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The Gladio Code - Summary of Volume 1
The Gladio Code - Summary of Volume 1


This document ends in October 2019, in other words before I know neither the next, nor my real function or that of certain correspondents. I did not know the reasons and the origin of all that I will talk here. I also didn't know who Gladio really was and who these members really were, of which I am one.


Intelligence Agent


The best starting point for this quick summary is 2013. I then live in Belgium and I have in my hands a huge terrorist file, including MP3 recordings, made in a Mossad cell. The latter had saved me from a perilous situation in 2009 and known to Belgian Foreign Affairs. However, I was not aware that this Mossad cell, which, I have 4 MP3 recordings, was also part of Gladio. Gladio thus discreetly transmitted to me, through these people of Israeli origin, information that I was going to exploit immediately.

I was not aware of Gladio at that date. My terrorist file, as well as the evidence from trespassing on my home at that time, and the MP3 recordings in my possession, fully implicated the Belgian police, including one of its highest officers in espionage and terrorism operations. The Belgian secret services had gone so far as to tell me the terms I should use for my complaint. They were convinced and so pushing me. So that's what I did.

But in 2014, under threats, I had to leave Belgium for Madagascar, all costs paid indirectly by Gladio. I did not understand that at the time and I did not understand that the Belgian high police officer mentioned by Mossad was also a member of Gladio. The purpose of the operation had been for me to file complaints in Belgium, for terrorism, in particular against this high officer, with proven real facts, witnesses and MP3s, and to make me observe that Belgian justice would not move.

In fact, the senior Belgian police officer, and also of Gladio, knew that no European justice would move if Gladio was suspected of being linked to an information. This was explained to me by Belgian justice in another telephone call, also recorded. No state can investigate in the direction of Gladio. In December 2014, my file was therefore closed without any investigation on the part of Belgian justice… and the attacks started at the very beginning of January 2015!

Bataclan terror attack


I immediately felt that I had a connection with the 2015 attacks and I insisted with the Belgian investigating judge who had closed my file. But it was in vain. It was the same in 2016 and it put me in all my states, because I was sure that since the attack on Charlie Hebdo, until the attacks in Brussels, these attacks were linked to me. But I hadn’t found out how. Here's how.

In fact, the senior officer of Gladio and the Belgian police had planned these attacks according to my personal activity of which he was aware. For example, in the Paris attacks, I had to take the boat for a very important move to the Philippines and in the Brussels attacks, I took the plane. I hadn't moved in between! Apart from that, he also sent me silly emails just before and just after the attacks. None of this formed evidence, but when it does on multiple attacks, it ends up forming evidence.

Terror attack of Nice


Furthermore, if you look closely at these events, these terror attacks were always carried out with an "idiotic" touch, specific to Gladio and particularly to the high officer. The most obvious and immediately hidden by the authorities and the official press is the killer of the Hyper Cacher. When he makes his last assault, towards the front door, he is already handcuffed !! And his AK47 is only slung. The photos and videos show it perfectly. He arrives at the door, he receives several bullets. He falls to his knees in front of the police. One of them takes out his handgun and shoots him in the head at point-blank range! Why and how did he handcuff himself? Was he an idiot or was he not having his whole mind at that time? All of this is explained in great detail in my book, and the photos are linked.

However, I will only understand all of this when I was writing my book, because Gladio made sure that I understood it only then. This is very detailed in my book and it was amply wanted by Gladio. Gladio absolutely managed my existence and the attacks so that all of this would one day be written in a book which must have been as much my story as theirs and that of the attacks. Their goal, which I did not understand at that date, was to prove the absolute non-response of the French and Belgian authorities to whom I transmitted my file and my reports with insistence, but that was not all. As with the killer of the Hyper Cacher, these authorities immediately concealed any anomaly voluntarily left by Gladio, such as a signature.

It was during the summer of 2016 that I decided to submit my terrorism file to the Commission on the Brussels Attacks. He will be welcomed there, but look instead. I send my file and I receive the acknowledgment of receipt from its President. Thirty hours later, this is the Nice terror attack! And about thirty hours later, again, this is Daesh's claim! This is exactly how Gladio was doing at that time. Who could see this? Me only, but while keeping track of the time of these e-mails on my computer.

At the time, I informed my mother that the Commission had acknowledged receipt of my terrorism file. That's when Gladio, including Daesh (Yes!), stops carrying out any new terrorist operation for 8 months! Indeed, my mother, a well-known Belgian literary personality, died on February 27, 2017 of two terminal cancers in 3 months (not previously detected) and after the formalities of her succession, the attacks started again.

My mother, director of a literary monthly book, had provided me, at the request of the high officer, for 15 years a salary which had enabled Gladio, to ensure my stability and thus allow Gladio to use me for their plan. If I had had the opportunity to tell her about any new attack, it could make problem to the Gladio's plan. They therefore refrained from carrying out any new operation, while eliminating my mother.

In addition, the high officer also asked her before she died to give me some money, to prevent me from going back to Belgium for two years! I have received this money. My mother, on the other hand, made me swear not to return to Belgium, either before, for, or after her funeral. Finally, my mother’s death certificate would be a fake and according to Gladio, she’s still alive, but that’s another story. It was the same for the main Mossad agent who had exfiltrated me and whom I had recorded. He would have officially died in very astonishing conditions, and he, too, would still be alive. All of this is explained in great detail in my book.

The Gladio Signal sent by the CCTV's


But in December 2016, something new appeared at my level. I see thousands of connections coming to my personal Internet server. I quickly recognize that this is the most powerful Internet weapon in the world, Mirai Botnet. The latter illustrated itself on October 21, 2016, in the attack on a host center in the USA, where mine was precisely, two days earlier. It was no accident. This Internet attack had blocked the US internet for a whole day. Even the White House had to give a lecture.

