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11 March 2020, The Wrath of God?
11 March 2020, The Wrath of God? -- Cataclysms or Coronavirus ?

This morning, March 4, 2020, I noticed three events that I had not noticed yesterday.

The Pope and the Coronavirus

An Italian newspaper "Il Messagero" (The Messenger) had published on the morning of March 3, a very small article (3 sentences, 62 words) saying that Pope Francis would have undergone a test for the Coronavirus and that it was obviously negative. Note that "Would have undergone" is a conditional.

Another journalist then called the Vatican and his spokesman replied that he had nothing to say following this article and that there was nothing to indicate that it was anything else than a cold. "Nothing indicated ..." can also justify that no test took place. Either way, it can be part of medical confidentiality, and they can't feel compelled to say it.

It was following this call that all the newspapers reportedly relayed the same press article, from March 3, 2020, 8:30 a.m., saying that Pope Francis was negative for the Coronavirus, when there is no obviously no official Vatican declaration that a test has been done, nor of its result. There would only be an official absence of reaction to an article claiming it.

It looks like a manipulative maneuver intended to let this Italian newspaper to claim it, rather than the Vatican. In addition, the Vatican must know, like everyone else that the Coronavirus is not always lethal, and they may have felt it was a way of not worrying or reassuring opinion.

The tornado in Nashville Tennessee

However, very exactly at the same time as the article in "Il Messagero", a terrible tornado occurred in the USA in Nashville, Tennessee, and causing the death of 22 people !! The damage is very important.

Gladio's signal

And always, at the same time, between the article in "Il Messagero" and those of the other newspapers, there is an unequivocal point of death, on the Signal de Gladio and on my sub-signal. Gladio chose to wake me up at the exact moment when this tornado started at 7:25 am CET in the USA, when the article in "Il Messagero" had just been published in Italy.

This obviously makes three coincidences and these do not exist when we talk about Gladio, especially since both the tornado and the health of the pope can give rise to a sign of death. If this sign relates to the health of the Pope, it would mean that the article in "Il Messagero" would be false.

That said, I would like to remind you of this date of March 11, 2020. It was the subject of a very long article entitled "113, Apocalypse?". This article reminded you of the many links pointing to the number 113 and the signs linking this number to the Apocalypse. I mentioned in particular The death of Kobe Bryant, the Kobe earthquake, the Templar massacre, the Coronavirus etc. There was also the very famous video which predicted a huge disaster in Seattle on 3 Nov /2019, when there was nothing to indicate that it was November 3 and not March 11. I invite you very seriously to reread this article, as something may well happen on March 11.

In addition, I was reminded this morning that I had forgotten an important link with March 11. It was the decision in 1314, of the Pope at the time, to burn alive the last Grand Master of the Templars, the Army of God. He was thus burned alive in front of the Notre Dame cathedral, March 11, 1314. Gladio constantly reminds me that they must attack religions and reduce the population of the earth by 50% within 5 years from the fire of Notre Dame.

Gladio must attack religions on the orders of God. Indeed, God, in other words, the Elohim, our creators, reproaches all religions for having modified the word of God as they pleased and for having in particular lied about the origin of humanity. They have felt betrayed for two thousand years since it is they, our creators and it is they who sent us these prophets, to teach us our values. All this has been distorted by man and religions. They therefore want to take the control and therefore suppress all the religions of the earth.

Besides, the second problem, after our lies, is our overcrowding. It becomes dramatic for the earth which will not survive under these conditions. They therefore decided to cause disasters of different types to reduce our population by 50% within five years, from the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. In other words, 4 billion people will have to die.

It is impossible to make real forecasts with Gladio, but there will come a day much more dramatic than another. I would therefore limit myself to saying that Gladio pointed many clues to the number "113", which could give November 3 or March 11, if it is indeed a date, but March 11, it is exactly in a week. In addition, this date of March 11 could be important for them, because of the death at the stake of the last Grand Master of the Templars, leader of the Army of God. It could concern the Pope, or the fault of San Andreas for example or other known targets of Gladio, as it could be nothing at all. So don't say that I have planned something important for March 11. I say that a probability exists and that many signs point to March 11.

Finally, I would like to remind you of an episode in humanity, which none of you will have known, unless you are centenarians. It's the Spanish flu. Between 1918 and 1919, it caused the death of 50 to 100 million people. What the history books do not say is that the Spanish Flu was already a Gladio operation of depopulation.

What proves this is the way it ended! Nothing at that time could have put an end to this flu which could have killed infinitely more for much longer. No, it only lasted a little less than two years, after which the virus stopped mutating and reproducing itself. Man considering that he was the only being in the Universe, therefore did not ask the question of what had put an end to this virus. For him, it was nature and God, and therefore the latter had put an end to the virus.

