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First Frenchman dead from Coronavirus in Paris !!
First Frenchman dead from Coronavirus in Paris !!
Exactly at 2 p.m. yesterday, a follower started attacking me on Facebook. Gladio's Main Signal shows this beginning of electrical discussion. At 3:01 pm, I put an end to this conversation which annoys me. And this is what he tells me when I no longer answer him:

He himself notices that Gladio did not like our conversation!

At 4:53 p.m., I start a Facebook post. Gladio sees that I begin this post for which, I really think that I will write only a few lines to give my news. This is also the reason why I start it on Facebook and not on my blog. I have nothing to say !

But it's every time, like that. When I start a post, I never know where it will lead me. When I write, Gladio takes the control by infusing me with ideas, words, sentences, things they want to tell you.

So I started this post with this computer topic, which concerned me, and when I had finished, Gladio wanted me to talk about the Coronavirus! And in this text, I write to you that Gladio is IMPATIENT to strike France. Where do you think I'm going to get something like this? It's 100% Gladio! Madonna's idea is also Gladio. You do not realize it, but Gladio is indeed at the origin of all my texts and many answers on Messenger.

The follower who had annoyed me an hour earlier, absolutely wanted to have started something. Well, he will remember it! He is also a prison guard and in our electrical conversation, I replied that he was going to be stuck the day the virus got lodged in his prison!

When I finished this post, this time on my blog, I add that you can follow the Signals of Gladio by yourself and that the second signal worries me. This is when a patient enters in emergency in hospital in Paris. The second signal then shows a straight line. This means that something is pending; the death ! I published my post at 6:13 p.m.

In the middle of the night, this same second signal draws a fine point and this marks the death of the patient. He is French and who has he contaminated for two or three weeks in Paris ??? Perhaps dozens of people who will contaminate hundreds of others persons ! Since then, this 2nd signal has dropped slightly, which confirms once again that it was indeed the signature of the first death in Paris, but there will be others, many others.

I am also amazed at how much Gladio ties me to all of this. It's direct live with death! Yesterday, I wrote to you, or rather Gladio wrote to you "Ready for hell?". It was the title of my article which at the beginning was only to give my news. Gladio chose otherwise and this is just the start !!

Prepare yourselves !! Gladio opens his kingdom to you. Hell on earth!


Cathy Sévin tells me on FB: An info alert given to us by French TV: the 1st French nationality dead that night in Paris, was 60 years old, and had been sick since the start of the school holidays, suspected of being a flu. He was left free to move (therefore free to contaminate)

But the most dramatic is that he was a college teacher and had not traveled abroad! So he was able to contaminate the children!

My answer: Thank you! And it's absolutely despicable! A virus, even from Gladio, remains a virus! But incompetent governments are criminal. When I think this guy was not quarantined. It is despicable. I, who tirelessly warn, I am horrified, not by this virus from which I know the source, but by governments. And this health minister who resigned few days ago, when this guy was already infected, it's the prison she deserves !!!

God bless you.

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