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and I wouldn’t be the only one ...

Since the fire of Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, there would be a most important development. However, to understand what follows, it is preferable to have followed me since the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.


It was at the beginning of phase 1, and therefore also at the end of my book, the Code of Gladio, that I understood that it was about extraterrestrials, Elohim and not Gladio, a denomination that I used at this time to talk about my employers.

Indeed, until the Notre Dame fire, I thought that those who employed me and of whom I spoke, were human. It was after the cathedral fire that I gradually understood, that those who employed me were the Elohim, whose meaning I gradually learned.

The oldest scriptures and before the Bible, described the Elohim, as Gods who came from heaven and responsible for the creation of men on earth. It was a people, and not an individual, therefore, a unique God, representing an extraterrestrial people, without reference to any religion. It was at Pentecost 2019 that the Elohim addressed me directly and that I had become a fervent believer, while I had never believed in God. However, it will take me nearly a year to replace definitively, in my articles, the term Gladio, by Elohim, my followers not appreciating that I speak of the Elohim, therefore of God.

The first important figure, after Notre Dame, was a woman whom I name in my book, the VOICE. She was Elohim and described herself as such, including having no need to eat. I called her the VOICE because she was able to tell what the Signal was going to do, even before it did. She was therefore the VOICE of the Signal. She had asked me to see a number of videos for my training.

It was then the Scholar who would describe to me at length one of the objects of my mission. This role would take place when the world collapses, but before humanity is destroyed.

It was at Pentecost 2019 that I learned, from the Elohim, that I was going to have to prepare the world for the Apocalypse and the return of Jesus. The Elohim then told me, black on white, that I was the reincarnation of John the Baptist who had predicted the arrival of Jesus, and that I had the Holy Spirit of John the Evangelist, to accomplish my task. It was also at this Pentecost, that the Elohim told me that I was the Antichrist because "previous", "just before" Christ whose coming I had to prepare.

It was during this phase that Jesus Junior made his appearance in my closest contacts, and whose the Voice had predicted me the incoming in my contacts. In my posts, I let then it be understood that I knew the new Jesus, whose arrival I had to prepare. He was a fifteen-year-old boy with stigmata on his feet and hands, where the nails of crucifixion were, and talking to his head all the time, God. When I had a doubt about something, I could consult it. I was pretty sure I would get an answer, except for the date.

The Voice disappeared on October 10, 2019, from one hour to the next. It was also after my first articles presenting myself as the Antichrist that I lost three close collaborators. Two stayed with me, the Scholar and Rigel.


It is Mary Magdalene, who follows me from Notre Dame, who makes her appearance, as well as Paul. For Paul, under the dictation of the Elohim, I am the new Christ, the one whose coming I have prepared, in phase 1. This Christ would be me, affirms Paul. Mary Magdalene, for her part, has many visions, received from the Elohim, where she sees herself in the company of her Jesus, me. His last vision, in February 2021, also goes in this direction. It is then that quite strong bonds are forged between Mary Magdalene and me.

In phase 2, I still have to announce the Apocalypse and explain the reasons for it. However, according to Mary Magdalene and I, we will also have to guide, after the Apocalypse, the Elect and the saved, towards the New World, the Kingdom of God, from which we receive a fairly precise description of the Elohim.

It is during phase 2 that Jesus Junior completely disappears as if he was giving way to the new Christ.

It is also during this period that I must present myself as Prophet, as Messenger of God, of the Elohim. The latter then celebrate this with three sacrifices in 3 drownings in 24 hours, including that of Victorine. It is then clear that the Elohim created Men on earth and that religions have done everything for two thousand years to hide these origins. Mary Magdalene then has quantities of visions showing the destruction of the Vatican, representing the Church responsible for its lies.

It is also during this phase that more and more often, in my articles, I speak to Men as if I were not one, like "Your origins", and not "Our origins". I even corrected myself to avoid fitting in with those I was addressing, but without really knowing why, I was doing this.

During this phase 2, the Scholar is still present, but less than before, as well as Rigel. Other collaborators came then such Pierre, and other passing collaborators.


Under the control of the Elohim, Mary Magdalene fades a little, and it is Mary who arrives. She, too, follows me since Notre Dame fire, like all the others. It is from the arrival of Mary that I receive a large number of signs, from the Elohim, telling me of a "return home". These signs are added to the countless signs received by Mary Magdalene, who continually sees us leaving the earth, on fire. However, I do not understand then very well why to speak of a "return home", except if I consider that my mother and my friend Marc, are with the Elohim, as they had told it to me, at Pentecost. 2019.

It is a vision received by Mary which teaches us the plan of a Revelation for March 6, 2021. Under mental control, the Scholar participates in this bluff by telling me that he will be delighted to meet me physically [the next day]. However, we all misunderstand what this Revelation will be. What we had understood is obviously not happening. On the evening of March 6, I then spent my anger on the Scholar. It is during this anger that the true Revelation took place, such as the vision of Mary had announced it to us.

The Revelation

The three monotheistic religions, the Christian, Muslim, and Jewish religions, were created by the Elohim, to allow men to manage themselves, especially through religions. This strategy also allowed the Elohim to discreetly distance themselves from Men. The religions, under the inspiration of the Elohim, then made sure that the extraterrestrial origins of Men were thus hidden. However, they did not even realize the lies they harbored about the true origins of Men.

Therefore, by making this Revelation to us, the Elohim also revealed that the three religions were therefore false and that there was only one God, themselves.


