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Alert ! Coronavirus and the Signal of Gladio...
Alert ! Coronavirus and the Signal of Gladio...

Yesterday, February 22, I communicated to you an important alert which I qualified as "reverse tower". I did not put an end to this alert because they are rarely isolated. So I'm waiting for the following. I therefore ask you to read the yesterday's article and the one entitled "113, Apocalypse?", To find out what "reverse towers" represent.

However, as I finished this article yesterday, I noticed that this inverted tower, with its small point, very significant at the top, seemed to correspond to the first death of Coronavirus in Italy. I confirm this. This tower started well at the minute of the announcement of this death in Veneto! Gladio therefore knew that this person was going to die from Coronavirus.

I also pointed out to you in this article yesterday, that this tower was "graphically" in preparation since the Brest earthquake. I maintain that.

But what does that mean? That it is Gladio, alias Satan, behind the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

I remind you, moreover, see article "113, Apocalypse?", That Covid means "Kobe" in Hebrew, therefore of the same name as "Kobe Bryant", famous basketball player recently killed with his helicopter on January 26th. However, the ordinal value of "Kobe Bryant" and of the word "Apocalypse", is equal to 113.

Notice also that chronologically, this happened:

  1. I realize this article "113, Apocalypse?", Published on February 19.
  2. I discover a planning of Gladio and while I understand it, on February 19 at 10:20 pm, the earthquake occurs in Brest!
  3. On February 20, I write an article on this earthquake and on what I understood, but Gladio forbids me to publish it as such.
  4. On February 21, in continuation of the earthquake, Gladio erected at nearly 11 p.m., a huge inverted tower, which began at the very moment of the first death in Italy.
  5. On February 22, I write a report on this inverted tower, because it is directly linked to the article "113, Apocalypse?", The Brest earthquake and finally the first death of the Coronavirus in Italy !!

Do you understand Gladio's message?

Gladio, alias Satan, links me very closely with everything that is going on and everything they cause!

Remember what I published just before this series!

Do you not see a sacred chronology in these articles and in these events ??

God, as well as two of my close collaborators, had warned me and seriously detailed my function as Antichrist, during Pentecost 2019 (June). Yet on the Internet, I never talked about it. In the first volume of my book, I dropped the word quickly, but I did not detail anything about it. So I knew it, but I didn't say anything because I didn't believe it. Until Pentecost 2019, I didn't even believe in God.

It is therefore, with the massacre in Thailand on February 8, that Gladio wanted to bring me back to reality and to this function that I have hidden for months. Why Thailand? Because it is there that without knowing it, I began my function in 2008, of the Antichrist. I then began to "report" to the authorities the activities of Gladio, whose name I did not even know at the time.

The ancient scriptures said that the Antichrist would appear on earth, in the company of a prostitute riding the beast. It was exactly my condition in 2008. Gladio put me in the hands of an unleashed prostitute who would become my wife the following year, and the latter came from the region of this big shooting, in Thailand, the February 8.

It took me a number of days to make the various connections, as well as to understand that my entire existence had been only one training for my function today. This ultimately resulted in these three articles, on the Antichrist. You have certainly, or perhaps, said that Marc Delantre became crazy. Gladio, just showed you by these events the opposite! It is not to take or leave, but to take or die! You may forget that Gladio is behind the least of my writings. So, you can usually tell yourself that it is they who write to you and not me. It is all the more true that very often, I wonder where I found all my words!

Gladio therefore controls the progression of this virus. The WHO also says that they don't really understand how this virus spreads today, since it now affects and kills people who have had no contact with it or with Chinese people. In reality, they know almost nothing about this virus. This can be seen in the content of the press releases, which governments take up with a serious layer of anti-panic. They also act more or less as if nothing had happened and we see Macron visiting the Agricultural Show! It's filthy. You are concerned about this virus and Macron is concerned about the welfare of cattle! And during this time the Minister of Health resigns to run for the Paris cityhall! Coronavirus is too explosive, but politicians pretend that the danger does not exist.

In fact, they refuse to admit that this virus is not natural, and that it is indeed a weapon of mass destruction and against which they can do almost nothing. They play music like violinists on the sinking Titanic, not to relieve your stress, but to fall you asleep, so as not to see that the boat is sinking!

