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How to not die from Coronavirus ?
How to not die from Coronavirus ?

Whoever prays to God and understands that it is not the Coronavirus that kills, will not die. Remember that. At first, I only thought of writing this sentence. The following still comes directly from Gladio.

The Coronavirus exists and shows itself only to justify the death that could follow. This is called a false flag operation, but of divine origin. The virus is the Muslim who shouts Allah Akbar before killing. All those around him will not die, but some will die. You remember his war cry and you attribute the cause to it. Yet my story shows you that these Muslims were all under mind control and that they were completely unaware of their actions, including for many mass killers in the USA.

The Coronavirus. It's the same thing. It shows up, and we attribute the following death to it. The behavior of this virus, however, is not the one of a virus, but you do not see it.

You only see its flag, a virus called COVID-19.

Indeed, emergency nurses say that patients come into the clinic on their two legs, and that they are able to express what they feel and 2 hours later, they are almost dead in intensive care. Doctors don't understand. Who is able to know that a patient has just walked through the doors of a hospital with a suspicion of Coronavirus and put the patient knocked out in such a short time? Who can decide on the death of a patient, present in the clinic, for Coronavirus, but who dies there without showing any more positivity to Coronavirus? There are tons of these, but you don't see them! You don't want to see them! However, it should be enough to listen and make your intelligence work to understand that something is wrong !! It is not because the medical profession does not really know how to explain what is going on that we have to believe their conclusions! What about God? He would have nothing more to say?

It is Gladio, alias Satan, who kills to meet his need to sow terror and death, and especially to begin his mission of depopulating the earth. This is required by God, up to 50% of the world population, under 5 years, from the fire of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, April 15, 2019.

Anyone who understands this and prays to God every day will not die.

As widely explained in my previous articles, God, the Elohim in Hebrew, our real creators, made the decision to reset our earth, like a beekeeper would do with his hive. I have explained the reasons for this many times.

But therefore, if you believe in my articles, you will not die, because you will have understood who God is, who they are, and who we really are. You will then be able to access the future world. If you deny what I tell you, if you don't want to understand this and remember it, if you continue to believe in what the authorities and doctors tell you, yes, you will have a one in two chance of dying within 4 years to come and it starts now.

You will tell me that 95% of people survive Coronavirus. Yes and that is correct, but these 95% will have been afraid of dying and God has decided to give them a second chance, before another virus, or another calamity hits the earth. Until then, and this time is apparently very very short, God hopes you will believe what I tell you, because next time you will not have this chance.

Whether it is this COVID-19, or a next virus, or a cataclysm on our earth's crust, Gladio, alias Satan, the army of God, will use all these means to exterminate half of you. It is God's decision, for our lies, but because the earth cannot take it anymore. Besides, are we not told that these planetary confinements allow nature to take back its place? Yes, but it will only last the time of this virus. So something else will happen next and one in two will die.

However, those who believe what I say and what the Elohim are, will not die.

Let those who believe that, let me know it, but I ask them to never talk to me about cheap conspiracies anymore, never show me a sign again, letting me think they believe this virus responsible for the death of patients, whether they believe that this virus was created by man, the Illuminati or others. It would be the equivalent of a lie to God. You tell Him through me that you believe what HE tells you, but you continue to believe what you hear elsewhere. HE will not forgive you and you may die much faster than others.

Pray to God every day, tell Him that you understand who HE is, that you believe what Marc Delantre is telling you, and you will not die, because HE will be able to see that you really understood.


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