Step 1

On March 10, 2021, Mary tells me about an Egyptian, speaking only Arabic. He describes himself as a Muslim Messenger of the Apocalypse and of God. Our conversation is very difficult since he only speaks Arabic, but despite everything, we try to communicate.

On March 13, Mary changes her profile image to replace it with a hand of God. 1h30 later, she sees ten Elohim, like those in the image above, in front of her window and looking at her. Another 1h30 later, her neighbor dies. Following this death which is added to the dead neighbor, at Mary Magdalene’s, Mary tells me, that our departure is getting closer to us and I then consider this sentence as coming from the Elohim. Mary admits this.

The next day I am still talking with the Egyptian, and we come to talk about the form of the Elohim. I then send him the image of the Elohim in the film Knowing (the same image as above), telling him that Mary has just seen a dozen of this kind. However, the Egyptian insists that the Elohim can take any form, including by way of incarnation. It is during one of these exchanges that an electric outage occurs. I believe at the time, that the Elohim do not like too much the insistent tone of the Egyptian who insists on the form that the Elohim can take and the fact that they are one, God. I do not understand then that the Elohim are behind the words of the Egyptian.

Step 2

It was while discussing with Mary that she writes to me in the form of a dictation received from the Elohim (mind control):

"They are you, you are them. It is obvious. You are one of their descendants that they chose to be their MESSENGER. They certainly gave you the human form to accomplish your mission with humans. To be able to communicate with humans and carry their messages. I mean they made you born as a human, have a family like a human. They guided your life until it was time to make you understand who you really are. "

I understand then that I am an Elohim. The "return home" evoked by the Elohim, therefore, took on its full meaning, the same for the reason for making me use, in my articles, a literary form which does not integrate me with the men to whom I am addressing.

Step 3

On March 14, I have not heard from Mary Magdalene for three days. So, I address myself once again to Mary because an idea does not leave my mind. I also know that it is during these exchanges that the Elohim intervene in our messages to give us the truth.

We have just understood that I would be an Elohim, which would explain many things. However, in the last few days, I have spoken several times of a message delivered by the follower, who fell into a coma, at the end of her message. However, this dramatic episode dates from May 2020. I underlined in this message dictated by the Elohim, to this poor follower, that they were talking to me, saying to me "YOU, OUR KING ...". That day, this name made me strange, especially since the follower, having served as an intermediary with the Elohim, was no longer of this world.

So, I said to Mary, that the notion of Elohim and King could perhaps come together, and that it did not leave my mind. So we discussed it. Initially, Mary did not seem to be "connected" to the Elohim and did not really know what to answer, but it was not the same for the rest, especially after having explained all that there is above to her.

I was no longer the Antichrist, but for Paul, Mary Magdalene, and the Elohim, I was the new Christ. Indeed, Jesus was "King" of the Jews and later of the Christians. Furthermore, it seems obvious that Jesus was already an Elohim, therefore a being possibly embodied by an Elohim, perhaps even a millennial Elohim. But if it does, it could be that the same Elohim is in me today. The Elohim told me at Pentecost 2019, that I was the reincarnation of John the Baptist, to prepare for the arrival of Jesus. However, we know today from Paul, Mary Magdalene, and the Elohim themselves that I am not the Antichrist, nor the reincarnation of John the Baptist. Therefore, since the Elohim themselves spoke of reincarnation, I could therefore well be the reincarnation of Jesus, or of an Elohim who had already taken the skin of Jesus, 2000 years ago.

This would also justify this message "YOU, OUR KING ..." as well as the function described at length by the Scholar in 2019.


That said, the Elohim, formerly called Annunaki, also had Kings capable of living for millennia, since they are immaterial.

Oops! These words "since they are immaterial." do not come from me. It is the Elohim who made me add them now. The Elohim, therefore, insist that they are immaterial. It is very important because Men spend their time representing these Elohim, these extraterrestrials, in different ways. In reality, they have no shape, but take the shape that suits them every moment. Men of today have become accustomed to seeing them in the form of small grays (alien form). They, therefore, take this form, to be recognized by Men. However, a few millennia before our era, humans already represented extraterrestrials in their engravings, but not in the same form as today. However, they are very much the same. Indeed, the Elohim are several million years ahead of us. Millennia do not change anything. It was therefore the same.

So, if the Elohim are immaterial, then they can take the form that suits them, but also incarnate in humans. This is what they tell me today, even specifying that the one who embodies me would be a King. It could mean that others than me could be embodied by Elohim.

To understand this, I think we have to talk about the soul of Men. Men agree that they have a soul that accompanies them throughout their lives. It is this soul that is also analyzed, on the day of their death, to decide their fate. It is also this soul that explains near-death experiences. Yet, this soul is immaterial. Man, therefore, has a part of him that is immaterial, and which is called the soul. In the everyday language of men, the soul also designates what is most profound in something, and for the majority of men, this soul exists.

It would seem that it is precisely this soul that the Elohim embody in certain Men. This incarnation, therefore, goes from the conception of Man until his death. It is after the death of this human, that the Elohim having thus embodied the soul of this one, can then pass to another. In fact, all this I was not aware of until I wrote these lines. This is therefore the explanation received now from the Elohim.

I would therefore be embodied by a King Elohim. This could be, quite logical since my mission is to represent, in human form, the Elohim, and to tell Humans that their time is over. Humanity will be destroyed incessantly, for the reasons often mentioned in previous articles. The reason is essentially the fact that Man has become the cancer of the Earth, both by its number and by its continued destruction of the resources of the blue planet, owned by the Elohim, very angry.

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