Several times a day, I am told about the Coronavirus to ask me what I think about it. My words are always the same. This Coronavirus has been designed by Gladio. They control the evolution, but on this subject everything is possible.

My assumption is that a very large number of you are already infected, without having any contact with China, Chinese or infected people. Gladio knows these infected people because they can monitor and control our bodies remotely as we do with computers or mobile phones.

It has been my fate for years. I see it every day, on my own body. If I feel something wrong, I just have to write it down and the pain disappears in a few hours. This has happened to me several times. Gladio is watching me. Currently, my partner has had all the symptoms of the flu, cough, cold, fatigue ... for weeks. But I feel very good and I haven't had this kind of thing for a long time. Maybe I'm even immune, or maybe my body has the serum to keep me from getting infected. This is a possibility, since Gladio has been ordered to protect me. So maybe I am.

As for you, the virus is therefore probably already in you, or in a large part of you, but Gladio could make it active, on demand. They would choose for this, people whose condition, location, or previous facts, can justify the appearance of the virus.

The first Italian death occurred in a hospital, it's very significant! And yet, nobody talks about contamination in a hospital environment. It is the place by excellence for the spread of viruses. There are even viruses that only live in hospitals. The mother of my twins almost died with such viruses. She had become like a Michelin tire in less than 48 hours! If this patient had the virus in a hospital, it means that all the personnel and all the patients of this hospital could be contaminated! We quarantine the boats but what about the hospitals? This whole hospital should be quarantined and tested!

Several parameters have been reviewed since the appearance of this virus, including the modes of transmission and the incubation period. This is a sign that the authorities know almost nothing about this virus, and meanwhile, Gladio continues to spread it.

Some videos in China show people who purposely contaminate what they touch so that others can be contaminated. This kind of thing will exist everywhere, because Gladio can also control the mind of the infected and push them to do it, without them even realizing it. It is as if each of you becomes a remote-controlled spray, without being aware of it. It is entirely within Gladio's possibilities and during this time WHO will continue to wonder how this is possible. It must be understood that these deaths are now known in Italy, Gladio can accelerate the spread in and around this region. The same principle will take place in France. The most important were the first dead. All this is under control, not of the authorities, but of Gladio, in other words Satan.

But how many times have I told you that you should leave these regions and at the very least buy gas masks? How many of you did it? Even Madonna at the Eurovision made it the only theme of her mini concert! Gladio also warned you in his own way by setting fire to seveso companies. How many of you have bought a real gas mask? Or medical masks, which are almost useless?

You don't listen. You complained about the authorities, but they are the ones you listen to first! You don't even listen to your survival instinct! I hesitated to write this article because I know you are not listening. You read, but you wait for the last moment and what is this moment? This is where the authority itself will say that the boat is sinking, so much too late.

You can not blame these authorities, this president who cares more for cattle than you, this minister of health who resigns! No, you cannot complain. It is you who voted for them and who pays them, and you too, have resigned from your protective duties, from your life and the one of your children! You do not even defer to God, who watches this distraught, but to the officers of the ship that you yourself have appointed while they are incompetent. Faced with this hell on earth that is fast approaching, you follow the information when you know that it does not tell you the truth! It is your choice and not the one of the captain of the ship, who will sink the boat or who will watch it sink without doing anything, because he can do nothing, except put you to sleep, so that death is sweeter.

Some, such as whistleblowers cry wolf to warn you! But what are they doing to protect themselves? Have they left the danger zones? Have they removed their children from schools? No, because they are like you. They have the wrong fight. People don't have to fight for their social rights, like the Yellow Vests, but people should be in a mode of defense, survival, departure. But none of this happens because you are waiting for death to knock on your door. Believe me, death will come at your door in the form of a virus or terrestrial cataclysm. Death arrives because it knows that you are waiting for it, without even trying to avoid it.

Am i angry ? Yes a bit. I am even moved because it is my job to warn you and you are not listening! However, many of you ask me every day what I think is going on. I don't know what bothers me the most. Is it the virus? Or is it the fact that you are waiting for it?

God bless you.

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