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They say to me that I am the Antichrist, the Dajjal
They say to me that I am the Antichrist, the Dajjal!

I have been describing Gladio's activities for years. However, it was I who gave it that name. In reality, it was Gladio who wanted me to call them like that, in reference to an old secret organization, dependent on NATO and specialized in false flag terrorist operations in the 1980s.

However, this Gladio informs me in a unique way in the world, of their activities since the first terror attacks of 2015, to natural, climatic and biological disasters (Coronavirus) today.

This Gladio, finally described itself to me, as being Satan, the army of God, from Elohim in Hebrew. They added that they had the order to cause the end of our civilization (Apocalypse), and the death of at least 50% of the terrestrial population, within five years from the fire of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.

However, I see that I have been in contact with Gladio, alias Satan, since my birth. I have a physical trace of it, including an eye with which I see almost nothing (* see below). My professional and private life has been mainly organized by Gladio, even if I did not realize it.

On the professional side, my employers were often the same or in direct contact with the same. It was already suspect, but apart from that, I did not stop having particular experiences with Evil and lust, a little as if it were a training which was going to serve me later (*). My basic job being a computer scientist and webmaster, it was obviously not difficult to make myself known through my clients, the worst sides of our society. I even sent some clients to jail.

On the private side, it was the same. I have not chosen any of my companions and wives, including my current partner for 5 years, in the Philippines. All of them were presented to me for the purpose of becoming my companions and they indeed became so immediately. I had no choice. But two of them had an immoderate taste for debauchery and sexual submission (The kind of the famous book and best-seller "50 Shades of Grey"). The most important of them, a Thai woman, even came from prostitution (*). This meeting in particular, took place at the same time when I began to denounce the terrorist activities of Satan, and very exactly on September 11, 2008 (see my book). In short, my whole life seems indeed, to have been organized, to make me live beside of Evil and lust, without me ever crossing the red line of legality myself.

Since 2015, I have warned authorities of numerous terror attacks that have always occurred in the following hours. I also confirmed at the same time, the terror attacks or disasters having Gladio / Satan for origin and it is still the case today. I am known because of this, and more precisely because of this signal (see below) which comes to register on my Internet server at the very minute of these disasters and terror attacks.

When I discovered this signal, I obviously told the authorities that, especially since this signal had allowed me to warn them of several attacks just before they happened. However, no authority ever wanted to question me, especially since Gladio / Satan had taken care to send me to an island in Asia that I cannot leave (*), Palawan. They protect me there every second of my life and are probably waiting for the right moment to get me out (*).

Currently, therefore, with the exception of my followers, I am completely unknown (*). I have under Gladio / Satan's orders, no more financial resources, no wealth (*), no power. I am almost nothing, except that I have a direct link with all the terrorist attacks and all the disasters on a planetary scale and that I denounce, on order of Gladio / Satan, on my Internet pages (* ) and previously to the authorities.

On April 15, 2019, Gladio / Satan set fire to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a drama of which I had warned the authorities 3 days before. I made a YouTube video of it that has been viewed 700,000 times. I then demonstrate that the cathedral was burned down by directed energy weapons. The man has neither the weapon nor the necessary energy, for these weapons. These ones have however been filmed on several fires and natural disasters, including climatic. These weapons, called DEW, are actually used by the Elohim, God in Hebrew and these are extraterrestrials and their army is none other than Gladio / Satan!

On April 24, 2019, died Jean-Pierre Marielle, actor of the first scene of anagrams in the Da Vinci Code. Two hours later, I receive in a strange way an anagram which links my author name, Marc Delantre, (which I did not choose either) to Notre Dame Cathedral (in English) and whose resulting in ancient Greek means : ATHEO THEODA. "against God", the lying Church = ANTICHRIST, and "with God", who wants to restore truth and prepare for the return of Christ = ANTICHRIST. Also notice the “THEO”.

On June 11, 2019, Day of Pentecost, (see my book) I have a very strange conversation with a person who presents himself as THEO (God). This informs me that I am the ANTICHRIST (The Dajjal for Muslims), that I must announce and explain the Apocalypse, both the reasons for it (the Wrath of God), as the means used by Gladio / Satan, His army, to carry out this mission. He specifies that I will then have to prepare for the return of Christ when the world is more appeased and when it has lost 50% of its population. He also specifies that I will not be able to save everyone.

At the time, I already had a direct link to the thousands of deaths linked to the Gladio / Satan operations. I couldn't challenge it. On the other hand, I knew nothing about it in Biblical terms and I did not really look for what "ANTICHRIST" meant. It is also true that the information found on the Internet, describes the ANTICHRIST, like the apprentice of Satan(*), the worst man on earth, and that it was especially necessary to fight against this man!

I didn’t understand that these descriptions all came from religious texts, whereas God rightly reproaches Man to have invented religions which don’t have nothing in common with His Teachings.

ANTICHRIST does not mean who opposes Christ, but who opposes the religion of Christ, not the one which He taught us, but the one which Man wrote in his name!

This is one of the main reasons for the Wrath of God. Gladio / Satan therefore obviously recognizes the prophets, but cannot admit as God, what Man has attributed to them as words.

The ANTICHRIST is therefore the man representing the Wrath of God, but under the control of Satan, the army of God! In addition, not only the ANTICHRIST does not oppose Christ, but in addition, he prepares for His Return !!

This is diametrically opposed to the description of the ANTICHRIST in the scriptures, which they were written by religions, the first targets of the wrath of God! It is therefore normal, that religions say "do not believe this man, the ANTICHRIST! ". These religions know however that the ANTICHRIST will indeed be sent by God, to prepare the return of Christ, and in the meantime, that its mission will be precisely to denounce the religions created by men, while Gladio / Satan will set fire to the churches and cathedrals! And that’s exactly what happened!

