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Confined and alone in a country under military control
Confined and alone in a country under military control. Help me...

I live in the Philippines and army checkpoints are everywhere. I remind you of this post (in French) It was explaining to you how my partner had obviously been trapped by Gladio, to leave our home.

When she leaves, the airport issues her ticket for her return 48 hours later. Nothing anywhere was then blocked. Two hours later, she arrives in Manila and instantly, the whole country is blocked everywhere. Feeling that this kind of thing could happen at any time, I spent the night trying to convince her not to leave. She hadn't listened to me, and her arrival in Manila marks exactly the hour when the country stopped.

Gladio had to know it, and above all want to know it, because Gladio knows everything, even, is at the origin of everything. However, I cannot therefore conclude that Gladio wanted her to move away from me, thus putting me in a situation, where it might be possible that I was exfiltrated, and alone. But if that had not been the case, my partner would not have changed her mind to leave the same morning and / or Gladio would have prevented her from leaving. But that did not happen.

In addition, my partner has very fragile bronchi and nose and today she is on the island most affected by the virus. So I told her today that the first person who will probably get this virus in her family, would be her. So I advised her to wear a mask continuously, but here too, she doesn't listen to me.

It is possible that I will not see her again, either because Gladio will have exfiltrated me, or because she will have been affected by the virus. But I feel that none of this is the result of chance. In the meantime, I find myself alone on the island of Palawan and its tiny airport, from which it no longer takes off any plane. There are checkpoints on the highways and no one can leave its perimeter. They can shoot on sight.

If my partner were to fall ill, or myself (which I doubt, as far as I am concerned), no medical help would be possible. Hospitals equipped with respirators are rare and death would be insured.

In this article, below, the French people, but it is also true for all Westerners, complain that they are abandoned by their country. I have been abandoned for a very long time by Belgium. They never wanted to do anything for me, or for my disabled son. For Belgium, it's been 6 years that I no longer exist. Note that this is most likely also Gladio's choice. In any way, I could not return to Belgium, where I would be a dead man, before I set foot on the airport floor. I still receive death threats every week with regard to Belgium, because of my book which points out the responsibility of the Belgian police in the terror attacks in France and in Belgium. So, in no case could I return to Belgium, but today, I am now, completely stuck in a very authoritarian country and under army surveillance.

To survive both the virus and the circumstances related to this country, I must therefore manage to use Filipinos in order to reduce to zero all occasions to go out. I need to pay for that and I have no money in front of me. So it's very complicated and that's the reason why, I really need your help.

So please help me. Thank you !

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