In a few words, these connections to my Internet server generally came from hundreds of thousands of surveillance cameras, controlled by the same virus, called Mirai. This allowed those who controlled this virus to order some of these cameras to connect to my Internet server. Like any Internet server, mine obviously blocked these connections, but these attempts left a tiny trace. These essentially include the date, time and IP address of the camera that tried to connect to my server. The volume of connections on my server was not huge and that intrigued me, because usually, this kind of attack is precisely designed to make servers inaccessible (DDOS attack) . This was not the case with me. As it did not stop, so I understood that these connections formed a kind of radio signal that I had to understand.

It was on this occasion that I contacted the FBI. They worked for 3 months on my server, with 7 engineers and 3 servers. I even had the cost. Astronomical. They tried to find out the control center of these connections, but in vain. We had exchanged over 400 emails. They eventually gave up, and the connections stayed, but I kept my connections to the FBI.

I then created graphs that would permanently display the level of these connections, an X and Y axis and four red lines progressing from minute to minute, and from hour to hour. These graphs are known today, on the Internet, as the Gladio Signal, reproduced on the cover of my book. In January and February 2017, I see that these graphics follow the least of my movements, while I myself have no connection to the Internet, because I was in the countryside of the Philippines. It was the same for my activity on the Internet, once I got home. For the Internet, I could still understand that they could spy on my computer, but I had no idea that he could follow me without a phone and without the Internet in the middle of nowhere. The only solution was satellite, but I was wrong. However, the FBI replied that they knew my partner and I were being followed.

The Gladio Signal just before the Manchester attack on May 22, 2017.


On May 22, 2017, I see that my graphs are going on alert. I think about it while looking at my screens, and I think I understand. I take my phone and call the Belgian secret service. I warn them that an attack should take place in the coming hours. They don't believe me and ask me for a report. I send this report and a few hours later, it’s the Manchester bombing at the Arena. I screamed, cried to see that I understood correctly.

Then it was London Bridge on June 3, 2017, also and doubly signed on my server, this time, an hour before the attack. Theresa May said in just a few hours that the two attacks were unrelated. I was crying to hear that. They were linked and I had proof before me! The killers had DIY ceramic knives and fake explosive belts, like those from the Stade de France, barely filled.

I immediately wove all the links between the various terror attacks, including, with those of 2015 and 2016, without however yet detecting my personal links with these attacks.

Until today, in October 2019, my server has received the signature, in real time, minute by minute, of all the ISIS attacks around the world, but also all the mass shootings in the USA, the multiple infanticides in our western countries, etc. Everything that horrified the world is signed in real time on my server, since May 22, 2017!

I had denounced everything, but nothing was moving, despite the evidence and signals sent to me by Gladio, very visibly involved in these operations, since they signed them on my server in real time. But in reality, I was doing there, exactly what Gladio expected of me. They were organizing all of these crimes and I had to systematically report them in all the countries concerned. But in 2017, I was not yet aware, neither that it was Gladio, nor that denouncing was my function. I wrote and called everywhere, at each attack, but always unnecessarily, including to the official press. All of these contacts are detailed in my book.


It was in October 2017, that I learned in two successive phone calls and certainly not due to chance, that this organization was called Gladio. It was a secret organization belonging to NATO and responsible for the organization of all false flag operations, therefore requested by governments. The testimony of a former Belgian member of Gladio and known as such, confirmed this to me. The Internet confirmed this too, Gladio having officially existed within NATO from 1947 to 1992. According to the press at the time, it was indeed dissolved for having organized terrorist operations in the 1980s, including the Brabant Killers in Belgium.

But immediately, in October 2017, the Belgian Federal Justice, terrorism section, replied to me in writing that the terrorist operations that I denounced since 2013, in Belgium or elsewhere, were not within its jurisdiction !! It was exactly what Gladio wanted. Belgian justice knew before me that it was about Gladio and that no investigation could take place, especially since the requests came from the governments themselves.

Suddenly, Gladio had accelerated the movement. It didn't stop anymore. The attacks of all kinds followed one after the other. I became for the authorities and on the web, the Messenger of Gladio, a dark terrorist branch of NATO. I was not aware that I was infinitely more than that, because this NATO Gladio no longer existed in reality. However, there was one and the same organization behind all these dramas around the world and signed in real time on my server, which I then renamed the Signal of Gladio.

My first video - Pictures of the las Vegas shooting (Gladio)


In addition, I noticed that very often, sending emails to the authorities, for example, instantly triggered the start of a new operation visible on the Gladio Signal. It had become almost a habit, because they knew that I was going to be able to use the time of the sending of my e-mails, as proof as a link between me and the attacks, and at the same time my sendings demonstrated that the States didn't do anything with my emails. It was evident. The authorities sent me nothing more than their often personal acknowledgments. I felt like I was sending them confirmation that the false flag operation that had been ordered had been completed. Terrible. My deadliest email was an Algerian plane with 257 people on board! I no longer slept. I dreamed of shredded people and I couldn't stop alerting the world.

I did a moment, on Vimeo (later posted on YouTube), a first video, (above) on the verge of tears, to explain my story to ordinary people. I gave an example of an attack with a ram car to explain the signals I was receiving. I had barely posted this video when an attack took place in Toronto. This was exactly the scenario given as an example in my video. I immediately called the Toronto authorities. They rejected my testimony. Yet the attack was also signed on the Gladio Signal, in real time.

