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I spent three hours researching the main events and reporting everything on those two signals above. Above, the main signal, below, the one that is linked to my collaborators and me. There are two more, one of whom is dead. I have tried to be as clear as possible about these captions and I will try to do the same with this article, and keep only the essentials.

The first thing to remember is that the Elohim had been asking me to warn the authorities for several weeks. There were the alien investigation agencies, space and para-space agencies looking for signs of life in space, religious scholars, and religious authorities, all the way to the Vatican. It’s the big arrow pointing past on the left.

As no one seemed to respond to my alerts, the Elohim, used very large means. On February 21, 2021, they attacked 6 planes in one day. To prevent the authorities from thinking that it is a very big coincidence, they caused the crash of 3 military planes, two explosions of identical reactors, two incidents in the same place, and 5 of these 6 major incidents, in 5 hours only. Unheard of, except in times of war. However, the Elohim, is at war against the earthlings! It’s the big 6, to the left of the graph.

On February 22, I composed a letter for the authorities, dealing with the 6 planes, and it left at 10:41 am. This letter is short but scathing. I can say I’m sarcastic, and I don’t care about their incompetence. I am threatening. An article including this letter was posted on March 1st. He refers to 6 plane incidents of February 21, and I invite them to read this article.

Also, on February 22, 2020, at 22:20. (i.e. 02/22/20, 22:20, and this is no coincidence), we receive a very precise vision of the Elohim. This vision shows us very clearly the place, the date, and the hour, of the beginning of the end of humanity, with direct intervention of the Elohim on the spot and the simultaneous departure of all the Elect, in front of a frightened public, even dying.

A second vision then comes to complete this first vision. This describes very precisely the reaction of the world and the media, following the first event. This second vision shows that the authorities are then obliged to speak and explain who the Elohim are, and that these have come to show that they are going to destroy humanity. In fact, if the authorities had, as requested, warned humanity of the existence of the Elohim, and our origins linked to them, this first step would have been avoided. They didn’t. Humanity will therefore pay for it.

I remind you that all this is imminent. The aggressive demonstration from the Elohim, a priori, in one place will be such that humanity will realize who the Elohim are and their intentions. Any religious authority will automatically lose its power, and it will be much the same for the civil authorities, which will never be able to protect their populations. The main goal is to bring about the collapse of human society which will then destroy by itself.

You notice in the illustration that the arrival of these very precise visions corresponds to the lowest level of the second graph and that since then it has been rising. I also remind you that ALL THE VISIONS, which my collaborators and I, and in particular Marie-Madeleine, have received, have all been realized. A few months ago, the Elohim wanted to send some twenty visions to Mary Magdalene, which all came true. They are all on my Facebook, and on my pages. All of this occupies the first left quarter of the illustration.

On February 25 at 4 a.m., the second of the 4 Elohim signals ends. In four years, this has never happened !! The meaning is very strong, especially since this Signal ends with the symbol of the Space Shuttle for the chosen ones It is these shuttles that will transport the Elect, to a planet a little identical to the earth, but in the constellation Orion. Some humans are already there. The symbol of this shuttle is still present, in green, on the second signal above. This symbol has been used since my discovery of shuttles in the movie Knowing with Nicolas Cage. They had also been confirmed to me by the Elohim.

Stopping this Signal, not shown in the illustration above, is essential. It marks a kind of Start, to the process of the end of humanity, since these two visions have demonstrated it very clearly to us, until setting the time, place, and date, and in front of a frightened public and dying. This explains that.

On February 27, the Elohim make me understand that I must immediately prepare a backup website because on the date fixed by the visions, and therefore also of the departure of the Elect, I will lose the opportunity to maintain my official site. I must therefore make this backup site without delay on a free and autonomous server, the survival of which will not depend on me. I publish this decision on February 27 at 8:18 am and get straight to work.

On February 27 at 1:51 p.m., I publish an article describing that one of the four signals of the Elohim, has definitely stopped and that if it does not reactivate, it would be considered as a very strong signal, from the near end of humanity. This is all the more true if other signals would stop as well because that would mean that my warning mission has ended, that my departure is near, as well as that of the Elect. Consequently, this would indicate that the destruction of humanity has begun. This is in the middle of the illustration.

There then follows an unusual signature on the signals of the Elohim, but it is easy to understand. We can see very clearly 3 "M", two close together, for Mary Magdalene and a huge one, for "Mary", another close collaborator in my group.