ANTE-CHRIST or ANTI-CHRIST? The answer is therefore very clear. It is the same person. “ANTE”, for anterior, because I have to prepare the return of Christ. "ANTI", because my mission is to oppose the religions created by Man, and not the ones of God. So I must proclaim the Apocalypse, like the wrath of God, before preparing for the return of Christ.

It is so true, that immediately, after this chatting with THEO, who told me that I was the ANTICHRIST, I began to use divine quotes which I did not know, in my own texts! Until then, I did not believe in God!

Everyone knows what Pentecost represents. It is the day when the Holy Spirit descends on the apostles in particular to teach them the divine Word and even in several languages ​​so that they can transmit it on the whole earth.

But, as I said above, I did not look too much after Pentecost for the real meaning of ANTICHRIST. I was not sufficiently trained for that. But it is clear that God obviously will not bring down the Holy Spirit on a man of Satan, but on a man that Himself has chosen and He will entrust this man to Satan, his army, to assume his divine function!

I must admit that I only understand all of this today, when preparing this article. This is Gladio / Satan's very classic way of responding to what I hadn't understood!

Now, very recently, Gladio wants me to understand who I really am.

I am then contacted by a follower (a woman) who has multiple poltergeist effects at home and around her (a car that starts to burn on its own, radios and televisions that turn on by themselves, etc.). She is 38 years old and has two children, 2 and 7 years old, whose first names have the same meaning and roughly the same spelling and one of which has, as second first name, "THEO". These first names are directly related to the Elohim. In one of the poltergeist effects, Gladio / Satan drops showed her a film that she saw an hour before the birth of her second son. The latter also complains to see beings in his room, which I quickly understood, by the description, that it was "Little Gray", a category of extraterrestrials, therefore belonging to Gladio / Satan .

My team and I had also just experienced a whole series of poltergeist effects originating from Gladio / Satan. It was therefore obvious that this family had a connection with them.

But as we discuss these poltergeist effects, this follower tells me that she also hears voices that constantly ask her to do things (... + 18 years old) with her husband, but also to imagine these same things with me ! They make her pass from him to me, from the real to the virtual. She also confirms to me that it is quite like in the erotic book "50 Shades of Grey!" Immediately, I make the link with my own experiences in this field, but I do not understand what Gladio / Satan wants to show me! My follower informs her husband of this situation, especially as Gladio / Satan informs her that she will be exfiltrated, therefore saved, as well as her children, my team and me, before the Apocalypse, but especially not her husband. Indeed, Gladio lets us know that she will have to become my partner in this “second” life! It is so true that her physical profile is exactly to my tastes! I say that to her. Gladio adds that I will be "sovereign" and that she will therefore be the "sovereign"’s lady.

She doesn’t dare to tell her husband everything, but he decides to accept the Gladio / Satan’s demands because the pressure was intense. He had just avoided a car accident organized by Gladio / Satan and it could happen again (a vehicle which suddenly started to drive in the wrong direction). So, her husband promises Gladio / Satan to accept their decisions without interfering in the future. The poltergeist effects as well as the voices then end. The voices of Gladio / Satan confirm, moreover, to the follower lady, before pausing, that she had no choice and that her departure will take place with me.

The “50 shades of Grey”, and the fact that Gladio / Satan chooses my partner to my tastes, were again links with my past, but I did not understand!

Her husband then goes back on his word and he finally asks her to block me on her Facebook, and she does it. But a week later, she couldn't resist. She unlocks me and we exchange again. Her husband notices it a little later and locks me up on his wife's account! This time, Gladio / Satan no longer appreciates and they cause the attack in Thailand, 27 dead. This attack is super signed on the signal of Gladio, see post below.

Gladio / Satan used to cause plane crashes if I have a Facebook argument. This has already caused the death of more than 150 people, directly related to these arguments with me. This time, Gladio / Satan provokes this attack in Thailand, because my ex-wife, chosen by Gladio / Satan, ex-prostitute and specialized in lust, came from this place! However, I don’t understand the message again.

It was then that one of my collaborators reminded me of Satanism and I started to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

For Gladio / Satan, the experience with the follower, mother of two children whose first names are related to them, should make me understand that my whole professional and private life, for 50 years, was indeed my training as an apprentice of Satan (*). And indeed, each (*) above really corresponds to a prediction, announcing in the scriptures, the description of the future messenger of the wrath of God, the ANTICHRIST, with the good care of the army of God, Satan!

Indeed, look at this :

It's up to you to judge if I am the ANTICHRIST, but one thing is certain, it is that I must continue to warn you that the cataclysms linked to the Apocalypse are imminent and that they will change the face of the world. I should then to prepare for the return of Christ to a world reduced by 50%, and for the establishment of a better world. I recommend you to pray.


And while I'm finishing this article Gladio / Satan confirms all I written above, especially since, as always, they are at the origin of at least 60% of this text, that they invite me to write telepatically. Personally, I decided to make a post to find experts who could answer the subjects of the Antichrist, the Apocalypse and Satan. Obviously, they decided to answer themselves. As proof, yesterday, I wrote a letter to my father and my collaborators to explain who is the Antichrist, and what are his functions. Everything written here is not in this letter!

On the main signal, below, in the comments, you can see, a first rise, on February 12 at 2 p.m. This corresponds to the moment when Gladio, Satan and God himself, confirm that I am the ANTICHRIST. This will be detailed in the second volume of my book. You see then for today, a line of points and this one represents the time of the writing of this article. The final peak is its imminent publication. This peak is also represented in a huge way on the sub-signal which is personally linked to me, which confirms a second time everything I wrote here.

God bless you.

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