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Alone, in front of the collapsing world...
Alone, in front of the collapsing world... Help me...

Yesterday I had a shot of blues, which is still the case today. I really feel very lonely, but I'll make it short *.

While I was wondering this morning where would I start today, with no desire to work, Gladio pointed my gaze on what has happened for a month today! February 21 - March 21, 2020!

On February 21, 2020, EVERYTHING stopped, with the virus in Italy, the first death of which occurred on the evening of the 21st! The stock market collapsed on the 24th. Since then, the European and American stock markets have lost 30% and this is still the case today!

But above all, what happened at my level, on February 19, 2020 marked very exactly the beginning of Gladio's attack with the CORONAVIRUS in Europe!

Remember, I saw on February 19 that something terrible was going to happen, on February 21, and while I understood it, the earthquake in Brest was happening! Many laughed and did not believe it!

And this famous day of the Brest earthquake of February 19, had just been preceded by three articles on my blog, on the fact that I discovered to be really the Antichrist.

In other words it gives this:

Antichrist - Earthquake - Virus in Italy - Crash of the stock markets - First death in France !!

Do you understand what this means ??

All this has been programmed, according to me, for over a month !!

Open my site, on its first page You have the list of my articles. These big episodes are already visible there as well!

When did I start these articles on my blog ??

February 15! In other words, just a week before it all started, Gladio asked me to reactivate my blog, inactive since October 2019! Gladio therefore knew that all this was going to happen according to me, and he asked me to write the new episodes!

I discover and understand them this morning, when I am depressed and tired of this loneliness, faced with the immensity of the task which is mine and the role which I represent!

I don't know if you have any idea what it is to find out. I am damn isolated on my island in my tree house. I have a direct view to the top of a coconut palm and the sea behind, but I know that I live in a world that is collapsing, and of which I am despite myself, the central element! Gladio has made sure that from this height in nature, I see death descend on earth. I am alone and without money, with a companion whom Gladio sent 1000 km away and who told me this morning that she was sick. About what ? I do not know !

Gladio had arranged for us to live as siblings with distant emotional relationships (and what goes with it) for almost a year. They did not want us to have children, nor that love could be a problem. So they created a distance between us while we were living together. Now, they put 1000 km and a virus between us, and I do not have the feeling that I will see her again! I feel it. Gladio has other plans for me, my second mission, that of the Sovereign. So they don't want me to burden myself with a companion whose mission is probably over. It's strange, but I experienced exactly the same in Madagascar in 2014-2015, a terrible year for me, but also for you, the first terror attacks, to which I am directly and intimately linked!

Today, March 21, 2020, I think that we are really not far from the end of our civilization. I am in my trees, without resources, connected to you, via my phone (my house Internet has been cut for a month), and a few kilometers away, people suffer and die from Coronavirus. The army is everywhere. Gladio won't stop anymore. They went, as I expected, in the phase of destruction and depopulation. I must write, write and write again, without being the object of any Love (my blues of yesterday and today), nor even of generosity (no money), or gratitude! I know that I represent Gladio, therefore Satan, therefore Evil. But you forget that I also represent God and his Anger. I am therefore a man of God, but very unloved. I know it and see it. God also sees it.

Yesterday, I gave, 1:10 to a woman on webcam, which NEVER happens to me and it was the first time. She wanted to ask me questions and it went well. Today, I learn that she withdrew her friendship from Facebook. It is to cry and I have tears in my eyes, I am so exhausted, this lack of love, brotherhood, humanity, between you and for me. I try to warn you, to save you, to push you to pray ... In exchange for what, I receive such ingratitude! This woman is far from the only one! She does not realize that she has just attacked God, through His Messenger.

Do you think that a man with no one by his side can endure all of this, while also being central, in current events? Don't tell me it's hard for you too. Yes, it is and it is only the beginning, but it is I who am also, in spite of myself, at the head of all your problems. I told you that what was behind me was terrible. I was telling you to buy masks and run away from the center of Europe. Nobody followed and now I see the result. I am a good and generous man. I give you my whole life, to try to guide you, but what do I receive in exchange?

Today, I have to do this article "February 21 - March 21, 2020, the month when the world stopped". However, I also have to translate my last 3 articles from French to English. Who can help me? It's not complicated. You have to take Google Translate, but above all you have to be able to re-read these automatic translations, to correct English! It's primordial. Some have some money and they could help me. Others, confined, probably have a very good knowledge of English. Which of you will seriously help me? Do not tell me that you will take care of Google Translate only. It would be useless. Usually I don't need any help! But I am tired of being alone, and as little supported financially, in my work and in my heart. You need me and my information, but who of you really supports me? You applaud the health forces, and those who can develop vaccines. What do I have of this? Obviously nothing, yet my commitment is the same and goes even, far beyond.

* I started this text, saying that I was going to be short. Again, this was not the case. This is never the case, because it is Gladio and God who express themselves through me, which obviously you do not understand.

God could see your desire to help me, and it could be positive for you, but no one sees that. So I stay alone with too little help.

Marc Delantre

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