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This is the Word of God...
This the Word of God... It's time to pray.

Introduction (added later)

Regarding the article below, I was looking at my screen wondering if I should write something and I created my prayer banner without knowing what I was going to write.

I got in my mind, the phrase "We will help you" and I started to write. I didn't stop before the end. This text (in French) was written in one go. This is why, I titled my text "This is the Word of God."

I assume and understand everything I write, but there is God and Gladio behind me. I was never a man of God before Pentecost 2019 and I would have banned this kind of text. Everything changed.

I am their Servant, their Messenger, their Devotee.

Here is this text:


I have been preparing you and preparing for this since Pentecost 2019, when God, the Elohim in Hebrew, told me verbatim that I would not save you all. God told me this because he had instructed his army, Satan, Gladio, to reduce the population of the earth by 50% within 5 years, from the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. He instructed me to be His Messenger and that of Gladio, to explain to you what the Apocalypse would be and especially for what reasons.

It is amply repeated in my previous articles and posts, but here are the main reasons:
  • For 2000 years, we have been lying to ourselves, about our origins, and about our creators. Religions have lied and hidden these origins a lot, but these are the religions of Men, our religions. It is we who originally altered the word of God, of the Elohim, in particular to claim that we were the only ones in the universe. This is obviously completely false, but we preferred that to consider that we were dependent on a community living in heaven, called God. In a way, we have denied our sources, our true origins. It is as if we have denied our parents.
  • Through these lies, we have, for example, denied Jesus' wife, Mary Magdalene, as well as their descendants, two children. It is obviously a very serious fault, in the eyes of those who sent us these prophets, these messengers. We kept and transformed what suited us and we banned the rest. But who are we to have thus altered the Word of God and denied the Descent of the Prophets. If we were a humanity that God, the Elohim, wanted to cherish, today we are almost nothing, not far from being disbelievers.
  • Always because of these lies, we massacred the army of God, the Knights of the Templars, the very ones who were to protect the descendants of Christ. We have slaughtered them, impaled on their swords, burned on our pyres! We welcomed these murders carried out in public. The man who had given the order to massacre these Men of God and who had organized these massacres, was the King of France at the request of the Pope in Rome! But do you realize what we have done? God did not forget this, neither Satan alias Gladio. These men were the army of God! It was 600-700 years ago, but on their scale, it's like it was yesterday! And today, Italy and France are wondering why they are the target of a virus which obviously is not really natural! (see previous articles)
  • The Will of God was to create humanity, with values, morality, love for one's neighbor, respect for others, for Man and for Nature! And what have we done with His teaching? Nothing ! We kept what we wanted, altered a large part and denied the rest! We have respected NOTHING about His teaching. We have denied the Word of God, the descendants of the prophets and massacred the army, supposed to protect them.
  • Today we have what we call democracies. But what do we see? 99% of sheep who elect their own shepherds and who then complain about them from generation to generation. We create our elites, our shepherds whom we place on pedestals and then we are surprised that they abuse their power. We have been reproducing this for centuries because we really don't learn anything from our mistakes. Sheep remain sheep and those who manage to stand out, become elites and they are accused of having become so. It is a little as if we reproached the first of the class, to have succeeded where we failed! The problem is that the nature of man, mercantile and selfish, means that whoever succeeds will then despise those who he left behind, or who appointed him to his place of leader. We are like that. We are bad because we have forgotten the Word of God, but in addition, some take themselves for God. And God sees all this and he wonders what he is going to do with these incapable people that we are!
  • But this is not limited to the elites, but to ourselves! One northern hemisphere lives in opulence while the other is overwhelmed by starvation, the diseases and poverty. At least, the northern hemisphere lived in opulence, because it badly managed its people and its resources.
  • This brings me to end with this nature, this earth that we destroy a little more each day! God, the Elohim, had prepared them for us so that we could develop there, love ourselves and love this nature. But what have we done with it? Our galloping overpopulation, but also our denial for this nature, for this planet, are killing them and much faster than you might think. We are solely responsible for it and this each as much as we are! We destroy what we have received from God, and we believe less and less in God, too. In short, we are quite lamentable and in the eyes of God, there is urgency, before humanity self-destructs!

