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Gladio healed my followers and helped to the departure ...

Obviously Gladio "helps / advises" this April 28, 2020, several of my close collaborators to prepare their bag, until telling them where their travel bag is in their house !!! (100% true. See below.)

I conclude that departures are near. However, I cannot say whether it will be tonight, tomorrow, or after. But the least we can say is that several of these collaborators were helped, by Gladio, on April 28, 2020, to prepare their things.

I will still tell you part of what happened today.

This morning, around 10 a.m. (Paris time), the Pentagon was publishing three videos about UFOs.

At 3:15 p.m., one of my collaborators alerts me to this news :

At 3:35 pm, as this collaborator does not understand that Gladio is waiting for us to understand that this publication of these very old UFO videos, is not a coincidence, her mobile phone switches on by itself. Indeed, at that time, I am preparing a message for her on what I believe to understand. Gladio switches on her cell phone, in anticipation of my message.

At 3:43 p.m., as she doesn't understand why her cell phone turns on by itself, Gladio creates a big headache for her which she describes to me:

At 3:44 p.m., I explain to her what I understand. Exfiltration would be imminent. But as her father is on the verge of death, I tell her that she will not like what I understand!

At 4:13 p.m., after seeing that my deductions correspond to Gladio's signal, I send her this one with the captions.

At 4:16 pm, convinced of what I see, I tell her that I will start to make my bag again !!

At 4:17 pm, immediately, an thumb is displayed on her mobile phone !!! and she tells me "This thumb is not me". As soon as I know Gladio's ways, I tell her that it is Gladio who has just confirmed that she has to pack his bag !!!

At 5:55 p.m., I decide after a little hesitation, but under the pressure of Gladio, to write a post for my closest followers. I want to tell them how to prepare their bag!

At 6:00 p.m., this post is not yet online that one of my close followers writes me that she knows that I am making a new post !!!!!, to which Gladio seems to have told her to pay attention.

At 6:09 p.m., my post is published and I immediately discover my follower's message sent at 6 p.m. !! I answer her and she also tells me that earlier in the day, a voice in her head had told her to buy a bag, when obviously at that time I had not yet realized that I had to repack mine !!!

I therefore inform another collaborator that she must prepare her bag, but she no longer has any travel bags that have been eaten by the mices. Gladio then directs her to a box in her garage, on which there are lots of objects. She lets herself be trained by Gladio, who directs her. She plunges her hand into the box and finds a travel bag of which she was not even aware !!!

It must be said that this same collaborator experienced a real miracle. When she started working with me as a librarian (searching for information on the Internet for me) she had enormous pains that prevented her from making any movement. It had been going on for several months. Well, as she worked for me (great job, sometimes falling asleep on her phone), her pains diminished! Today, she is completely healed !!

But that's not all, always about her, this wonderful woman, despite her pain, and her work for me, also made masks that she gave for free! One day twice, in front of her children, her sewing machine started to make the masks all by itself !!!!! I then explained to her that Gladio had just shown her that she would be saved!

All this confirms what I have always told you. Read me, share my word, help me in my task, support me financially and Gladio will see it. This is exactly what is happening today.

God had told me to take my best followers and forget the others. However, I have no control over this. I don't decide anything, but Gladio does it. My collaborators are completely turned upside down to see each one the concretization of the actions of Gladio, which is in reality, nothing other than God, the Elohim, the real creators of our Earth.

They are entering the phase of creating a new world with those who will remain. I will welcome those who have survived the reset of our civilization and we will develop a better world there.


I have been a big fan of music since I was a teenager. At the end of the 70s, beginning of the 80s, I was even a famous disc jockey who filled the halls and gyms during the dance evenings given in high schools. The girls jumped at me during these evenings. However, at the same period, in the same schools, I was the beaten teen, sometimes to the blood and the expulsion of students. In fact, in these same high schools, they did not recognize the DJ who had attracted up to 2000 people during the weekend and who had allowed them to organize their school trip! I then led a small team and I moved an entire truckload of equipment, sometimes driven by my mother. I was driving high school kids crazy. I was exhausting them! It was my life, the whole thing and its opposite, permanently.

However, during this period, there is a track of which I am really a fan and which was given to me by a friend, on the occasion of one of my parties at home. It was then that I too could dance. I was a terrible acrobatic rock and roll dancer. I loved it and this friend, Xavier (Gladio reminds me his name by the second), bought me something, to make me dance. A piece of rock over 20 minutes long, with a huge drum solo. An anthology!

In the Philippines, I listen every day and often in high volume, a very large library of songs, of all genres, from slow to classical, including disco, house, church music, etc. However, this drum rock song is not in my library.

Gladio has known everything about me since I was born, since they built me ​​for this mission. Yesterday, April 28, they bring me back to memory, the name of this song. I search it on YouTube right away and I find it. So happy, I loop it and yet, I don't understand that there too, Gladio has just sent me a terrible message !! I keep chatting, working on my PC and coming back to this song whenever I can!

Today, I end this article by inserting my illustrations. This article does not say anything else to my closest followers, than to get ready to move from earth, in other words to be ready !!!

And what is the title of this song that Gladio pushed me to put on and that I listen to nonstop since yesterday ???

GET READY (Be ready) from the Rare Earth band !!!!

It is the only known song of this group of the 70s, and both the title and the name of this group are a message for me today !!!
Even the cover of this album is a door, an arch, a very original design for a disc cover.
It is indeed an arch we are talking about today, and even a door for a passage to another world and then a better world!

As I write these lines, where I can't even hold back my tears, Gladio makes me say that indeed, this song was for me, both in the 70s, and today, 50 years later. I must tell you that I am completely moved. My body has chills everywhere! They had inspired this song by thinking of me and the situation today.

Gladio or should I say God, plan and know everything, including a life in advance !! I leave you, because I must cry a good blow!
Thank you Gladio, Thank you God, for this wonderful attention and emotional moment.

we move from this Rare Earth !


Marc Delantre

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