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in the new world of God

Some may find it shocking that I delete comments related to religions. I therefore remind you of an essential rule.

The Elohim, God, our true creators no longer want to see in the new world they make me prepare, no reference to the three monotheistic religions (Christian, Muslim and Jewish) and especially not, to their scriptures. It is authorized and even asked to venerate the prophets, including Jesus, whose return I must prepare, but it is + absolutely + forbidden to refer to the scriptures and to the religions which speak of them.

Religions are the FIRST reason for the wrath of God, far ahead of others. In fact, the three religions lied from the start about the true story of Jesus in particular, as well as of his wife Marie-Madeleine and their children. The three religions have hidden the real origin of man, although this is well described in texts, notably Hebrew and Sumerian, which predate them and this is the object of the immense wrath of God.

God, the Elohim, therefore decided to remove, burn, the smallest plot of reference to religions which therefore denied God, and who altered his Word, to hide the origin and transform the words in order to better sit their power. Religions have killed enormously in the name of God, and He considers himself considerably soiled by religions and men who have acted in this way. His anger is immense.

However, religions are also the basis of this civilization and its laws. In other words, the lies of the Churches have provoked others in the establishment of the values ​​and laws which govern men. God therefore decided to completely reset our civilization which was therefore built on bad foundations and on lies.

It is therefore absolutely excluded to consider my pages as places of preaching referring to the churches or their scriptures. The Christian religion also burned the army of God, the Knights Templars and this has remained forever engraved in the memory of the Elohim who therefore hate Christians and their religion, for having massacred the army of God.

God will tell me what I will have to create as laws for this new world, but all of this will be found in writing and will apply to the entire planet.

I remind you indeed, my primary function. I am ANTICHRIST.

However, in the term ANTICHRIST, you should only see the meaning ANTI CHRISTIANISM. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the notion that Christian scriptures would give to this name. I mean a reject of CHRIST. Jesus was indeed sent by God, the Elohim, but he was a man, a prophet with a woman and children, and he gave his life to spread the Word of God. I do the same and I must also prepare for his return. Therefore, the Antichrist / Antichrist's mission is to destroy all traces of religions for the new world, and NOT of their prophets who were really sent by God !!

What God, banished to the highest point is therefore that man has used the image of the prophets, including Jesus, to create religions that no longer corresponded at all to the original Word of God.

It is not difficult to understand. Originally, God had only one Word. So, he was obviously not going to send prophets to earth, to tell things in different ways. However, we do have three religions supposed to tell the same story, but which tell it in a completely opposite way. This is the aberration that everyone can see today, especially since these false religions and false words, each claimed to be the true Word of God and killed millions on the basis of these lies.

Remember the attack on Christchurch in New Zealand on March 15, 2019 !! What do you read CHRIST CHURCH, the church of Christ! What was this attack about? On a mosque! Gladio thus carried out well there, an attack against two religions and it was the aim pursued. In the eyes of God, Elohim, the church of Christ, I mean the Christian church, is a sacrilege of the real Word of God! The Elohim even banish the representation of Christ on the cross.

Not only is this crucifixion a sign of what man has done as a whole, against the true Word of God, but in addition, God has no will at all to represent His Word and His religion, by one of his prophets who died on a cross! Furthermore, the Image of God cannot be limited to the mere image of one of his prophets who died on the cross. It is a very dark image! God wants to spread an image of Him, positive and not negative. It is the same to celebrate masses where we drink and where we eat the Body of Christ. Yes, these are images, but even of these images, God absolutely does not want anymore. Eat his prophets ? Where did man find this ??

The Elohim therefore decided to burn on April 15, 2019, one of the most important representations of the Christian Church, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. In addition, they took this fire as the starting point for the total destruction of the three religions and everything related to it. This total destruction must take place within 5 years of the cathedral fire. So there are 4 left, since we are at the end of April 2020. The first real big blow that will be dealt to the resetting of human civilization is therefore IMMINENT.

It is therefore, in this sense that Gladio helps my team and I, as well as my main followers to prepare their bags for the big departure and to be thus saved before this civilization of humans collapses in flames and in the Wrath of God.

Finally, note that this post is very violent towards our civilization and yet, never any of my posts or video has been deleted. I am also not considered a conspiratorial, activist, or harmful. All my writings remain because they are ALWAYS the Word of God, of the Elohim, which passes through me, to make it known. All the authorities read me as much as you and some of my recent call contacts could even understand and hear that we were tapped. It is the same for everything I write, send or receive and yet, never, no action is taken against me. To attack me would be to attack God, even his followers and collaborators. The ground would collapse under their feet.

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