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Ongoing fourth kind encounters
Ongoing fourth kind encounters
Summary of the last 15 days

*Translation from French


This text is intended for various ufology authorities and associations. Let me first introduce myself in four paragraphs, although these will be hard to believe. Then, this text may seem too well written to you not to be a novel or an invented story. First, I am also an author. So I can write. Secondly, everything here corresponds to an event of which I have traces, both of the exact timing, and the exchanges on Facebook of which I make a backup every day. My activity is notably recorded by my computer, every 2 seconds, for which, I have a screen copy.

1. WHO AM I?

My internet pseudonym and author name (book) is Mac Delantre. I am an independent Belgian intelligence agent. I am 58 years old and have lived in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines for the past five years.

I’ve been on the Internet for years, but it’s been since the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris that it all really started. Since then, I’ve had a million views on YouTube, 10,000 followers and almost 2,000 visits and readings on my pages every day. I'm talking about my Facebook page and my website Neither the Internet nor social media take me for a "fake" or a conspiratorial, and therefore, never any of my videos, or articles, has been deleted.

But today, in the eyes of my followers, I am the Messenger of Gladio (Sword in Italian), mastermind of terrorist operations and mass shootings, since 2015, but also of unexplained disasters, natural or accidental. All the agencies in the world know me and follow me since I demonstrated to be in direct relation to all these events and these thousands of deaths.

Until the fire at Notre Dame de Paris cathedral, I wrote my reports to politicians and agencies and many of them personally, day and night, returned their acknowledgment, but never answered me. Answering me would have been a sign that they accepted my position and therefore the existence of my employers, which is still impossible today.

It was right after the cathedral fire that Gladio made me realize who they really are. Gladio is actually the army of God, the Elohim (God in Hebrew), so those beings who created humanity on earth. So, I am officially the Messenger of those who created Humanity. Despite the importance of this statement, the Internet does not consider me to be fake.

2. I ... A ... C ... END OF TRANSMISSION

On the anniversary of the fire of Notre Dame, caused by the Elohim, I received on my computer a message in English of military type, made of sentences, small repeating dots and the wording "I ... A ... C ... end of transmission ". IAC = Identified Alien Craft according to the symbols used in the American army.

However, the person, under Elohim control, who sends me this text is a 100% French-speaking person, who knows absolutely nothing about military symbols and who, moreover, does not remember anything, when this communication with me ended. The next day, he discovered that our entire conversation had been deleted. This kind of transmission had happened to me a year earlier, telling me what the Elohim expected from me. I have a copy of these transmissions. On my side, the Elohim never erase anything.


This message from mid-April described to me the protocol for the destruction of the population which had been presented to me a year earlier. He gave me an ultimatum date, May 16, 2020, 4:23 am CET (Paris time), beyond which, this destruction process could no longer be interrupted. He also said that my collaborators and I will be exfiltrated before this depopulation begins. However, there was no indication that the depopulation began on May 16, 2020, since exfiltration was also to occur. May 16 was therefore primarily to mark the start of these two operations and that is what is happening.

Naturally, I explained on my pages, the reasons for this depopulation. The first are the lies of churches and states about our true origins, the Elohim. The second is the fact that humans are destroying the earth and its resources, more every day. It is therefore in danger and the Elohim want to put an end to all this by reducing the population of the earth by 70%, and this process therefore began with the burning of the cathedral and by linking my name to it . (see anagram)


However, for a few months, the Elohim have been asking my collaborators to prepare their travel bags, to be saved, before they start the process of depopulating the earth. Travel bags must include clothes for 3 days, shoes for walking, toiletries, a copy of an identity document, a few things to cover 3 meals, a mobile phone and a computer, if they have any. This travel bag must be ready and placed near the person's bed.

From mid-April 2020, I sent this message to all of my followers, so many of them followed this message and prepared a travel bag. This bag also shows the Elohim who believes me and who does not believe me. However, the Elohim ignore the presence of this bag, to save whoever they want. It is only an indication of the beliefs for them, and of our departure.

