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The Antichrist - The Wrath of God - My Function
The Antichrist - The Wrath of God - My Function

This article follows the previous one "They say to me that I am the Antichrist!". This one explains how Gladio / Satan convinced me that I was the Antichrist and why. Here is a summary.

The profile of The Antichrist or Dajjal in Arabic, is described in the three monotheistic religions. They at least agree on that. However, Gladio made sure that these descriptions correspond to my profile, which Muslims and Christians already confirm to me. Among these descriptions, there is the fact that I have an eye that does not see (The One-eyed in the predictions), that I live "chained" on an island (that's right, Palawan in Asia), that I warned of the end of the world, that I started this mission, with a prostitute as a wife, etc.

Everything is there, and obviously, it already shocks some of my followers, some of whom are starting to be afraid. One cannot speak freely to a man who would be the Antichrist described as terrifying in the scriptures and of whom, in reality, Man knows nothing. I must therefore clarify and insist on the functions of the Antichrist.

To respond to certain comments, I must first clarify that we do not say "UN Antichrist" or "UN Antichrist". The Antichrist and the Antichrist are the same character and I will remind you why. Most importantly, there is only one. The scriptures of the three religions never speak of more than one Antichrist. Islam calls him the Dajjal and there too there is only one Dajjal.

So it is not I who say that I am the Antichrist, the Dajjal. As the previous article specifies, it is Gladio, alias Satan, the army of God, of Elohim, in Hebrew, who asks me to say that I am the Antichrist.

I remind you that the term Elohim, comes from the first scriptures in Hebrew describing our creators, as coming from space. It was from these scriptures that the Christian Old Testament was written. Only the Christian religion translated these texts from Hebrew, in its own way to avoid mentioning the existence of these creators coming from space, and to cite only one, God. This subject has been widely analyzed by an Italian author, ex-expert translator for the Vatican, Mauro Biglino. He notably wrote a work called "The Bible does not speak of God", in the sense that we know Him.

I will continue to call Him God, but it is therefore a community from space, which the Jews therefore called the Elohim, long before the arrival of Jesus. It is the latter that are the origin of our civilization. This explains why I specify that Gladio, alias Satan is therefore the army of God, of Elohim, in Hebrew. They are therefore extraterrestrials and it is the latter, and more precisely their army, on which I have depended for years. Schematically, this gives this:

The article "They say to me that I am the Antichrist!" Shows that I am indeed in this situation. Why was I chosen? This remains a big enigma, to which I may one day have an explanation.

In general, the current descriptions of the Antichrist on the Internet will give a very negative image of this character. Indeed, the Antichrist is an envoy of God and chosen by Himself. However, from a practical point of view, the Antichrist is under the control and protection of the army of God on which he directly depends. This organization must allow the Antichrist to carry out his mission. He must therefore warn humanity of the end of our civilization and must participate in the suppression of all religions created by men and which God no longer wants.

Religions know that God will send the Antichrist with, in particular, these two missions. They know, in fact, the number of times they have altered the words of the prophets to finally create religions that suit them. These religions therefore do not see with a good eye that a messenger of God, come to put order in all this, moreover, with the army of God in support.

So these religions have for centuries described this character and his arrival as the worst thing that can happen. They therefore affirm that we must not believe this Antichrist and that we must fight him. They go so far as to say that Jesus will come to kill the Antichrist himself. Many texts and videos affirm this. Jesus never killed anyone. On the other hand, the religions of the Men, killed enormously, in the name of God and the prophets who would never have accepted that this is so.

The term Antichrist therefore took precedence over that of the Antichrist, to oppose Christ to the Antichrist. However, the Antichrist does not oppose Christ at all, but he opposes the religion of Christ, not the one which He wanted to transmit to us, but the one which Man wrote in his name, which is diametrically opposite. We will come back to this, but the Antichrist must even prepare the return of Christ, to spread the true word of God again.

The main source of the wrath of God is therefore the innumerable lies of religions in order to establish their power over humanity. However, today is not the only reason. States have also followed in the footsteps of religions in these lies, in particular in the organization of false flag operations and in measures intended to enslave and impoverish their populations. Religious and political authorities, to which economic entities are added, have therefore always chosen to crush humanity rather than to develop the values ​​of Love and sharing taught by God.

On the other hand, Man is also responsible for this situation. It is indeed Man who founded these religions, who names his government from generation to generation, and it is the same for economic entities. Man always repeats the same mistakes with his own choices. God therefore decided to take back control of this as soon as possible. It is all the more urgent as Man destroys his habitat every day, a little more. I am talking about the earth whose resources man uses and wastes without any respect for his environment and nature in general.

God could not respond by destroying all of this and reducing the population of the earth by half. As He did with Jesus, he decided to send a messenger supported and protected by His army, the Antichrist. The latter is therefore required to warn you of the Wrath of God and of the impending end of our current civilization, including our religions.

Terrible catastrophes will therefore occur incessantly, and of which I must warn you. This is my first function and it explains the long process, concerning me, described in the previous article. It is also the function of the Antichrist and described by religions for millennia.

These terrestrial, climatic, biological and other disasters will therefore incessantly shake the world and physically destroy the borders of countries and continents. The destruction rate of Western countries in particular, will be enormous and this will force all countries of the globe to rely on the UN, for the organization of the world.

It is at this moment that God, the Elohim, will place a man at the top of the UN, to rule the world according to the will of God. This man will be the Antichrist and it is again, because of this function, that the scriptures describe this event, as terrifying. The Antichrist will then have all the armies of the world, supported by those of Satan, to change the world including the annihilation of the religions of men.

The army of God, Satan, will therefore attack, on divine order, the religions of men, but it will also want to impose its own worship. However, the worship of Satan includes rites and mores very different from the usual religions of the men and which the latter will not appreciate at all.

However, Satan, the army of God, can attack the religions of men and impose its worship, its customs and its rites, only through the man chosen by God to rule the world, after the Apocalypse, in other words, the Antichrist. It is indeed the Antichrist who will have to promulgate the laws responding to the orders of God, while contenting Satan. The Antichrist will therefore also have to open the world slightly to Satanism, since he will not be able to refuse all of Satan's requests. This is all the more true as the Antichrist depends on God, but also on Satan on the operational level.

So, disasters and other natural disasters caused by the wrath of God will already be enormous for humanity. But the survivors will also have to accept the opening of the world to Satanism, introduced by Satan, under the moderation of the Antichrist.

The ultimate goal of the Antichrist, however, will be the preparation of this world for the return of Christ, who will be able to transmit to humanity the true Word of God.

However, I am 58 years old and the work to be done, and desired by God, will take several years. This means that these catastrophes are imminent and that explains the acceleration of the events which are linked to me and largely detailed in the previous article.God bless you.

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