Beams of Direct Energy Weapon, Campfire in California, Notre Dame Cathedral


In 2018, the collapsing bridge in Italy shocked me. The video was filmed by police on patrol. On this video, I saw flashes and the bridge that then collapsed. There was no thunderstorm, no lightning. The weather was rainy. Without understanding how, I immediately realized that these were rays caused by Direct Energy Weapons, DEW, of which I did not even know the name. The camera of a car on the bridge recorded the same flashes below. However, all the videos from the bridge surveillance cameras had disappeared.

The Internet then gave descriptions of these weapons, the DEWs, and I believed them. I therefore considered at the time that it was a plot, carried out by Gladio, organized against Italy for its positions, in particular with regard to migrants and Russia. I didn’t realize that this weapon didn’t yet exist in the hands of man, who also didn’t have the energy to run it.

The same thing happened many times, some of which were recorded by super-frightened witnesses. The most famous was the destruction of Campfire, Paradise (17,000 buildings destroyed) in California, some of whose houses were completely destroyed and the cars melted. Multiple videos exist showing the bealms of these DEWs. Yes, but man does not have this weapon, and even less the energy to make it work!


This part is very long, but it is crucial.

Also in 2018, apparently terrorist acts or infanticides were numerous, as were attacks against the police, in particular, by isolated, and visibly mad pseudo-terrorists. Gladio led me to think there was something to discover. I was talking about that with a friend on Facebook. He was talking about "mind control" and Gladio would tell me to look for it.

While I was looking, started in Paris, a silly hostage-taking by a madman. I immediately understood that this hostage taking was for me. It took place in a building that housed a society that looked after the best youtubers. I had to think about the web. I also understood that this hostage-taking was related to my chat with my friend on FB and the words "mind control". A few hours later, the well know in France, Jawad Bendaoud, had a crisis in his parents' house where he demolished everything. He had been sent, by his parents and the police, to psychiatry for a few hours. I understood that it was a new demonstration for me on mind control.

With the help of a Belgian organization, I quickly understood everything about individual mind control. There were indeed, and still are, thousands of people who are physically and mentally tortured by mind control. They are called "Targeted Individuals", or TI’s. So there were groups, information on the Internet explaining the implants, etc. I immediately believed them, but I was wrong. Yes, long time ago, implants had been implanted, notably in a program called MK Ultra. Many clinical experiments had been made in this direction, but that was not applicable on a global level. There were tens of thousands of TI’s and most of the time they complained about hearing voices, like the prefecture’s killer. We call this V2K, "Voice To Skull".

Gladio gave me a terrifying experience of the physical pain felt by TI’s. I was in a hotel in Malaysia, naked in front of a large bathroom mirror. I had a lot of pain in my finger before I got in and when I was about to wipe myself with the utmost care, the pain would go away in a fraction of a second. I cast a questioning look at this mirror and I said "is that you? "And I understood, it was them. To be sure I understood correctly, they were causing me exactly the same pain the next day when I was too far from my partner and my son at the airport. I then thought I was super-implanted. I was wrong.

It happened to me when I was asleep, to be woken up by a sexy voice warning me of danger in my room. I had opened an eye, surprised by the voice, and I had averted the danger. I had long wondered how they could have seen the danger. On other nights, I had had premonitory visions of impending disasters, of my living mother and many other things. I had taken a long time to understand all of this.

On the other hand, if the TI’s were constantly tortured, I would see it, on me, as demonstrations of Gladio’s possibilities. I also understood that everything I wrote, including this, was written with the help of Gladio. When writing my book, I often finished a chapter and got ready to move on to the next. Suddenly Gladio made me think of something else. I then continued my chapter with the explanations that I had not understood at all, ten minutes before. Gladio did this almost every chapter. I described it in my book, to justify that I was writing something that could be opposed to what I had just written a few minutes earlier. But this time it came from Gladio. I sometimes wrote explanations of a fact, when I had never thought of these explanations even if I had told the same fact dozens of times.

I also happened to write several times about something I had no knowledge of, especially about friends on Facebook. They then asked me how I knew what had happened between them. I had to answer that this came to my mind by itself. Gladio also completed my sentences as I wrote them. I then sometimes had to ask others, if what I had just written was correct and it was.

Today, I'm used to these thoughts from elsewhere and I know I don't need to check. They are always accurate. I understood then all the times, where without knowing how, I connected attacks to me. Gladio then gave me the links that I could never have found alone. Same with the bridge in Italy, where I immediately thought of this weapon that I did not know. The explanation was then on my mind.

I also had testimonies from two French people. They are included in my book. These two people had been pushed to kill by Gladio. Obviously Gladio had stopped them before the irreparable, in order to serve as witnesses for me. One of them was injured with his knife, and his parents sent him to psychiatry. It had happened to him twice. He told me that when this happened, his brain was completely disconnected from reality. He had no souvenir of what he had done, while he was not of a violent nature. So he turned to me, to understand. The other witness, a young French woman, heard voices constantly telling her that she should kill, if not, those voices would attack her parents or her life.

To come back to myself, I thought then that Gladio saw on my screen what I was writing and reading, and exercised a kind of telepathy to give me the ideas necessary for my writing. No, it wasn’t that. I especially understood this during an argument with my partner who was drunk. This time, I was not at my computer. I was trying to calm my partner, who was crazy in the house. While I was in front of her, she pointed, not by accident, her right index finger directly in my eye. A few hours later, Gladio drew my partner's finger on my server, which in theory they could not see.

