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Humanity is Evil. INFERNO (virus) is remedy !
Humanity is Evil. INFERNO (virus) is remedy !

This morning, for me in the Philippines, I was faced with the news related to the recent restrictions in France, to try to fight against the Coronavirus. I then had an immediate urge to respond to something on my Facebook. I clearly felt that Gladio was in me and that they wanted me to make this little answer:
Gladio seems to make me understand that any government can try to do anything and everything, to avoid the spread of Covid-19, they will not succeed in stopping the virus, which will eventually come (or is already coming ... this n 'is not clear) by tap water.

I am then chatting with a close collaborator who had started to seek if she found something making the link between the Coronavirus and running water. But when she sends me a link on this subject but without too much importance, her mobile phone hangs on this page!

So I add an "update" to my first post, especially since I make another link. Indeed, a few hours earlier, another of my collaborators, very close to Gladio and me, told me that an idea did not leave his mind; that of contamination by tap water! He also asked me for the link to the film INFERNO because he was obsessed with this idea. This is exactly how Gladio acts on my collaborators and me. So I'm doing this update on my first post.
Gladio just confirmed it between a collaborator and me. The virus also spreads through water and not only when you drink it, but also for hygiene, especially in the mouth! So, including when you wash your hands! I understand better why for a day or two, Gladio insists with some collaborators and me, on the film of INFERNO (Trilogy, of Da Vinci Code.). This is because one of the messages of this movie is contamination by running water !!

So that I just added this update. Gladio brings back to my mind an incident that should have been trivial and did not hold my attention. It was a handling error in a wine company and wine had been added under high pressure to running water. The neighbors of this company had therefore seen the arrival of wine at their taps and this had been published in the press. So I had seen these articles arrive and I had read one or two. Looking at the photos of this red liquid coming out of the taps, I had an impression of unease, death, blood, but that I could not link to anything. Besides, it was wine! So I didn't understand Gladio's message.

But entirely under the control of Gladio, I reopen today, March 16, these pages linked to this incident of wine in the taps. I am rereading an article and I know that I have to look for a link. I make the same request to my collaborator:

So I see that this wine incident happened in Settecani. As usual, I search on Google, which opens a map like a postage stamp with the localities directly next to Settecani.

I am therefore obliged to widen this map on Google map to see where is really located Settecani. It took me 5 or 6 successive clicks before yelling on my chair !!

I didn't need any other signs !! Settecani was exactly on the red line I drew on March 8. It was at this date that I understood that the appearance of Coronavirus, followed the main line of attack of Gladio. I had been saying for months that Gladio was going to strike the north of Italy, the place of the Vatican. I knew it, and I had precisely designated the place, by a cross, to a collaborator, even before the first coronavirus deaths in Italy appeared! My cross was precisely on Cottogno, the first source of contamination in Italy !!

On March 8, I drew a straight line from Trieste, Italy, marked by a terror attack against the police and Barcelona, ​​place of chemical explosion. My straight line passed by many other places marked by Gladio attacks. See my article: Gladio marks its targets in the South of Europe! I took up my cross there above Cottogno, the first place of contamination in Italy.

But on March 8, I do not think of the incident of wine in the taps of Settecani !! And I just discover that Settecani is exactly on my red line. Not a single millimeter or pixel difference !!

The fact that Settecani is on my red line was a bomb for me! My feeling of unease, blood, death, when I saw these photos on Settecani took all its meaning! This was added to the obsession that my collaborator had for contamination by running water in INFERNO, my need to talk about water today and finally, the fact that my collaborator is stuck on a page linked to water !!

Gladio had just shown us that they were going to spread death by tap water, both the one we drink and the one we use to wash our hands, to protect use from Coronavirus!

The fact that Settecani was exactly on Gladio's red line of attack was proof of this and the film INFERNO, the explanation! Humanity is Evil, INFERNO (the virus) is the remedy! And Gladio intends to apply this to the letter, with the Coronavirus, but especially with another much more important virus, of which my collaborators and I are aware. This one will systematically cause the death of the infected person, in 24-48 hours and offers no chance of staying alive. The very big problem is that this virus has the same symptoms as the Coronavirus and that it will therefore be impossible at a glance, to make a difference, which over the time of questioning, will cause the death of the patient! ! This is the very reason for the first appearance of Coronavirus. This one will hide the arrival of the second, as a viral Trojan horse would do within our own body!

To perhaps begin to understand what we are talking about, you absolutely must see or see again INFERNO, because you have there, the perfect description of what is happening. In addition, we just learned on March 11, that the first big American star to have the Coronavirus is Tom Hanks, the hero of the Da Vinci Code trilogy, including INFERNO.

There is NO answer to Gladio's strategy which also manipulates governments which will therefore push you, faced with the Coronavirus, to stay at home. But this strategy of defense against a virus, could facilitate the access of the second, which could hit you at home, by the water that you are going to be forced to consume, to drink or to wash. That could be Gladio's strategy.

But Gladio has shown us that the evolution of the Coronavirus is entirely under its control. By their control over our body, they know how to trigger or stop the virus, make it visible or invisible, contagious or non-contagious, make it mutate or make it disappear, as for Spanish Flu, in 1920 etc. People went from positive-negative-positive in a few days. I know that personally I can go without a mask to intensive care in Italy and even kiss the sick, I will not be infected. I know it. I know it is the same for my loved ones and for some of my collaborators. I also know what will happen to those who betrayed me.

In 2-3 three posts and / articles here and on my Facebook, some of my close friends have even been healed by Gladio and these are their testimonies! I did not ask them to testify! They are not miracles. It's just the fact that Gladio is able to manage the body of each of us, as we would do with a remote computer. They have shown it to me dozens of times, by removing any harm I could feel, as soon as they learned about it. So I know that.

Why and how will Gladio choose those they will save? I do not know. I know that their orders are to depopulate the earth by 50% within 5 years from the fire of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, 4 years now. However, to kill 4 billion people, this is obviously not with the Coronavirus which kills "only" 3-4% of the contaminated whereas it will affect +/- 60-70% of the population. Another infinitely more killer virus is coming. Despite everything, they have the possibility of controlling its action. Reason why, the Spanish Flu disappeared overnight and for no apparent reason. It was also under the control of Gladio and it was already a depopulation operation, as were probably the two Great Wars.

To have chances of survival, one must have faith in God, pray and know how to pray. I must admit that obviously, supporting myself also pleases Gladio, of whom I am the Messenger, even if I never chose to be. It is so, but to support me is therefore to support their Messenger and visibly, they notice it as much as I thank everyone individually. Apparently, they took it into account since they healed two of my close friends on Facebook, and they say it, not me. Do whatever you want with it.

Anyway, those who do not believe in my story and therefore in Gladio, the army of God, and in God Himself, have very little chance to avoid death.


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