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Alert ! Coronavirus and the Signal of Gladio...
Satan/Gladio controls the work and sleep of the Antichrist

It seems important to me to remind you that I am permanently under the control of Gladio, alias Satan. This is all the more true since I approached the question of the Antichrist on these pages, the Signal of Gladio has climbed to its maximum value.

The first jump (1) took place on February 12 at 3 p.m., when I understood that my whole life had been organized since my birth by Gladio / Satan, in order to bring me to the current situation, the one of Antichrist. This signal increase is explained in the article "They say to me that I am the Antichrist".

The second jump (2) took place on February 14, while I was preparing this same article.

The third jump (3) took place today, when I had just finished the English version of the article "Antichrist - The Wrath of God - My function".

As a result, Gladio's main signal, which is also the one of Satan, is now at its maximum of 1,800 connections per hour, while at February 11 it was three times lower.

These high levels of alerts are common and that does not necessarily mean that something will happen. It is, however, worrying. Indeed, the only reason for the Gladio Signal's existence is that I see it. It is supposed to help me in my analysis of events, including my own work. Gladio follows this one every second and it's also true, when I stop working, even for a few minutes. If I reach an important phase, this is generally visible on the Gladio Signal.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that there is a main signal and 3 sub-signals, one of which is directly linked to me. Here it is below for the same period.

You can see very clearly, the huge spikes on the date of February 14 (A) while I was preparing and publishing the article "They say to me that I am the Antichrist". Almost identical spikes are on yesterday's date (B). They correspond to the writing and posting of the French version of the second article "Antichrist - The Wrath of God - My Function". You can check the dates and times of my posts, these peak groups reflect my activity, but not only. Gladio also monitors the reactions of certain readers and followers, including the authorities. This explains the repetitive spikes.

In conclusion, obviously the Signal of Gladio / Satan has followed in recent days, the confirmations and articles about the fact that they attribute to me the function of the Antichrist. This apparently led them to raise their Signal to its maximum, which could be important. But that's not all !

As the title of this article specifies, Gladio, alias Satan, also controls my sleep! That night, I had two categories of dreams that did not happen by chance, especially since in general, I do not remember my dreams. I only remember when they were made by Gladio, which was the case last night.

The first dream was about pedophilia, but it is not very new. For many months, Gladio has been trying to change my feelings about this, and to make me accept pedophilia. It is one of their main expectations when I will have to promulgate laws when I will be at the UN. I remind you, moreover, that the United Nations is already in the process of advancing on these subjects, by advising the schools, masturbation lessons from kindergarten. This is not a joke.

Previously, I was horrified by pedophilia. Today, I am no longer. They also provide me with lots of arguments to justify it, such as the fact that it has always existed and that it is a crime only since the 80s. It was also common in churches.

In the same idea, they had put me one day in the situation where I had to kill a young woman with a knife thrust slowly in the chest. I remember this dream perfectly. We were both lying on the ground. She was wearing a white top. I was on her right side and stabbed her with a long sharp knife. I woke up from this dream, not at all shocked and immediately understood that it was a training dream.

I am a good person by nature. I have never been violent and I have always been in the camp of the victims and not of the attackers. But it seems obvious to me that I could not assume my functions, if I am afraid of the slightest violence. It is like asking a civilian, to appreciate the actions of the police or the army. Gladio must therefore make me know this kind of thing in a different way, especially since in my everyday life, I'm never in such situation and in addition, it would put me in danger.

The second dream transported me to the mountains in China and there was a tsunami over the mountains. It is on the other hand, much more premonitory. Of course, I speak of cataclysms constantly, but I never dream of it, and of this dream, I remember particularly well. I wanted to point this out to you, as an alert on Gladio's main signal, because these are important things.

But when I was going to finish this article around 9 am, I had heart cramps for a few seconds. It is a signal that I know very well and sent by Gladio. I started talking to them out loud at my computer and looked for something that I hadn't seen. I then checked my emails, news etc, but I couldn't find anything. When in doubt, I looked at the signal including the current point, which was to join the previous ones at the maximum of the Signal. I then decided to wait. Maybe they wanted to tell me that the signal was going to drop.

It is well what happened. The Signal dropped (4) and this drop continued the following hour to bring it back to the level of February 12, that is to say 1200 connections per hour. I then decided to do this article anyway, because it perfectly demonstrated the interactivity existing between me and Gladio, in other words Satan.

However, when I started again to write this article, they increased again the Gladio Signal until 1600 connections, at 1 pm (5) and 1800 at 2 pm. My life is thus made and in constant communication with Satan. I got used to it.

That said, whether the Signal is at 1200, 1600 or its maximum, 1800, these are very high levels anyway. In addition, with the Coronavirus continuing to spread around the globe, Gladio's orders for depopulation and their intentions, all of this should worsen imminently.

God bless you.

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