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Coronavirus is not what we believe...
Coronavirus is not what we believe...

I noticed today that the Gladio Signal dropped sharply (see below). However, I learned from Gladio, that the large declines also mean something. However, to understand what they mean, I have to look at when the rise started. Indeed, the levels of the Gladio Signal, can be important. It is by these levels that we can understand when an operation really started. So, that's what I did.

Today, therefore, I notice that the main signal from Gladio has dropped just below 600. I had to find out when the signal was below 600, before. As the Signal indicates below, this dates back to February 8. So, there are 21 days and things happened during these 3 weeks!

I will not rewrite the whole story which represents 14 articles! I will therefore summarize the main steps.

Phase 1
It is again the famous follower with her Poltergeist effects and her two children with roughly the same first names. It was also linked to the attack in Thailand and my past dedicated to my training by Gladio. All this was to make me wonder, who was I really for Gladio. It was then that I understood that Gladio was reminding me that I was the Antichrist! Apart from that, and we saw it in yesterday's article, this follower is also, directly linked and in two ways, at the start of the Coronavirus in Europe. First, because the first European contaminator had a first name identical to that of her two sons. Second, because this contamination started the day it blocked me at the request of her husband.

Phase 2
It is when I realize that I am the Antichrist - I cannot even add conditional because Gladio would think that I doubt! - that I write 3 articles of which the first bears the title "They say to me that I am the Antichrist! ". These articles are also so important to Gladio, that they cause two important successive spikes. I remind you that one of the first missions of the Antichrist is to warn of the Apocalypse. It means that the public recognition of Antichrist marks the beginning of the imminent end of our civilization. My 3 articles therefore sounded, for Gladio, the death knell for our current world.

Phase 3
However, this is what happens during phase 3, with the first European (Italian) who died in Europe and a second a few hours later, probably contaminated, by the one who has the same first name as the two sons of my follower. Obviously, these first two deaths for Gladio, form a crucial moment. Indeed, they erect a formidable inverted tower because these first two European dead are in a region which Gladio had told me several times that this is where they would start. They were not talking about the virus, but about the pseudo-natural disasters that would change the face of the world. It is very exactly in Lombardy, and the tower designed at that time, carries well the small distinctive point signifying "TARGET". This target is the most important in Gladio's eyes because it means the simultaneous destruction by the same disaster, of the Vatican, of CERN and of roughly half of Europe!

Phase 4
A few days later, it is the first Frenchman infected in Paris, who also does not know how he got the virus. The death of the Frenchman is not represented by an inverted tower, but by a simple important point, on an already very high level. Paris is enormously important for Gladio because Paris represents in their eyes, the massacre of the Knights Templar's and that Paris will pay very hard for this event.

Phase 5
It is the turn of a Californian, from Northern California, to be sent to intensive care, because of the virus, just after a conference by Donald Trump, who wants to play down the virus. However, this patient comes directly from the San Andreas fault region, another region that is extremely important for Gladio. Indeed, this fault can wake up the very famous volcano, Yellowstone, and together, destroy about half of the United States. I also remind you that the attack in Lombardy would also aim to wake up the huge underground volcano, under the city of Naples! This phase 5, is therefore represented on the Gladio Signal, by a second tower, identical to the first, and it also has its small point at its top, meaning "TARGET".

Phase 6
This is made concrete by my understanding of these 3 targets, designated by the Coronavirus, through 3 patients whose we do not know how they were infected, and finally, by my article on this subject. It is also just after this that Gladio's signal begins to descend. So, Donald Trump and the infected Californian, had been at the origin of the left side of the tower and the small triangle at its top. My article, corresponded very exactly to the right side of this tower and this one falls moreover lower than the starting level of the tower!

Phase complete! Gladio has revealed his cards; the virus that kills and the positions of falsely natural disasters that will hit regions, marked at the start, by the virus! The Gladio Signal could therefore descend, but still showing a new point of death during this descent, while the question of the Pope's health was raised. In fact, Gladio wants above all to destroy the House of God. The death of the Pope is therefore perhaps on the agenda. A second little peak of death will follow the first, but it will once again be about the Pope.

