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My Antichrist job is confirmed.
My Antichrist job is confirmed. First death of Coronavirus in the USA.

Yesterday, at 5:14 p.m., I mentioned to you in this Facebook post that a huge alert had just started, and particularly on the part of Gladio Signal, which is linked to me (the 3rd on this page, I also told you that this alert started when my role as Antichrist was confirmed to me "officially". I know that it shocked some and me too, but I cannot refuse neither this mission, nor its title.

Phase 1 (see graph above)
The previous night, early hours of February 29, I intended to contact WHO to let them know what I knew about this virus. When I was about to do it and I had these WHO contact pages open in front of me, Gladio cut off all of our island here. 300,000 people impacted.

Phase 2
Understanding the message, I gave up doing it, but deprived of electricity I had to rest. It was during this rest that Gladio transmitted to me a vision that I cannot yet describe to you. This vision was about me facing the world and this disease. I played a huge role in it, which actually responded to my urge to call WHO.

Phase 3
I then discussed with a collaborator who, "by chance", told me about this possibility. With Gladio, chance does not exist. We discuss it at length and Gladio responds to him through my words, what I had just understood from the vision I had just had. So, Gladio had provoked my idea to call WHO, the vision and now, this important allusion of my collaborator, to get me to answer him with things that I didn't even know a few hours before.

Phase 4
As what I have just understood first by the vision sent by Gladio, during my rest, followed by this exchange with my collaborator, I consult another collaborator, to know if what I have just understood is correct. This collaborator speaks to God continuously, without knowing the reason. This collaborator tells me that God confirms my vision and that he finally authorizes me to tell him who he is in this story.

I have known this collaborator for a very long time and I know his mission. Gladio had always made sure that I didn't tell him what I knew about him. I couldn't tell him. So, I took my time to write a long message for this collaborator, to tell him who he was, as well as his function. I took my time to write this down, to allow Gladio to interrupt me. They did not interrupt me and the message was therefore sent.

This collaborator is therefore in shock (again this morning), but it also confirms that the message he was transmitting to me could only come from God, and at that time, it was I who could be shocked! Indeed, I had just learned that I had a mission to save the world from this virus, but which is not yet "active" because many people have yet to die.

Phase 5
It is therefore following this idea to contact the WHO, this vision received from Gladio, then these exchanges with these two collaborators that this enormous alert was born, during the day yesterday and that the first death of Coronavirus appeared immediately in the USA! Notice the geographic location of this death of Coronavirus! Seattle (Kirkland) !! The target designated by the famous video of 3.11 !! Next to Mount Rainier, the most powerful volcano, non-underground and explosive, in the United States !! Seattle and this volcano, are also an extension of the San Andreas fault on the west coast of the USA.
Gladio has therefore gone to a new phase and the alert is still in progress, both on my sub-signal and on Gladio's main signal.


Gladio was the "official" name of a NATO-owned organization specializing in false flag operations. It was at Pentecost 2019 and around it that they made me understand that Gladio was in reality, Satan, the army of God. On the Gladio Signal, they had drawn the sign of the 3 raised fingers "Glory to Satan" several times. They claimed to be Satan, but I didn't understand it. This was confirmed to me at Pentecost 2019 and overnight I was making references to God and using divine quotes that I did not know the day before. I didn't even believe in God.

Satan is therefore the army of God, but overall we are talking about the Elohim, our creators. The Elohim is God in Hebrew and within these Elohim there is Satan. It is strongly comparable to a colonizing state and its army which carries out its orders. The State is God, but the State has its army, and this army is Satan and Satan works for God. We are talking about the same community, the Elohim, those who created humanity, and therefore man, as described in the old Jewish scriptures, before the Old Testament.

So, our creators are fed up with our lies, especially about our origins and what we do with their earth. They therefore decided to make a "reset" to humanity. The Coronavirus is therefore their realization. By their control over our body, they will achieve, via this virus, a part of their objectives, the depopulation of the earth. They must reduce the population of the earth by 50% within 5 years, from the fire of the cathedral. This virus, which is not exactly and only, a virus, is one of the measures to carry out these orders.

The Elohim have nothing to do with human problems. They do not work for governments. Their concerns are the future of the earth and of man on this earth. Much like a beekeeper, they decided to clean the hive. They have the means and control from the inside, each of us.


This virus is therefore within us, as explained here Gladio, alias Satan, therefore controls the effects of this virus in our bodies, through the total control they have on our bodies. They can therefore choose the victims by releasing the virus within the body, block it if necessary, and finally ask the patient's heart to stop beating when the time comes.

I had always responded when faced with depopulation, that Gladio would never use a virus because a virus could not be under control. Gladio dislikes what is not controllable as well as chance. So, they designed a virus that they could control, but through the bodies of men. This is the key. So, they are using it today to start the depopulation for which they are responsible, but it will not be the only measure. The worst happens.


The Antichrist is chosen and sent by God, who placed him under the control of Gladio, alias Satan, so that the latter protect him and allow him to carry out his mission. This is to announce the Apocalypse (we are there) and explain the reasons of the Wrath of God. For 8 months already, I described them and warned you of the imminence of this Apocalypse and the reasons for it. The first of these is the lies of men over the millennia about our origins. This mainly targets religions which the Elohim no longer want at all. One of their first targets will be the Vatican and the Pope. The Elohim, no longer support the way in which the earth is treated, and especially its overpopulation. They will therefore reduce it by 50%.

