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A new cathedral and burnt churches ...
... directly related to me and to the Elohim

My collaborator, Marie-Madeleine and I, had not seen it on the news, but the cathedral of Managua in Nicaragua was also set on fire on July 31. It is a cathedral built in 1991 to replace the old one (classic with two towers) which had been completely destroyed in 1972 by a terrible earthquake. The new cathedral mainly contained a very large crucifix almost 400 years old.

Before setting the fire, the arsonist even took the liberty of asking the sister guarding the building, where the Chapel of the Blood of Christ was located. This obviously reminds the operation "Revenge", going from July 30 to 31 in the morning, and described in my article on my Facebook page of July 31 at 12:54, that is 6 hours before the fire of the cathedral of Managua. This July 31 article was titled "Revenge by Elohim with mind-control" !! However, it is obvious that the arsonist of the cathedral of Managua was under mind control, to commit his crime, and especially at this precise moment, that is to say exactly at the time of the next alert!

Indeed, the most astonishing is that this fire at the cathedral of Managua, corresponds very exactly to the alert on the Signal of the Elohim and about which I had already spoken to you on August 1st. This alert began on July 31 at 7 p.m., the time of the fire in the cathedral in Nicaragua, with an argument with a dark individual, to whom I had finally refused to respond. He then put a nauseating comment on one of my last posts. The fire in this cathedral occurred at the same time, but before his comment, that is to say at the base of this huge alert on the part of the Signal of the Elohim, in connection with me. I remind you that the Signal of the Elohim includes 4 signals. This is the 3rd, presented here

This alert also included another attack, but this time by a ram car coming out of a bar. It had caused 15 injuries, including one serious. It had happened after another argument. Here is the excerpt from the image of this article on Facebook, and taking up the peak in question, on the Signal of the Elohim.

This new cathedral attack is definitely part of the series, but that's not all. This cathedral in Nicaragua was called the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, in other words, The Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. However, when the Vatican Journal relates the fire in the Cathedral in Nicaragua, it does not forget to make the link with 4 other church fires carried out the same weekend, in the USA, two of which directly targeted the Virgin Mary.

The religious authorities, the Vatican, therefore see very well, and even faster than us, the number of simultaneous fires of churches and cathedrals. On the other hand, do they see the link with the Elohim and me, that's another question! They know the existence of the Elohim, since they have asked their expert translator Mauro Biglino to resign from his functions, after having revealed, in his books, that the Bible did not speak of God, in the sense that the Religions want us make it believe.

A follower that I informed about the fire of this new cathedral, told me that it would be good if the Elohim were limited to burning cathedrals and not to killing children. My response was scathing. The Elohim kill children because they represent Humanity ... and especially its future (the Elohim tell me at the moment ...). Indeed, for the Elohim, Humanity no longer has a future, it will be totally destroyed. It is therefore useless to save children because they will have absolutely no future. They attack churches and cathedrals only to show you the reason for their anger and the lack of a future for your children. I'm sorry about this, but it's their message and not mine. It is besides while writing this paragraph, that they asked me to write this "For the Elohim, the Humanity does not have any more future, it will be completely destroyed. It is thus useless to safeguard the children, because they will have absolutely no future". For them, it is therefore easier to kill children because, at least this message reaches you directly. The burning of this cathedral and of the churches in the USA, proves it. This information was missing from Google News. Killing Children and this information is at the top of the page.

Sunday August 2, I asked Marie-Madeleine if she had not had any vision or voice during her night or during her meditation. Indeed, I mainly have telepathy when writing my articles, and Marie-Madeleine mainly has voices and visions. We complement each other. Apart from that, we both have actions of the Elohim on our body and multiple paranormal effects around us. Her answer to my question was this:

She saw UFO's destroying earth with lasers.

Monday August 3, I asked her the same question, like every day and this time, the answer is this:

[During my meditation I saw the Earth moving farther and farther away, as if I were in space, and then saw scrolling images of various past wars.
Then the Burning Earth, seen from space. Not all burnt, but a part.]

I rarely have feelings coming from the Elohim and related to Love, although a certain number of my articles talk about the new world in preparation, which will be turned only to love. Marie-Madeleine does not have visions linked to love either, except on a few memorable occasions to present her the new world of tomorrow, and which remain to her today, etched forever in her memory. But today is the time for the wrath of God, with Satan in charge. So we mostly have feelings, telepathically transmitted messages and visions related to the end of humanity. This will not change as long as this humanity is not destroyed at least 75%, including obviously children. All of this is absolutely imminent because as I told you, Marie-Madeleine and I have another mission to assume and which will not be long in coming, the construction of the new world.

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