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Gladio marks their target in the South of Europe!
Gladio marks their target in the South of Europe!
Preparing for the end of our civilization!

Yesterday, March 7, 4 p.m., I posted a post on Facebook, because I just realized that I had exactly designated the place where the Coronavirus epidemic would start in Europe. Here is this post:


See above, on January 24 at the end of the evening, I tell an Italian friend where Gladio will strike shortly. I take out a map where I draw a cross.

At the end of the evening of February 21, there was a first death of the Coronavirus in Italy and a few hours later a second, EXACTLY UNDER THE CROSS !!! The epidemic was beginning in Italy. VERY DISTINCTLY signed on the Gladio Signal.

But in reality this cross also indicates the place where an enormous terrestrial cataclysm will occur, destroying all of this region, the Vatican and CERN on the shores of Lake Geneva, as well as half of Europe.

Gladio also marked in the same way, by the first contamination's and deaths, the other regions of the earth which will be impacted by these terrestrial attacks: Including Lausanne, on the shore of Lake Geneva (first Swiss death), Sacramento / San Andreas Fault, Seattle (first death in the USA) ...

But on the night of March 7-8, I notice that there is a peak of sword (of death), at 22-23h on the main Gladio Signal. This is therefore important, and I am trying to understand the reason for this alert. This corresponds to the publication, by the newspapers, of Italy's future decision to quarantine entire cities. But when I look better, I discover that this peak is part of an operation started a few days earlier and more precisely, March 4 at 2 p.m. I published at this precise time an article in French "March 11, 2020, the Wrath of God? Cataclysms or Coronavirus?". I was also talking about an Italian article which published that the Pope has carried out a test for the Coronavirus and that it is negative. I was wondering about the veracity of this article.

But above all, I reminded in my article that March 11 could be an important and catastrophic day for humanity. I don't know which of these two pieces of information was more important to Gladio. The Pope or March 11? But it was precisely at this time that they started a clearly visible operation on the main Signal of Gladio. This is still in progress. But that's not all !

Gladio then takes me back to the map of Europe and they make me put marks on places that remind me of something. It's frightening !! I start by drawing a line from Genoa, in Italy, (the collapsed bridge, with more than 40 dead), in Venice (several enormous catastrophic floods). But then I realize that I can extend this line, still in a straight line, to Trieste, on the right, (attack, 2 dead police officers). On the left, I can extend it to Spain, with Tarragona and Barcelona on the same line, two recent large-scale chemical fires. But this line also goes through the Côte d'Azur, huge floods, causing deaths, Marseille and the burning of 40 boats, "Quai de la Lave !", the earthquakes near Montpellier, and the attack on Carcassonne, the fires and the contamination of Bastia, in the North of Corsica !!! All this, on or near this straight line !! But that's not all.

Let's take a look at the main sources of Coronavirus contamination in France! Haute-Savoie, Annecy, whose town hall recently burned down completely. It is on the shores of Lake Geneva that Gladio wants to destroy because of CERN. The Grand-Est, with Strasbourg and its many earthquakes !! The Oise and the Val-d'Oise, with the murdered priest and the Flix Bus which leaves its route on November 3 (3/11 - 113), at exit 13 of the A1 (113) !! Do you think these are coincidences?

Now, what was my article talking about with the Pope that would not be positive for the Coronavirus? MARCH 11 !! 113!

And what does my post say, where I noticed that I had put the cross in the right place?

That this cross did NOT represent the target for the attack of the Coronavirus, but that of an "earthly" attack that I describe in my article "113, Apocalypse". (still 113) This attack that Gladio has been telling me about since 2017 is an asteroid, coming to strike northern Italy, to destroy the Vatican, the House of God, as well as the country that hosts it, Italy, while destroying at the same time, CERN on the shores of Lake Geneva and all of the southern half of Europe, including the entire northern shore of the Mediterranean, in other words, everything along this straight line !!!! Do you think it's a coincidence? Of course not ! The Coronavirus is just the appetizer, used in particular to remind the terrestrial targets they will attack! This is the reason why, the main foci correspond to previous operations!

How could an asteroid destroy all of southern Europe and divide Italy in two?

You know what this produces an asteroid? A power of 1 to 3 billion tonnes of dynamite, 1-3 atomic bombs, a crater several km wide, earthquakes of 8, 9, 10, over the whole earth, tsunamis of tens of meters high, TOTAL destruction, within a radius of 500 to 1000 km around the impact ... And it will happen. It is imminent and Gladio warned me and reminds me of it since 2017, see "113, Apocalypse". Elohim can change the direction of any asteroid and that is their intention. A stone 100 to 1000 m wide, arriving on earth at a speed of 54,000 km / h in northern Italy. It's on the program! There are several asteroids per month. They're not all the right size, but they have a choice. I watch them every day.

Again, I cannot be sure that something evil will happen on March 11. We must already face the Coronavirus, but I am talking about much worse, whether it is an asteroid in northern Italy, the death of the Pope or a "Big One" on the San Andreas Fault, this very serious earthquake plunging Los Angeles into the Ocean and awakening the Yellowstone, the most powerful of the terrestrial volcanoes. Either way, it will happen and it's imminent. They demand that I warn you. So that's what I do.

In fact, several collaborators under Gladio's mind control insist that something apocalyptic could happen on March 11. It's possible. Personally, I don't care of the date. I only know that it can happen at any time and that they are in full operation which will lead to that. Whether it is in 3 days or in 3 months, it will not change much, except that I will have warned you dozens of times and for them, it is very important.

I nevertheless emphasize that following the writing of this article, Gladio went into maximum alert, see graph above, and that this is not a good sign either!

I remind you that you can follow these signals constantly here

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