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The Two Plans of Destruction and Depopulation of Gladio
The Two Plans of Destruction and Depopulation of Gladio

With Gladio, everything is absolutely programmed and even, well in advance. This article will be a painful example. I must start by referring you to a previous article "They say to me that I am the Antichrist, the Dajjal !!". In this article, I address the fact that Gladio put me in touch with a woman who complained of multiple Poltergeist effects. I told you about it in this article. Here is an extract.

"I am then contacted by a follower (a woman) who has multiple poltergeist effects at home and around her (a car that starts to burn on its own, radios and televisions that turn on by themselves, etc.). She is 38 years old and has two children, 2 and 7 years old, whose first names have the same meaning and roughly the same spelling and one of which has, as second first name, "THEO". These first names are directly related to the Elohim. In one of the poltergeist effects, Gladio / Satan drops showed her a film that she saw an hour before the birth of her second son. The latter also complains to see beings in his room, which I quickly understood, by the description, that it was "Little Gray", a category of extraterrestrials, therefore belonging to Gladio / Satan . "

In this article, however, I do not give the first names of her children, but this time, I cannot avoid doing so. We got to know each other better on January 18, of which here is an extract mentioning the first names of his children.

You will tell me that it is really unusual to give children almost identical first names which mean the same thing, but that is not all. I will learn later that Mathys' middle name is also Theo! So we have Mathéo and Mathys-Théo. However, the root of these first names is identical to mine "Marc". It is "Ma", for Marduk, "the Boss", Annunaki, in other words Elohim, therefore of God, in Hebrew. Gladio is the army of God, of Elohim and his real name is Satan. Theo naturally represents God and it is the first name of the one who spoke to me at Pentecost 2019, and who specified my mission there, that of the Antichrist!

So it shocked me when this follower victim of Poltergeist effects mentioned the names of her children to me, the youngest (2 years old) also being victim of Poltergeist effect in his bedroom.

So I try to understand these effects of which she speaks to me, distraught. But while I give her my help, Gladio makes her spend several intense days. They speak to her by voice, through voices in the brain, which had never happened to her. They ask her to do things (for +18 years) to her husband and then imagine the same with me. I explain this in detail in the article "They say to me that I am the Antichrist, the Dajjal !!". She obeys them, especially for fear of reprisals from Gladio (idem), who also confirms my importance to her, and the role of "Sovereign" that I will have. After several days of this kind, she and her husband accept Gladio's request (see article) and Gladio therefore stops the voices and the Poltergeist effects.

But on January 25, her husband changes his mind and he asks her to stop talking to me, that's when operation Coronavirus in Europe begins !!

Indeed, on the evening of January 25, MATTIA, participated in a meal, with a man who had recently returned from China, but negative for the Coronavirus. MATTIA then becomes the patient ONE, who will then contaminate the entire CODOGNO region in northern Italy. Today he is not dead, but he is now in intensive care, but he was only very late detected as positive for Coronavirus, when he had been seen several times by doctors. He infected his pregnant wife. But the most important is first of all, his first name MATTIA, which is the Italian translation of MATHIAS, therefore of the same family, as the two first names of the children of my follower. Then, it is the date of her alleged contamination, January 25 which corresponds to the day when my follower stops communicating with me, on the orders of her husband!

MATTIA was therefore chosen for its first name, but not only! He lives in Codogno and where is it located? In the North of Italy! Why does it matter? Even, a huge importance! Because this is exactly the geographic target that Gladio told me about, to destroy CERN at the edge of Lake Geneva, as well as this one, and the Vatican in Rome !! However, if you draw a straight line between Lake Geneva and the Vatican, you will find more or less half, Codogno !!!! But that's not all.

On February 19, I am looking at the graphics of Gladio, in particular, the one linked to me. When I understand that Gladio is preparing a very serious operation, it is 10:20 pm and there is an earthquake of 3.8 in Brest, in France and very well signed on the Gladio Signal which is linked to me!

On February 20, I want to publish an article on this earthquake directly linked to me. This is told in my article "Understood! Tonnerre de Brest! And I create a seisme 3.8 in Brest !!". But Gladio literally blocks the publication of this article. They first cut me off the Internet from the whole island (300,000 people impacted) while the writing was finished, and I was about to publish it. I still manage to put it on my blog with my mobile phone. I then communicate the link to five followers and could not send more. Gladio sends a huge twinge in my heart and I stop immediately. It was the first time they had done it with such force! They make me say through a collaborator that it's too early! I therefore postpone this for one day!

I therefore publish my article with a few changes so as not to hurt Gladio. Its publication dates from February 21 at 9:12 a.m.