Then came another experience. One evening my partner informed me of an event of which I was not aware. The next day, when I woke up, I found a huge alert on my server, which I did not understand. During the day, I found in the news, this event of which my companion spoke to me the day before. I immediately went back to my server to see the exact time of this huge spike. It corresponded exactly to the time when my partner informed me of this event. Gladio immediately made this peak to push me find the reason of it, but I hadn't.

I understood then that Gladio saw what I saw, heard what I heard and read everything I thought and it is still the case today. Naturally, Man does not have this possibility.

The Gladio's control over individuals is therefore total. Here is another example made for me by Demonstration, by Gladio. He was a porter in Seattle aiport, USA. He was happy at home, with the family and with his wife. But that day, at the airport, he got out of his baggage cart, and got into a 56-seat twin-engine aircraft at the airport. He had started the engine launch procedure (very very complicated), had taken off and had performed aerobatics like a professional for 45 minutes. During the same period, he chatted with the control tower which asked him to return. He refused. The conversation is on the Internet. When his fuel ran out, he voluntarily crashed on an island. Yes, but this man had never flown a plane in his life !!! And all the experts said then that it was impossible. He was flying and it was his voice, but he had no control over his body or his voice.

I immediately linked mind control to all of the crimes I witnessed. These terrorists were only puppets totally remote-controlled by this organization, as it was the case for the attack at the prefecture in Paris. Yes, but like DEWs, humans do not have this weapon for individual mind control.

This is mind control by Gladio. They are able to take control of an individual from A to Z and that individual absolutely cannot resist. He is totally disconnected, while in the eyes of third parties, he may seem crazy or normal, depending on what Gladio makes him do, but he cannot in any case regain control of himself.

Here is what I think happened with the killer at the Paris prefecture. Gladio had been following him for a while. It was very possible since the more an individual work in the police or in intelligence, the more interesting he is for Gladio. Since the start of this story in 2008, I was convinced that all of the police, as well as the intelligence, were infiltrated by Gladio. This continuous infiltration is carried out by mind control. Gladio, as we’ll see, has a military spirit, and likes to keep an eye on police, military, and intelligence first. For example, any case, any start of story, any offender is known to Gladio by the second.

A small example. Recently my partner was arrested by the police for several offenses on her scooter in the middle of the night. She is in the cell until the next day and there is nothing I can do about it. She is too far and I'm not in my country, but she informed me. She hangs up. I talk to my computer and tell Gladio that the police stories are for them and they need to fix this. Half an hour later, my partner was brought back by the police to my home and she ultimately had to pay no fines. In the Philippines, this kind of thing really never happens, especially for a woman. Gladio had intervened and I knew it. It was not a phone call, but directly in the mind of the policeman who was on duty, who therefore brought my partner back in the middle of the night.

The Islam conversion of the prefecture killer in Paris was no accident. He had probably been under mind control for years. It's not complicated for Gladio, they have time. They therefore pushed him to convert, even to radicalize and above all to leave traces of this radicalization. It was important for Gladio’s future plan and the investigation that was to follow. Islam had to appear the apparent motive. I just read, as I write this, that the killer of the prefecture had shown signs of radicalization from Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015. It was for me, the beginning of the global operation to which I was also part. He would have said following Charlie Hebdo event, "It is well done! ".

The individuals followed by Gladio are under permanent control, but this may be passive control. This is my case, 24 hours a day. I am continuously followed. But if I’m chatting with someone else who’s also under control, for example, it can happen that suddenly, she/he writes or tells me something she/he thinks is coming from her, but that comes from Gladio.

This happens to me continuously, because it is a way, for Gladio, to send me information. I immediately feel that this information was inspired, remote controlled by Gladio. Between people "awake" to this kind of thing, we talk about "inspiration". This "It's well done!" in front of colleagues, looks like an occasional active takeover of Gladio, who takes advantage of the presence of colleagues to make his puppet say "It's well done! ". Colleagues will remember it when the time comes and if they don't remember it, Gladio will remind them, even with the vivid memory of what they saw and heard four years ago.

Years do not count for Gladio, especially since they record our vision 24 hours a day and throughout our lives. We will come back to it and I will prove it to you because everyone knows that.

And so punctually, during the life of his puppet, Gladio made sure that he left behind him, signs of his radicalization, while at all the other moments, nothing appeared. The same was true for colleagues who could have opened a dossier on his radicalization. Gladio would have been immediately aware and they would have intervened in the head of the colleague who would have this intention or in that of the one who would have received this radicalization signalization. It wouldn't have gone any further. Gladio could not accept to lose his puppet which he had modeled for years and therefore. Gladio would not have allowed a surveillance process on his puppet to take place and that they would not have detected.

All of this also applies to many detainees. Gladio follows them, prepares them and if necessary, commits suicide of them, or organizes their false death, like Epstein. We have on this subject, an exceptional history in Belgium, the killer of Liege.

This killer, Belgian and of Belgian origin, was in prison and he could go out from the prison during 36h (prison holiday). He had already gone out more than a dozen times, without any problems. He had never shown signs of radicalization. On that day, he was released again from prison for 36 hours. With an ex-inmate, he had robbed a jewelry store and then he killed him with a hammer. A few hours later, he shouted "Allah Akbar" and killed two police officers and a teenager. It was planned, he had to kill police officers, but the two police officers were also under mind control. They must have been on the way of the killer. This one did not need to look for them. He had finally been killed and had been buried according to the Christian religion!

This case had actually happened in relation to me. I had an Internet client in prison. So I managed his websites and Gladio put him in prison because Gladio had to provide my income for my stability. This detained client was going to benefit from the same kind of holidays as the killer. Gladio did not want to let this opportunity to my client, as it could have affected my income. They had acted on their killer, and had pushed him to kill in the first hours of his holidays. But it was not over.

