m hole in Morocco. I had seen the news, but I had not paid attention to it. Friday, a follower under mind control, pointed it out to me, but I had replied to her that the news was not recent.

But, Saturday morning, I approached this subject, with another follower, and I told her that the future of this little boy could be a sign for Ukraine. I realized, in fact, that this fall could represent two things that I explained to this follower. A fall could symbolize the collapse, especially since this child fell into a hole subject to landslide, therefore, the collapse of humanity. Furthermore, it could also represent the Chernobyl corium sinking into the ground (see previous articles). Chernobyl is in Ukraine, right on the border between Belarus and Russia, and it is precisely the most direct way to get to Kiev.

It was at the precise moment when I approached these symbols, that the Elohim, these extraterrestrials who command me, drew a large inverted death spike on their Signal. This very well represents the child at the bottom of the hole, but also death. See illustration below.

Saturday evening, around 10 p.m., journalists present on the scene, had found that the boy had been removed dead from the hole. The end of this drama is also drawn on the Signal of the Elohim, at the same level as during the reverse death spike, the morning of the same day, when I was talking about it with the follower. Nobody knows when the boy died in the hole, but obviously the Elohim knew it since they had drawn it.

The important thing now is that this death had been drawn, while I was linking the future of the little boy to that of Ukraine. So to me that would be a sign that this invasion of Ukraine, by Russia, should happen.

I hadn’t really thought it was useful to write an article on this subject, but the Elohim made me understand something else, just before I started writing this article.

Perhaps, about twenty times a day, I check the solar activity on the NASA site, more precisely at this address . As I scrolled down to the bottom of the page looking for an RSS (continuous news source), the Elohim sent me the word "Boulder", as if I had read it on the page. I stop my research on a possible RSS, and I began to seek if there is a "Boulder" on this page! I then discovered that NASA’s solar activity prediction and analysis services were indeed headquartered in Boulder, Colorado!! Do you remember the thousand homes burnt down by Elohim directed energy weapons in Colorado? It was exactly in Boulder!

At the time, I pointed out to you that "Boulder" meant "monoliths" and that the choice of this city was a reminder of the place of origin of the human race, 7 million years ago, a region made up of monoliths, in Chad. So, I realize today that there was another reason for having burned the thousand houses there, it is the presence of the NOAA headquarters, the solar predictions of NASA!! In other words, the choice of this locality formed an enormous link, which I had not noticed, towards solar activity. It was therefore a new reminder for a huge solar storm, very well symbolized by this huge fire which burned 1100 houses in 48 hours and which was suddenly interrupted by an equally sudden snowstorm!

In my previous analyses, I said that the situation in Ukraine should perhaps be considered as an agenda, a chronology, even a sign of death, as the death of this 5-year-old child has just been, in the depths of his hole (*). In my eyes, it is not impossible that the Elohim plan to cause a huge solar storm during the eventual invasion of Ukraine by Russia. It would therefore not be impossible that this solar storm could permanently destroy all electronic, electrical and communication installations on Earth, since the Elohim have been reminding us of this every day for months. This would cause a global collapse of humanity since it would be completely paralyzed. The Elohim continue to regularly paralyze part of my body to remind me of this future paralysis of humanity.

(*) While I had written the first sentence of this paragraph above, the Elohim blocked my server at 11:44 (44 = 4x11). It is their way of confirming what I had just written, and "11" means Collapsing of humanity.

If this solar storm occurs, as they seem to be so emphasizing, it could also cause terrible earthquakes and tsunamis. Consequently, this could also cause gigantic catastrophes such as the Chernobyl corium explosion, which they have also been telling us about continuously for two years.

Finally, all sun observers will have noticed that solar activity in 2022 is starting really, really strong. The Earth has already been the subject of several small solar storms, and it is also visible, these last three days. The scientific community would therefore not be surprised if the sun suddenly caused a huge solar storm, globally destructive for the entire surface of the planet. This activity is also such that the press has talked a lot about it in recent weeks, especially on the occasion of a solar storm that was to arrive at Earth. Many journalists have therefore written articles to envisage the worst of the storms.

All this is not an absolute certainty, but it is the current translation of all the signs received. They control how I understand these signs, so that’s definitely what I need to understand. They also control when I make the decision to write and what I write, so that’s really the message they send to you. However, this is all just telepathy. I am absolutely not wrong about the message, but the Elohim can send a message to you through me and by the signs sent, but then, they can cause anything else, or nothing at all. Their goal is to let you know! Mission accomplished! You have been warned!

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15853 : 07/02/22 06:58:17

Lundi 7 février, 4h21 du matin, heure de Paris, il s’est passé quelque chose de très étrange. Je regardais une série française, sur YouTube. Elle date un peu, mais elle m’amuse. Il s’agissait de Kameloott. Voir image ci-dessous.

