Marc Delantre
Letter sent to 84 authorities, on February 22, 2021.

Ask yourself why I can afford to write this kind of email. I have received the personal acknowledgment of receipt from the President of the European Commission, the Belgian Prime Minister and the prosecutor who has been following my cases since 2008, and many others ...! You can be insured, but not at all reassured; I am better followed by the authorities than by my all gathered followers. Read what I addressed to them.

IMPORTANT: 6 planes incidents, 3 CRASHES in 24h !!!! I’m the origin.

Copies (84): Agencies, justice, government ...
Belgium (Security, Belgocontrol ...), France (DGSI, DGSE), USA (FBI, NTSB, FAA), UN, Vatican ...

Ladies and gentlemen

I guess you remember me since the Notre Dame fire in Paris! I warned you about this tragedy, didn’t I? Three days in advance.

Here is the article, which I just published. It’s just amazing.

I guess or hope for you that you follow my posts because it will only get worse, as long as you do not speak the truth about the origin of Men on Earth.

Admit that provoking 6 attacks in 24 hours, this Sunday, February 21, against planes including 3 military planes shot down, there is normally enough to shake you up, right?

Three of these attacks took place at the same time! Two explosions of identical reactors! Two in the same place. 5 attacks in 5 hours,
Are they working your neurons, or did you throw away the key?

I am the origin of these attacks, even if I do not give the order, and if I do not push the button, but it is pretty much the same. They attack me, I get angry, and they respond immediately because I am their Voice, their only Messenger.

Maybe you should start thinking about all this, right?

Wouldn’t that be a good idea, especially since these attacks, like the terror attacks, are all marked on their Signal (see below), which you have been so familiar with since the Manchester bombing on May 22, 2017? Small souvenir below. So, you can’t say you didn’t know! More than 4 years of warnings and endless tragedies and catastrophes. That makes thousands of deaths whose authorities do not reveal the real cause !!!

A copy will be sent to the press, under the name of Marc Delantre.

Best regards

Well no, not too much. I’m even very angry and that’s a bad sign ...
A threat? Absolutely, but coming from the Elohim, this Extraterrestrial Intelligence at the origin of humanity, God!
Better to know the enemy of mankind, right?
So get to know them because they are about to destroy everything and start all over again.

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