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The messages-movies of Gladio...
Satan/Gladio controls the work and sleep of the Antichrist

Since the fire at Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, Gladio insisted that I take as an example all the films from Dan Brown's 4 novels, all with Tom Hanks. The last novel was "Origin" about our "biological" origins while the Da Vinci Code is about our religious origins.

My book, which is not called "The Gladio Code", for nothing is the continuation of this trilogy. He mentions many times the links between my book and those of Dan Brown and between Dan Brown and me, as well as with current history. I am talking about the burning of the Notre Dame cathedral, the Saint-Sulpice Church, the Templars, the death of Jean-Pierre Marielle, the analysis of codes, CERN and the Vatican and Inferno.

However, we see today that Gladio was right to make me insist on these films and books !! Indeed, it is very likely that Gladio inspired Dan Brown, Tom Hanks and the director in the realization of these books and movies, as they inspire me, when I write my articles or when I write my book (currently volume 2 ). I also remind you that the Da Vinci Code film contained at least one code for my attention in the scene of the cryptex in the truck!

However, we also note that the whole of my message, received from Gladio is about the origin of the religions and their lies. This explains the Wrath of God. We note that the Vatican and the country that hosts it, Italy, are today the prey of a virus widely described in Inferno and under the control of Gladio. The Vatican and CERN are also the theme of the film by Angels and Demons!

So these three films / books + "Origin" (book only) correspond 100% to my story and have proven to be. It is all the more crazy, that Tom Hanks, in person, is the first Hollywood celebrity to be a victim of the virus. As for Jean-Pierre Marielle, dead, 2 hours before I receive my own anagram, Tom Hanks plays his own role this time !! He got the virus! Gladio chose it like they did for the actor J.-P. Marielle !!

Yes, but Gladio mentioned 2 other movies from another director's film, "2012", the end of our civilization and the death of billions of people and "Independence Day", the day when ET (Elohim) want to resume earth control. I have spoken to you about this very often.

These two episodes have not yet occurred while the first three are already underway !!! We can therefore assume that the following two are, as I said, for very very soon !!

Reality has sadly joined fiction and this, under the total control of Gladio!

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So please help me hold on. Thank you !

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