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When the Targeted Individuals don’t believe me!!

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I’m mad at you Humans who don’t believe me. Some apparently have nuts instead of the brain. I spent my precious time on a group of "Targeted Individuals" and these people succeeded, by their reaction to provoke 6 major aerial incidents, including 3 crashes in 24 hours !! 5 of them in 5 hours only. I had warned them, but to warn a human is to warn a sandbank in the desert.

What are Targeted Individuals?

There are tens of thousands of people around the world who are tortured by the Elohim, but who absolutely want to blame governments!

What are these tortures?

These are visions and voices in their brain, burns on their skin, marks, etc. Obviously, those who follow me know that my collaborators and I live this every day. However, there is a very big difference between them and us. They are tortured by these phenomena, while us, it is part of our communication with the Elohim, but the technology is the same and the effects too. Only the quantity and the purpose change.

Targeted Individuals, commonly called in French, as in English, TI’s, are generally people who do not think very far. Note that unable to compare their torture with anything else, the most human is to think that those responsible are also human.

Yes, except that when we explain the origin to them and explain to them that it is not human, and that Man does not have these technologies, these TI’s absolutely do not want to believe it. I find that this shows the total lack of intelligence of Men because it is not just about TI’s. On my pages there are tens of thousands who do not want to believe me, and even though their damn beliefs cause thousands of deaths, they still believe what they want without any intelligence.

When TI’s complaint to the authorities, they don’t believe them and some are even sent to psychiatric asylum. Obviously, they face doctors and authorities who know that these technologies do not exist. So, these TI’s take out the patents they find on Google shouting "See that this exists! Patents exist!", But they don’t know what patents are! They also don’t google what a patent is, nor do they read what that patent says. It’s absolutely scary, and it makes me terribly angry, especially that they maintain their belief when I spend my precious time explaining everything to them. Five-year-olds would understand better. It’s maddening.


A patent is above all an idea and a plan to achieve it. Inventors with an idea in mind most often rush to submit their idea and plans, even before having built and tested their machine, to prevent others from taking their idea. They do it all the faster because they prefer to put the little money they have in their patent to protect their idea than to create their machine and test if the idea works. It often takes a lot of money to produce the first machine. So, they file the idea and their plans and hope that a company will be interested in funding their idea. Patent agencies do not check whether the machine has been manufactured and whether it works.

So, the TI’s to justify their tortures search among the patents if this kind of thing exists, but without understanding that a patent means absolutely nothing if the machine does not exist. The leaders of these TI’s, therefore, display their discovery of the existence of patents in a big way and the tens of thousands of sheep follow, in a real communion of fake.

We experienced this with the patent filed by the "Institut Pasteur", in France, on a coronavirus. It became “Pasteur invented the Coronavirus !!”, but no one understood that filing a virus patent corresponded to filing the identification of the virus. Pasteur filed a patent on the virus because they had identified a virus and this patent could therefore allow others to identify the same virus.

Do you realize what human idiocy can do to other humans ?? The main leader of this rumor about Pasteur is now in prison, simply because he showed no intelligence, but in addition, he led thousands of others in the wrong direction.

This is what the TI’s also do with their group and the thousands who read their fakes. These people are responsible for what they do, like any fake, intended to mislead. Obviously, it is difficult to identify these creators of fakes and those who spread them. Therefore, it does not stop, and it makes the Elohim and myself angry, not only for these fakers, but also for those who follow them without thinking. This shows how the human race is a total failure and therefore to be eradicated.

What happened to these 6 planes?

February 16, 4:34 p.m., I put a post on a small FB group of TI’s, where I have been registered since its creation because invited by its creator. Yet, he knows that we have diametrically opposed ideas.

Here is this post.
I just posted this on a site about the strange and paranormal:

What would you say if my body continuously serves as a means of communication with the aliens who command me? Let’s take the example of what just happened to me a moment ago.

