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No one can dispute My Word, that of God!!

Here is the chronology of the earthquakes leading to my letter to Monsignor Aupetit of the Cathedral of Paris and to the earthquake of 7.0 in Japan

January 21, 2021, earthquake of 7.0, in Indonesia
So that day at 20:23 local time there was a tremendous 7.0 earthquake in Indonesia / border with the Philippines where I live. (Tech source: here) This is the white ray, pictured in the banner above. This earthquake was the subject of a post in English and French, on Facebook here.

January 27, Encounter of the Fifth Kind
I find out about the Fifth Kind encounters through the video of an American doctor. He himself came up with this name. It is about invoking aliens in groups through meditation, and they sometimes show themselves to these people. This is easily explained.

The Elohim, God, are extraterrestrials who designed the men, and therefore they have access to their heads, to their minds, as is the case with all humans. You read me, or think of me, or the Elohim, and they know it instantly. Noting then that people, in groups, believe and think about them, they manifest themselves to make them believe more in their existence, and also to increase the number of participants and meetings of this kind.

Yet, these people gathered in meditation are wrong! They don’t believe that what they see is related to God! I am not talking about the God pictured in religions. I am talking about the Elohim who are God. I am therefore talking about thinking of the Elohim, or extraterrestrials as being the God, even the Gods, of Men. It is not the same as being a UFO enthusiast and not understanding or even unwilling to admit that these UFOs are the Elohim, and therefore are God. These people gathered in meditation are therefore very people who believe in the existence of aliens, but who do not really know who they are. It is the same for those UFOs passionate, who tell anything and everything, and who do not know, or even reject, that these are God.

January 28, Earthquake in Granada, Spain
On January 28, I visited for the first time, the site of SETI (USA), an American organization looking for signs of extraterrestrial life. When I start my very, very long article on Extraterrestrial Intelligence, there is a big earthquake of 4.4 in Granada, Spain, big because it is an inhabited region and the earthquake is 0 km deep. Grenada = bomb because the Elohim know what I am writing because they write it with me!

February 2, Contact with New Caledonia
A pseudo-scientist contacts me from New Caledonia, and what he tells me goes into the writing of my article. He tells me that no good scientist can dispute a claim if he cannot prove it to be false. He was talking about my claims, such as UFOs are God and earthquakes, signs of his wrath. However, our long discussion simultaneously provokes a cyclone in New Caledonia and the fall of its government.

February 4
My very long article on Extraterrestrial Intelligence published here.

February 7, 6.0 earthquake in the Philippines
First emails to astrophysicists. I am writing in English to SETI and the searchers for a sign of extraterrestrial life. When this mail, in English, is sent, there is a 6.0 earthquake in the Philippines, where I live. Technical source here. This had resulted in an article in English, explaining the details, here.

February 8
Another Caledonian tells me about the cyclone in New Caledonia and the fall of his government on February 2. It is then that I realize the simultaneity of these events with my long conversation, with the pseudo-scientist from New Caledonia.

February 10 earthquake of 7.7 in New Caledonia
2:11 pm, I send a conclusion to my father, giving to him my conclusion about these astrophysicists. I say: "The signs of intelligence (ETI) that these astrophysicists are looking for, is God, and God does not use radio frequencies. Nobody has ever disputed that, why don’t they make the connection between what they are looking for and what they know about God ?? " This sentence causes at 2:26 pm, an earthquake of 7.7 in New Caledonia !!! Technical source here.

This earthquake, therefore, confirms that "The ETI he is looking for is God, and God does not use radio frequencies", was what was to be understood.

February 13 earthquake of 7.0 in Japan
On February 12, I understand that my letter to astrophysicists may also, after some changes, be addressed to prelates of the Church and the Vatican. I submit the idea to Marie-Madeleine on February 12 at 10:44 am. She confirms to me at 11:50 am that it is no coincidence that this idea crossed my mind. At 11:52 am, I ask him if that’s a good or a bad idea, and I get a Facebook thumb in response.

