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Gladio is upset -- Seisme 5.3 in Zagreb !
Gladio is upset -- Seisme 5.3 in Zagreb !

Yesterday afternoon, I was discussing UFO phenomena with two people, one was American, the other Italian from the Trieste region. The American had provided me with a video, assuring me that it was true (1). The Italian claimed the opposite. It was obvious to me that the American had very large knowledge in many matters, in particular on our origins and on phenomena of this kind. I also know that this kind of contact is never due to chance. Gladio wanted it that way and this American could bring me something. I thank him by the way.

The very special character of this video is when the object disappears. These videos are rare. When the machine disappears, we do not see it leave, even very quickly. No, it disappears without having moved and creating a kind of lightning around it. The American explained to me that this machine had just used a change of dimension, a change of space and time, for example to be on the moon, on July 15, 2042. It is a geographical and temporal displacement and that this kind of thing cause that kind of lightning.

The Italian is someone who believes in almost nothing, as far as my story is concerned. However, we have been in touch for a very long time, because he is a specialist in earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural effects. He had also sent me, in the past, photos of UFOs over Trieste claiming that these photos were true. One of them was false. Like what, it happens to everyone. These photos are on my pages. On the other hand, he insists on saying that none of these phenomena is due to Gladio! So, we are interested in the same things, but he does not want to link these events to Gladio and this time, he claimed that the video of the American was false, because a video game had then taken up this scene in one of its games. The American had obviously responded by providing a web page describing this event which took place in Austin in the USA, as well as the witnesses!

I had recently spoken to you about this Italian, in this article "Gladio marks his target in the South of Europe". In this article, it was this Italian, a resident of Trieste, who asked me where Gladio would start hitting in Europe. I had then drawn him a cross somewhere on the North of Italy. I knew indeed that Gladio intended to strike there very very strongly, by an asteroid whose aim was to destroy in one shot, the Vatican, the house of God and CERN (the sorcerer's apprentices), as well as the southern half of the 'Europe. This plan is still ongoing and I have known about it for a long time. So I had drawn him in good faith, a cross somewhere on the North of Italy. However, my cross was drawn in Lombardy and more exactly on Cottogno, precisely where the contamination by Coronavirus began! This cross on Cottogno was therefore largely prior to the arrival of the Coronavirus in Europe. But that's not all.

As I realized this and wrote my report, I noticed that Gladio's operations had for weeks followed a straight line going precisely from Trieste to Barcelona and passing in particular through the first region infected by the Coronavirus. Barcelona and Tarragona in Spain had had similar chemical explosions. Trieste had had a terror attack on the police, and between the two, there were two bridges destroyed in Italy, including that of Genoa (+/- 50 dead) and numerous fires in France, including 40 boats, "quai de la Lave" (lava quay) in Marseille! So I had drawn this line from Trieste, where this Italian, who does not believe in Gladio, lives, to Barcelona.

However, yesterday afternoon our exchange about this UFO scene in which, this Italian does not believe, ends at 6:11 pm.

Gladio then causes exactly 12 hours later (6:25 am), a violent earthquake of 5.3 in Zagreb, Croatia, just beyond the Italian border near Trieste and near the red line drawn in this article "Gladio marks his target in the South of Europe". There was a (false) aftershock at 7 a.m., but the first and second earthquakes took place at 10.1 km and 9.8 km deep, which is the characteristic depth of the earthquakes caused by Gladio !! But that's not all.

I was not aware of this earthquake. It is still this Italian who informs me with multiple photos and complaining that he had particularly felt it. And what time does he tell me? The minute I published my article "How not to die from Coronavirus? ' !!

Do not think it is a coincidence. Gladio manages my mind, my activities and my schedule continuously. He does the same with my main contacts, whom I often call my collaborators. So, since Gladio knew that I was busy with an article that I told you it came from them, they did not want to interrupt me, and they waited before "inspiring" the Italian to inform me of the earthquake near his home !!!

NOTHING is due to chance with Gladio and the Coronavirus is basically harmless. It is not the virus which kills. In fact, in some countries, including Germany, the virus kills much less. It is Gladio, alias Satan, the army of God who started its depopulation operations and not believing this, can anger them and cause a destructive earthquake. To understand what Coronavirus really is, read and share my article  "How not to die from Coronavirus? " . I assure you, hell is just beginning!


1. the video provided by the American:

I remind you that you can follow Gladio's signals constantly here
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