However, between the end of this virus and today, exactly there are 101 years. This number is very important and it is reproduced in very many films. This number represents two columns and a circle in the middle, the passage. This can mean access to another world or to the beyond, in other words, death. I have to talk about it here because Gladio also reminded me of this number several times and this symbol is added to those of the number 113.

There is, however, a very big difference between the Spanish Flu and the Coronavirus. God, in other words the Elohim, our creators, decided to add a Messenger to describe and explain to the world, all these operations of depopulation and destruction carried out by Gladio, the army of God. If you have read me so far, you will have read and understood that this man is unfortunately me! It is even the reason of my birth, 58 years ago and through my articles, you will understand, that Gladio did not stop training me for this mission during my whole life. This is very well explained in my article "They say I am the Antichrist!". This function of the Antichrist was then confirmed to me in various ways since Pentecost 2019.

My last article "I just prayed and said STOP to Gladio. This man is healed!", Describes how Gladio cured a man from Coronavirus because I asked them on my Facebook. This man, my friend, the firefighter, deserved to live because he had saved lives and helped me on several occasions. The fact that he was infected had shocked me, even if Gladio had probably done it on purpose.

Indeed, I explained to you in this article, that Gladio had voluntarily chosen to infect him and then to cure him, to show you my link with them, to confirm to you in this way, that I was in their eyes the representative of the Wrath of God on earth.

However, this also explains, for example, that Gladio has total control over the evolution of this virus and the people it touches. Maybe, you did not understand when this virus first appeared, that all the first infections, as well as the first deaths of this virus, outside of China, have a direct relationship with Gladio and me.

The first death of this virus took place in the Philippines, near my home. The two Italians died in a region in which Gladio intends to cause a huge natural disaster that will destroy the Vatican and CERN, as well as half of Europe. Finally, there are in particular, the first two Americans, who lived in the region of the San Andreas fault and Mount Raignier, the most important of the non-underground and explosive volcanoes of the USA, also in the extension of the San Andreas fault.

It was the same for all the regions infected first in France and Switzerland, each corresponding to the place of my former collaborators and having abandoned me when they understood that I was the Antichrist. Since then, the contagion has spread everywhere, but it is almost zero in the Philippines, which has known no other death of the virus, than the first in history, outside of China!

I do not know how to tell you, but on these lines, you will understand that the evolution of this virus is really very unique.

Some French doctors emphasized this at the beginning of the week, wondering why, this virus appeared in France in small localities, where the victims had no link with the virus. Gladio makes things more weird for some people, making them positive, negative, positive in just a few days! It has never been seen either. Despite everything, the intelligence of the man does not want to make him admit that this virus, is not simply a virus, but a weapon of mass destruction, entirely under the control of our creators, who I remind you, have also total control over our bodies. They can thus make, on command, this virus visible or invisible, as well as make it develop in some and make it disappear in others, or stop the heart of an infected, when they want.

Look at the evolution of this virus in our western countries, we immediately perceive the evolution of a chess game. They create the infected and the dead and then watch the reactions in governments, populations and the media. This is not natural. Naturally, the virus should follow the logic of links between China and other countries, first hitting big cities, which does not happen. In short, Gladio makes you understand, in particular through me, that they are indeed behind the evolution of this virus and that if they want to infect the Pope, they will do it or may have already done it because it is one of their main targets, maybe the most important of these!

Finally, Gladio asks me, therefore to remind you, that to have a chance of survival, faced with this virus, it is imperative that you stand out from the others. They talk about prayer, the meaning of which the vast majority of you have forgotten, but also about the way in which you support me, since I am their intermediary.

They have shown you enough for three years from this Gladio Signal arrives on my Internet server. For them, refusing to believe what I say is equivalent to refusing to believe in them, in other words to believe in God!

But the opposite is also true, sharing my publications and supporting me financially, shows them that you believe in what I say and therefore in what they are. Prayer is therefore not enough, especially since you are probably not aware of it, but prayer must be cultivated, nurtured and it is in the long run that God notices you. It is not enough to pray once in your life. It does not work. Thinking of helping only your family, your tribe is for God a mandatory behavior, but also selfish, which does not open you to others. God will never be grateful to you for helping your family since it is an obligation. On the other hand, helping your neighbor and helping their Messenger are much more so, since in this case, you are not obliged to do so. In fact, what I write to you here would make sense to anyone. Yet how many of you apply it? This world is not going well any more, but do not think that it is limited to governments and elites, it concerns you too!

Believe it or not, but I have the feeling here of being above my keyboard, as a parish priest would be in his church. I lecture you because God gave me the right to do so. It is all the more true, that we come to the Last Judgment, and that it is time, to question you, before God, does not have to choose to give you access to his ark, and therefore to save you.



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