However, Marie-Madeleine never sends me a thumb. This is not her way of answering me and besides, we know that the Elohim often intervene in our discussions with thumbs up to confirm what I, or what she has just written. These thumbs even sometimes happen, when Marie-Madeleine does not have her phone in her hands. This has also happened with other people, chatting with me, which is why I ask my contacts to never use the thumb on Facebook.

So, I ask Marie-Madeleine if she sent me the thumb-up, and she replied no, which I expected. So, I began to transform my letter to astrophysicists so that I could address it to the Christian Church.
I send my first mail, to France, on February 13, at 3:03 p.m. It is addressed to Monsignor Aupetit, who heads Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and this letter causes four minutes later, at 3:07 p.m., the 7.0 earthquake in Japan initially detected at a depth of 10 km, a characteristic signature of the unnatural earthquakes caused by the Elohim.

This is all the more glaring as the same scientific source confirms that the energy that created this earthquake is also equivalent to 40 atomic bombs, like the first earthquake mentioned on this page, for another 7.0 in Indonesia !! This scientific source is none other than, whose information comes directly from the American Center for Seismology. These are therefore raw, immediate data, before reassessment of other organizations and according to the damage and victims caused.

In this case, this 7.0 earthquake is an injunction from God to the Christian Church, its worst enemy. I remind you that it was the Christian Church that replaced the term "Elohim" / "The Gods" in Hebrew scriptures to write the Old Testament by using the expression "God". This had the effect of hiding from Men their true origin, their true creators, the Elohim, and therefore to create unbelievers. Their belief had been and still is manipulated and directed, towards an unreal image of God, which corresponds to the interests of the Church, but not to God! It is this lie, in particular, that is at the base of the finger of God (DEW), putting the fire to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, April 15, 2019. In my letter to Monsignor Aupetit, I remind him of all these, supporting photos.

For their part, it is to recall this terrible lie and this Notre Dame fire that the Elohim caused immediately following my letter to Monsignor Aupetit, a 7.0 earthquake in Japan.

No one can oppose my Word, the Truth, the Revelation, those of God, of the Elohim!

Here is therefore in full, the letter addressed to Monsignor Aupetit, layout and illustrations included.



Monsignor Michel Aupetit,

I am a 59-year-old Belgian IT specialist (Brabant Wallon), living in the Philippines for 6 years (photo beside). This email is 2,750 words long, as well as illustrations related to my testimony, or 10 minutes of reading, thank you very much for giving them to me. These minutes may even chock you.

You are a man of God, and so am I. I am even read and followed by thousands of people as being a man of God, and yet I didn’t believe in God just over two years ago. Know, before God, that this email is only truths. No lies, no invention, no even feelings or guesses. I am not selling anything. I pass on my experience to you and ask for your professional opinion. This e-mail should also shed new light on the Apocalypse, on God, but also on Notre Dame Cathedral.

My spirituality and my belief in God did not appear until 2019. They were brought to me for the need of my function. They did not appear gradually because of a particular event, or because of my will. No, it was from hour to hour. It was Pentecost Monday 2019, and I was told what I was going to have to do. This is the strict truth. I even have physical proof. But back to the beginning of this evolution.

Before continuing, and this e-mail having taken a considerable amount of work from me, could I ask you to acknowledge the receipt? Thank you very much.

 My story is indeed long, and I tell it in an 800-page book, published on Amazon, in September 2019, in two versions, French and English. I am not giving you the link here because this e-mail is not advertising. This is purely indicative, to support the seriousness of my approach. This book tells about my evolution since my birth. However, against all odds, initially, it was not a spiritual evolution, but an evolution in the field of Intelligence or infiltration, almost military, leading me to discover who is God and to get closer to it definitively. It’s unusual, especially since I haven’t chosen anything in my life. My function was even described to me, the first time, in ancient Greek!

At the beginning of my story, I might seem very far from Faith and God, I ask you to continue reading because you will be very surprised, maybe even for a very long time. This story describes in broad outline, my discovery, of what I really am, even if before being a Man of God, I was something else. Thanks for your indulgence. 