Belgium was shaken by this and the Minister of Justice had to explain what had happened to this detainee who had become a killer. There too, there was nothing to say that this killer would become one, but a few days later, to everyone's surprise, both from the press and from other politicians, the Minister changed the law related to prison holidays and thus abolished all holidays for all inmates. To be sure that I understood correctly, my detained client had been woken up in the middle of the night to be informed that his holidays was cancelled. The Gladio Signal then showed a huge point on the moment when the Minister had made the decision to change the law. Gladio did through his head!

We are potentially all under the control of Gladio, but some more than others. It depends on our profile and our potential role at that time, or in their plan.

Back to the killer of the Prefecture. So, the night before D-Day, the prefecture killer was "reprogrammed" by Gladio, and when he woke up, he was under the full mental control of Gladio. Gladio knew his behavior patterns, both towards his wife and his colleagues. Gladio therefore followed the same, although as his wife said, the killer looked very strange that day. From his office, he warns his wife, by texts from his mobile. He is then still under complete mental control of Gladio. What he writes to her by text comes directly from Gladio. Gladio indeed knows that his mobile will be read and these messages will therefore be essential to discover the motive of the crime. Gladio sees through him what is going on in his office and at the right time Gladio started the attack. The killer then does not think at all. He doesn't even carry out Gladio's orders. Gladio then completely manages his mind and body in his place, like the pilot on the plane. Gladio manages him until his death and this takeover will leave no trace.

This is how Gladio carried out all the attacks and other criminal or suicidal operations, under mind control and described in my book or here. Gladio is not, however, at the origin of all crimes on earth, but at least behind all those intended to manipulate public opinion, including all crimes committed with people who are visibly ready to die immediately. This will to die, however, also comes from Gladio, so that the killer does not have to explain what happened.

However, in recent times, several killers have not been killed by Gladio and it was also planned. Gladio wanted them to say what had happened and that they had heard voices. It happened several times in Europe, but also in the USA. Only, justice did not want to take this into account. For justice, mind control does not exist, and yet they are very aware of it. Indeed, the Targeted Individuals described above were created by Gladio for this purpose. They must tell and repeat to the police that they hear voices and that they all have permanent physical and mental torture. Thousands have turned to medicine and justice. What did they do with these complaints? Nothing. Not only that, but if an TI complains about this sort of thing, the police will sometimes decide to send him/her to psychiatry. Justice has never admitted the existence of mind control, and yet it also appeared at the same period, from 2014-2015. No Facebook group or page existed on this kind of thing before those years.

Gladio therefore managed killers under mind control, but at the same time delivered to justice and medicine, the means of identifying them. It was the Targeted Individuals, who had nothing criminal about them, but they could all be criminal with the click of a mouse.

Gladio's primary goal was to carry out false flag operations, using terrorists whom they themselves radicalized. They informed me of each of these attacks and let me inform, under mind control, the authorities. These would do nothing with my depositions and the signatures on the Gladio Signal. Authorities were determined to see in the attacks only what they wanted to see. They could not investigate in a way that would come to reveal the truth about the organization of the attacks.

It was all the more glaring that as with the killer of the Hyper Cacher, Gladio left each time very silly signs in the realization of their attacks. The paintball terrorist in Manhattan was another example, or the one in Toronto who used his mobile phone, to make the policeman 5 meters away from him, think it was a handgun !!! And Gladio made him repeat this gesture 3 or 4 times !! It was the same for the killer of the Hyper Cacher who rushes on a door with handcuffed hands! No authority in the world has ever wondered why the killers had this kind of bizarre behavior, or if they assumed it was a Gladio signature, they had to shut it up.

This is Gladio’s ultimate goal, to highlight the failings of justice in relation to events in which States are often the sponsors. The manipulation of the population, by false flag operations, is Gladio's great specialty. But at the same time, since 2015, they have signed all operations on the Gladio Signal on my server, to lead me to report them immediately and allow me to record and witness the authorities' refusal to investigate.

HAARP on Paris --- Huge hailstones in Eastern Europe


So I discovered in 2018 that Gladio was behind the terrorists under mental control, and behind the big disasters and fires caused by DEW, including several refineries and facilities such as those of Lubrizol in France. However, I believed in 2018 that mind control was achieved through implants and that directed energy weapons were American secret weapons. I was wrong, but not for much longer, especially as Gladio was going to expand on many other things. Gladio did it on purpose so I didn't understood too quickly who they were.

The attacks and other criminal operations under mind control had not stopped. I could no longer count the hundreds of terrorist or other operations, such as DEW operations signed on my server. The deaths numbered in thousands since January 2015. Each time, I denounced and I warned the authorities about what I discovered.

I discovered then that Gladio was also behind the big climatic problems. I discovered it with Hurricane Michael in Florida, but since then it hasn't stopped. Witnesses had filmed directed energy beams coming from the clouds. Hailstones big like oranges fell everywhere in Europe and even in the Middle East. Some weighed up to a kilo. The clouds had Dantesque shapes. The Internet associated this with HAARP, an American technology that caused a lot of rumors on the web. Yes, but again, man does not have the energy necessary for these gigantic atmospheric disturbances and therefore the weapon neither. However, as with the DEW attacks, all of these climatic attacks were signed in real time on the Gladio Signal. So it was Gladio, but with powers that were becoming limitless.


