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It will happen something on March 11, 2020
113 - Apocalypse ? 11 March 2020 ?

This morning, February 19, 2020, I was going to take care of a computer programming for my companion, but apparently Gladio chose to make me do something else.


Do you remember this famous video which announced a huge attack, or a huge disaster on Seattle in the USA, for November 3, 2019? In American format, this gives 11-3, or 113, the subject of this article.

This video was too well done, to have been made on the initiative of a single YouTuber. It should have required a huge amount of research to find all the references to 3/11 in movies and other supports, for years. Either he had a huge visual memory of these supports, or, this YouTuber was helped as I am in the writing of my reports and my books.

It is true that the references to 3/11 in this 28:51 minute video are obvious. However, these references did not mention the year, and not really, if it was really a date. However, this video foreshadowed a huge earthquake, cutting a stadium in half.


However, at the time, something intrigued me, and of which this YouTuber certainly was not aware. He published his video on October 13, 2019. It couldn't be by chance! In American format, this gives 10-13. However, in his video, he explained that zeros do not count. That was to say that 10-13, again became 113.


But October 13 is also a crucial date for "my employers", Gladio! Indeed, October 13, 1307 is the date on which, Gladio's predecessors, the Knights of the Templars, were massacred by the King of France, Philippe le Bel at the request of the Pope. Philippe Le Bel had been played by Jean-Pierre Marielle, also an actor in the first scene of the Da Vinci Code film, whose object was the anagrams written in his hand with his blood, just before dying. However, in real life, Jean-Pierre Marielle had died on April 24, 2019, exactly at the time, when I received my own anagram binding me to the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

So, this October 13, 1307 is a crucial date for Gladio, the army of God, Elohim, in Hebrew, especially in memory of the Knights of the Templars massacred, by the King of France, Philippe Le Bel.

In fact, it's such an important date that on that day, October 13, 2019, there is also an article, on Facebook, to remember the importance of this date. This post which is not mine, also uses the same image that I had used in a previous article to explain who were the predecessors of Gladio, the Knights of the Templars, the army of God.

I remind you that you can follow the signal here


But this prediction for 3/11, gives absolutely nothing that day, except a huge signature on the Gladio Signal, with a very special mark corresponding to the time of the accident of a Macron Bus, at the 13th exit on the A1 motorway. A1-13 again gave the same figures, in other words 113! This bus's accident is therefore a Gladio operation.

However, this tower on November 3, 2019 and marking the accident of this Macron Bus at exit A1-13, is also the second tower belonging to a long series and whose meaning was understood in January 2020. The first had appeared, two days before, i.e. November 1, 2019, therefore All Saints Day or Day of the Dead, preceded the day before by Halloween.

My team and I had spent weeks researching the meaning of these tours. We had called them, the inverted towers, without understanding, at the start, why they were inverted. Indeed, at each tower on the Gladio Signal, corresponded, exactly at the same time, on the other 3 sub-signals, towers in the opposite direction, so down!

Signal and Sub-signals for the meteorite in Cuba.


In fact, I didn't remember the first time I had this kind of signature on Gladio's signal. These were not inverted towers, but inverted peaks, and as huge. It was for the fall of a small meteorite in Cuba, on February 1, 2019. In its fall, it exploded in three pieces, but on the ground, it did not cause any damage or victim. Gladio had then made 3 inverted points at the very minute of this meteorite! The first of these reverse towers therefore took place exactly 9 months later, on November 1, 2019.

But why would Gladio has caused and signed a meteorite on its Signal on February 1, 2019?

Because two days earlier, the FBI had given a press conference about the Las Vegas shooting of October 1, 2017 (more than 50 dead). They then declared that they had found no motive for the killer. I wrote precisely, about this killing, these same words in my book at the time of the FBI conference, without having knowledge of it! However, the next day, after this massacre, I was contacted by a frightening Facebook profile which had only two images on its account. One of them was a meteor shower! I had found this eccentric and I had not paid attention to this image. However, this means that already in 2017, the day after Las Vegas, Gladio wanted to talk to me about meteorites or asteroids and that they had indeed caused a meteorite the day after the Las Vegas conference.