From 2011 to 2014, I received information about impending tragedies and I passed them on. I do not specify the source, but this is how I got my credibility with the authorities because everything I announced was happening. I also provided evidence, especially audio. I did all this while being independent of all authority. This is what still allows me to speak about it today. I am not bound by any state secrets and yet what I disclosed were state secrets, disclosed to other state authorities, even the same state. No one in the world was supposed to get that kind of information.

It was also in 2011, that I learned from an Israeli agency, that I had a first direct link with September 11, 2001. I recorded this interview with this agency on MP3. This source has been confirmed in 2012, by another agency (Belgian secret services). But it was while writing my book, in 2019, going back through my existence date by date, that I understood a second link with September 11, 2001.

In fact, on August 11, 2001, exactly one month before the attack, I took the plane with my twin daughters (twin towers), born a few days earlier. We were returning to Belgium. I also understood that the towers themselves represented the number 11, which is actually 101, but the 0 of which is not written. It then signifies the passage, towards death, towards another world. We are 20 years later, but we are at the end of this passage. We come to death, to the Apocalypse, to the Revelation. For my part, it was also on September 11, 2008, that without knowing it, I entered the process of Revelation, by taking the plane in the direction of the den of Evil and of which I was going to reveal the underside of the cards to the authorities, as I had always done.

From 2015 to 2016, I continued to give this information to the authorities, but gradually realizing that the big disasters affecting or having affected the world, were all linked to my schedule or to my existence, like the 11th September 2001. It was sometimes down to the minute.

From December 2016, arrived on my Internet server, a Signal, a red line on a black rectangle graphic. I then called the FBI in the USA because, like me, they knew the signature of this Signal. It belonged to the most powerful Internet weapon in the world, ever created. We then exchanged 450 e-mails during 3 months, during which, they had full access to my server. They did not find out who was controlling this Signal and therefore this weapon. Indeed, his command is not earthly...

While they were still searching, the FBI and I, found that this Signal was following my every move, while I was without connection of any kind in the Philippines. Not only was this Signal following me, but in addition this Signal was also activated when I woke up in my bed or when I understood what it displayed. In short, those who were at the origin of this Signal, could therefore also read my mind, and it is still the case today. They can write there too and that’s what they’re doing right now as I write this to you.  

On May 22, 2017, I saw that this Signal on my Internet server was going on alert, for no apparent reason. So, I tried to understand. With their telepathic help, I found that this alert began the very minute of a meeting between Trump and Netanyahu on the same day. They were two personalities working against terrorism. Inspired by "my invisible employer", I immediately called my contacts within the agencies because I was convinced that there was going to be a big attack. They asked me for a report. So, I sent this one, and then it happened, the Manchester Arena bombing. 

Here is the Signal for the next attack, that of London Bridge, on June 3, 2017.
I was screaming and crying at my desk for being right, but I didn’t understand how. Yet, the same thing then happened dozens of times! Not once have the agencies questioned me about this Signal, which warned me or confirmed to me attacks.

It was then the mass killings in schools in the United States or in Las Vegas. The Signal even indicated for one of them, the path of the killer. I could almost count the number of bullets. Each time, I sent my reports to all the agencies concerned. My contacts would send me their personal acknowledgment day and night, but never anything more.

My employers, still invisible, saw that I got no response. So, they added another pressure. The minute I sent an important email to these dumb authorities, they were causing another disaster! The worst was my first letter to the UN which when I clicked "send" caused an airliner crash in Algeria, with 257 people on board. No survivors. The UN could check the time, and other agencies too!

It happened dozens of times, for crashes, attacks, industrial explosions, but also for earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, serial murders, including babies killed in a daycare center, or multiple and incomprehensible infanticides. Not only were these events related to my warning activities, but they were also signed on the Signal. 

It was also from 2017 that little by little, they started to use other communication channels, such as making me hear voices, or having visions, or effects in my body, on my skin, or on my desktop. A prick to the heart means, "don’t do/don’t write this". A prick on the finger "Yes, write that / Yes, it’s good / be careful you missed something on the screen...". A sting on the soles of the feet: "Get out of your bed, go and work on your computer...".

