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Also introduced by the hundred of monoliths over the planet...

Translated from French by Google Translated, and edited by myself.

Sometimes things happen that don’t inspire me so much as the Elohim make sure I don’t understand what they mean. The Nashville explosion is one of those delayed events for me.

I remind for those who do not know me that Elohim is a term in Hebrew meaning "Those who come from heaven", a term present in very old writings, prior to the Old Testament and at the origin of it. Religions have preferred to replace this term with God, to prevent humans from associating God with an extraterrestrial force. The latter, the Elohim, are therefore indeed behind the creation of humanity. They have designed Man in their image while restraining him considerably, but while retaining a means of monitoring or controlling him, like a puppet.

There is also the fact that on the day of this explosion, the news did not say much except to point to a man, a little crazy, who allegedly blew up his camper van in Nashville. However, the Elohim wished that I was not interested in it at this time, and I did not read a single article about this entirety. In any case, I had not even seen in photos, the extent of the damage!

What happened that day? At 6 a.m. local time, police receive a phone call, for gunfire in historic downtown Nashville. A patrol goes there, but finds nothing. On the other hand, they find a camper van curiously parked in front of the AT&T tower. The latter, then emits, sufficiently loudly, in the street at 6.15 am, through loudspeakers, a recording announcing that the camper van is going to explode, and the voice asks people to move away. The motorhome then continues with a countdown, and it explodes at precisely 6.30am! The explosion was huge and damaged 40 stores in particular. Cars throughout the perimeter are destroyed. AT & T’s very important data center, which is located in the basement, is also damaged. This data center is also the one of the NSA,

The investigation quickly identified the owner of the vehicle and apparently pieces of his body on the pavement. However, to date, they have not found any motive. He was unknown to the police.

But of all this, therefore, I had no knowledge before today, December 31, 2020.

So, this night of December 31, 2020, New Year’s Eve had already passed for me in the Philippines, and I am about to go to bed. Marie-Madeleine, whom I had not heard from for more than 24 hours, which is rare, then told me at 6:38 p.m. Paris time, " I was wondering if we hadn’t missed something. ", she told me about the Nashville explosion. It is also a sign because an important fact of this kind and of which I do not speak, it is very rare too!

Here is the snapshot of my first messages with Marie-Madeleine, about this.

(ouvrir/fermer image)

I think about it for half an hour with her, then without her. I leave her an important note on her Messenger, and I go to bed.

(ouvrir/fermer image)

An hour later, the Elohim wake me up with coughing and a sentence in my head. Hell then, this is the key to understanding what Marie-Madeleine and I did not understand!

(ouvrir/fermer image)

What Marie-Madeleine was mainly informing me of, was that surveillance cameras on the rooftops of Nashville had shown a white ray from the sky to the ground, just before the explosion. Several newspapers are talking about this fact, including on YouTube. Some compare this explosion to that of Beirut, even if it was of lower intensity. Others say it is a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW), except that it is not possible, for several reasons, and even if this white ray does seem to cause the explosion of Nashville.

Man today does not have DEWs capable of this sort of thing. I had also posted photos showing DEW rays over Beirut, during the California fires, and over the Notre Dame de Paris fire, etc. Yes, except that Man does not have this weapon, even if he tries to produce it. Besides, why would it cause such an explosion in this place, at the heart of American telecommunications?

(ouvrir/fermer image)

Man is initially unable to design batteries to conserve such energy, which would be greater than the energy needs of Paris for a year. These batteries would take the size of a building of several dozen floors, and more. And a building doesn’t fly.

Man does not have this source of energy either. He still uses petroleum, coal, and sometimes the wind.

As for the DEWs that Man is in the process of manufacturing, these are laser rays, therefore necessarily colored, red, green or blue, but never white, produced from the ground or from a warship. Indeed, so far, man has only succeeded in designing DEWs in the form of (colored) laser beams going from the ground or the sea level to the top, and capable of damaging objects, not flying too fast and by clear day because the rain, the clouds, the smoke, prevent the proper functioning of this human DEW, and on a human scale.

The AT&T and NSA data center were heavily damaged, but mostly electronically and not physically. There is no crater following this explosion. It is as if there had been two simultaneous detonations, one on the surface, the other in the ground, but without causing a crater. Probably an electromagnetic explosion. However, this has already happened in Sweden. It had shattered the windows of several buildings around a road, where absolutely nothing had exploded, and where there was also no crater. 

So, these facts and observations challenged Marie-Madeleine and me, and we tried to understand.

Yes, the DEW attacks of which I speak above have indeed for origin, the Elohim, since these attacks are also in connection with me, and my activities, and that they make so, that I discover them after, as in the present case. I also suspect that this same weapon is also used to cause earthquakes, which are also always measured as explosions in terms of energy released. It is the same for the awakening of volcanoes. However, we had to find the motive because the Elohim, would not do this kind of thing without leaving a message.

Marie-Madeleine then adds one last thing; The name of the motorhome owner is Anthony WARNER !! "Warner" means horn, which warns !!

It is at this stage of our reflection that Marie-Madeleine, leaves me on Messenger, to probably go and prepare her New Year’s dinner.

So, I’m looking for, probably inspired by the Elohim, what this AT&T tower in Nashville looks like. My blood then only turns! That’s the case to say! From the front, it is a triangular shape, with, at its top, an inclined triangular shape, a glass roof. The tower is reflective! Even these words, without a photo, are enough to describe where I am going; a monolith !!