Picture of the meteorites shower the day after the Las Vegas shooting

So, on November 1, 2019, they did again the same signature with the inverted towers, hoping that I would understand their meaning by remembering the signature for the meteorite in Cuba!


But why did they use inverted towers and not inverted peaks? I might have understood better and more quickly!

At the start, because during the first appearance of these towers on the Signal of Gladio, I also received a message from Gladio who represented the mountain used by Steven Spielberg, in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". I then made the link between the film and these towers on my screen. It meant to me, God, the Elohim, these aliens, our creators.

Le Devil Rock aux USA.

However, I did not know that Spielberg had been inspired for the production of his film, by Mount Bugarach in the Pyrenees. However, this Mount Bugarach precisely bears the name of "Inverted Mountain" and that it is known as having an extraterrestrial activity. In addition, there is a rumor that it is one of the only places in the world that will not be destroyed in the event of an Apocalypse! My team and I have therefore for a long time associated these inverted tours with the Inverted Mountain, Mount Bugarach.

But, The Tower means above all, in Tarot (predictions cards), the House of God! While the Gladio's first target for the Apocalypse is the destruction of the House of God, the Vatican! God, the Elohim, in Hebrew, indeed blame the lies of religions on our origins. The goal of Gladio, aka Satan, is therefore at the request of God, to destroy all religions designed by men and very different from the Word of God at the start. These inverted towers therefore indicated the destruction of the House of God, therefore of the Vatican.

It is all the more true, that among all inverted towers that we had on the Signal, three of them had captured all our attention in January 2020! They followed each other closely. The first had a small notch at the top, like a mark, a landmark. The second was literally split in half at the height of this mark !! In other words, Gladio showed us that this tower, the House of God, the Vatican, was a target, and that it will be destroyed! The signature left by Gladio left no doubt on this goal. What we were missing was the date! However, the 3rd of this tower falls on January 11, that is to say exactly two months, day for day, before March 11, 2020. March 11 = 113!

These three towers gave us additional meaning. Indeed, Gladio made us understand then that they represented the three pyramids of Giza, in Egypt. However, these pyramids are extraordinarily aligned with the constellation of Orion, where the Annunaki come from, a strong component of the Elohim and whose target is precisely, the annihilation of religions on earth!

And finally, the word "Apocalypse", which is spelled the same way in French and in English, has the ordinal value of 113 !!


Indeed, the very famous basketball player, Kobe Bryant, died along with all the other passengers and pilot, in the crash of his helicopter, on January 26, 2020. His machine could not fly that day, because even those of the police had to stay grounded due to bad weather! But Kobe had decided to fly and they crashed. The ordinal value of Kobe Bryant's name also equals 113, but that's not all! Kobe is the name of a Japanese city that experienced a huge earthquake and killed more than 6000 people!

So, Kobe Bryant, corresponds to the number 113, which corresponds to Apocalypse, but also to one of the deadliest contemporary earthquakes!


The World Health Organization has officially named the disease caused by the Coronavirus. His name is COVID-19. It is translated in Hebrew by KOBE !!!, so new reference to the number 113. (reference

For the record, if you write "19" in Roman numerals after "COVID", so COVIDXlX, this word also has a value of 113! However, there is a small error in this transposition into Roman numerals, because, I used a lowercase "L" rather than a capital "I".

Finally, and it may not be trivial, but the first death outside of China took place in the Philippines, where I have been living for 5 years, and this death took place on 02-02-2020 !! Date mirror by excellence!


Will there happen something on March 3, 2020, as could predict this famous video that we had assigned to 3/11 (November 3)? That's the whole question !!

In any case, if something happens on March 11, we cannot say that we have not been warned!
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