Or, ce matin, alors que je regarde cette série, mon ordinateur fait le même plantage que les deux fois précédentes. La première, c’était à la mi-décembre. Les Elohim ne voulaient plus que je communique aux autorités. Ils me demandaient de rendre publiques tous mes écrits provenant de ma messagerie privée, et qui contenait notamment mes courriers à ces autorités, ainsi que des résumés. Mon ordinateur étant en panne, j’avais dû le faire avec mon téléphone.

La seconde panne du même genre, c’était le 4 février à 11h11, alors que je venais de recevoir une alerte sur l’Ukraine. Je n’écrivais rien. L’alerte venait de s’afficher au milieu de mon écran et j’étais en train de la lire. J’avais eu ensuite assez bien de mal avec mon ordinateur sur lequel différents problèmes se succédaient, dont la répétition sporadique de la lettre M. J’avais l’impression que ces doublements de M, confirmaient ce que j’écrivais à propos de la situation. Il y avait en outre, l’énorme importance du 11h11, heure miroir par excellence symbolisant l’effondrement de l’humanité. 

La troisième panne, c’est ce matin, à 4h21. J’étais face à mon ordinateur et je regardais donc un épisode de Kameloott. L’ordinateur s’est alors planté de la même façon que les deux fois précédentes, mais le seul indice est ce qu’il se passait à ce moment précis dans cette série. À cet instant, deux collaborateurs du Roi, lui disaient qu’il allait devoir s’adresser au peuple ! C’est la seule fois, je crois, que ce genre de chose se produit dans cette série. J’ai l’impression que je dois considérer cela comme un rappel d’une situation dont j’ai été averti, peu après l’incendie de la cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. Le 15 avril 2019. L’Érudit me disait alors qu’il arrivera un jour où je devrai m’adresser à l’humanité, depuis l’assemblée de l’ONU. Toutefois, cette alerte ce matin, ne dit pas quand, ni comment, j’aurais à m’adresser à l’humanité, ni si d’autres choses devraient se produire avant. Toutefois, c’est certain, la panne de mon ordinateur porte bien sur ce passage de Kameloot.

Ces trois pannes identiques ont chacune une signification. Cela semble évident.   

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15854 : 10/02/22 23:38:15

This Thursday, February 10, 2022, at 22:22, one of my four screens stopped working. So, it was exactly 22:22 p.m., but that’s not all. It was also showing a screen with scratches and which did not match what this screen was supposed to display. See photo above. How many vertical bars do you see?? 11!

We have recently seen the meaning of the number 22. It is first of all the double of 11, the number that the Elohim associate with the collapse of humanity (see 09/11/2001), but also the anniversary of the inauguration of the Georgia Guidestones, on March 22, 1980, and which are personally linked to me. See previous posts and video. This monument, in the USA, of an unknown origin (we only have the pseudonym of the one who had it created) gives in eight languages, a set of rules for the meager population (5%) who will survive an Apocalypse programmed. It is all the more planned since the Stones of Guidestones are both a calendar and a clock, therefore a countdown.

The Elohim then referred to the number 22, on multiple occasions, in particular for several terror attacks, including March 22, 2016, the date of the terror attacks in Brussels because I am Belgian.

So at 22:22, February 10, 2022, the Elohim caused the failure of my screen, referring to the numbers 22 and 11! Besides, they had obviously planned it! For a fortnight, this screen (a curved Dell screen, at 500 euros anyway!) displayed two horizontal lines in the upper part of the screen. It didn’t bother me too much. Then, today, the Elohim pushed me to change the physical layout of my screens, by better arranging the other three screens. This screen down today had therefore become a bit of an accessory, whereas this screen had served me as my second main screen for years. His role had therefore changed yesterday!

I would not like to predict the worst, but today is 2/11/22, in other words 2x11=22. They could also warn us for 2/22/22, or even for a later date, but whatever it is, the destruction of humanity that they have been telling us about for so long, is absolutely imminent.

Another significant risk is that the Earth today faces a large coronal hole in the sun. A coronal hole is therefore a place on the sun where there is no atmosphere. It is very dangerous because if a solar eruption occurs in this place, this one would directly reach the Earth, without having been filtered and slowed down by the non-existent solar atmosphere in this place. This hole may evolve, but this part of the sun will remain facing the Earth, throughout the day of February 11. That’s not all.

As if to emphasize the risk of a solar storm, the NASA charts say that presently Earth is, for 6h, under the effects of a strong 5/9 solar storm. However, it is not strong enough to cause damage. 

Finally, I remind you that the solar storm described by the Elohim and intended to harm humanity, would inevitably cause electrical and electronic breakdowns on the whole planet, like the one represented by my screen.

Let’s wait for the continuation... if continuation, there is.

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