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Understood! Tonnerre de Brest! And I create a seisme 3.8 at Brest!! (France)
Understood! Tonnerre de Brest! And I create a seisme 3.8 at Brest!! (France)

In the afternoon of February 19, 2020, I was surprised that Gladio's signals had not moved a little since the publication of my last article entitled "113, Apocalypse?" at 11:40 a.m. It really was not their habit! I feared I was mistaken.

At around 10 p.m., my Gladio sub-signal (above), which is linked to me personally, suddenly caught my attention. It was, in fact, probably Gladio who urged me to look at it better, since I noticed "only" that the signals had not moved for and from my previous article. I then noticed that this sub-signal presented 3 groups of peaks which seemed to me separated by an identical graphic distance and with a decreasing height.

So I decided to draw a first straight line (A) between the highest point of the first group and the highest point of the second group. Convinced that the following distance was identical, I did not draw a new straight line, I then copied my first straight line, to place it between the following two peaks! (B) Indeed, the distance was identical! It was the first time Gladio had used such similarity. It was not easy to obtain, because if the peaks were not at the right height, it would not have worked. However, since Gladio is behind these graphics, they can obviously make it stick.

At 10:20 pm, I decided to copy the same straight line again and place it to the right of the second peak, to see what time, this new straight line would lead me, considering that it would continue to descend (C ). It was then precisely 10:21 p.m. (see the snapshot of my pc's activity below), when I drew a mark, at the end of this 3rd straight line, to the hours at the bottom of my table. It was February 21 at 7 a.m.

Gladio had not moved on his graphs so as not to touch their clarity. I did not understand what could happen on February 21 at 7 a.m., but it was this question that created at the same time, and without my knowing it, the earthquake in Brest and the attacks in Hanau, marked by two peaks, one the Global Gladio Signal, and the other one on my sub-signal! At the time, however, I had no knowledge of an earthquake in Brest, or of the attacks in Germany.

However, these three groups of spikes were on my Sub signal, which is therefore linked to me. In my mind, it could mean that it was for me, without understanding why. I sent my Gladio sub-signal, increased by my mark about Feb 21 07h am, to a collaborator at 10:26 p.m.

I left to go to bed at 10:45 p.m., while Gladio was drawing a big point on my signal, the reason for which I didn't yet know. Barely seven minutes after leaving for sleep, 10.52 p.m., I received a message on Messenger, warning me of the earthquake in Brest. My contact lived in Brest.

I was back at my computer at 1:49 am, 3 hours later. I then discovered the message to which I replied at 01:50. I gave some details to my correspondent on what appeared to me, the confirmation of Gladio, to my analysis above, but I ended by saying "Why Brest?"

The answer immediately appeared to my mind! "Tonnerre de Brest!". A curse, an French expression frequently used by Captain Haddock, in the comics book "Tintin". Google also gives as the first search result an image of Captain Haddock exclaiming "Tonnerre de Brest!" while reading a document! However, this corresponded exactly to my attitude when I drew my mark at 22:21, time of the earthquake of 3.8 in Brest! It was obviously 10 km deep, a classic signature for Gladio.

I indicated this to my correspondent, who suddenly answered me at 02:23 "Oh there on February 21 7 am! It's in 29 hours". I instantly wanted to answer her "Exactly.", But my "home" Internet cuts out before I could send that one word !! It was further confirmation from Gladio. This forced me to switch to my mobile phone, which had taken me a little time.

That said, I am really afraid of drawing hasty conclusions. This is not the first time that Gladio has played this way over several days with signs to decode. A catastrophe of which they will have been the authors, will end up coming one day. It is certain and it is even imminent! It is not only mathematical, but it is also obvious, given the plan they follow closely. What happened last night is moreover the extension of this signature formed by these 3 sets of spikes, which moreover started several days before I wrote the article "113, Apocalypse?"

This shows in any case, that Gladio follows or provokes my own reports according to their own schedule. So it was certainly no coincidence that I did this apocalyptic article the previous day! Gladio wanted it that way and it was so planned that they would cause an earthquake in Brest the minute they thought I could pronounce the French expression "Tonnerre de Brest!" because I was finally going to understand their graph for the past few days.

However, it is therefore impossible for me to say if what happened on Feb 19 night, confirms or not, my previous article and this imminent Apocalypse or if it is a new part in the game of terror brought on by Gladio. But one day that I feel very close, it will happen! In any case, in this game of terror, from part to part, they show us that they have total control over everything, but at a very close moment, they can tell us "Checkmate!"

My last word will relate to the two terrorist attacks on Feb 19 night (10 p.m.) in Hanau, Germany. They took place as I began to work on the Gladio sub-signal, to understand this signature.

It was obviously not by chance. I just talk in the paragraph above about the game of terror. These terrorist acts obviously have the goal to spread the terror. It is much more terrifying than an earthquake felt by some and not by others. Gladio therefore added this layer of terror to the much more symbolic earthquake in Brest. Note that this one worries me much more than these two attacks in Hanau, because I know what this earthquake means !!

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