On March 15, 2019, the Christchurch bombing occurred. I immediately noticed that the video of the attack, in theory, live, was absolutely just a fake. No one was dead in this video. It was a montage and an operation carried out by Gladio to bring about a change in the arms law in New Zealand. But it was the name that was important, Christchurch. The Church of Christ. In addition, I had warned the authorities that there was a risk of a major attack when I finished the first part of my book, The Code of Gladio, or what I thought was the end of my book at that time. . And the Christchurch attack happened immediately after the last lines written in my book in French.

Two days later, the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris burned down. I did not yet know the connection with me. We will come back to it.

On April 12, 2019, I warned the Belgian and French authorities that another attack was likely to occur, because I was going to finish within 3 days, the English version of my book, The Gladio Code. This book was part of my mission for Gladio. It was of utmost importance. I had to tell my story there like in a log book, but it was also their story. My book mainly described the whole evolution since my birth and the way I had tried to understand the events. It therefore formed a truth, a frightening testimony that no one could deny, especially since it was supplemented with several hundred links to evidence.

On April 15, 2019, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned. The fire was huge and impossible. It happened when I was lining up the last words of the English version of my book. Videos appeared on the Internet the next day, showing the DEW rays (see photo above), setting the cathedral roof on fire; these directed energy weapons that humans don’t have, but at the time I still believed it.

I immediately made a video explaining that I had prevented this attack. It has been viewed a million times on social networks. A few days later, new videos from surveillance cameras appeared on the roofs of Paris. UFOs were present in the sky above the cathedral, while it was burning! Nobody made the connection between an impossible fire, DEW rays and UFOs. I didn't do it either. I still thought the DEWs were American and that's what I said in my video. I didn’t wonder why Americans, even in a false flag operation, would burn one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world.


A little later, there was a series of very deadly church attacks in Sri Lanka. Over 300 dead. All the terrorists were under mental control. It seemed obvious to me, and the attacks were signed in real time on the Gladio Signal. The first attacked church bore my son's first name. Other attacks will take place in the same period with direct links to my brother, my twin daughters, my mother and the most terrible was with my partner.

Indeed, I had noticed that in addition to everything else, that Gladio could also cause earthquakes. Without being sure, I felt like I noticed a first one. It had happened just when I added "natural disaster" to the subtitle of the cover of my book, The Gladio Code. It was the biggest earthquake in Europe in 10 years. A bit far from the Greek coast, it had caused very little damage. But a little later, there was a violent and deadly earthquake in a city that my partner and I knew well in the Philippines. When I found out, I went to her to tell her about my link to this earthquake. She called me crazy. She didn't believe me. Gladio then caused, 7 minutes later, another earthquake on another island, unrelated to the first. This second earthquake, also fatal, hit a village whose name was that of a village that my partner and I lived in before! This time, I was sure, Gladio was able to cause earthquakes in just a few minutes.

To stay with my partner, I would like to give two other examples. Indeed, Gladio seems to use her as a demonstration towards me. Recently, on three occasions, my partner was slow to come home, when it was already dark and I was getting impatient. Night falls quickly in the tropics. Gladio - because I have no doubts anymore - cut off the electricity to all Puerto Princesa city and all of its region, impacting 300,000 residents + tourists. Once my partner pushed the front door, the power returned. On another occasion, she went for a jog. As she left the house, the power in the city was cut off. She pushed again the front door on her return and the current returned within a second. She was excited to see that the city's electric current depended on her. She did not understand that Gladio used means that I cannot explain to achieve this, to remotely cut off the power of an entire city, at a time that they could not foresee. Also, they had to be able to see when my partner opened our front door, which was passive mind control.

On another occasion, my partner was at home, and she was doing karaoke with a friend. It’s very fashionable in the Philippines. As it was getting late, I went to the living room to see if she was going to go to sleep. I was barely back and sitting at my desk when my partner twisted and cried. So she stopped karaoke, and came into the bedroom to lie on the bed. She was in terrible pain and asked me to go to the clinic. I told her to stay in bed and I brought her a painkiller, convinced that it would be useless. I knew Gladio was behind this situation. I returned to my desk, opposite the bed. I was barely seated when I couldn't hear her anymore. I went back to her, worried. She was deepling sleeping. I understood. It was Gladio who wanted her to stop karaoke. When she woke up, my partner asked me what had happened the day before. She remembered her pain, and then nothing else. She didn't understand anything about it.

While I was going to start the correction of the previous paragraph, this Tuesday, February 18, 2020, I suddenly had quite sickness for a minute. A sort of long, sharp cramp in my heart. This had even worried me and led me to ask Gladio if they were responsible for this cramp. As I usually do, so I checked my emails, my Facebook and even the news. Nothing justified this cramp, especially as I was not stressed either. It was when I finished the previous paragraph that I realized that Gladio had just given me a new example of their control over the body. However, I fear that one day it may become fatal.


On April 24, 2019, Jean-Pierre Marielle died. He was the actor in the first scene of The Da Vinci Code and the author of the anagrams that launch the action of the film of the same name. Marielle was in this film, the protector of a secret dating from the Knights Templar, the army of God, a secret linked to the descendants of Christ and denied by the Church. His anagrams which he had written with his blood, just before he died, were going to allow Tom Hanks, in the film, to find the descendants of Christ. I didn’t understand how, but Marielle’s death was very signed on Gladio’s Signal.

On April 24, 2019, exactly 2 hours after Marielle's death, I received an anagram by email. This linked my author name, Marc Delantre, to "Notre Dame Cathedral" in English. There were 6 unused letters left which gave in ancient Greek, ATHEO THEODA. I then learned from a person controlled by Gladio that I had to direct my research towards the Templars.

