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Attack in Nova Scotia in Canada = Gladio Operation
Linked to 4 other operations, including the Fredericton attack

In my posts in recent days, I have advised of an ultimatum ( I confirm this ultimatum, and even twice more than once. This ultimatum was sent to me during a communication on Messenger with a correspondent who had been taken under full mind control by Gladio. In other words, when he regained consciousness, this "intermediary" used by Gladio did not remember anything and all of the messages had been deleted on his Messenger (not on mine).

I know this process from Gladio. The next day, I contacted this intermediary, who is also a friend of me, and asked him if he remembered what happened the day before. He thought I'm laughing at him and he did not believe me. On the other hand, he indeed found that all of his Messenger has been deleted. Later in the day, I published this ultimatum, which he therefore written with his hands, but which he did not remember at all, and he replied "What is that again, Marc?" speaking of my article on the ultimatum. Sign that he really did not remember anything!

However, this person, a former intelligence agent, is the preferred target for Gladio's mind control. The latter had also shown it to him two days earlier. Gladio had taken control of his vehicle and he had ended up in the front of a house! He also told me a few days earlier that he had received information from the Canadian secret services about the development of a virus. It's also in my Messenger.

I hadn't insisted that he didn't remember the ultimatum he had given me and that even his computer couldn't remember. Another clue, all this ultimatum had been transmitted to me in military language and in English, while my correspondent lives in Quebec and he does not speak English !! He is a fervent opponent of English, as we find thousands of them in Quebec.

However, it was the next day that the attack in Nova Scotia in Canada broke out. The killer has no motive! There are at least 23 dead!

Yes, but what is the link with the intermediary of the ultimatum?

He lives in the same region, but above all, I realize that if I draw a line between the attack of this weekend and his home, in Sain-Zénon, in Quebec, there is exactly on this line, Fredericton, city of another attack, more precisely on August 10, 2018, itself linked to 3 other Gladio operations, including a sordid triple family murder in Fredericks, USA (Note Fredericton-Fredericks, in 24 hours), and the crash of two planes in 48h, one of which, coming from Seattle, was piloted by an ace of aerobatics. The only problem is that the pilot, a baggage handler by profession at Seattle Airport, had never flown an airplane !! Four operations, including the Fredericton operation, demonstrating the kind of mind control operated by Gladio! All of this is very detailed in my book The Gladio Code.

Gladio has therefore just used this attack in Fredericton under mind control, to carry out another, much more deadly on the same straight line, binding it to the intermediary of the ultimatum.

However today, I realize that my Quebec intermediary blocked me on Facebook. We got along very well and this ultimatum had not given rise to any argument. Here is the end of this conversation, but obviously, he must have realized his link with this new attack.

All these years, I have NEVER given a name on Facebook or on my blog, but this time, I feel obliged to do so, in memory of the 23 dead in Canada, but also because of this current ultimatum, transmitted through this guy.

I will communicate it here, because I know that given my position, no authority has ever wished to contact me, even if I have contacted them.

This was, for example, the case for the Toronto attack on April 23, 2018, exactly two years ago. I had just published that day, on Vimeo, a video on my knowledge of all of Gladio's terrorist operations, in terms of terrorism, especially Islamist. In this video, I described, with precision, an example of a ram car attack. A few hours after this video was put online, it was the Toronto attack that scrupulously followed, to the death toll, the attack given as an example in my video. I spent hours chatting with a Toronto police official (Shari Mackay) and including with the mayor of Toronto (Tory), to shout that I knew EVERYTHING about this attack, but never was a single question asked! This is the reason why, I give today, this name, intermediary for the ultimatum, but especially, because it can explain my role with Gladio.

The authorities may therefore contact him. I remind you that Gladio is the name I gave to the army of God, from Elohim, God in Hebrew. The Elohim, are in fact extraterrestrials, creators of our civilization. They will put an end to it, incessantly, by the explosion of corium, descending for 34 years, under the Chernobyl power station, see article This will take away our civilization which the Elohim no longer want for various reasons, but in particular for the refusal to admit our real origins, and therefore the repeated lies for 2000 years of our religions. The earth is today in danger, not only by the behavior of men, but also by this corium still in activity (disaster situation called, Chinese syndrome) and which now threatens the whole earth. The ultimatum therefore concerns the planned explosion, by the Elohim, of this corium, before it takes the whole planet. So this is what this Quebec intermediary, under full mind control, had transmitted to me with precision, down to the minute.

It is therefore Alain J. Laurendeau from Saint-Zenon, Quebec, Canada. It has multiple profiles on the web and is very easy to find him. He has no responsibility for these facts, but he is at least a witness at various levels of my function and he is VERY aware of the plan to explode this corium.

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