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Coronavirus : The experts

This video (link at the bottom of this article), from a radio interview, looks banal, but it is not at all. This is the interview with Professor Alexandre Bleibtreu, infectious disease specialist at the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital, about the statements made by Professor Raoult in Marseille, this guy seen everywhere in hospital uniform with long Blond hair.

Prof. Raoult said at the start of the Coronavirus epidemic that it was no more important than the flu and that people die more on electric scooters than Coronavirus. It is already a sentence which does not seem to me that of a professor in medecine, especially when we see the result today! But either, there are humorists in all professions, except that it is not common to laugh at death.

That said, Professor Raoult, has started working on Chloroquine, also called Nevaquine, a drug used against malaria, a very common disease in the Philippines where I live. This is the drug that is being talked about a lot at the moment and that Sanofi is ready to supply to the USA and France, as a possible remedy for Coronavirus.

BUT ... there is a "but" and this is not always very clearly explained by the media and it is also not voluntary on their part! Please don't conspiracy!

In this interview, Professor Alexandre Bleibtreu explains that Professor Raoult is demonstrating that a patient on Chloroquine is no longer positive for Coronavirus in the sense that we hear it every day. This means that their traditional method of screening for Coronavirus is no longer possible when taking Chloroquine. But that could hide the evil, rather than reveal it!

Indeed, faced with the journalist's questions, he adds that, and it is very important, that this does not demonstrate that the Coronavirus has disappeared from the patient's body because of taking Chloroquine, but only that its positivity has disappeared, by the usual means of detection.

Professor Alexandre Bleibtreu adds, and this is extremely important, that the critical days are the first 7-8 days after the first signs of contamination. He specifies that after these 7-8 days, it is common to see patients progressing favorably or unfavorably, all this without the use of Chloroquine. But he says it is also common for patients to die when they NO longer show positivity to the Coronavirus. So, in his department, patients die also when the Coronavirus is not visible !!

So the use of Chloroquine could also do worse than better by hiding the Coronavirus. But Professor Alexandre Bleibtreu is also trying to understand what leads patients to die when the Coronavirus is no longer detected, with or without Chloroquine. Like all authorities, he speaks that the bodies of these patients would be conducive to the development of very severe pneumonia, even if the Coronavirus is no longer seen.

This is fundamental !! Professor Alexandre Bleibtreu does not understand the evolution of the disease since the moment of detection of the Coronavirus and the death of the patient! Yes, the cause announced will be that of the Coronavirus, since it is the reason for the care of the patient and his follow-up in the first days, but afterwards, there is a certain mystery on the way with which the disease progresses! Some patients die while the Coronavirus is still detecting itself, but apparently it is not certain that the Coronavirus is the only cause of death and the weakness or age of the patient does not explain everything and in any case not all deaths.

In addition, the vast majority of those infected survive the virus, +/- 95%. It is therefore, at this stage IMPOSSIBLE, to say that Chloroquine prevents the death of the 5% who statistically should heal! It is even completely fanciful. To ensure this, it would be necessary to test Chloroquine on at least 1000 people and report zero deaths, on the 50 who should, in theory, have died. And again, these 50 would be too few to draw this kind of conclusion.

This does not mean that the doctors are hiding something from us, but simply that they cannot explain everything. Yes, the client was positive for Coronavirus, and he developed very severe pneumonia, and he died with or without Coronavirus !!! Do you realize what that means ??

The causes of these severe pneumonias are not clearly identified, if not the logic! They follow the detection of Coronavirus, but the virus can disappear from the patient's body while the severe pneumonia continues to worsen ?? !! ??

OUPS, but then, could there be something else that the doctors haven't seen or not yet found?

To this, I add other observations:
  • At the beginning of the contamination, we had the same patients who were detected, positive, then negative, then positive, in just a few days. How is it possible ?
  • Donald Trump has been tested and he is negative. Yes, but during his test, was he taking Chloroquine, which he just bought a huge amount for the USA?
  • The Chinese are shouting loudly today that they have no more contagions, and no more deaths! They did talk about Chloroquine, but they also say that its results do not guarantee anything. But how is it that this contagion stopped? They built a huge permanent hospital in ten days (the French need 2-3 weeks to set up tents), but in another 10 days, they no longer need it!
  • French physicians were alarmed by the fact that the first infections appeared in regions and on people who had no link with this virus! How is it possible ?
This is what everyone, even a little bit attentive, can notice strange, about the Coronavirus. But if you are not stupid and you read my pages, you will understand other things. The foci of infection follow a chronology which corresponds 100%, to my own activities, as well as the regions previously designated by Gladio, as being their targets !! Even the day and time of the first 2 dead in Italy, are signed on the minute on the Gladio Signal, even before the world is aware !! However, these two deaths and these 2 foci in Italy, Lombardy and Venice correspond exactly to the targets that I had designated before the virus appeared in Europe !! I even drew, for a friend, a cross, to indicate the place where Gladio would start to strike and this cross, it is Cottogno, where the virus started to appear and to spread !! This is described in this article. Gladio marks his target in the South of Europe.
    I had then drawn a line of attack that Gladio proposed to me and this line passes very exactly through these first foci of infection and through a village where a leak of wine occurred in the taps of running water. However, this fact, which is not trivial, makes the link with the film INFERNO, whose beginning takes place in exactly the same region and whose object is the spread of a deadly virus by running water! I describe the thing in this article.
      However, Gladio makes me understand that the Coronavirus is a Trojan horse in our body! It hides another evil and that the two are entirely under their control, which allows them, in effect:
      • to make a virus visible or invisible
      • to make a virus devastating or inactive, and therefore, consequently to allow a patient to heal or bring him to death! I had also explained to you that they cured me of any harm, instantly.
        And if we look a little more closely, what Gladio tells me, corresponds to what Professor Alexandre Bleibtreu describes! It is therefore Gladio who decides the fate of the patient! It is also Gladio who decides on the appearance of infected people in such or such places or to put an end to the virus in China! China was to serve as a global means of spreading the virus and it is done! Next comes Italy, because it is home to the Vatican and Gladio wants to attack the Christian church directly which they no longer want. They then attacked France, because the French massacred the army of God, the Knights of the Templars from 1307. The other countries followed. And the icing on the cake, who is the first famous actor to be infected with Coronavirus? Tom Hanks, the hero of the Da Vinci Code, of Angels and Demons and of INFERNO, the virus intended to depopulate the earth by 50% within 5 years, from the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris! And who is still linked to this fire? It's Gladio and me again!
          However, I believe that many of you do not read my articles, because they continue to send me videos and links, with the most conspiratorial theories, one after the other !! This ignorance on your part and this inability to understand and memorize my articles disappointed me greatly, seeing made me angry. It is working in a vacuum, for sheep who do not read, because it is tiring! If you don't read me, if you don't memorize what I write, maybe it is better to not write at all and let yourself think what you want and let yourself die when Gladio decides! However, Gladio sees when you read me, or when you share my articles, or when you believe in what you read, but they hate those who do not read or who do not remember anything. They made their best to provide you with a Messenger, but you don't believe him. It is hardly understandable. This makes them angry and heightens their anger.
            So please try to read and memorize. Nothing prevents you from contradicting me in PM or confirming it in the comments, but in this case, be careful, because I do not tolerate conspiracy. I try to be sincere in my articles and expect the same from my readers. I'm also available to talk about it in the comments, but I prefer the PM.

            Thank you.

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