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It’s even in the first paragraph of Genesis!

ATTENTION: This text below does not come from me. It was proposed to me yesterday, probably by the Elohim themselves. So, I took it back in part, although it was not my writing style. It is sometimes amusing and at least has the merit of giving clear references, to understand how the Church created a false god, and thus hid the truth from Men, and above all hid their true origins. I have also adapted a little this text which seems to date from a few decades, maybe the 60s.
Most people read pretty much the same Bibles. There are 14 main French translations of the Bible for French speakers. It should be noted that the Bible, whose original writings are in Old Hebrew, was first translated into Greek from the Aramaic text, then into Latin from the Greek text, to be finally translated into French, and in the other modern languages, including English.

Most of the time, the Bibles have been copied, re-translated, revised, corrected, manipulated many times by copyists, interpreters, translators, and publishers of all stripes! This led to discrepancies, inaccuracies, even "mistakes" ... most of which were introduced deliberately, etc.

But then, is there a key to finding the truth, and if so, where is it?

The key is to get to the source. Okay ... but what is the source? These are the original Hebrew writings, with the names, the original Hebrew substantives in the text. But be careful, to find these original writings, you have to look for them in "the Torah" (a book written in old Hebrew and also called "Torah" or "Tora"). This is where the original texts of the real "Pentateuch" are, the first 5 books of the Bible, "Genesis", "The Exodus", etc.

So, what do we see in Hebrew in the Torah, the original Bible?

Quite simply, we see that the word "God" is not found anywhere in the text! And if there is no word "God" in the original Hebrew Bible, there was never a one, immaterial, almighty God!

Moreover, as the "Bible" was written for the first time in Hebrew, it is therefore in the Hebrew language that it must be taken into account, with all the specificities and peculiarities of this language in terms of vocabulary, and grammar. A very great expert who has worked for decades as a translator for the Vatican has analyzed it in depth. His name is Mauro Biglino and his most famous book is titled, "The Bible Does Not Talk About God!"

So, what is the word around which everything revolves in this first Hebrew Bible? This word is a name: the name "Elohim". And the first verse of the Bible, here it is in Hebrew: "Bereshit bara Elohim and ha shamaïm vé and ha eretz". What translates quite simply by: "In the beginning, Elohim created the sky and the earth". However, "Elohim", according to Hebrew grammar, is a plural which means "The Gods".

You don’t have the right to destroy a proper name when you translate it. Across the different languages ​​used, a proper name must remain what it is, otherwise, the whole text is disfigured. One cannot translate Elohim as "God", it is a deception, repeated in all translations, and intended to hide the truth.

Let us return to this word "Elohim", placed at the head of the first sentence of Genesis ... it is indeed the case to say that it is "primordial". Its contracted word is "El", its singular "Eloha" (or "Eloah") and "Elohim" itself is a plural ... incontestable, unavoidable, since in Hebrew, the suffix "im" cannot mark than the plural.

This is so true that if we said in Hebrew "the Elohim" we would do a pleonasm. In Hebrew, one cannot either say "the Elohas" to express that one designates more than one "Eloha", this does not exist, one simply says "Elohim", it is, in this case, the only possibility of expressing a plural.

To confirm this, it suffices to take for example the dictionary. For this word we can read: "Elohim", Hebrew word (...) plural of el or eloha ... "! Therefore, this plural word - the central entity of the Bible - designates the creators of Men, and it is indeed a perfectly defined plural, which designates an entity of distinct individuals ... In other words: this word "Elohim", in the original Bible, means a people, and not a God.

But, why, in Christianity, did the Papacy put it aside, replaced it with another word? Why did the Judeo-Christian institutions also accept that the literal meaning of the original term is discarded, replaced by another completely different meaning, why so? A good question, which immediately leads us to ask the following:

So, where does this word "God" come from?

This word appeared in the 9th century, after Jesus Christ; Before that time it did not exist in the current languages. Compared to the thousand-year-old history of religions, it is therefore very recent! Its origin is traced to an Indo-European source, and its distant ancestor is the famous "Dei", which was used by primitives in Europe to express sunlight, and other luminous phenomena observed in the sky. We can say that, etymologically, "Dei" meant and still means: "light in the sky".