However, many of my followers did not have travel bags and, under confinement, were unable to buy one. The Elohim therefore brought up travel bags for some of my close collaborators. These were then directed under a piece of furniture, to a box in a storage room, etc., and each of my close collaborators thus found one or more travel bags, at home, depending on the size of their family. These testimonials exist on my pages.

Naturally, these people firmly believe in the existence of the Elohim and are also important collaborators towards me. They help me with my task and / or help me financially, and the Elohim are watching this very closely, even today, before deciding to save anyone.


The Elohim also want some people to prepare their bags, even though they are not among my followers. The Elohim therefore cause, in a very large number of cases, paranormal phenomena, which directly push the targets to inquire and finally to contact me.

Among these paranormal phenomena are:

5.1. on the person

  • apocalyptic visions or dreams, of fires, of destruction, of tsunamis, including in children.
  • the visions, or the voices, during the night that tell them to run away, or that tell them about me, or that put me in relation to them.
  • heatstroke, overnight, and people start sweating as if they were in a sauna.
  • or vice versa, huge colds overnight, no longer knowing where to go to find heat.
  • the moods and arguments in couples, which push them to separate while one of them is scheduled for departure.
  • an increased feeling of not being part of this world and of looking at the stars with hope.
  • the children, who know nothing, when they wake up, talk about aliens with big eyes in their room.
  • the translucent forms that my followers see moving in their living room.
  • the light forms that appear in the view.
  • sudden itching during the night and preventing my followers from sleeping, these appearing and disappearing in a few seconds
  • noises or voices that they perceive in their head and that wake them up instantly.
  • a huge unnatural need to sleep comparable to taking sleeping pills, at any time of the day or night. When they wake up, they want to go back to sleep and sleep again immediately.

Yesterday, for example from midnight to midnight, I slept a total of 12 hours, while the previous day, I slept a total of 9 hours and I did not feel tired at all. I know very well that this unnatural sleep is organized by the Elohim.

All these disorders are caused by the pineal gland to which the Elohim have direct access. It is the seat of the soul, which we have to compare a bit like the operating system of our body, just like Windows is for our computer. However, the only known function, by humans, for the pineal gland is precisely, sleep.

Personally, I had visions, voices and noises in my head, especially yesterday (A door that closes, just when I am about to fall asleep (3 times). Meaning: imminent departure. Another example was to warn me by a sweet voice that a cat was eating on my plate or that my mother (deceased) was alive among them, etc. I got hot and cold for no apparent reason except to talk about them in my log book.

But more often, their actions on my body are mostly healing. At the slightest pain that I mention to them, headaches, toothaches, colds, hemorrhoids, everything disappears instantly. When the Coronavirus became known on earth, I immediately understood that it was them.

5.2 on objects and animals

  • objects that fall and move by themselves, electrical devices and GSM that light up by themselves at my followers, while I am writing a message to them or I have just produced an article of which they have received a notification . (many times)
  • objects that disappear and reappear alone (many times).
  • the dogs that howl to death in the middle of the night inside the homes.
  • cats showing their hair in front of a wall or door, when the human eye sees nothing.
  • cars over which they lose control.
  • clothes that leave the wardrobe alone to fill a travel bag.
  • a sewing machine which starts sewing masks all by itself (2 times in front of an adult and two children).


On May 14, at 5 am, I receive from a certain Nicole, a close collaborator, a protocol which I must follow for my exfiltration. Nicole, as well as her eldest son, have very particular connections with the Elohim and which I cannot dispute. Nicole obtained this precise protocol by visions, 3 successive nights which she had not spoken to me before. So, it was on May 14 that she sent me this protocol.

But later in the day, Nicole told me that she also received the information during her visions that her digestive system had a huge problem. The Elohim were going to correct this problem, but that it would take a day or two of treatment and therefore intense sleep. I immediately understood that this measure would above all prevent her from telling me more about what concerned me.

On May 15, she wakes up for a little while, and no doubt, under Gladio's inspiration, I ask her a very simple question. I ask her how are we going to eat at the Elohim's? Her answer pushed me to write the article "steak-fries-salad-mayo". It is indeed about the meals that Nicole described to me that it will be enough to think in a certain way of what we want to eat, to see it arriving in front of us by teleportation.