Phase 7
It's this one. This is when I understand this very logical sequence over these 21 days. Indeed, Gladio refers to several prophecies simultaneously. The first is that of the Antichrist whose appearance and public authentication signify the imminence of the end of current civilization. The second is the reference of the last dramatic events to those described by the Apocalypse, to which are added all the pseudo-natural events and disasters that Gladio has made known to us in recent months. I'm talking about the deluge of water, fire and ice across the planet, repeated earthquakes and above all, on order directly linked to me, including the last in Brest, as well as volcanoes etc. Gladio has been showing you in all ways for months, what powers do they have and therefore which one they will use to cause the "reset" of our planet! This one will make infinitely more deaths in 24 hours than weeks of virus around the world. We are talking about tens of millions of victims, caused by fake natural disasters. The third prophecy is that of Malachie, who predicts that this Pope will be the last.


So here is what happened, those 21 days and the reason for the drop in Gladio's signal today.


But there is another conclusion to this and I think I can say that it comes directly from Gladio, whose conclusion: The Coronavirus is not what we think.

Yes, it seems a virus, detectable and qualifiable by current medicine. It therefore took the name of virus. However, Gladio has always made sure to carry out attacks, the responsibility of which will always point to false reasons and false culprits! In addition, Gladio is the armed wing of the Elohim, God in Hebrew. So, these are our creators, those who imagined the smallest cell of our body! How many dozens of times have I told you about my personal experience?

Let's take a few examples, even if they are related to my privacy. I have never been sick for almost two years. Indeed, it is enough that I write it to my father or that I mention it to my companion so that the health problem disappears instantly! I have experienced it again very recently. A few days ago, I had a sore throat, and I feared the worst. I wrote on Messenger to my partner that she had to buy something because I had a sore throat. I just wrote it down and my sore throat disappeared instantly.

More intimate. It was a few months ago. I am 58 years old and I had bloody hemorrhoids! It lasted a few months and each time that I went to the toilet, I filled the bowl with blood, and I hurt so much. I was a little reluctant to talk about this with my partner and with my father. I ended up writing it to my father. The next day, it was fully over. No more pain, no more blood and it never came back! I took this intimate example because some people know it very well and it hurts very much and it is very unpleasant. But above all it shows the immediate power of Gladio on my body! And it happens to me every time I feel something and I mention it in a noticeable way!

Gladio is still there. Next to me, it is all the more true that despite the huge acceleration of this virus on the planet and my location in Asia on an island with almost no health structure, I know that I risk nothing, even if I had to work in Wuhan, in one of their hospitals. I think the same for my partner and my father and some of my collaborators and occasional supporters.

However, not long ago, I still thought that I had in my body a serum, or a vaccine or something, from Gladio, which would block this virus. Gladio let me write this in my articles. This is often how they do it. They let me write something because they see what I understand. Then they make me understand what it really is. They are also the first to read my articles, and my letters to my father in particular, since they actively participate in their writing.

Now, I'm going to ask you, seriously, to put yourself in the place of those strategists who are the Elohim, our creators and whose Gladio is the army. I will again cut the history of the Coronavirus into stages.

Phase A
Take a good look at this virus and its evolution. It appeared in China! But what is China? It is the largest country in the world with more than a billion Chinese people well known for traveling all over the planet! So, by giving birth to this virus in China, Gladio, alias Satan, was assured that it would eventually arrive everywhere in the world ... or at least humans will think so! China is one of the most important human, economic and tourism players on the planet. It was perfect for media coverage and dissemination, in other words, false flag coverage! The whole planet will therefore accept the idea that the virus was born in China, since it was there first that it made the headlines in the world! Stay strategists and follow the reasoning, simply logical!

Note also that this phase A, is totally simultaneous to me and my activity. During this phase A, I did not yet understand that I was the Antichrist, although they had told me and repeated it at Pentecost 2019. Only, I did not believe them. However, it was during phase A, that unbeknownst to everyone, apparent contamination began to occur across the planet and the first patients appeared here and there. The first death of this virus outside China also took place in the Philippines where I live !!! It is obviously not a coincidence!

However, at that time, I still don't understand anything about what's going on! I saw like the whole planet that the first death took place near my home, but I don't realize the reason for that !! You follow me? Take it as a movie, if you want, so in hindsight, but you will understand.