I must then warn you of the arrival of Satanism, the first reason for which is the refusal of all religions. But Satanism also incorporates concepts, mores, rites, even sacrifices which are today "reserved" for certain elites and obviously despite all laws of men. Many of these laws will thus be removed, modified or voted on at the global level, to favor this satanic aspect.

You will tell me that God would never accept such decisions. God is first and foremost, very angry, and God is therefore a community, the Elohim, who have all the control over us since the origin of humanity. However, they left the possibility and freedom for this humanity to develop. The result is catastrophic, and they want to regain control of the earth and the people on it, or the earth itself will not survive.

These Elohim, however, do not have the same customs as us. They are in our image (doesn't that remind you of anything?), And have this duality of Good and Evil. Furthermore, when an authority is angry, it begins by punishing first and then by showing how they want us to live. This is likely to shock many of you because some of their customs have become in recent decades, the most important crimes among men. They do not at all agree with this development, and we have no choice. This concerns in particular the laws in sexual matters, including pedophilia. Note that I do not comment on this subject, I only warn you of what awaits you because that is my mission.

I am not only the Messenger of Satan. I am also and above all, the one of God. So, I also have this duality of Good and Evil, two sides of the same coin. This therefore means that I must also be able to speak to you about Evil, but not necessarily in the sense that men understand it today. The concept of Good and Evil of the Elohim, is not the same as ours, but it is that of the Elohim, therefore of God, that we cannot therefore refuse. I must therefore describe it to you because it will go against the duality of Good and Evil, created by men. I must therefore speak to you of Evil, as of Good without distinction of importance, even to horrify some of you.

The Antichrist must therefore bring all these changes and these explanations to humanity, but which will not have either, borders between countries. Countries will therefore no longer be able to resist this surge. To do this, countries will lose a very large part of their physical borders. These are the physical borders that Gladio, aka Satan, is showing you, through these events related to the Coronavirus.

I had already pointed out to you for the Californian going to intensive care along the fault of San Andreas, this one next to Mount Rainier (volcano), the Italians in Lombardy, between Lake Geneva (CERN) and the Vatican, that of Paris, those of Rouen in Normandy, like the earthquake in Brest etc. I had told you about all these targets in the previous months, well before the arrival of the virus and it is therefore no coincidence that the virus, under Gladio's control, begins by marking these same regions.

I am speaking, and I must warn you, of attacks, or rather of false natural phenomena which will physically destroy these borders and hundreds of millions of individuals. It is imminent. Countries will therefore have to rely on a global authority which will be governed by a single man directly dependent on the Elohim, in other words of God. (Gladio insists. I must write it down ...) This man will be the Antichrist, in other words, me. I have written it! And I'm still writing. My internet and electricity continue to work and my heart has not had a pinch from Gladio!

I therefore continue! I was aware of this for 8 months also, like this Antichrist function, but you will understand very well that I did not want to mention them. I hardly dare think of it! But there, obviously, Gladio wants me to say it. I can understand that since they really entered the phase of destruction and depopulation. As long as the Internet works, it has to be written somewhere.

Then, they will cause an event where I will have to physically participate, outside my cave, so in a public way. The world will then realize that they have once again ignored the will of God, in other words, my messages, my reports, my posts, my simple existence without any support from any State and hardly from my followers. Note however that since I started this activity, never one of my posts has been deleted, the same for my videos, etc. I'm probably the only one in the world who can describe all this to you, including talking to you about pedophilia, or insulting a president, or scaring you and warning you every second, without me ever being interrupted or brought to silence. However, you listen to me very little and you support me financially very little too, but the Elohim see all this, and their anger is all the greater.

Finally, while the world will thus be placed under the control of the Elohim, I will have to prepare for the return of Christ. Again, Gladio insists that I say what I know. I already know who will be this Christ. He is 16 years old today and I have to train him for his future function which he learned about yesterday! He has not been to school since the age of 13 and speaks to God, the Elohim, all day long. He has stigmata on his hands and feet (therefore the presence of blood), and although he does not have a very long academic career, he has a culture and a language, worthy of the best academics. He often asks me existential and religious questions, which I must try to answer, I who did not believe in God, eight months ago. He cares very much for the moment about the evolution of the virus and the lies of the States, as well as their use of the situation linked to the virus, to enact laws which their people do not want. He's 16, but he sees it all. He speaks to me as well as to God.

Now he has to undergo long training and during this time I have to prepare the world to welcome him. He's the one I'm talking about at the start of this article. He confirmed to me, my mission of the Antichrist, and in particular this public event, to come, facing the virus, and Gladio asked me to confirm his mission! So, he comes to understand from the age of 16, all that he is and why he is. He is not baptized because I will have to do it!

Indeed, remember, what had happened at Pentecost 2019. Overnight, I began to use divine quotes that I did not know, to believe in God, when I did not believe no, etc. It's called the Holy Spirit (too bad, if you laugh ...) and God grants the Holy Spirit only to those He has chosen. However, this same day of Pentecost 2019, and to accomplish my mission, I also received from God, the Holy Spirit, from John the Baptist, and from John the Evangelist, this one was the disciple of John the Baptist before becoming that of Jesus. It was also John the Baptist who announced the arrival of Christ and who baptized him in the Jordan. Some people wonder who Christ really was, of Jesus and John the Baptist.

John the Baptist is also the one who announced the Apocalypse, asking the people to repent of their sins, before the Last Judgment. Now this day is almost here. I must announce to you and prepare the Apocalypse and then the return of Christ which I will have to baptize, with the same spirit as John the Baptist had done. I may then be 7 or 10 years older, and He will then have the mission of leading humanity to a better world. This is my mission, and his, when the time comes.


God bless you!


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