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I did an experiment this morning, with my article, "The Second Signal restarted".

I write for a moment in this article, < "Here and now," writes a follower. >

Then, I tell the follower, "I’m talking about you in this article," sending them the link. So, he hurries to read it.

At the end of his reading of my article, he tells me that I am not talking about him in this article.

I answer him "Here and now"

He answers me :

So, he just realized, that he had written something the day before, that was not his own and he still meant it, reading my article! Since then, he has been recovering from his emotions.


The Elohim know every second what I’m thinking and what I’m doing. They are even in me and what I write comes directly from them, even though I am the voice of their thoughts, which happen without my realizing it, in my mind. When you talk to me, even when you think of me, good or bad, they know it instantly and what you are going to write or do, too.

Here, this follower told me about a tsunami warning, in progress in his area, following an earthquake of 8.1. I had asked him for clarification, about the location and the time, a usual question when someone tells me about an event that they think was caused by the Elohim. He also asked me if I had provoked them with an action. Indeed, I had triggered it. Yesterday’s 8.1 earthquake off New Zealand / New Caledonia was triggered down to the minute when I woke up that day.

He replied about the tsunami warning, "Here and now".

In fact, the Elohim make me feel immediately when a follower, a collaborator writes to me something that does not come from him or her, but from them. "Here and now" seemed to answer my question, but the picture he sent me spoke of another place. I immediately understood that the follower probably hadn’t realized he wrote "Here and now", but at the moment, I didn’t tell him!

On the other hand, I knew that the Elohim sent me this sentence because they spoke of the beginning of the Apocalypse "Here and now", especially as the same follower had also just asked me what meant my affirmation "My collaborators and I just received visions specifying a place, an event and a precise time to trigger a planetary catastrophe, according to the Apocalypse (biblical term) ". I spoke about this several times in my article yesterday: "The Signals of the End of Time". The follower was therefore asking me for this information. Elohim’s answer was "Here and now", and that did not answer my question about the earthquake, but his own question.

So today, when I send him the article where I mention a follower writes "here and now" to me, he should have understood that I was talking about him. However, when he reads my sentence, it reminds him of a sentence written the day before, but which did not come from him! So, that’s what he told me, realizing, this time with me, that it was he who wrote it! Which provokes his "WTF" because he finally understood to have written something that did not come from him.

This sort of thing happens all the time between my collaborators and me, and sometimes with every sentence. There are times when I answer to a collaborator, even to my father, where I know that it is not he or she who answers me, but the Elohim. No one knows how to spot this. I am the only one with the decoder, which lets me know that what I am reading, comes from the Elohim, while at the same time receiving the meaning of what I am reading.

I was writing this morning to my father that it was obvious that I had become not only the voice of the Elohim, but somehow their extension, the extension of God, within Humans. These do not realize who they are talking to when they write to me, read me or think of me. They should be so happy to be able to speak to God, through me, and they are not using that chance. On the contrary, they attack me because my message for God is to warn them of the imminent end of mankind.

I admit that maybe it is difficult to understand. It reminds me of a thought I had a few months ago. I found it difficult to pray because it felt like a kind of loop. My prayers came back to me as if I was praying to myself. I prayed to God while I was an extension of God. This is useless. I don’t need to pray. They are me and I am them. On the other hand, I would be very useful for those who want to turn to God, not the one falsely presented by religions, but God, as Elohim, the true creators. Now, they don’t because they can’t admit that God is alien and that I am his extension.

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