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ETI: Please make sure you are quiet to read this.
ETI is already on earth...

I’m still looking for Extraterrestrial Intelligence searchers, I wrote a letter to some of them today. Here is this letter. It is useful since this letter is a good way to summarize the/my situation facing to ETI Signal, I get on my webserver.


Sorry to disturb you. I’m a Belgian computer man, 59 years old, working, for a decade, in extraterrestrial Intelligence and living, for my security, on an island in the Philippines.

I came across xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx because I was looking on Google for information on "ETI, extraterrestrial Intelligence".

I am known on the Internet. I have a million views for a few videos made between 2018 and 2019, a book on my story (800 pages) published in September 2019, on Amazon in 2 versions, French, English, and currently +/- 10,000 followers and readers in both languages. I’m not known as fake or spammer, but I need some light, and I give so much light too, on ETI.

The only subject of all this, is the function for which I am known, which is precisely to speak of an extraterrestrial Intelligence and Signal that I have been receiving on my Internet server since the end of 2016. This Signal is known and has been analyzed for 3 months, by the FBI, IT Division, Washington, with which, I exchanged 450 emails in the first quarter of 2017. It is my only function, and it is even how I earn my poor living, thanks to the support of some followers, even if it brings me almost nothing. I am only specifying it, to emphasize the fact that I know the ETI.  It is a proof of seriousness.

This ETI Signal arrived at my server since December 2016, but I have had this activity since 2008, and I have been prepared for my job since my birth (1961). In 2008, I thought I was working as an independent intelligence agent, for several Western agencies, FBI included. I would get information about impending disasters and pass it to these agencies.

So, in December 2016, my source of information changes, and a kind of Signal arrives at my Internet server, a bit like a radio frequency. This ETI Signal then allows me to warn of attacks or events, very little time in advance. The authorities could therefore also check the alerts on this Signal. Then, this Signal allowed me to prevent mass killings in the USA (Las Vegas for example), then accidental or natural disasters, in short, anything that caused deaths, significantly, across the world.

The FBI never found the source of this ETI Signal. Of course, they could not imagine that it was created by an ETI for me!  On the other hand, never, a single agency asked me a single question, even if my contact-agents sent their personal acknowledgment of receipt, day or night. This lack of reaction from my contacts exasperated "my employers", the ETI, who then increased the pressure on the authorities, and caused disasters the minute I sent my reports to these same contacts within the authorities. They could only note, that a new disaster corresponded to the minute of my email to them. Despite this, they never asked me a question. They must have known the answer.

This Signal still exists today, but to this Signal were added audio messages, visions, and other supernatural things, intended to help us in our predictions. Tens of thousands of people can confirm these voices, visions and even pains. They are the “targeted individuals”, but understanding nothing, they attribute their remote tortures, to governments, which is impossible. Man does not have this possibility or technology.

Today, this Signal and I, as well as my ten collaborators, are linked to dozens of tragedies and thousands of deaths. I won’t go into too much detail in this letter, but I will give you a reference; the movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage. In this film, his son receives in it school, a sheet of paper from a time capsule. This sheet contains the figures corresponding to all the catastrophes for 50 years, except the last 3 that Nicolas Cage discovers on the sheet and that he will experience live. My situation is exactly that, except that they are not a sheet of paper, but a Signal, on my Internet server, and this Signal has indeed an extraterrestrial origin, especially as the majority of the dramas, is in theory of natural origin. In addition, Man is unable to send very clear voices or visions to a brain, and Men cannot cause earthquakes, tornadoes, eruptions of volcanoes ... This extraterrestrial intelligence makes it daily way, and always linked to this Signal on my server and to my activity.

Today, I am known on the Internet, for this Signal, these predictions, and this supernatural which surrounds my collaborators and me. Obviously, I also have total freedom of speech, on the networks, even if I sometimes name culprits whom one does not expect, or if I describe the future targets, and or the future tragedies.

The authorities read me faster than my followers because everyone sees that what I predict comes true. On the other hand, they obviously do not dare to speak about me, or this Signal, to the populations because my message for the future is most terrible, and these authorities are especially afraid of losing their control over the populations. Despite everything, my "employers", this ETI, want to warn the world of what will happen by avoiding the filter of the authorities. A disaster film describes this silence of the authorities, with the populations, it is 2012.

This is, in summary, the purpose of my contact with you. You like to talk about signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. This Sign exists and is already on earth, but it is not a good omen. Please note that the best Intelligence is to be there where you don’t expect to find it! In fact, another film evokes this Signal, hidden from the people, it is the film Independence Day, but my life is not a film, and this Signal of which I speak is visible on the Internet. It is not a fiction, nor a human construction. It would be impossible. The FBI investigation proves it.

Why did I tell you about these films? Because these are film-messages written under the inspiration of my employers, The ETI, which have full read / write access to the human brain. They are the ones who designed this brain. Note that these 3 films, Knowing, 2012 and Independence Day, all evoke the end of the world. This is the purpose of the ETI Signal on my server.

What should I do so that humanity is warned about the Signal’s existence, mine, and the ETI intentions? Do you have any idea on the matter? You must not look or listen to the sky, the Signal is already here, in the hands of a handful of people, including me at their head because it is my role to make it public.

In order not to influence you, I have not given you the name by which I am known on the Internet, but I am giving you the summary of my story, and everything about me and my name, here.

It’s a very long text (17,000 words) that will take you an hour to read. You will see it is terrifying. On this Memento, you will also find the links to this ETI Signal and to my personal journal page, where I describe all event and my story even by event.

As an example, you will find, below, this Signal for the London attack on June 3, 2017, and what this Signal has become today.

I hope to read you soon.

Best Regards, 

When this letter has been finished, ready to be sent, it occurred a 6.0 earthquake in the Philippines, where I live. It 04:22 AM, UTC.

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