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How I become the Messenger of Aliens, the Elohim.

This is a letter, that I just sent to some paranormal experts

For some years, I'm in a very special paranormal situation, and I fear that you don't take seriously my story. I'm a Belgian man, 58 years old, living in the Philippines, for 5 years. On the web, I'm known as Marc Delantre. I did not search to be known on the web, but I have, from 2018, a YouTube channel with one million views and each of my article is read by about 2000 followers. However, I don't like that kind of followers because most of them don't really understand what I'm telling them, and from who these articles are really coming from.

My paranormal story began at my birth, but one of the most important events in my life was in December 2016. I'm a web/IT programmer from always and I have my personal Internet server where I was hosting some websites for my customers. In December 2016, I received on my web server, every day, thousands ghost connections from all over the world. These sudden connections did not attack my server, and quickly, I chose to show these connections like a Signal. A red line, showing a number of connections, per hour and per minute, and from December 2016, this Signal never stopped. I called FBI, in Alaska, and we exchanged 450 emails in about 3 months. They tried to know who was controlling these strange connections on my server, especially since, this Signal allowed me to warn that big catastrophes will occur in the next hours!

Today, in 2020, this Signal became much more complex and I'm the only one able to decode it. Today, it contains 4 parts like this. (see

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I'm sorry to make some links with some movies, but it is the easiest way to describe my situation. They are also called "message-movies", or "Inspirited-movies". This Signal, is like the movie "Contact", except that this Signal was terrestrial, but coming from unknown origins, and above all, managed by non-human source, able to warn catastrophe on my server, before they occur. The information was not precise at all, but enough to allow me to call FBI or the Belgian Secret Services (I'm from Belgium) and to warn them that a catastrophe will occur, and they occurred. Until 2019, I did not understand the origin of this Signal, but it allowed me to be known by Intelligence Agencies around the world, since I was able to warn and show catastrophe before they occur, or to demonstrate that such catastrophe was not accidental or natural, since they were signed in real time on my server or just before they occur.

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This situation is very similar to another famous movie, "Predictions / Knowing" with Nicolas Cage. In this movie, a little girl, Lucinda, writes a long list of figures destined to a time capsule to open 50 years later, in the same school. The son of Nicolas Cage, in the movie, got this page of figures, 50 years later, and Cage discovered that all figures matched to all catastrophes during the last 50 years. The Signal I get for 4 years, has exactly the same purpose, and I'm known for that. Many of my followers prefer to think that I'm crazy, but authorities are following my articles and my Signal, faster than anyone. The evidence of that, is my total freedom of speech on all social networks, even if I'm the one to explain for example, the last catastrophe in Beirut. All people or articles talking about conspiracy for Beirut were down, blocked or removed from Facebook, or YouTube. Not mines. Never.

Nicolas Cage in front of the list of catastrophes
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At the Pentecost 2019, I received a special message, and "they" described to me my function. It was not easy for me to allow that I have such function, but at least I began to understand why I got this Signal, on my server. But it was not all. It was just a beginning. Since this date, I receive constantly information through telepathy, especially when I'm writing articles. 90% of their content is usually, not coming from me, but from Aliens. I tell things that I did not know before to begin to write these articles. My body also allows them to communicate with me, and I receive like pinches in my heart or in my hands to notify me that there is something important just before my eyes, or that I will receive an important email, for example. They also use that way to push me to leave my bed to go see my computer or the news. It is my everyday life.

Recently, they added a collaborator to me, a woman, and this one get every day, visions that she must transmit to me. In the last weeks, we saw that 13 of her visions matched with 13 dramatic events in France. I published each of them, presenting the vision she described to me, and the event described in the news, which occurred after her vision. My followers understood that. It was easy to see the link. However, sometimes, some followers are arguing me on the Internet, telling me that I'm a faker, and the Aliens reaction is very fast.

On September 12, 2020, I got a mail exchange with a young woman. We call that in French "éveilleuse de conscience" (Consciousness awakens). She did not believe me. Our chat lasted 4 hours. When she sent me her first reply, there was at the very minute a tourism plane crash in France (3 dead, one mother and her two teenagers). 4h later, when this "Consciousness awakens" read my last reply, there was a second tourism plane crash in France (4 dead). This time it was a father (the pilot) and two little girls of 9 years old, twins. I also have twins girls. It was to make the link with me.

