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Signature of the Dassault Olivier Crash - Explosions in Guinea

The illustration above is the Elohim signal on March 8, 8:08 a.m.


The Signal had been showing a maximum alert since March 6, 9:13 p.m. This alert started the minute I asked one of my staff this question:

"The 3 religions consider themselves "revealed" because they would come directly from God. However, we learn today that they are false, that they are 3 lies sent by God. My role today, is it not precisely to reveal these 3 lies and therefore beyond to bring to the world, the unique story of God? "

It is I who write this question, but it comes directly from the Elohim, and this question is the key to the 4ᵉ REVELATION. See the article "The 4th Revelation".

I remind you that it is essential to have read the article on the 4th Revelation. The Elohim follow and note those who will have read it, and especially read it in full. In other words, they will remember those who saw this ad, this link, and who did not read it. I weigh my words.

However, by definition Revelation also means Apocalypse, which humanity considers to be the end of time, the end of humanity. It is therefore quite logical, that this discovery, at my level, of the 4th Revelation, immediately gives, on the Signal of the Elohim, a signature signifying the end of humanity. It is also, as the Bible foresees. Revelation generates the Apocalypse, therefore the end of humanity!

The Elohim have long used the principle of "inverted towers". This means that there are graphically one or two towers up and one or three towers down. The symbol of the "inverted towers" signifies the end of time, the end of humanity. This symbol has been used several times, to remind you that we are in this process, since the fire of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, which marks its beginning.

What is new today is that these "inverted towers" meaning, the end of time, now immediately follow the moment of Revelation !! It is therefore no longer just to indicate to you that we are in the process of the end of time that began with the fire of Notre Dame Cathedral, but that the effective destruction of humanity began on March 6 at 9:13 p.m. With the Revelation being made, the destruction can begin.

Another sign is added to the "inverted towers", it is that they lasted exactly 33 hours, to the minute. Now, 33 is a symbol, known between the Elohim and me, and already used many times as well. It refers to the film "Knowing" with Nicolas Cage. 33 then means "Everyone Else", in other words, destruction of humanity.

I also note, at 09:40, that the tower on the Signal of the Elohim, concerning me directly (3rd graph), has come to an end. On the other hand, this is not the case for the tower on the main signal (1st graph). The tower only descended 50%. This seems to mean that this tower signature on the Main Signal will continue.

Another very important thing to underline on the signal of March 8 at 8:08 am is the signature of the crash of Olivier Dassault’s helicopter. He was a rich businessman, in the French armaments, a member of the RPR, and very close to Macron. This crash is therefore an operation of the Elohim, signed on their Signal. There is a threefold reason for this:

1. This crash is a threat to Macron himself. It comes in the continuity of the attacks of the Elohim against the military forces, particularly French, which obviously includes the gendarmes and the operations against the Barkhane Force. This crash comes directly following the 6 aerial incidents of February 21, 2021, which included 3 military aircraft crashes, two identical reactor explosions, and 5 incidents in just 5 hours. However, Olivier Dassault is part of the Dassault family, of the group of the same name and which manufactures airplanes and helicopters, for civil and military use.

This threat is against Macron because the Elohim expect something from France and France does not do it. So, it will only get worse. They attacked the military. Now, they have just attacked their industrialists in the military field.

2. Macron must therefore expect other heads to fall in the same way, as long as France does not realize what the Elohim expect of France. I remind you that the Elohim had sent, to Mary Magdalene, in the form of visions, a large number of threats against Macron himself. Even her children, and those of another collaborator (3-5-7 years), had been integrated into these threats, telling their parents that Macron was going to be killed. However, the Elohim really never throw threats into the air. The crash of Olivier Dassault’s helicopter is part of this strategy, affecting the top of the French state.

3. Finally, this means that the Elohim will never make any difference with the Elites, who will find themselves at the same level as the smallest of their employees. I have always said it, but Marie-Madeleine insists a lot on this point, especially since Marie-Madeleine works precisely for the Dassault Group, which is certainly an additional reason, for the Elohim to have chosen Olivier Dassault in particular. Mary Magdalene, the Elohim, and I have a strong hatred against the Elites. It is therefore obvious that this is only the beginning.


Yesterday, my collaborator, Marie, informed me of the explosions in Guinea. I told him that it could not be related to the current maximum alert. I apologize to her, especially since, as usual, the Elohim had taken care to inform her.

But exactly, one hour after the start of these 4 explosions, 5 p.m. Paris time, the Olivier Dassault crash occurred at 6 p.m. Paris time. The link between the two is once again military, regarding what the Elohim expect from France, and from the UN currently.

These two disasters are therefore really linked to the series of 6 aerial incidents of January 21. The graphic signature on the Signal is also similar too!

Finally, Marie-Madeleine had told me, on March 1, of a vision comprising explosions, followed by people digging graves. Guinea is therefore a new vision of Mary Magdalene, and realized by the Elohim.

The Signal of the Elohim is still here

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