It was also on May 15 that Nicole gave me the opportunity to test and understand the astral canal, which then caused me a severe headache, in the right rear globe of the skull. Now these two notions, astral channeling and teleportations were going to serve me the next day.

On May 16, Nicole regains consciousness and I take this opportunity to make sure that this protocol, presented on May 14, is completely true. She is angry that I doubt what she had told me two days earlier, but she still gets in touch with the Elohim by astral channel. Her husband is then in front of her. He sees that her eyes go completely white and that she writes automatically, without seeing what she writes. When her message is finished, she clicks on the "send" button, and she falls into a coma, from which she has not woken since !!

I will not detail this message here. It is on my pages. However, it basically says that exfiltration is underway, as well as the operation to destroy the world. He also specified that it would be the last message that Nicole would have to transmit to me and that I would henceforth remain the only interlocutor of the Elohim on earth.

What worried us all, was rather that Nicole fell into a coma, from which she had not yet woken up.


May 18, before 11am, I had to according to the protocol described by Nicole on May 14, write an article where I had to specify that May 18 would be my last day on earth. She told me that this article would be dictated to me. I really didn't know what to write, especially since my question about confirming this protocol had put Nicole in a coma! However, I wrote, under the control of the Elohim, a very long article in one go explaining this end of the world.

But obviously Nicole hadn't quite understood the meaning of the words. The exfiltration was going to start well on May 18 in a physical and verifiable way, but it was not yet mine. She had indeed insisted that I would be the last to leave, which, in practice, could not also be on May 18, the same day!

As soon as my article was finished, the four travel bags, prepared by Nicole, at her home, for her and her three children (the husband being excluded), disappeared from their house. It shocked us tremendously, which we all immediately tried to understand. But other bags immediately disappeared afterwards, with followers describing this with some panic.

It was upon receipt of these descriptions that I understood that it was teleportation. From one second to the next, the bags disappeared, without the shadow of a movement. It was going too fast for my followers to know what was going on in others. However, the descriptions were the same. Quickly, I warned those whose bags were missing that they were probably going the same way.


I then had a very close collaborator who had lived a vision which had frightened her. While she was sleeping, she saw a white fog invade her, and she felt herself go, but suddenly she heard a knock knock knock, and she regained consciousness. Now, this invasive white fog, is known to those who make out of the body, or astral journeys, in short when the soul leaves the body, or even NDE, near death experience.

These visions are far too clear and are remembered for a very long time after having lived them. They therefore come from the Elohim who pass on messages. The message here was to let us know how we were going to be exfiltrated: The bags to let us know that we were going to leave. The soul then, as well as the body, taking the same path as the bag, by teleportation.

I remind you that everything written here has a time trace, in the recordings every two seconds of what is happening on my computer, as well as on my Facebook, which is also saved every day.


It is on May 19 at 4:21 pm, that I receive the first testimony coming from Messenger of a follower who had seen her bag disappear, but it is then her companion who addresses me, and he writes to me: "My sweetheart disappeared before my eyes. Volatilized, teleported. I am shocked, angry !! I don't know you but for me, you are the responsible !!!! "

However, this person could not read anything about it on my pages. Even I had just realized that the bodies would be exfiltrated by teleportation.

Moments later, I received another message, for another teleportation, then another, then yet another ... and it hasn't stopped since. I have dozens between the ages of 17 and 40, while bags also continue to disappear.

On May 21, I receive from another of my followers, probably under the control of the Elohim, a video of 02:40 min, trailer of a series in 2014 "The leftlovers" That's when I fully understand what is going on with my followers, especially since I know that I did not receive this video by chance. I also know that Elohim have a great habit of inspiring writers and directors to get a message out their books or movies. This video is probably one of the most important in my story. It was showing me teleportation in action.


On May 22, at 12:16 am, a 22-year-old young man informs me that his bag prepared according to my recommendations has disappeared. I do not know him. So, I check his profile, and the groups he belongs to. Everything seems very normal. He's a bank worker who loves football. No reference on his page to conspiracy (which the Elohim hate) or to extraterrestrials, or even to the supernatural. No, really nothing. I therefore leave him a message asking him to contact me immediately.