The Templars were the army of God, protecting pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem. But when they occupied Jerusalem, they discovered a secret. Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, as the Church claimed, but was the wife of Jesus and would have had two children with him. The Templars immediately returned to France to seek and protect these descendants. But since they couldn't talk about their quest, they had invented the legend of the Holy Grail. It would be the cup that Jesus would have used during his last meal, with his apostles, and which would have been used the next day to collect his blood during the crucifixion. However, this cup never existed. The Holy Grail only hid their real quest, that of the descendants of Christ, who also bore a part of the blood of Christ.

The Templars venerated Marie-Madeleine, and they had often left an invisible mark of this devotion in the churches and cathedrals which they built. They were the black virgins, carrying a child in their arms. The Templars had been massacred on October 13, 1307, by the Church, because of their secrets. Gladio had repeatedly repeated to me the importance of this date.

The Templars had a link with the Saint-Sulpice church, as well as with Notre Dame Cathedral. The first had a small fire in March and the second was destroyed.

During my research, I began to weave links between The Da Vinci Code and my book, Le Code de Gladio. These links were very numerous, including between the author of The Da Vinci Code and myself. It was incredible. I felt like my book was becoming a real-time following to The Da Vinci Code.

As I perceived an increasingly religious connotation to my history, I was also looking for experts in this direction and people had come to me, each with an in-depth knowledge in certain fields. I could see that they did not happen to me by chance. They had been chosen by Gladio and were under mind control. Some complained of being on the verge of discomfort by delivering this stream of information to me. They wrote to me sometimes not understanding what they were writing. Others wrote to me that they were born to inform me. Amazing.

I gradually understood that my role was to continue to speak out against the lies of the States in the matter of false flag operations. I am talking about all these operations carried out by Gladio at the request of the States for the manipulation of their population. But I also had to denounce the lies and manipulations by the Churches. Christians, Muslims, Jews, agreed. They did have one God, but each religion had truncated and adapted it according to their goodwill, whereas originally, 2000 years ago, there was only one and the same word given to all the prophets. Among the lies was the one of the descendants of Christ. Jesus was not the son of God and he had children. This did not change the fact that he was the most important prophet in the Christian religion, but a man, not a God, or a son of God.


It was on June 10, Pentecost, 2019, that I was going to know the truth and the reality of my mission. I was talking to a very special person. She was able to tell me what the Gladio Signal was going to sign as an operation, even before the operation was completed. For the first time, since the birth of this Signal, I had a voice that I could associate with the Signal, a bit as if suddenly, I had the subtitles to a silent film being screened! This person therefore had my full attention and this explained my origin, ours and my function. In my book, I called her the Voice.

Suddenly, I received a message on the Messenger that I had with her. I read there that the Voice was now in automatic writing and that she was no longer conscious. Her way of writing had completely changed, and was much clearer.

This unexpected guest confirmed to me what the Voice was telling me. I had to reveal all that I already knew and all that I was going to learn concerning the origins of humanity, the Revelation. I should also describe the lies of Churches and states, and present the Wrath of God, related to these lies and to our abusive and destructive use of the land. Above all, I had to explain to the world the Apocalypse that was going to take place with a depopulation of the earth by 50% within 5 years, it being understood that this had started on the day of the Notre Dame fire. He confirmed to me that this depopulation would be organized by Gladio. He was not talking about the so-called terrorist branch of NATO, but about the successors of the Templars, including all extraterrestrial means.

He told me all this and many other things. I finally understood that it was the extraterrestrials (ET) who were behind all operations using mind control. They did this thanks to the pineal gland, known for millennia, notably by ancient Egyptians, but of which humans still know only one function, the one of sleep. The pineal gland acts like a radio receiver, but these are frequencies that humans don't have access to and that humans don't even know. This receiver therefore receives orders sent by Gladio, who can absolutely do everything from the simplest to the most complicated. The simplest thing for Gladio is to stop an individual's heart, as simple as a mouse click. The most complicated thing is to take the place of the mind and body of this individual and do everything in his place.

I understood then that the ETs were also behind all the operations using directed energy weapons. This explained why UFOs were filmed over Paris Cathedral when it burned and UFOs were filmed, as well as beams of directed energy weapons, in the eyes of some hurricanes.

In short, the ETs were behind all the operations recorded on the Gladio Signal, but also and above all, they were behind me and in me, since my birth to lead me towards my mission.

I felt very well to be speaking to this unexpected guest, while my Messenger was recording our entire conversation. But as he was about to leave me, I asked him who he was. He answered me. THEO (God in Ancient Greek), first name also included in the result of my anagram, ATHEO, THEODA, Against God, the Church who lies and With God ... The one who had just spoken to me and who wants to make the truth heard.

He added that I was the ANTECHRIST and that everything he had described to me was my mission. However, I was embarrassed by this term whose definitions on the Internet were very negative. I therefore did not speak of this function to my followers, and I only flew over it in the first volume of my book. This function had been confirmed to me by the Voice, but also by another collaborator under Gladio's control. The latter had explained to me in great detail the current and future function of the Antichrist. However, I had hidden this. It seemed so implausible and immense to me that I preferred to hide it. It will return like a tidal wave exactly 8 months later, on June 10, 2020 and it will be described here

However, as soon as this dialogue, with THEO, ended, I used divine sentences in my posts on Facebook and in my reports, divine sentences which I obviously did not know and which I would have even rejected if they had come from another. Besides, I did not believe in God, at least not in the divine "images" that Christians have to believe. Since then, I firmly believe in God, but I now know who He really is.

Following this exchange, which had changed me considerably and summarized above, the fires started again, everywhere, including the churches, but also earthquakes, and especially volcanoes which woke up, sometimes up to two a week. Videos had notably been taken near Etna, in Italy, and showing UFOs above the crater which was waking up.

