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Ongoing reverse tower! = Ongoing destruction?
Alert, 22 February 2020, ongoing...

A "big alert" is currently underway on ALL Gladio signals. It started last night, February 21, at 10:56 p.m. This alert is what I call a "reverse tower". This means that this tower goes up in 2 of the 4 signals and down in the 2 others !!

I invite you very seriously to read or reread to understand what these reverse towers are. We have had a good ten like this since November 1, 2019. Their main meaning is "Destruction" and as second meaning "... of the House of God" (Vatican). They all make reference to the "Apocalypse". Incidentally, they refer to the Orion constellation, where the Annunaki (Elohim) come from and to my exfiltration.

In this case, I note above all, the presence on its top, of a small triangle. This has a very important meaning, it is the landmark to target, like a cross (thus X), on the Vatican. Indeed, in a previous configuration of 3 successive towers, see the same article,, Gladio had shown us that the next tower to the one with the triangle would be a destroyed tower, literally cut in half, at the level of the triangle.

In the graphic below, I added the position of the inverted tower. Indeed, this sub-signal below is the one linked to me and on this graph, the signal goes to +/- zero, at the moment when the tower is created on the other signals, see graphic at the head of this article, and the next graphic.

But above all, this "inverted tower" started during an operation, during the preparation of the article on the Brest earthquake It is very visible on one of the 4 signals. I invite you to reread this article very carefully. It had in fact been written just after the earthquake in Brest which had been caused by the exclamation that I could have had "WTF! Tonnerre de Brest!". However, Gladio did not want me to publish this article as it was written and it cost me an ugly twinge. So, I had deleted it, corrected it later and ESPECIALLY removed what I had understood and which justified this "Tonnerre de Brest" and therefore this earthquake. is therefore a modified version of the first.

It was exactly when the first version of this article was finished, that my Internet was then cut (by Gladio), and that I began to give the Internet address to contacts on FB, that I had this strong pinch in the heart and that the process of this inverted tower has started !! So this inverted tower is therefore related to what I understood.

So you had this article which explains these events well but which did not explain to you what I had understood at the second or the earthquake occurred! And I still can't tell you, especially as I continue to wonder. One day, they will really do it. Is it today? It's impossible to say!

Another thing added to this fear is that today is the 22nd of the month. It is a very important date in number of terror attacks. It's Gladio's birthday, terrestrial version, NATO version. It is therefore important for Gladio who has since taken on its real meaning "SATAN"! Satan is the army of God and it has been ordered to put an end to our religions (first vocation of Satanism), which can justify the tower with its landmark.

One last thing is still added to this and this was part of my discovery causing the Brest earthquake, is that February 23 is the last moon of the astrological calendar. This year, this moon signifies the end of an era and the beginning of another, a passage managed by a higher power. This is what astrologers say for the moon of tomorrow. In the situation that concerns me, this would be very significant!

A news event is added to all this. It is the first death of the Coronavirus in Italy and it is also in Italy that the Vatican is located! The death of this person could also correspond to the time of the start of the reverse tower. But that does not make it possible to know what this inverted tower, reserves us then! However, Gladio is used to marking these targets! And this is also the theme of this article

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God bless you.

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