He contacted me at around 10 am and I asked him, to try to understand his links with the Elohim. I do this every time, to uncover possible hoaxes and my questions are very close to that of a psychologist. Lying and not contradicting yourself is not necessarily easy. When my analysis is complete, I confirm to him that obviously, the Elohim have been preparing him for this moment since his birth and that he will therefore leave shortly. I advise him to stay in his room and write a note to his mother who he lives with and that's what he does. With his permission, I publish his interview on May 22 at 7 pm, and he disappears at his mother's house on May 23 in the evening. It was on May 24, at 11 am, that she informed me that her son had disappeared, after having opened her son's Facebook.

It is absolutely impossible to doubt this story, of which I have the first name and the surname of the young man, who really disappeared well, like dozens of others related to my page and my story.

We are therefore on May 26, and I am trying to alert the authorities of the situation, as well as all the French-speaking ufology associations, in Europe and in Canada, which is why you have received this document. The latter will also be found on my pages as well as on my site.

Bags are still missing while people have not yet followed and other bags are still leaving. There are also my close collaborators, whose bags are ready, but who will not leave until the last moment, just before me, since I am the last. It’s when I’m gone that the worst will come on earth.

Best regards.

Marc Delantre


Here is the full text of the exchange that followed the young man's call from the previous post. I am infinitely grateful to him. It is certainly someone very good who answered me with sincerity.

It is a most classic exchange like I have a lot right now. The person contacts me because their bag has disappeared. He doesn't really know why he packed his bag, why he is chosen, or how it will happen.

I must therefore, with kindness and indiscretion, try to understand what brought this person into this situation. You will realize here, that his first answers did not allow me to understand the reasons for this situation and that I had to go back to his childhood.

It is a most classic "interview", which I had with a number of people, who all left this earth shortly after this exchange, approximately within 48 hours.

This young man is therefore going to leave by teleportation, and he has authorized me to publish our exchange. This is an exceptional document.

Please share it, for him, his parents, the community, History (with a capital H) and for me too because this kind of experience is unique !!

It is the job of a psychologist agent in teleportation on behalf of the Elohim. I am trying to understand why these people are a few hours from their teleportation and I must explain to them why they are going to leave this earth.

Thanks to him, and have a good trip, my friend.

See you soon.

Marc Delantre


The + is me.

Midnight and 16 minutes, May 22, 2020

Hello Marc, I hope you are well. I put the bag full beneath my bed, and it is gone. I really did not believe it, it is clear that you are telling the truth … What will happen next for me? Do I have other things to do?

2:43 in the morning

+ Hello, you must prepare to leave.

+ Are you there?

10:12 am


+ Tell me about your bag, please.

I put it beneath my bed

+ Have you been following me for a long time?

I was away for 30-45 minutes to visit my grandmother, when I returned the bag was no longer there. No, I haven't been on Facebook since yesterday, but I've been looking at your Facebook posts from time to time

+ and no one came in your bedroom? (a bedroom with your parents home?)

My mother lives with me, but she was not there at the time. So, it's not her.

+ And nobody came home? And you had packed your bags because you had read this in my publications? When did you make this bag?

I did it in the afternoon. About an hour or two before. No one went home no.

+ An idea like that, sudden?

Because I had read your publications yes

+ Do you have an interest in the afterlife? Do you sometimes have special things that happen to you?

Mmh for the beyond? I don't have a religion, I'm not an atheist. I believe that one says agnostic, I do not have a clear opinion on the question, I do not know, quite simply. Special things happening to me? I have nothing that comes to mind right now ...

+ have you had dreams, visions, voices, objects that move or turn on and off on your own in the past few days?Beyond, I was talking about supernatural phenomena? Yes, I often have my TV that turns on by itself. No later than this morning.

+ Ah. And what else?

I think that's all

+ You are 22 years old. Nothing special in your childhood? Your birth?

21 years old, I'm going on my 22 this year. Nothing special in my childhood except that I often felt "different" from the others, I could not explain how.