I suddenly fell very tired. So went to take a nap. I immediately felt asleep. As always, in the case of this kind of nap, I immediately start dreaming. Or rather, it is a vision (much clearer than a dream and which has a meaning that I have to understand), where I talk to a person I know on the phone, and to whom I offer to send them my story, but communication is cut off. I woke up, and I regretted it was only a vision. While I had just come to my senses, the electricity has been cut. So I tried to go back to sleep. The instant I went back to sleep, the electricity came back on. It all lasted half an hour.

Or, last night, I had sent a message to a contact where I complained that she was not answering my calls. Half an hour later, when I went to bed, I have a persistent prick in my foot. I knew what that means. I had to get up and go back to my computer. That’s what I did. I then discovered that the woman had just answered me. That’s what caused the toe sting. This happens to me very often. For example, if someone is writing me an email, I may have a lingering pang in my heart. When it stops, the email is there.

Another example, my partner goes for a jog. The second, when she closes the front door, electricity is cut throughout the city (300,000 inhabitants). The instant she pushes the door open on her return, electricity returns to the whole city. It has happened several times. This happens also when she is late to come home at night. So, they cut off electricity throughout the town, forcing her to return. She opens the front door, the electricity returns.

I was trying for a few days to contact a YouTuber who had impressed me. I said to my screen "Hey, boys, this lady should contact me." I stepped away from my computer for a few moments. When I returned, she had contacted me.

I’ve been trying for a few days to contact a YouTuber who impressed me. I said to my screen "Hey, boys, this lady should contact me." I stepped away from my computer for a few moments. When I returned, she contacted me.

Health: I am 59 years old and the little health problems that go with it. I had been having bloody hemorrhoids for weeks and going to the comfort room like hell. Recently, I look at the blood in the bowl and I told them "When are you going to take care of this?" The next day it was gone, and it never came back. I also did this with a close friend. He had just tested positive for Covid-19 and was feeling very bad. I did the same as with me. The next day he had nothing left.
Or this, the mark of their fingers on the skin. These are just some examples among thousands of others. This has been happening continuously since late 2016, anywhere, even in the middle of the jungle without any communication of any kind, on a plane, or at the bottom of water, or even a mine.

They communicate with me, through visions, voices, pricks, pinches and many other things ... because I have a particular function. But what do you think about all of this?
So this post was not there to provoke animosity or laughter towards me. It was just made to show them that I was going through the same thing as them, but with a different purpose. This post should make them think. Well no, this kind of people, the same in UFO groups, does not reflect. They believe in the fakes that they themselves have created and nothing else. What do you call it, if not a problem of intelligence? A sociologist should be interested in that, but he would say it would be the same as looking at the intelligence of sheep.

The worst also is that these enthusiasts of UFOs and other TI’s, are moreover, convinced to be more intelligent than the others by adhering to unconventional theories which are however only fakes. I understand that the Elohim, this extraterrestrial intelligence which is the creator of Men, deduce that there is nothing more to do with Humans and that it is necessary to eradicate all of them and start all over again.

I didn’t tell them that. I played my role with the greatest diplomacy. 145 comments have been exchanged, following my post, and you know how much time I spend on my answers.

On February 19 at 8:57 p.m., I believe to end the debate by saying in particular "This thread becomes a real novel, but it’s interesting because we go around all the questions to come back to the possibility that the TI’s are being manipulated by rumors, patents that represent nothing, etc. "

But at 10:58 p.m., the worst fool that is, answers, "Marc Delantre Reading you, I realize that you do not know what TI’s is going through, otherwise, why would you say, I quote you:" I have the same effects as TI’s, but in communication." You underestimate the technological capabilities that exist when you write that humans are not capable of causing disasters when that is an area they are good at. Thank you for having dared to put forward a date, in the course of 2021, for the events that you personally predict the end of humanity, I do not believe in it, at least not immediately. Wars and attacks are organized by men, some disasters probably too. I hope that when you realize that you are being abused, by evil and manipulative human beings, you will use your energy to fight against them. " Liked by two other women I had mainly chatted with.

When I read this, I realized that I had wasted my time. There is nothing to do with this kind of idiots.

