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Introduction to close encounters of 5th kind
I don’t have much to say about this earthquake, except that it is linked to me. This earthquake happened the minute I woke up that day in the Philippines (5:54 a.m.). As you know, my computer is recording my activity every 30 seconds and at that exact moment I was waking my computer out of sleep mode.

This earthquake also took place on the surface, between 0 and 5 kilometers deep, which is characteristic of earthquakes caused by the Elohim. It is the same for those of Strasbourg in France. I recall that the Elohim are these extraterrestrials, at the origin of Man on earth, 7 million years ago. The reasons for their actions have been explained dozens of times in my previous articles.

In addition, when I read this information here on the site, with the page opened in this way (see below), I had an Internet and power cut of a few seconds identical to the television on the video in this article, and displaying a white screen during the earthquake.

(ouvrir/fermer image)

And then, as I write these lines, I get a pinch in my heart, which is a new confirmation.

I know a lot of people don’t believe in this sort of thing. However, I discovered that this type of relationship between me and an extraterrestrial force, is called "Close Encounters of the 5th kind", that is, when two-way communication exists between a human and extraterrestrials.

However, this classification from Wikipedia only speaks of encounters, in the "human" sense of the term, and therefore of the real presence of UFOs and especially of extraterrestrials. However, the "Close Encounters of the 5th kind" speaks well of a two-way communication, which is definitively my case. See this :
  • I wake up - they cause an earthquake
  • I see the earthquake - they cause a power cut
  • I am writing my article - they send me a pinch in my heart.
If this kind of synchronicity happened once, you could still claim it was by chance, but not three times about the same subject. In addition, it should be added that this kind of thing happens to me every day, even several times a day. It is therefore indeed a communication between me and an extraterrestrial force and this communication is even continuous every second of my existence.

I do not understand how this does not appeal to more people.

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