The same goes for my work environment. They cause power cuts to 300,000 people, to bring my partner home, or to mark a new phase. This is also true for the Internet, or for a vacuum cleaner that switches on by itself, without being supplied with current. They are there, every second of my existence, and I speak to them in my work. They listen to me as our relationship has become so interactive before I even realized who was behind all this. Sometimes misunderstanding what they expected from me, I also paid it a lot (computer destroyed several times), but this has not happened for 3 years.

In 2019, I warned the authorities, that they should expect disasters when I finished the French and English versions of my book, and it was the case. It was on March 15, 2019, the terror attack of Christchurch (The Church of Christ) in New Zealand (the name is no accident), and exactly 30 days later, on April 15, 2019, for the English version, the fire of the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, the cause of which is not accidental. I had warned the authorities three days before. It was set on fire by directed energy rays (DEW). Definition just below. Between the two, there was also the burning of the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris. This called into question the publication of my book, which therefore had to be delayed.

 * DEW: It is a weapon that man does not have and which burns or melts, absolutely everything, or which carries colossal energy, and which only explodes or affects a given element, at a distance given. You will find at the end of the e-mail, several photos of the use of this weapon including the cathedral, but it was also used on other religious sites, or industrial, but also in Beirut, and in the great fires of California, Amazonia, Australia, etc. Considering the unlimited energy that this weapon can carry, it is also used for volcanoes, climatic catastrophes, earthquakes. See, at the end of the document, the photo of one of these rays, during an important earthquake, on January 21, 2001, the energy of which is estimated at 40 atomic bombs, and transported to a depth of 120 km. It is obvious that governments know this weapon, which is not theirs, but they cannot imagine talking about it to the public.

On April 24, 2019, I received an anagram linking my author’s name to the fire in the cathedral and the result of which gave, in ancient Greek, ATHEO THEODA, “Against God”, “The Church which hides the truth”, and “With God”, “God, who wants to restore the truth”, Revelation!

While I was struggling to recover from my emotions on this anagram, would die on April 24, 2019, the same day, the French actor, Jean-Pierre Marielle. He was the actor in the first scene of The Da Vinci Code. In this scene, Jean-Pierre Marielle, had been shot after having directed his assassin, towards the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris, but before dying, he had written with his blood, anagrams intended for his friend, Tom Hanks. However, the Da Vinci Code is THE film denouncing certain lies of the Church, the subject of my own anagram, notably those concerning Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus, with whom she had had two children. All three died in Gaul. Of course, it was not by chance that this famous actor died simultaneously when I received my anagram!

On June 10, 2019, Pentecost Monday, I was contacted by a man. He says his name is THEO, as twice mentioned above, ATHEO THEODA. THEO means God. During our long conversation, he told me that my mission is to announce the Apocalypse, which will destroy a huge part of humanity, of which I must try to save a part, by Faith! I have physical proof of this conversation. The next day, I began to firmly believe in God and use divine quotes in my writings, although I did not believe in God two days earlier. I did not know these quotes either, and I would have slammed the door on anyone who spoke to me about God, even though I was an altar boy during years, when I was a kid.

In December 2019, I made a cross, on a map in a specific village in northern Italy, and it is there, that the first death of Covid-19 appeared, in Europe, and it changed the face of the world. In 2020, I understood, as I had been trained there, that the Covid-19 is neither a creation, nor a weapon, nor a human error. It is a weapon, from "my employer", and participating in the creation of chaos on earth.

It is also in 2020, that I understood that “my invisible and powerful employer”, are in fact extraterrestrials, called Elohim (Those coming from the Sky), at the origin of the Men on earth, like the pyramids of Giza, built to point to their origins, Orion. They, therefore, have total access to men’s bodies, to their minds, to their souls, and to their environment, down to the smallest cell, as I experience every day. Who alone can see in the hearts, souls, and minds of men? God! My employer from the hereafter, therefore, is God !! "Elohim" is a Hebrew word older than the Old Testament, but modified by religions, to hide all the links between Men and these extraterrestrials. These Elohim, God, wants to restore the truth, the Revelation, leading to the Apocalypse.

o start all over again, “My employer” is therefore guiding men towards their self-destruction, augmented by all the pseudo-natural or pseudo-accidental catastrophes that they themselves cause. Men cannot in fact understand that all this evolution has only one origin, "my employer", God. They cannot understand it, until their Messenger is brought to the fore, to inform mankind.