The 4th Signal of the Elohim (see below) then soars. Indeed, the Elohim know and follow my anger. It’s systematic and they then show theirs! They target 6 planes !!
On February 20, 12:15 a.m., when the Signal reached its maximum, shortly after midnight, that is, 1:15 minutes after the message of this idiot occurred, for no apparent reason, the crash of an American fighter in the USA. 2 dead. This is the classic response to idiots from the Elohim; The death and most often from air crashes. (source)

On February 20, 03:00 p.m., two other simultaneous aerial incidents then occur:
  • A tourist plane takes a nosedive just as it lands in Valencienne, France. (source)
  • A Boeing 747 has its engine exploding in the same area, but in Maastricht, Germany. Pieces of the reactor fall on a village, houses and cars, causing two injuries. (source)
On February 20, 03:45 p.m.the crash of a military plane in Mexico occurs: 6 dead !!! (source)

On February 20, 08:00 p.m., exactly the same incident occurs as in the Netherlands. A reactor explodes on a Boing 777, in Denvers, USA. Again pieces fall on the city. The passengers film the burning reactor and the wing which begins to fall apart!

On February 20, the same day at an unknown time, a Nigerian military plane crashed. 7 dead !! Also, an engine problem !! That makes 6!

In short, two incidents at the same time, two incidents of the same type, and 3 military planes crashed, on only Sunday, including 5 incidents in 5 hours !! This never happened except in times of war !!!

In addition, I was informed of two of these military planes, Niger and Mexico, by people under mind control of the Elohim, who suddenly while surfing their Facebook, stumbled upon the information, at the time of their publication!

All these aerial incidents were signed on the Signal of the Elohim. It should not obviously be said that it is a law of series in less than 24 hours, with accidents synchronized with the message of an idiot on a group Facebook. It’s a bunch of idiots more narrow-minded than donkeys and who could have caused hundreds of deaths if the airliners had crashed.

I know that the Elohim wrote their name on the list of the first victims of the Apocalypse, like the hundreds of others who had the opportunity to tell me that they did not believe in my Words. Yet, it would be so easy to admit the existence of the Elohim, those extraterrestrials who created humanity and to have a small chance of being among the saved. No, these people claim to be smarter than the others when they look for a so-called other truth. They do not, therefore, hide their position, registering themselves, therefore among the first targets of the Elohim. Even be silent, they do not know how to do. They should not even think anything since the Elohim can read what they think before they even write it.

It is all the more incomprehensible, that they cry out that Men have these psychological weapons, in particular, to torture them, but they will do nothing of their convictions, while I write to them multiple times that the Elohim read their thoughts. There is nothing to do. I explained everything to them. I told them that if they didn’t believe me, they would put the lives of innocent people in danger. No, they did not care of that and now, people have died strictly through their fault, creating widows and orphans, who had asked for absolutely nothing, and especially not that idiots cause the death of their father or their husband!

Yes, I am very angry! When imbecility responds to my kindness to explain everything well, and this imbecility caused deaths and there could have been hundreds of others, I wonder what the Elohim are still waiting for to cause their "reset" to the planet. I’m really sick of talking to idiots who don’t mind causing death and can’t even hear when I warn them.

If you had lost your mother or child in a plane crash caused by idiots who opposed me without believing the consequences? What would you think?

My pages are full of articles mentioning dozens of deaths caused by this kind of situation. I don’t hide them and like this one, all are always very clearly explained. Yet other idiots, and maybe even the same ones, will continue to stand up to me without seeing or believing that my past articles are only the strict reality. In the months of November-December, my posts on UFO-related groups generated several situations of this kind, all explained, and they left dozens of deaths. These idiots did not want to see anything, and they therefore consciously endanger the lives of innocent people.


May it please God, the Elohim, to take whatever sanctions He deems necessary.

To better understand who the Elohim are, it is here and here.


As you can guess, I kept posting updates to this article, on this group responsible for 6 major plane crashes and aerial incidents. Still, recalcitrant idiots continued to oppose me. The Elohim have therefore released the big game, which seems to have definitely terrorized them and some have even left the group! Here is what happened, and it is again mind and body control, on several individuals simultaneously. I must first recall an old story that claimed the lives of 4 children.

