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Coronavirus: I just prayed and said STOP to Gladio.
Coronavirus: I just prayed and said STOP to Gladio. This man is healed !"

On February 29, 2020, 5:58 am, I am thinking of calling the WHO, to tell them what I know about this virus. So, I have the WHO pages open before me, and I'm about to contact the WHO. But Gladio blocks me by cutting off the current on the whole island. 300,000 people affected. I then understand Gladio's message. I do not insist, attributing this idea to me and not to Gladio. In reality, Gladio wanted to activate my desire to do something to save the world.

[To understand what Coronavirus is, you have to read:
and to understand who I am and who Gladio is, you have to read this: html]

On the occasion of this power outage, Gladio sent me, however, another vision of the savior of the world and which would relate to me. I wonder then if I'm not going crazy. Gladio blocked me when I wanted to call the WHO, and then they send me a vision of the savior of the world.

A few hours later, at 9:07 am, a very regular friend on Facebook contacted me to tell me that he just sent me money on my Paypal. It was not the first time. After thanking him, I ask him if he read my last article, and he tells me that he is sick. This is how I learn that he would have been infected by Coronavirus, of which he would have all the symptoms, and that there is a confirmed carrier of Coronavirus in his city. He described himself as sick, which forced him to read my article diagonally.

This short exchange shocked me, especially since before this one, I had learned that another of my followers was infected and a little earlier still, I wanted to call the WHO. He was a very nice volunteer firefighter. He had saved lives and cared about mine. I was not sure how to react.

It is today, March 2, when I write this article, that I make the link between the two events. In the mind of Gladio, it is indeed possible that they contaminated my friend firefighter, the previous week, with the aim that he informs me on the occasion of a payment, probably caused also by Gladio. Gladio may have planned that his contamination would shock me and make me want to save the world, but they blocked me. So I was distraught. As you know, everything I do and write comes mainly from Gladio, who has always acted on me by mental control. I am the Antichrist, the Messenger of God and Gladio, but above all their remote-controlled character. I got used to it, but I may not remind it enough.

At 10:12 am, of the same day, failing to do nothing, I publish an article asking Gladio to leave these men in peace, but I was thinking above all of my friend, the firefighter. I didn't realize that I was doing there, strictly what Gladio expected of me. Here

At 1:27 p.m., another collaborator comes to me. I have not yet spoken to him about this vision of Gladio, that of the savior of the world. He leaves me a long message in this sense on my Messenger. Another intervention by Gladio. I marvel at him for his message and mention that I had just thought about this kind of thing. We talk about it at length.

At 2:04 p.m., as I am not yet convinced of this vision received from Gladio, I turn to another collaborator, who speaks to God, the Elohim, all day long. I share my vision with him, and he confirms to me that according to his contact with the Elohim, this vision of saving the world is indeed an existing plan for me. He adds that I have to wait because according to his contact, a huge number of people must first die from the virus, implied, in Western countries. It is then that this second exchange is finished that the first death of the Coronavirus occurs in the USA.

This is fully explained in my article yesterday, but which also talks about two other important aspects, including the very symbolic and significant location of this first death of Coronavirus in the USA. However, this shows once again that if Gladio has 100% control over my mind, as well as that of my contacts, it synchronizes all of this with the events they cause around the world. This obviously includes the virus, and the birth of epidemic focus according to my activities, my contacts and their plans for the future. All of this is synchronized and prepared years in advance.

Let's summarize.

On February 21, 2020, a firefighter friend, a real support for me, is infected by Gladio and the Coronavirus. In the morning of February 29, under the inspiration of Gladio, I want to try helping the world and say what I know to the WHO, but Gladio blocks me. Their goal was to make me realize that I was going to save the world or at least that the world was going to know me, as being the man of God, intermediary of the Elohim and under the protection of Satan. It was then my friend, a firefighter, who informed me on February 29 that he was infected with the virus, after he did a Paypal payment for me. It shocks me. So, I'm writing an article asking Gladio to leave my friend a firefighter in peace and that's exactly what I was planning to do. On the evening of February 29, Gladio endorses all of this and causes the first death in the USA in a place full of symbols. See here

Today, March 2, 2020, at 5:53 am, my friend, the firefighter, tells me that he has recovered and that he is going to work. This is also what Gladio wanted to show me by answering my prayer, and healing my friend. As I have said many times, I know this kind of thing, on my body, continuously and it is instantaneous. I remind you that they have created the smallest cell in our body and solve the slightest health problem, takes for them a fraction of a second. They need as much to stop the heart of an infected person, especially in the presence of cameras (videos in China).

I am well aware that it is not a miracle. This is for Gladio, communication, and demonstration. Their goal is, in the near future, to show everyone that the world must speak to me, as a representative of God's wrath on earth.

Believe it or not. I just exclaimed loudly at my computer "WTF, I don't even know what I just wrote!" Indeed, this is a sentence from Gladio, which I obviously understand, which literally does not come from me, but which is very true.

May God protect you, but He will not protect you because he is angry and that he gave orders to Satan, who is carrying them out, with pleasure. See the reasons for God's Wrath in my previous articles.

To be protected by God, you obviously have to pray, but that is not enough. Gladio did not choose my firefighter friend by chance. He did it because he helped me several times, no matter the amount. I didn't have to ask him for help. He did it. For God and Gladio, this is obviously very important. To be saved, you have to deserve it and that is obviously normal. We would do the same in the face of a relative and a stranger, who asks us for help. We must deserve this help.

For months, I don't know if I will have enough to eat the next day, if I will be able to pay my rent or my Internet when Gladio demands of me to live on alms. Now I understand why. For me, it is obviously not easy, but for you, my followers, it is above all a test.

Remember! Right after the Notre Dame fire in Paris, Gladio had asked me to tell my followers that they had to show how good they are to gain access to the Ark and be saved. How many of you answered to this Divine request? Almost nobody, but this friend of the fireman did it! Some people push ignominy to insult me ​​because I ask for help. Others, worse, promise to help me, and nothing follows. Gladio records it all, and they just demonstrated it to you with my friend, the firefighter. Help God must be deserved.

Last little remark. Oppositely, some people sometimes tell me that they have to feed their animals first, before sending me a euro. At the price of canned food and kibble for pets, I find this simply insulting, but the worst part is that for Gladio it is a terrible offense to God, who will remember it. Some do not say it, but think so. For Gladio, it will be the same.

I am the Servant of God, but I can only exercise my mission with your help. Think about it.


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