In the afternoon of February 21, I decided, which has become very rare, to write about the earthquake to the authorities. Gladio's main signal then shows activity during the writing of this letter, which therefore seems very important to them. This mail is sent at 3:52 pm! However, in this letter, I write very precisely this:

However, what happens in the evening of the same day as my mail to the authorities? The first death of the Coronavirus, in Itallia, around 11 p.m., while Gladio draws on two of its signals, 2 towers, called "inverted towers", with a small point above each of them. These small points on the top of these towers mean "Target / landmark". This is explained in my article "113, Apocalypse? March 11, 2020?". I explain in particular that these towers on the Gladio Signal, mean "destruction of the house of God", in other words "destruction of the Vatican". They notably demonstrated this to me, on the Gladio Signal, by a tower cut in half (as with a saber) at the place of the small triangle above (see article).

I also remind in this letter that all the events which took place these last weeks around the Mediterranean, are acts intended to show us, where they are going to strike.

Where is Lombardy? In Italy, which is home of the Vatican. But Lombardy is also not too far from Lake Geneva (Switzerland) and the CERN that Gladio wants to destroy, without delay. Lombardy is therefore between the Vatican and CERN, and the first dead in Italy, falls a few hours after my mail to the authorities and at the same time as a tower on the Gladio Signal which means "Destruction of the House of God, alias, the Vatican ". In addition, the one who infected Codogno has the first name of Mathias, Mattia in Italian. It therefore seems obvious that this MATTIA was well chosen, by Gladio, to infect his region and this from a very precise date, in connection with me! But that's not all.

We all now know about this virus which is growing and spreading slowly, but surely, across all regions of the world. There are deaths, and the world is starting to fear everywhere. This virus will not stop and the man can imagine what he wants, vaccine, serum or remedy from grandmother, nothing will stop it. As I explained to you, this virus is programmed and remote-controlled virology. This virus has no source, no zero patient! It's pretty much in us. Madonna, during her Eurovision concert, said so. This virus will not come from outside but from inside our body. She added that we will not all be there, to see the future, so much will this virus kill.

However, Gladio was ordered to reduce the population of the earth by half within five years from the fire of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. So it's been almost a year ago already. Gladio no longer has time. He therefore asks me to warn constantly, because they will have to go to the second phase, the real destruction, which will cause tens or hundreds of millions of deaths in 24 hours. It is imminent and I know their plan and it will start precisely in Lombardy, and it will destroy a good half of Europe!

But this will obviously not be limited to Europe! Donald Trump gives a press conference yesterday at midnight Paris time about the Coronavirus in the USA while trying to play down the drama. He says, like Macron, that the USA is ready to face the virus, but he charges his Vice-President to deal with it now. His conference is barely over when a Coronavirus patient is admitted to intensive care in Sacramento, in Northern California!

During this time, Gladio draws a formidable second tower, similar to that for Italy! A small triangle also points at the top of this tower, at exactly midnight, Paris time for the Donald Trump press conference !! Yes, but why this tip ?? For Italy, I have just shown you that the virus attack took place in Lombardy, exactly the place that Gladio will target to destroy half of Europe, especially the Vatican and CERN. The point on the Italian tower justified this.

Yes, but then why this same point on the tower linked to Trump? This patient at Sacremento has no connection with the slightest means of contamination. On the other hand, it comes from the region of .... THE SAN ANDREAS FAULT !!!! in California, enough to destroy almost half of the American continent !!! This is why the tower on the Signal of Gladio corresponding to the conference of Trump and this Californian patient, also has its small point on its summit.

In addition, these two attacks from Gladio, California and Italy will have the same consequence, it is to wake up two huge underground supervolcanoes, the Yellowstone in the USA and the volcano under the city of Naples, which alone has 3 million inhabitants.

And between these two patients ONE, who do not have patients ZERO and therefore, of whom we know nothing about how they were infected, there is obviously the patient in PARIS. Again, this is a patient ONE, we do not know how he was infected and he did not have any link to the infected regions, so the same as the other two! The death of this patient, professor in the Oise, was signed on the Gladio Signal, because indeed, Paris, also represents a major place to destroy for Gladio, in memory of the massacre of the Knights Templar.

So, this Coronavirus is the finger of Satan which marks on the globe, the places where they will strike hard and this is transposed in particular in inverted towers and spikes on the Gladio Signal. I assure you this second phase is imminent, but unlike the virus, you will not see it coming!

Buy very good masks and if you can, leave Europe or go as far north as possible.

DON'T forget that everything I write to you comes from Gladio and I write it under their supervision. This article also explains that sometimes they block a publication!

God bless you.

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