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Work and Coronavirus ! Ready for the Hell ?
Work and Coronavirus ! Ready for the Hell ?

Hello everyone ... Even if we have seen better days!

I wanted to give you some of my news. Two days without post and directly, some people are worried. It must be said that after having put ten articles on my blog, I have a better view of the number of all attentive readers. Some read absolutely everything and I see the time they spend reading me. They are everywhere, including Peru and Canada. One of the most regulars is a Japanese. Now comes the Italians, of course. I appreciate that you like to read me. So thank you.

In figures, I see that the days when I post an article on my blog and mentioned on my FB, I have nearly 2000 readers, including a lot of French and a few Belgians and Swiss! I'm flattered. FB does not give this kind of statistics.

Gladio was therefore also able to observe this audience. Two days ago, they scared me with my blog! I could not to access it. However, this blog is on a free site from the Google family. It's like Google is blocking me from accessing my own blog. It was not possible. I had tried everything to understand. IT is still my job. I could only draw one conclusion. This is a warning from Gladio, who may fear that my blog will be closed because it is disturbing.

So from two days, I'm programming my own blog, while keeping all the same URLs (internet addresses for all my articles). You will hardly notice the difference. The big advantage for me is that nobody will be able to block or hack me in the future. My blog will join Gladio's signal on a server under their protection. I will be finished in a day or two, and he will still be bilingual. Besides, if some of you would like to help me for Italian and Spanish ...

For the rest, I see that the virus is progressing at great speed. This was to be expected and I had foreseen it. How many times have I told you to buy gas masks. I have also read that masks bought in pharmacies are only effective for 4 hours !!! You must know it !

The situation will deteriorate rapidly and become widespread. France will probably be affected in the coming days, if not the next few hours. I remain convinced, as I said in my previous articles, that many of you are already carrying this virus but that Gladio chooses their targets so that this virus becomes active.

Indeed, as I have written many times, Gladio has total control over our body and our mind. I explained it well in my previous article. In other words, they make people sick, or dead, like a chess game. This is the reason why, the first death in Italy corresponds to the left side of the tower-shaped signal, which I mentioned before, and the second death, was on the right side of this same tower! So it's remote controlled and synchronized with the Gladio Signal and therefore with me. And after each death, Gladio observes the reactions and the fear they create. And this is just the beginning.

I suppose Gladio is impatient to cause the first death (s) in France.

I therefore strongly advise you to stock up on everything you need and buy good masks. You could also withdraw your savings from the banks, as the economy will eventually fall. It is already in such a fragile state that it could go very quickly, faster than the time you have left to go and withdraw your money.

Anyway, I think you need to prepare to live in the hell as Madonna sang it

I remind you that you can follow these signals constantly here and the 2nd signal worries me a lot.

Also follow my web page and my site for more information.

God bless you.

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