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Two cathedrals within one km !! and not only...

Is it a coincidence?

In general, to ask the question is to answer it, especially with the Elohim. Usually I reply to this, that coincidences do not exist. Today, I wonder about the real origin of this huge explosion in Beirut, yesterday, August 4 at 5:10 pm.

Here is the reason for my doubt. Exactly an hour earlier, at 4:10 p.m., I published an article on the evolution of the Signs of the Elohim towards me and that of Marie-Madeleine.
  • In this article I am talking about the first attack warned by the Signal of the Elohim, on May 22, 2017. The Signal was at that time, called the Signal of Gladio, since I did not know the existence of the Elohim. This attack took place in Manchester at the Arena and killed 23 people and injured 250 others.
  • This alert of May 22, 2017, had started, down to the minute, when Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump met in Israel.
  • Lebanon is officially at war with the first, Israel. As for the second, Donald Trump, is the only one in the world who affirmed yesterday that this explosion was an attack.
  • These are the only two mentioned in my article, exactly 60 minutes before the explosion in Lebanon.
The Signal of the Elohim did not present any peak / alert yesterday for the moment of the explosion, but I still have an irresistible desire to write an article on this very curious coincidence (it is not the only one see below), which according to my usual answer, would not be. Here is the graph at the origin of my initial doubt and repeated in my article yesterday, that is to say exactly, one hour before this explosion in Lebanon, yesterday, August 4, 2020.

While I was already going to close this article, limiting myself to this single coincidence, the Elohim ask me to write:

"Why would God, the Elohim, do this?"

Rather than explaining the Wrath of God, I then look to see if there is a cathedral in Beirut. I knew in fact that Beirut is both a Christian and a Muslim city. My discovery was huge! There is not a cathedral in Beirut, but two cathedrals, one Catholic Christian, the other Orthodox Christian, next to each other, and alongside an important mosque. All within a kilometer of the explosion! It couldn't be a coincidence !!

Finally, when I finish this article, Marie-Madeleine, tells me that following an accident, an agricultural trailer with white powder had overturned the day before yesterday, in the roundabout just in front of her house. She has just understood that this would probably have a link with the ammonium nitrate at the base of the explosion in Lebanon.

Finally, I answer the question "Why would God, the Elohim, do this?" The answer can be found in the preceding articles. It is the Wrath of God against Humanity, whatever its religion, insofar as these religions have all hidden from Humanity, its origin, the Elohim and not a single and imaged God, such as these religions want us to believe it!

Update: I have just been sent a video on Facebook. This shows that a strange, dark object "flies" towards the origin of the smoke in Beirut, and once this object disappears in the smoke, the explosion occurs. This video is here

Marie-Madeleine then adds that when this object disappears in the smoke, an optical illusion clearly reveals the shape of a Black Madonna in the middle of the screen. The Black Virgins represent in cathedrals and churches, Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus, but also the vengeance of the Elohim on Humanity.

Extract from my article "From Signal to Visions of the Elohim and other paranormal effects"

The Signal of the Elohim warns attacks

On May 22, 2017, the Signal of the Elohim showed a huge rise for 4:30 hours, while I had not moved from my desk. However, this huge peak in the Signal began the minute Donald Trump met Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. I had then and for several years a large terrorism file in my hands and implicating the Belgian police in terrorist operations, in Europe and the USA. Trump and Netanyahu were also senior figures linked to terrorism. After thinking it over, I made the decision to call the Belgian secret services by phone to warn them that an attack was probably imminent. They had asked me for a report explaining what this signal was and it was when it was sent that the attack on the Arena in Manchester occurred at the same time. I screamed and cried in front of my computer.

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