At one point in their history, the Romans adopted, under the name of Jupiter, the "Zeus" of the Greeks. This name - that of the supreme god in Greek mythology - "Zeus" was pronounced "Zeous", which gave "Deus" (Latin pronunciation). And, this is how refocused on the root "Di" in French, the word "God" originated from the Latin "Deus". So, with this word "God" we are therefore very far from an honest translation of the word "Elohim", this central word of the original Bible!

It must be recognized that afterward, the Lateran, Vatican, and other councils, plus the tribunals of the Inquisition, did all that was necessary for the Church to impose, in force, this word " God "to European populations.

No need to go into the details here of all the monstrosities that were committed to making this conception of the universe triumph ... for the exclusive benefit of the Church. Unfortunately, the fact is there ... This is how the power of the Church and the world power of the Vatican was built: by covering up the truth and crushing all rebellions, wherever they come from!

What ignoble and iniquitous deceptions!

In the original Hebrew Bible the two names that come up the most frequently are Elohim (2,312 times) and Yahweh (6,499 times). But, it is not just these two names, there are still others, such as: Adonai, El-Shaddai, El-Elyon, El-Roi, El-Bethel, etc.

Again, the word "God" in whose name the Church claims to speak, this word itself does not exist in the "real" Bible, the Torah, the original Bible ... to the extent that it is this which fundamentally explains the origin of our humanity!

But let’s look at at least two of the other plurals of which we have just seen a short list; we will first choose "El-Shaddai", to say that it means "those above" in Hebrew, and then the plural "Adonai", also very interesting.

According to Judaic laws, it is forbidden for Jews to pronounce the word "Elohim", as well as the word "Yahweh" because one of the commandments dictated to Moses at Mount Sinai says: "you shall not pronounce the name of Yahweh in vain, for Yahweh does not exonerate him who speaks his name in vain ”(EXODUS XX, 7, Dhorme Bible). So many Jews to pray, read, say and think the word "Adonai".

Where does the word "Adonai" come from? It is the plural of the Hebrew word "Adon", which means "Master". So "Adonai" means "The Masters". Therefore, "Adonai" is quite simply another Hebrew word to designate "Elohim", this plural which means "the Others" or "Those who came from Heaven".

The Catholics, the Church, all of Judeo-Christianity have translated all of these names as "God", "the Almighty", "the Lord"! Which is entirely false and a grotesque intellectual swindle ...

The verse of GENESIS (I, 26) where, on the sixth day, Elohim says: "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness! This time makes perfect sense. The Elohim have a human form. In some passages of the Torah (Hebrew Bible), we speak of "Bénéi ha Elohim", which literally means "the sons of Elohim", this too becomes understandable. We are therefore talking about people who came from heaven, Elohim already being in the plural, as well as their children.

And especially the following passage from the Torah, which I would very much like to quote because Christian / Catholic priests want to hide it as much as possible, it bothers them so much. This passage becomes wonderfully understandable as it describes these gods as humanized, physical beings, made of flesh and blood ... therefore, in human form as we are. Here it is :

"When men began to multiply on the face of the ground and daughters were born to them, it came to pass that the sons of Elohim saw that the daughters of men were beautiful. So, they took for themselves women from among all those whom they had chosen ... In those days there were giants on the earth and even after that: when the sons of Elohim came to the daughters of men and that they gave birth to them, they were the heroes who were once men of renown ”
(GENESIS VI, 1,2 AND 4, Edouard Dhorme edition).

I love this passage, I love it, it is a treat to put it under the noses of Christians! How can they understand it if God is unique, immaterial, and pictorial? We are talking very clearly here about the sons of Elohim, a people who came from heaven, and some of these sons mated with the daughters of men. This proves that we are made in their image and that procreation was or is still possible.

We are therefore light-years away, it is the case to say it, of the so-called God, claimed by the Christian Church.

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