I would be this Messenger, but a priori also the only one. Do not ask me why. I have absolutely no idea. My 83-year-old father who firmly believes in God asks himself this question every day. His first name makes a double reference to the Elohim, but other than that we have nothing, except maybe when I was 18 I was exempted from military service because my brain was and still shows high unexplained electric activity.

In any case, they take great care of my health, in an extraordinary way. If I complain about something about it, the next day the problem is gone, even though it had been there for weeks. This has happened to me many times, especially with bloody hemorrhoids, a completely destroyed ankle, and clinical death. This is still the case today. Yes, they do miracles! I do not count them anymore. I even provoked a few on other people, especially in matters of Covid-19. Witnesses and proofs exist, but back to our sheep.

They are trying to inform humanity which do not understand. The best example was the +/- 200 monoliths built by men, under mind control by "my employer". These monoliths pointed to a specific region of Africa, made of natural monoliths and the place of origin of the first men on earth, 7 million years ago, in Chad. These natural monoliths, called "volcanic needles" and these monoliths made by men, with beveled heads, also refer to syringe needles, and therefore to Covid-19. They control the slightest effect or symptom, until death, by sending to God those they wish.

The pinnacle of this wave of man-made monoliths was the recent huge explosion in Nashville. This explosion targeted a building in the form of these monoliths, built by Men. Videos clearly show that a ray from the sky is at the origin of this explosion. The same ray was filmed during the fire of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, or above volcanoes and again very recently during a violent earthquake in the Philippines where I am, and with a power of 40 bombs atomic! See illustrations at the end of the email.

My employer is therefore God! It is a conclusion like this, addressed to my collaborators, which caused 9 minutes later, the earthquake of 7.7 in New Caledonia, just a few days ago. One of my collaborators is the cause of this conclusion, and he lives in New Caledonia. This earthquake was to be taken as a divine injunction. No one can dispute me, for my words are those of God.

I have about ten close collaborators. Their first name: Maria-Magdalene, Pol, Peter, Matthew ... and this is obviously no coincidence. Each of these people has been chosen by the Elohim, and all of them have had supernatural experiences similar to mine since they have known me. Voices, visions, effects on their body, their household appliances, their children, their environment. None of them had this kind of thing before the Notre Dame fire, the starting point of the end.

It’s a super-short presentation of my / the situation. You will find a version 10 times longer on my site and 150 times as long, in my book which also contains all the evidence, except that it stops at September 2019, so before I really understand who my real employer is, God!

We are therefore in the final phase of Revelation and Apocalypse, and I am waiting, having to announce it to the world without delay. Those who believe in my words will have a chance to be saved.

What do you think of all this? It’s good to answer me because my employer is currently following anyone who reads any of my mails, or articles, even in FB groups that have hundreds of thousands of members. They then follow the reaction of each individual, in other words, the depth of their Faith, faced with such a Revelation, including that in which God no longer wants to pass for an image in the hearts of men. Sometimes these Elohim get angry because too often I am not listened to, nor believed.

Finally, they just told me to invite you to forward this mail, to your hierarchy, even if you do not believe (strongly) in it. Yet, it is only the strict truth.
I sincerely hope to read you back.

Best regards,
For God’s sake.

Marc Delantre
My story completes 17,000 words (One hour of reading).

Below, some illustrations.
See also four cinematographic references at the end of the e-mail.

The Signal today, with the point forming on the first Signal, when this letter is being written.
Nashville Tower and a "Monolith"

DEW (Direct Energy Weapon) beam, photographed during a severe earthquake, from the Philippines, January 21, 2021. Energy from 40 atomic bombs released 120 km underground.

Effect of this weapon during the fires in California in 2018, but also in Amazonia and Australia, etc.
The houses are gone but the roads and the trees are intact. This energy is selective. 
Panel of other impacts of this weapon, including Notre Dame de Paris cathedral,
but also Beirut, etc.
One of my videos (a million views on YouTube) 
Fingerprints of the Elohim on the skin of Mary Magdalene (2021) 

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