+ We are progressing.

My birth? I was born by cesarean, I almost died of suffocation at birth because I had the umbilical cord that wrapped around my neck.

+ Tell me about your mother and your father.

My mother is very protective, sometimes too much, but always there for me. My father is someone very discreet and who does not show his feelings, I had difficult relationships with him when I was a child (my parents separated when I was 2 years old). But today everything is fine, I have a good relationship with my parents

+ and also, how did you feel different? No link or interest in the supernatural?

I don’t know, I had different interests from others, different points of view, stronger sensitivity, etc. An interest in the supernatural? What kind of supernatural?

+ the spirits, beyond, the space, the E.T.?

I don’t know, I had different interests from others, different points of view, stronger sensitivity, etc.

+ Did you feel at home? Have you ever dreamed of planets, of strange beings?

Not really sincerely.

+ Have you ever dreamed of planets, of strange beings?

Yes, but it was quite often when I was little. No planet, but often extraterrestrial. Recently no, it was when I was little. I dreamed in particular of an extraterrestrial being who made my parents disappear by touching them.

+ Have your parents never talked about ET? Or planet?

Yes, my father really likes science fiction. My parents bought me miniature solar systems when I was little, they showed me lots of alien movies too (Star Wars, ET, Mars Attack, Alien vs Predator, and more)

+ one of them in particular? Your father? Did you tell him about me? Is he following me?

No, never mentioned you, he doesn't follow you.

+ Well, Patrick, I could go on and analyze more deeply, but that's how it goes. I can draw a conclusion.


+ You are Elohim. By that, mean that you have genes, DNA, or a soul (a bit like the OS in your brain like Android is for your phone) from the Elohim. They will take you home, today, tomorrow, shortly.

WOW … Alright, I’m ready

+ Yes, stay at home, it's best, doing nothing that could endanger others, or yourself because all of a sudden you will disappear. Very well thank you.

+ Did you see the video I posted yesterday?


+ it will look like this. Look it now and I will take you back

Indeed, I just watched it now… Are you going to leave too?

+ Yes, when everyone is gone. I will be the last.


+ I am a bit of a travel agent who must explain to you why you are there and how it will happen. It is incredible, but it is so. You choose the best. You can stay in your room, write a note to your mother, and wait.

+ You can be with her at home, but you can even leave a note in your room.

+ The Elohim want this note to refer to my page and me, even to this conversation.

+ They would like your mother to go to the police with this note to report your disappearance. The Elohim want to make sure that the authorities understand that you have not run away.

+ Obviously in this note, you can or must tell her that you love your parents and that you will watch over them.

Okay, I'll take care of a note.

+ ... But that the Elohim, have chosen to bring you home. To understand, you encourage them to read my page.


+ So if you are in front of / with your mother, she will be sure that you were there, even if it will shock her.

+ But discovering your empty room will cause her the fear of not understanding.

+ You know her. Do the best for her and for the Elohim.

+ Be happy, you are therefore part of the "saved ones", facing the end of civilization caused by the Elohim. Do not write anything on your FB page. On the other hand, maybe put an image relating to space, or to souls. They will make the link.

Alright, I’ll think about it

Thank you

+ I have already given these same tips to many people, including 16-17 year old girls whose bag was missing. They left the same day or the next day. So don't hang around. Thank you and have a good trip.

+ They read us and watch you 24 hours a day.

Thank you for your indications, maybe soon

+ Not maybe. See you soon!

+ Small question, can I publish our exchange? It is really very classic and good. You are good. I do not mention your name obviously.

Yes no worries if my name does not appear

+ Of course not. It will be online today because it is important to others. Also, as I will be following you shortly, I will not be able to do this much later.


Hello, I am the mother of xxxxxx who has been missing since last night. I just read your conversation and found a note in his room explaining his departure from the Elohim. I'm scared, I want him to come back, or I want to join him. My answer: He did exactly what I asked him to do. No, he won't come back. And you will not be able to join it. I am very sorry. You need to watch this video, the way it left.

When did you notice his absence?

You should go to the police, show my page and show them how this disappearance was organized from space.

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