Police say the camper van was counting down and asking people to get away! So, the goal was not to kill, but to make known a countdown in front of THE tower representing communications in the USA. Yes, but on that date, Marie-Madeleine, other collaborators and I had strange communication problems, including a cell phone that died. We did not understand then where the Elohim were going with these communication problems. What should we understand?

The "monoliths", cobbled together by men, appeared all over the planet via the press, from November 24, with the one of Utah, even if this one had, in reality, been discovered in mid -November. The press didn’t start reporting it, until November 24, exactly one month before the Nashville explosion, in front of the AT&T tower "monolith".

The Nashville explosion took place on December 25 at 6:30 a.m., Christmas Day. The birth of Christ. In the minds of the Elohim, referring to the birth of Christ is equivalent to referring to the birth of Man, on earth, 7 million years ago in Chad, near a volcanic massif that contains hundreds of natural monoliths, called "volcanic needles". It is with this observation that the Elohim woke me up this night after only one hour of sleep. The explosion in Nashville on Christmas Day, December 25, refers to the birth not of Christ, but of Man on earth! The AT&T tower, also referring to the monoliths of the place of this same birth!

The AT&T tower is located in the historic district of Nashville, and it also reminds me of several other cities recently victims of tragedies in their historic center, notably in Old Quebec (sword attack), and the attack in Vienna. These tragedies were caused by people under mind control. What we should remember here is the qualifier "historical", therefore relating to the history and in this case, to the origin of these cities, therefore to their oldest districts. This is also the case in Nashville, and it is again, a reminder to our origins.

This obliges me to remind you that the Elohim have the faculty of transforming any Man into a puppet, by taking control of his body and / or his mind, over a short or long period of time. It therefore seems obvious that Anthony Warner, the owner of the motorhome, had been under mind control for a long time already because announcing that his vehicle will explode, with him, inside, is exceptional. This is all the more certain as his act was synchronized with an attack by DEW, from a UFO and aimed at the location of his camper van. A few minutes or meters apart, and it probably wouldn’t have given the same result !!

Another special feature of the AT&T tower is its summit. Two points, between which there is a darker oval area. This form is that of two raised fingers, the sign of Satan! Satan, is the name given to the army of God, of the Elohim, in charge of the destruction of humanity. A coincidence?

Finally, the police say that the camper van emitted a countdown asking people to move away because it was going to explode, this camper van belonging to a man whose name means "who warns!". So the goal was not to kill, but to destroy, and the main message, from Mr. Warner, was the countdown !!

The Elohim therefore mean to us by the explosion of Nashville that Man will be destroyed and that henceforth, humanity is facing a countdown for its destruction, and that nothing will be able to stop !!

By destruction of humanity, I mean that 90 to 95% of humans will perish in different ways, in successive operations to reduce humanity, and probably during the year 2021. These operations will be epidemics and chain mutations, civil wars and border wars, nuclear disasters, huge earthquakes and tsunamis, awakenings of major volcanoes, destructive solar storms, etc., each event being caused by the Elohim! The goal of all this is therefore the reduction of humanity to a few hundred million individuals, against the 7.8 billion today. This was written on the Guidestones granites.

Another consequence will be that 50% of the French territory will end up being, underwater and in the open sea. All the continents will thus be reconfigured, a bit like in the 2012 film. Note that if you reverse the last two figures, that makes 2021.

What is happening today is called the Apocalypse, and it is described in the Bible, verse 15.1. This describes the 7 trumpets of the Apocalypse, which the world heard well in December 2019 and January 2020, followed by the 7 plagues. The first plague is disease and it is Covid-19. The process is therefore ongoing.

The Elohim are therefore our creators. These are the ones that sometimes fly, visibly, above your heads in these UFOs that millions of humans are passionate about. So, in these UFOs it is not about friends of men, but about our owners. They employ me to warn you that they are over the heads of Humans because the latter continue to deny their origins, their parents in a way, the Elohim, but also, because the Humans, become infinitely too many, such as a cancer of the Earth. For them, there is therefore only one way to do it, destroy humanity and Man, and to start all over again. This is the process currently under way.

Finally, I also remembered that the Signal of the Elohim arrives on my Internet server, in the Netherlands, since the end of year holidays of 2016. So, exactly 4 years ago. It never stopped since. In its first months of existence, the Signal of the Elohim mainly made alerts related to my activities, the 21st of the month. The internet weapon at the base of this signal, Mirai Botnet, had also made it impossible to access the Internet to the whole of the USA, on October 21, 2016, which is why the FBI spent 3 months on my server, to determine where this Signal came from. 450 emails were exchanged with the FBI, but they never found. Considering all the events that took place on the basis of this Signal and this Internet weapon, I ended up calling it Signal 21 and it is still its name today, https: //www.signal21.php/signal.php . It is this Signal which still allows me, 4 years later, to communicate with the Elohim! 

Look also, at the analogy. The Elohim Signal, born on October 21, 2016, in putting down all the Internet in the USA. Four years later, the Elohim explode a camper van, in front of the AT&T tower, the center of telecommunication, in the USA!

And we are exactly on January 1, 2021, 00:00:00 !! (for the French version)

I assure you, I didn’t even put it out on purpose at exactly 00:00:00 on January 1st. As I had finished a few minutes before midnight, they made me add the last paragraph.

Happy New Year 2021 !!

And frankly, I am convinced of the contrary!

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