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Burried alive, Tchernobyl will be your entry into hell !

Everything that follows comes directly from Gladio.

The fire near Chernobyl went out. It was planned that the fire would go out, to then have rain, and a soil that will soak up water, which will no longer be used by the trees, which have burned ... This will cause a landslide, helped by Gladio, but explained by nature. This landslide will cause .... a huge nuclear explosion !!!!

When this reactor exploded in 1986, its core (the nuclear reaction), was still active and was going to melt everything in its path, going down to the ground. This catastrophic situation is called "the Chinese syndrome", an insoluble situation for any nuclear power plant, even today.

So the Russians immediately dug under the Chernobyl reactor, pouring a large layer of concrete and hoping to cool the core of the molten reactor, which is called corium. It is a kind of nuclear lava, which burns and therefore melts everything in its path. The risk in this situation is that this corium can no longer be stopped. The Russians therefore hoped that the corium would be stopped, by these works under the reactor, but the corium did not stop, and the Russians think that it was stopped. Above all, they told the world that the danger was over! It was not!

However, man has no way, even today, to know what it is. Later, the man therefore added an enormous sarcophagus of concrete and steel above the exploded plant to avoid radiation. Yes, but this sarcophagus was added, while below the corium descended underground !!!

Gladio has been monitoring this corium for decades. It went down very very deep under the power plant (several km). If nothing stops it, it can explode the entire earth, or cross the entire earth. This is the reason for its designation "Chinese syndrome". In reality, the corium would not cross the earth, but depending on what it encountered, it would eventually explode, taking the earth with it.

So, to avoid losing the whole earth, Gladio has decided to detonate this corium now, putting: 1. The responsibility on man and his nuclear power plants, because man will remember this corium he tried to stop and that he claimed to have stopped. 2. On the nature which will, in theory, be the source of the explosion.

Yes, but the explosion, now, of this corium, will create, in this place a huge volcano of nuclear lava (corium) and lava of the earth (magma), which will be expelled in the air, and going down on the great majority of Europe. The entire region around Chernobyl will become a lava lake for tens of km in diameter. In addition, earthquakes of 8, 9, 10 will be caused throughout Europe and Russia, whose cities will be completely destroyed and possibly impacted by radiation! It will also cause very violent tsunamis on all the seas in Europe and other violent earthquakes around the world. All volcanoes in Europe will also light up again.

I received this information in a very specific way, but written and of certain origin. In addition, this scenario and this hypothesis do not exist anywhere, because the man considered, Chernobyl as buried! Right, but the corium can only go down and no coffin can resist it. This is the known risk of any nuclear power plant!

Chernobyl, is perhaps only one aspect of Gladio's apocalyptic projects, since before, there was also talk of an asteroid. However, on this subject, it had never been anything but my assumptions, due to the images and symbols sent by Gladio, to make me think of asteroids. In the case of Chernobyl, it is infinitely clearer, terribly terrifying and above all the fault of man!

In fact, I just understood something. The asteroid scenario could very well have been designed by Gladio, so that I speak of the Apocalypse in a credible way. Thinking of an asteroid, I could speak of an Apocalypse created by Gladio and via a technically possible event, but this scenario was nonetheless fictitious, and had to be replaced by the real scenario, when the time came. It is therefore quite possible that this is because the Chernobyl hypothesis is very likely to be true and man could not prove the contrary.

We are still April 15, the anniversary of the Notre Dame fire. Two of Gladio's signals are increasing terribly and I don't know when they will stop. At the time of the Notre Dame fire in 2019? 6 p.m. Will they be accompanied by something? It is impossible to say. It stresses me out and I'm waiting!

In any case, I remind you that the previous article, explains why Chernobyl is so important, and in particular that it is mainly on the red line of Gladio's Apocalypse !!

Who is Gladio? The army of God, of the Elohim, God in Hebrew, our real creators. They want to save their planet even if it means destroying our civilization which in their eyes no longer represents anything, both for its lies about our origins and for the lies of religions, and above all our continuous destruction of the earth. See all my other articles, as well as those on my function, the Antichrist!

Gladio verbatim asked me to publish this article. I believe this hypothesis really possible, in any case, much more than the asteroid. I responded to orders received.

I can only invite you to pray.

I remind you that you can follow these signals constantly here
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