I then hurried to finish my book and add all the chapters to it until this Pentecost 2019 dialogue and my book was put online in French and English on Amazon, at the very beginning of September 2019. Since then , the world is getting worse and worse and they will not stop. They continue their agenda and I find myself confronted with explaining the origin of the world, of humanity and of religions and especially the lies of the latter as well as those of the States.



Shortly after the Notre Dame fire and my video on this subject, a Rouen museum guardian, doubly concerned by the Templars, had contacted me, to confide in me the discomfort he had had the day after the fire of Notre Dame. He was at home and had turned on the radio. He heard bells commemorating the cathedral fire. He was then taken in terrible discomfort, where he was physically strangled and suffocated by yellow and green smoke. He was really very bad and he had crawled hard into his radio and turned it off. The discomfort was then over.

After reading my video, he contacted me to tell me about this strange discomfort and we both tried to understand. At the time, I still believed in implants and questioned them about it, but it didn't work.

In mid-May 2019, singer Madonna gave a resounding mini-concert at Eurovision in Israel. The Theme of it was Apocalypse. Her dancers wore gas masks and died at her feet or while throwing themselves into the void. In particular, she said that not everyone would survive by addressing the audience. One of my religious advisers, under Gladio's control, immediately told me that this mini-concert was a real message and that this Apocalypse was on its way. Only, I did not yet know the Voice, nor THEO and I could not be convinced of it, even if all the events caused by Gladio led me to think so.

On September 25, 2019, I was, without any Internet connection, in my step-family, in the Province of Luzon, in the North of the Philippines. They live between an explosive type volcano and the sea. This volcano has a predestined name, the Santo Tomas (Saint Thomas). I informed my in-laws of the enormous danger of being there with a volcano like this, even asleep. I had taken a sheet of paper and I was drawing on the table the functioning of this kind of volcano and the graphics I received on the Signal de Gladio. They hardly believed me. Volcanoes, known as explosives, can project lava within a radius of 10-25 km, and do not let it flow like a conventional volcano. They would therefore be affected and would not have time to flee, trapped by the sea on the other side.

On September 26, 2019, I was trying to find an Internet connection and I discovered frightened that Gladio had drawn on its Signal, what I had drawn the previous day on this sheet of paper! The volcano. I returned immediately to my step-family and I showed them on my mobile phone, the volcano drawn by Gladio on its Signal. In the explanations they asked for, I added about the huge fires in the Amazon and Indonesia, that Gladio was responding to God's orders. They had to depopulate the earth by 50% within 5 years and that for the moment, they were making our black sky and our air unbreathable. A few hours later, my partner and I were leaving her parents' house and at the same time a huge earthquake broke out in Indonesia with a tsunami warning and the explosion of Lubrizol at the same time.

It was after a whole day of bus and plane, and once back home that I discovered all this, but also the death of Jacques Chirac, widely signed on the Signal de Gladio. The circumstances of his death were absolutely identical to those of Jean-Pierre Marielle. Gladio then made me understand that God had chosen to remind them at these precise moments so that I would realize that Gladio responds well to God. The only one in the world who can decide to recall a soul to Himself is God and Gladio had demonstrated it to me twice.

Remember this notion "God sees and hears everything". When each of us dies, most often, we then have a vision reminding us of all the moments in our life. It’s after God decides what to do with our soul, hell or heaven. Yes, but this vision also occurs for the blind or those who have lost their memory. As we die, these visions come from God and technically from ET. It also answers the question raised above about why Gladio warned me of danger in my bedroom while I was sleeping. It also responds to the fact that our subconscious will make us turn to an individual looking at us, or also to the mother who suddenly feels that her child has died thousands of kilometers away. All this passes through the pineal gland, the door on our soul, the one that leaves our body at our death making it lose 20 to 50 grams. This pineal gland allows, as we have seen, and as Gladio uses it constantly, to take total control of an individual, his thoughts and his body. If God or Gladio decides that a heart must be stop beating, the order goes through the pineal gland.

Jacques Chirac’s death also marked the culmination of the operation, which began with the explosion, and this culmination had the classic form of the sword, of death. The operation ended a few hours later, with a huge earthquake in Chile, also signed by the sign of death on the Gladio Signal, which returned to its original position.

It was when my FB friend from Rouen, who had this uneasiness and this vision, saw the Lubrizol disaster, that he finally understood. He understood that his vision focused on this disaster, which was to occur 6 months later, and about some barils in particular, those described by firefighters as giving off yellow and green smoke. He immediately called me back to let me know.

I then wrote a first report to a journalist. In it, I gave him a history of my journey and I listed in particular in this letter, some attacks under mind control, including those against the police. The Gladio Signal on my server went into alert.

The Voice, described above, then sent me a video of angry MP Ruffin in Parliament regarding Lubrizol. I was writing to him and in my letter, I was making a list of attacks on planes, which were linked to me and carried out with DEWs. A few minutes after sending this letter, a B-17 crashed in the USA. The Signal of Gladio then showed in an obvious way, this crash at the same time on my server. I was starting a new report to tell it to the same politician, as well as the authorities. When this report was sent, it was an attack on the prefecture by an agent who had heard voices the night before. His wife described that he had a dementia attack, which never happened to him. Having converted 18 months before, the authorities considered it a terrorist act, when it was absolutely not. It was a decoy. Under mental control, he no longer had any control over himself and he had to kill and be killed. A witness to the massacre told "He was possessed. He looked crazy. He was on autopilot! Isn’t that the description of all of the above?

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