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The real meaning of this piano

I have to explain this piano that you see everywhere on my Facebook pages and at the end of all the pages of my blog, as well as my silence.

Originally, this piano was intended for a member of my family who had greatly demoralized me. This piano then meant "I am silent, you broke me. I have nothing more to say to you". I was indeed so demoralized that I had put this piano, everywhere by specifying that I had nothing more to say.

However, I understood today, that this argument with this relative was in fact a twisted blow of Gladio, whose goal was to make me put this piano and this message everywhere. Indeed, since this message, my relationships with this parent have returned to normal. So, I wanted to remove these pianos. It was then that Gladio made me understand that they did not make me discover this piano to image my argument, but that they provoked this argument to make me discover and publish this piano everywhere.

For Gladio, this piano was not intended for this parent whose real dispute did not exist, but for my readers and followers.

Gladio tells you by this piano, that to this day, my mission is finished. The Apocalypse is on its way and nothing will stop it. The broken piano means. There is nothing to add. Man has broken the piano and the music, destruction is on its way. In clearer terms, the piano means "communication", in the very broad sense, but especially of God. Religions have always lied, mainly about our true origins and these lies, this music, are over. God no longer wants to procrastinate and will end our civilization. This piano also represents the sounds of nature, from the flowing water to the sound of birds. This music is also over. First, because Man puts the earth more in danger every day, while destroying it every day more, and God has no choice but to end this disaster. The birds will stop singing while the earth takes its natural breath. Finally, this piano is intended to represent me and my keyboard, a word also used for the piano. My communication, for God and Gladio, is finished and the destruction of our civilization is underway.

On my blog, a masterful decision, I even added as a legend, always thinking of this dispute: Marc Delantre is no longer available online // Marc Delantre is not available online anymore. and I really stepped aside, while removing access to the Gladio Signal, as if to signify that the signal itself was silent. All of this actually formed Gladio's end-of-communication message.

Note that I only understood this today. The argument was false and was to push me to put everywhere this image of "end of communication, prepare for the worst".

For my part, I invite you to pray to God. You can also see for yourself on that the Gladio Main Signal has been near its maximum (1800), for more than 8 days. It is obviously not for nothing. You will notice that the part of Signal which concerns me (3rd signal), has also been very high for more than a week. The increase in the last few hours corresponds precisely to the fact that I understood the meaning of this piano and this false argument, leading to its publication.

Now, I am not sure that other messages will follow. It is even possible that I will disappear completely from the Internet in the days that follow (as well as other people). In this case where I disappear of the web, I invite you to gather as a family, because death will not be far away. Gladio estimates that 50% of the earth will survive. Personally, given the established program, I think this figure will be lower, even if everything does not happen in 24 hours. In addition, some will be saved before the first shot is given. It is the Ark. In practical terms, it is a space ship where I will welcome these happy chosen ones. As for the others who will survive the Apocalypse, they will need courage to survive, and together, we will try when calm on earth returns, to rebuild a new and better world.

However, I will stay online on Messenger and behind my pages and my emails, at least, while I'm there. However, I don't really know when I'll be gone, days or weeks at most. Since the ultimatum, I know the date marking the beginning of this destruction. It's not tomorrow, not this week, but not in a long time ...

Marc Delantre

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