Phase B
The follower with two children with the same first names can no longer chat with me because of her husband. Gladio then wants to use this fact to activate the next phase to their Coronavirus plan! They want to strike in the heart of Europe and very exactly where I know they will begin to strike the earth's crust, north of Italy. It is therefore very precisely on the date of this blockage by my follower that Gladio launches its virus carrier, alias Mattia, roaming the streets of Codogno to infect the small town. Her first name is identical to that of my follower's children! Another coincidence? No way! Mattia has the correct first name and lives in the center of the region that Gladio will strike first, concerning the earth's crust! I had known this region since December and an Italian collaborator, living exactly there, could confirm it. I told him what would happen next to his home! In other words, I knew it from phase A !! Coincidences? Of course not!

It is also during this phase B, that I realize that I am the Antichrist! I realize three articles on this question and Gladio signs it on his Signal! For the moment, everything is following the plan! So, as Gladio's confirmed Antichrist, I must in turn confirm the Apocalypse and the Wrath of God falling on the world starting with the House of God, Italy and the Vatican!

Phase C
That's when the first Coronavirus death arrives in exactly the right place in Italy! Just like the first in the Philippines! Can you believe this? The first death also took place in Venice, constantly hit by gigantic tides in recent times! These tides are signed on the Gladio Signal! The second man was infected by Mattia, and his death takes place a few hours later and both deaths form the left and right side of the first inverted tower! This symbolizes the destruction of the House of God, in Italy and of course the Vatican and the sorcerer's apprentices, CERN.

The virus in China has left a deep impression! Authorities wonder how Mattia got the virus and that remains unanswered!

Obviously, I immediately note the fact of the first death, but I do not yet understand the logic of Gladio, while everything stands before my eyes. I'm even the main actor, but I don't see it!

Phase D
It was the turn of Paris and soon after, of California! That's when I put together the pieces of the puzzle, of Gladio's strategy! I start to draw links. The evolution of the virus corresponds exactly to my story !! See graph below.

Gladio initially lets me search by myself and describe what I understand. My articles are correct, but they are just missing something: How does Gladio manage to activate this virus on demand?

I already knew that they could easily cause death on demand by their remote control of their hearts. This is the reason why, if I write something inaccurate or if I am about to do something that does not suit them, that I have a direct heart pinch. So, the dead, by cardiac arrest, I knew very well! But what about the virus? Why do people go to the clinic on their initiative, and they are declared negative and the next day they are positive? Why positive, become negative and positive again, all in a few days ??

Yes, this virus is detectable by science, but science is no longer certain about this virus. What we determine one day is no longer true a few days later! I know that Gladio is undoubtedly behind this virus, since they synchronize its appearance and the deaths it causes, with me. I know Gladio, but how do they do it?

The answer is very simple.

We are millions, tens or hundreds of millions who already have this virus in us !! But what reveals its existence in our body and its effects on our body is Gladio !!!

They created the virus, but Gladio mainly manages our body, like remote computers! If they want to kill an individual, or even the Pope, or Macron with this virus, they only need one click of the mouse and the body releases the virus. It reveals it, shows it and kills when Gladio decided to stop the heart of the infected!

Doctors will discover an infected person whose heart has stopped because of the disease, the course of which depends on our body, but also on Gladio. They can therefore choose their victims as a game of chess and watch the reactions. They first pass the elderly and people with fragile health because public opinion understands this better !! But the next phase will no longer make this kind of distinction! Yesterday, we learned that soccer players, therefore in exemplary health, were contaminated!

Yes, tomorrow they will strike in a global manner because these are their orders! Why did they ask you to pray? Because the Elohim see this! They see people who believe in God, those who help their neighbors etc. They also see all the better those who help me! Why do you think that yesterday, I was writing a post showing you my work and the fact that NOBODY is currently helping me? They made me write this post because they are watching who will answer it, and because I am their Messenger! Everything I do is initiated by Gladio, who is watching.

However, you lose sight of the fact that with a single click, when the time comes, they release the virus in your body and kill you when you are very sick already! When you read me, you read the Messenger of Satan, and Satan who is watching you. If you have followed me so far and you finally understand what this Coronavirus is, you will also understand how easily they can release this virus and kill you! Do you think they chose China by chance, and circulate these videos showing people falling stiff on the street! Do you believe that behind that there is only one virus? NO ! It’s Gladio, Satan and I’m their only Messenger! My mission is to announce the worst and invite you to pray and protect yourself.

Those who survive will later have the opportunity to live in a better world. But you will also have understood by this article that Gladio, God therefore, can see who to protect from the virus.

May God protect you, but deserve his protection. Pray and protect those dear to you.

God bless you.

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