Usually my followers know that they cannot dispute me on the web because, my "employers", these Aliens, hate that, and often, they usually provoke plane crashes, like the ones on September 12.

"These employers", these Aliens are the ones to send me this Signal, to control my body, the visions of my collaborator, but also most of the catastrophes on earth. These can be human, terrorists, natural, accidental, like in the Predictions/Knowing movie. One of their most powerful weapons, is to know every second what you think, what you see and what you do, event if you are blind from your birth. They can see and control your mind and your body, like a puppet. This explains most of the terrorism events from 2015.

I often give this example because it was not a terrorist event. It was a dramatic event in Seattle on August 10, 2018. A porter in Seattle Airport of 29 years old, climbs alone in a bimotored 56 seats plane, parked on the tarmac. The porter starts this plane while this process is long and very complicated. He takes off the plane without to be allowed by the control tower, and makes acrobatics like a very skilled and professional pilot during 45 minutes, while he was talking to the control tower. This talking is still on the web, today. When his tanks are empty, he decides to crash the plane on an island. That guy liked to play flight simulator in his living room, but he never piloted any plane for real. Experts said that what he did, was simply impossible to do without to be a licensed and trained pilot on such bimotored plane! This guy was mind and body remote controlled by my "employers", the Aliens, who signed this event in real time, on their Signal. Of course, Man did not understand the message. I did and I wrote immediately an article showing the Signal for this plane crash. I sent it to authorities.

Let's take other examples with my partner. I live in the Philippines, with a Filipina. In 2019, she decided to make every day, some jogging. At the second, when she left our house, the Aliens cut the electricity of the city (300.000 impacted people + tourists). At the second, when she opened the door to come back, electricity came back too. It happened several times. They want to help me to convince her, of my story. She preferred to shout on me that I was crazy. They disliked that very much, and 7 minutes later, they provoked a big earthquake, in a village in the Philippines with the same name, as her family village! My girlfriend provoked 4 or 5 earthquakes linked to her and me, in 2 years, each time signed at the very second on the Aliens Signal.

This is a summary of my story and my everyday life.

Who are they? The Elohim, the extraterrestrials at the origin of the Humanity. Our religions called them (see the Italian famous Author, Mauro Biglino, Vatican expert, see below), "God". Unfortunately, our religions have removed from the scriptures all images and texts describing the Elohim as extraterrestrials. Today, the Aliens, the Elohim want to reset our world, like the movie Prediction/Knowing because Man refuse to admit his real origin. My function for these Aliens, for the Elohim is to warn the world, of this process.

I don't know if you will take this story seriously, but it is mine and I'm tired to handle it. I did not choose that life, but I cannot give up, and take my life back. It should be dangerous for me, too. Also, I'm almost 59, and most of my life is behind me.

There is another reason, that I write this letter/article today. In France and in Belgium, for two or three months, there are very strange events, and Aliens ask me to tell they are the ones behind these events. I wrote several articles in French about that already. I'm talking about the 150 cases open for horse mutilations. Dozens of horses and other equines are mutilated. Their right ear, their eyes, their nose their genitals are surgically removed or cut, by beings with veterinary skills or knowing perfectly these animals. There is no witness, no trace at all. All the police in France are very busy with that. Some prosecutors are closing these files, telling that the origin is not human and cannot be human, since many of these mutilations are done with high skills, and there is no witness and no culprits. Moreover, facts show that the authors of these facts are numerous, all over in France, and sometimes done simultaneously.

The reasons I received from the Aliens and that I wrote in my articles, are : WE ARE ALREADY HERE and we mutilate your horse because these horses were given to humans to help him in his evolution. But Humans cannot see, smell, hear the Signs that we send to them, through also, our Messenger, Marc Delantre. So, we cut the ear, the eye, and the nose of your horse and other equines and bovines. It is also useless that you think to reproduce yourself because we put an end to the Human evolution and to the humanity. So, we cut and remove genitals from your horses and other equines.

Almost, every day, there are new cases of mutilations in France and in Belgium, with the message for my collaborator and me "WE ARE HERE". It is another reason, of this article/letter. This situation is urgent and requires the Human attention.

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