It was July 28, 2020, I had just learned that a close collaborator had betrayed me, which the Elohim had known for a long time since they see and record everything that humans do during their life. This explains why at the hour of their death, many humans see the film of their life just before the hour of the last judgment, and this, even if they are blind from birth. So, the Elohim knew that this collaborator had betrayed me by going to discuss with my opponents. So, to show that they knew it, they had sent, several days earlier, to my main collaborator, Marie-Madeleine, the vision of a word, which she did not understand. Marie-Madeleine had then communicated it to me on Messenger, and we had not found its meaning. There is an article about it on my Facebook page.

On July 28, 2020, I was therefore very angry to learn of the betrayal of the other collaborator, but the Elohim were much angrier than me. They then caused a huge accident, on the RN2, in LAON, in France, an accident between a semi-trailer and a car. The 4 children in this car are dead. The mark of the trailer of the truck was the word communicated several days before to Marie-Madeleine !!! That’s not all.

The same day, around the same time, the Elohim caused the fall on the stairs, of the little boy of the collaborator who had betrayed me. His head was bloody. This one was 3 years old, and his first name was NOLAN, the anagram of the city of the accident LAON + N !! Arriving at the clinic with her son, the collaborator, sent me herself the photo of her son’s head!

I immediately explained to her that it was obvious that her betrayal had just cost the lives of 4 children and that she could also have killed her son. It was all the more obvious that Marie-Madeleine had received, in vision, the mark of the trailer of the truck, a few days before. However, despite the evidence, the collaborator refused to admit her responsibility.

It was on December 26, 2020, that this collaborator wrote to me, on Messenger, that she finally recognized her responsibility in the death of the 4 children and that from now on, she will listen to me. Then I didn’t hear from her anymore!

On February 22, 2021, at 8:00 p.m., one of the idiots on this group of TI’s made a comment for me "NO ONE CAN OPPOSE MY WORD = GOD?". I am absolutely convinced that this woman was then under the mind control of the Elohim to put this question to me. This one was too simple and was intended to obtain an explanation from me, but above all, the Elohim themselves had prepared the answer to the question, and this, in a terrifying way!
On February 22, 20:07, I am therefore responding to this person. Here is the text:

Very good question ! Yes, I am the Voice of God! And even the only one on earth. Here’s why.

These aliens who torture you are called the Elohim and the Elohim are none other than God! You will tell me that God is Good and Love and that he would not torture. This is where you are wrong. God made you in his image. Everyone knows this on earth. God is therefore Good and Evil, especially when he is angry, as parents would be in the face of unbearable children. But when these unbearable children, also deny their parents, or have hidden their existence for millennia, and in addition, when they destroy the habitat that God has offered them, there comes a time when to protect this habitat, God must eradicate Men.

A beekeeper would do the same with a beehive. If the bees destroy the hive and no longer make the expected honey, the beekeeper has the right to exterminate its occupants, to start a new breed.

We are the 6th human race since Man has existed. We will move on to the 7th. We must therefore remove the 6th race, and it will only be the 6th time! God will, however, preserve a very small part of humanity, and mainly those who believe in the existence of the Elohim, and therefore in my words.

I am therefore the Voice of God, in the midst of the bees, and I warn them of their imminent extermination, inviting as much as possible to believe in my words and in the existence of the Elohim.
On February 22, 8:15 p.m., while I was answering this woman, who had therefore asked me a question under mental control, it was the collaborator who had betrayed me and whom I had no news of, who informed that she had a heart attack (stroke) on the evening of December 28. She was in the hospital and still in rehabilitation. I immediately replied that she had confessed to me her responsibility for the 4 children on December 26th. The Elohim had made him pay on December 28, or exactly 5 months to the day, with the death of the 4 children !! 
On February 22, 22:35, she admitted that it was indeed the Elohim, who had caused her situation and that they should have killed her permanently. I told him no. The Elohim, often consider that death too sweet, and they prefer to make their victims suffer and particularly those guilty of Evil.
As I was partially deferring this exchange to the group, the person who had asked me if I was God ended up leaving the group. I guess this time she really got scared and figured out who the Elohim were.

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