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My confession
My confession. The living condition of the Antechrist.

These are two Facebook posts on March 6 and 7, 2020. I wrote the first in reaction to an individual who accused me of giving alms and to a friend who offered to help me. The second is a response to a nice anonymous message. No changes have taken place on these posts. There is therefore no need to read them again, if you have already read and perhaps read them again.

1. A little reminder on my situation.

I feel obliged to clarify my situation a little and therefore to describe to you how I live. This is a message I just sent to a friend who offered to help me ...

I live in such poverty that I have constant needs. A certain number falls at the end of the month, my rent (and I cannot move), my Internet, my server, etc.

Five years ago, I had incomes up to 2000 euros per month, then that gradually decreased, by the death of my mother for whom I worked for 15 years (death in the fashion of Gladio), then a client that I had to send to prison and today, it's Gladio who doesn't want me to take care of anything other than my role.

Result, I live only on alms when my expenses correspond to someone who had an income! And I don't know how to change anything, neither at the house which I rent and which is slowly cracking everywhere by going down the slope on which it is, neither my Internet nor electricity subscriptions.

I can understand Gladio, but they don't pay and I can understand that too. It is a question of trial and time which cannot be shared.

I live in the Philippines, my partner and I had taken the necessary steps to set up a small tourism agency, to guide customers here and there. We do not have a single customer. Gladio blocks them because of the danger it can pose to me. I can also understand, but then, how do I do it? Alms! It is painful and it is hurtful and people hurt me too!

It's been 5 years that I haven't seen, a doctor, a dentist, that I can't buy clothes, even underwear. I have the same shirts as 6 years ago and that I can't even put on anymore, because I got fat for lack of exercise. I never move from home.

Gladio takes care of my health, but not the way I live or eat. My girlfriend is trying to make some business online, but she too has problems there. I come today to break my mobile. It pains me and I cannot replace it. I waited 6 months to buy a new keyboard at 20 euros for my computer, bought by my mother just before her death.

I have an electric generator, for power outages, which I cannot repair due to lack of money. Where we are, tap water contains a lot of chlorine. It's bad for health, but I can't even buy bottles of mineral water and in addition, these last days, we have water 4 hours a day! The ground is dry. So, the city set a water rationalization.

In my photos, I wear glasses where a glass is missing, a white glass, because it should not correct anything. I can't buy other glasses. I don't even have shoes or pants anymore! I'm wearing beach shorts!

My partner found a way to make me today, a steak, fries, mayonnaise. I almost cried, so much that I miss the minimum. I licked my plate, when I have finished! I eat rice at every meal and again, sometimes, it is expired. It's two years that I did not go in a restaurant, yet very cheap here, or in a cinema, or even in a tavern or on a terrace to have a drink with friends. First, I don't have friends, and second, I can't afford it. I look at the sea from my window, but I haven't put my feet in the ocean for too long.

So, you see, this is my life for Gladio and for humanity!

I even wonder if I should not make a post with this, so that people realize my situation. I was attacked again on this subject on my last post. It is unfortunate and it is very sad.


At 3:19 am, this Saturday March 7, this night, a person, a woman apparently, left me this as a message on the chat on my site Only, she left no name or nickname.

I'm not sure it was her intention to leave me an anonymous message, but anyway, I never close the door to good souls.

I also understand that one can misinterpret what Antichrist means, since religions have described it as an abject being from who everybody must take distance. We can also understand this since the Antichrist must attack the lies of religions. The Antichrist does not come to attack your faith in God, nor his prophets, but he comes to reveal the lies, the betrayals of the religions which have altered the Word of God and his prophets. It is therefore normal that religions qualify him with all the abominable names, since he is their enemy, charged by God and representing the Wrath of God towards them.

In any case, thank you to this person and welcome back to my followers.

Her reaction probably comes in reaction to my "confession" on my personal situation described in the previous post. Yes, I have a priestly life, in other words, dedicated to God and in a very difficult situation. I obviously do not take advantage of your credulity, but rather of your generosity to try to live and fulfill my function of Antichrist.

I was never a man of God until Pentecost 2019 and I never thought of becoming one. I did not believe in God. I am basically a computer scientist, a programmer and not a man of God. Apparently, I was wrong, and I too had to get used to this situation, which God wanted for me. The purposes of God are impenetrable and here I am, therefore, describing to you, in this function of Antichrist, what the near future will be for us and why.

I suggest that you join me in prayer and find the strength and the courage to face what is being prepared. God indeed prepares us for a better world, but its construction will make an enormous number of victims, to welcome the survivors of which I hope you will be part. For this, you must believe in God and in what I tell you, as well as support me, since I am your guide, chosen by God. As such, I cannot and will not be able to fulfill my mission, without your generosity and your forgiveness for also needing you. God thanks you.


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