With this drawing, the Elohim explain to us that Mary Magdalene was put a little aside for the previous visions because Mary Magdalene symbolizes and represents Love, with a capital A. It would be difficult for her to be in charge of this communication, between the Elohim and us because she lives quite badly, both this departure and this destruction of humanity to the tune of 7 billion individuals, in a few months or years. The Elohim, therefore, considered that given his role dedicated to Love, it was out of the question to make him bear the weight of this programmed destruction.

Personally, I don’t get emotional, except regarding idiots who don’t understand anything, and it’s pretty much the same for my other collaborators including Marie. These two little M’s, therefore, meant, for Mary Magdalene, "slight withdrawal" and "withdrawal to be respected" and the large M, for Mary, having to assume this responsibility. There followed many communications from then on through Mary, on upcoming events and what was expected of us. It should also be noted that to certify this new channel for the needs of operations, Marie was invited several times to tell me what I was doing or thinking, and that had turned out to be correct.

In addition, given the high sensitivity of Marry Magdalene, faced with what is preparing, she could have wanted to take a break to digest everything. Now, as you can see in this illustration, the Elohim do in the timed, the super planned. It was therefore impossible to imagine that the sensitivity of Mary Magdalene could delay the plan in any way. This is another way of saying that the Elohim will not delay anything and that it is no longer an ultimatum, but a declaration of war, where humans have no chance to survive.

The backup site was advancing quickly, but the Elohim wanted me to find a solution anyway to keep my official site online as long as possible after we left. I understand the Elohim. It is better two sites than one, especially if my posts and my 2000 pages of articles must leave an immense trace of me and my warnings, since the fire of Notre Dame.

I had considered a solution, but it was refused to me, and this refusal corresponds to the alert marked with the caption "Financial problem ..." You also notice that just before this alert, the Elohim remind us of the reason to keep as long as possible my official server active, it’s our departure, marked by the shuttle symbol!

For exactly 24 hours, the Elohim raise then, 3 higher and higher points, on the main signal. I will not understand them immediately, and yet this signing already occurred a few months ago. The 3 points represent the 3 suns of the constellation Orion, more than 250 light-years from our galaxy. I remind you that a light-year represents the distance that light can travel in a year, or 9,460,730,472,580 km, or nearly 10,000 billion km. The earthlings have just sent a vehicle to Mars which is 250 million kilometers away and the machine needed 7 months to travel the distance! The Elohim need 10 minutes to travel 250 light-years or 2.5 million billion km!

However, this symbol of Orion on the main signal of the Elohim, quite simply means that they are coming! This is all the more true as the second point includes 2, which gives another meaning to this symbol; 3-2-1 GO, we’re coming. Finally, there is one last amazing thing, and that is that the 3rd peak took place when I realized it was March, and it brought back some important memories to me.

Indeed, in 2020, the Elohim had pushed me and others to predict the Apocalypse, for 03/11 or 11/03. Obviously, nothing had happened and that put me at odds. The goal was to warn first of all of the arrival of the Apocalypse, no matter the date. However, in this year 2021, that is to say exactly one year later, we have never found ourselves so close to the end of humanity, in particular by the Covid-19, well and truly started in March 2020, in Europe. It is therefore very possible, regardless of the date received from the Elohim, that something could also happen on March 11, 2021. However, I would not venture to certify it!

Finally, while I published a post on my Facebook, stating that my backup site was finished and online, the same minute, the Elohim caused an earthquake of 6.3 in Greece and signed on the Signal of the Elohim! This backup site is indeed a very strong sign showing in particular that my departure is imminent and that this free site should leave a trace of me and my mission, as long as the Internet exists! I wrote an article about this blatant simultaneity, between my post and this earthquake. The article est ici.

It is also highly possible that this article also marks the beginning of a new stage, or even of an action linked to its publication.

Finally, I must add that I have only taken the main part of the signs related to signals. For weeks, my collaborators and I have all received continuous signs of the process of the end of humanity! It does not stop and all the ways are good.

For signals, it’s here

  • I started this article above at 2:40 a.m. It was at this time (2:54 am) that a new eruption began on ETNA, with an alert sent to planes for the height of smoke and dust. The ETNA aircraft alert was lifted at 11 a.m. because the volcano had calmed down. My article had been completed, published, and distributed at 9 a.m.

  • In fact, ETNA is more or less in continuous eruption since the day of my letter to Monsignor Aupetit, to present the situation to him and to explain to him once again the fire of Notre Dame. It was after this letter that I wrote to the Vatican and from then,  ETNA follows very precisely my own activity, or rather that the Elohim gives ETNA an activity which follows mine. The world will burn, and the Vatican in particular.

  • ETNA activity monitoring source here

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