Marc Delantre
To celebrate the end of my backup site!

The Elohim had asked me to prepare a backup site because I would soon disappear, or at least no longer have the means to keep my official site up to date and online.

They put tremendous pressure on me, and it took me several days. Almost 200 articles, and they tracked my progress every second.

When finished I posted the announcement at 11:17 am, and as usual, they caused a 5.9 earthquakes in Greece at 11:18 am, to celebrate !! This earthquake is also at a depth of 10 km, which is their most common signature. The earthquake was then reassessed at 6.3 according to the feelings and the damage.

They will never change and this confirms once again that my departure would be imminent and therefore also its consequences. If I go, the chosen ones leave, and then the earth will have to prepare for days of hell.

God, when are these humans going to realize? Never. I know.

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