All this is well summed up, but brings us to God's decision to reduce our population by 50%, without any distinction, because none of us is worth more than another. We are all trying to pull the blanket towards us. It is every man for himself in all his ignominy. It is enough to see how much I am supported by my thousands of readers. Our humanity, now bears its name very badly, because it no longer has anything human. Man has become the enemy of man and nature.

God sees all of this and the way His Messengers were treated as well as myself, and He has no choice but to make radical decisions. He asked me to save as many of you as possible. It meant to me, who only believe in God since that famous day of Pentecost 2019, that I should try to bring you back on the path of Faith. In God's eyes, it was notably to see who are those of you, who will support me, but also, who will begin to pray and pray properly, who will really prepare and protect themselves against the cataclysms to come . But none of this has happened and today, you look the events like I did not tell you nothing, like you are innocent of all that God blames us. Quite frankly, I ask God to forgive me if I have failed in my mission. I can also ask Him to forgive your unconsciousness, but I don't feel strong enough to do it. What is happening to you is really the decision of God, executed by his army, Satan, Gladio and I cannot intervene between God and you. I tried to warn you hundreds of times, but you listened to me so little.

I chose this photo, as a banner, because it is exactly my state of mind. I am desperate for the situation you are in when I have yelled at you hundreds of times to pray and protect yourself. I know that some of you know this feeling towards your parents or children because they tried in vain to warn them of the danger. Nothing has happened and we can only take our head in our hands, wondering what we have done wrong or not done enough, to protect those who are dear to us. I have exactly the same feeling towards you, even if I notice at all times your ingratitude about me, but also the nonsense in which you believe.

Take this video that I saw yesterday that has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. This video made by a Frenchman, who obviously does not have a brain grain, claims that the Coronavirus is an invention of man, intended to kill and which was patented !!

A virus patent marks and describes its discovery, because it represents work, knowledge that the authors / inventors deposit. Whoever finds a treasure is also called an inventor when he did not invent anything, but he found it. A virus patent allows others to be able to identify the virus they face, and not obviously to produce a virus !! These 6 people who say they worked very hard, are simply ignorant, from down the class, near the radiators, the dunces! But in addition, they are, in my eyes, guilty of spreading lies that tens of thousands of others will swallow. This would also be true in a class. In my view, demonstrating such stupidity, especially followed by so many others, should be sued.

As much, I approve that we push real rants with information, established facts, as much I am horrified of stupidity and unconsciousness of humans. This is also what God wants to cleanse in his own way, because what these dunces do is push people to go astray, who from one fake to another, does not understand anything at all! Note that governments do a little the same, but they are the authority. Human intelligence should sort it out. Unfortunately, the more the decades go by, the more we get stupid and are unable to sort out the true from the false, good or bad. It is therefore normal that God, want to give a serious reset to this humanity that we are, before we destroy ourselves, by our own stupidity and unconsciousness!

I therefore invite you to take your head seriously in your hands and ask forgiveness from God, for our mistakes and for who we are and to protect those who are dear to you. Do your homework to spot your mistakes and ask for advice and forgiveness. Maybe he will hear you. I hope for you.


PS: I assure you. When I started this very long text, I really didn't know what I was going to write. I felt that I should speak to you about prayer. Then, I started with the banner like I do for all my articles. God, The Elohim, then said to me, "We're going to help you." Here is the result. I promise you that it is so, but it also means that this is more the Word of God than mine, but with my words and therefore yours. This is also what I serve. Use language that you can understand. May the Love of God be on you, but above all, above all, pray, return to communion with Him, because we are not far from the Last Judgment. I just changed my title to "This is the word of God ... It's time to pray" and so be it.

So please, support me. Thank you !

I remind you that you can follow the Gladio Signals constantly here

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